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Q & A: ‘I’ve been from east to west, north to south of Pangasinan’

Northern Watch’s correspondent Mortz C. Ortigoza caught again with Mapandan Mayor Jose Ferdinand Zerrudo Calimlim in some boondocks in eastern part of Pangasinan. He said he was feeling the pulse of the people, and listened to their problems. Mr. Ortigoza asked some questions from the mayor being groomed to be vice gubernatorial aspirant in the huge province of Pangasinan

NOTHERN WATCH: How many months have you been barnstorming different towns and cities in the province?

MAYOR JOSE FERDINAND CALIMLIM (MJFC): Well, I’ve been going around for the past seven to eight months. I’ve been from the east to west, north to south of Pangasinan already.

NW: Is it financially expensive to do sorties like these?

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Money and too much love of it is the root cause of all evil

It’s a common and known verse but its reality still awes me with disbelief.

Today, I have read in my favorite newspaper exposes about kickbacks as the possible root of the debacle with SMARTmatic and TIM, which are supposed to fast track the automation of pools in the country.

Another story exposed millions of pesos in profits if you may call them such as a result of game fixing in college basketball.

Overpriced rice bannered another story.

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Municipal treasurer helps town attain first class status

By Vir Sar. Maganes

When we speak of development particularly in local government units, credits usually go to the mayors as if they are the only ones propelling progress in their communities.

Hardly we could hear or read about departments’ staff although, without them, local government operations will not be successful.

The municipality of Villasis , Pangasinan is lucky enough to have a municipal treasurer who is an instrument in converting the town to a first class municipality in 2008.

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Q&A: Mapandan’s Ferdie eyes vice gubernatorial seat

Recently, Northern Watch Newspaper’s correspondent Mortz Ortigoza caught with Mapandan Mayor Jose Ferdinand S. Calimlim who was rubbing elbows with the hoi-polloi in one of his political sorties to feel the pulse of the masses in a town located at the western part of Pangasinan. Mr. Ortigoza interviewed the man who is being groomed to run for the 2010 poll’s vice gubernatorial post in Pangasinan – a province considered one of the biggest in the country. Excerpts:

NORTHERN WATCH: Can you please state your complete name and the names of your parents, and your age?

Mayor Calimlim: I’m Jose Ferdinand S. Calimlim, Jr. I’m 39 years old. My father is the late General Jose Calimlim, and my mother is Ma. Cristina Saludo Calimlim.

What is your highest educational attainment? Are you on the Top 10 of your class from the primary to the tertiary levels?

The highest educational attainment that I acquired is Master in Business Administration which I earned from Strayer University in Washington DC in the United States . I went to La Salle -Greenhills for my primary and secondary education. For my tertiary level I took it (Bachelor of Science in Commerce) at De la Salle University.

June 29, 2009 at 1:55 am 3 comments

The future of Pangasinan filmmaking

By Erwin S. Fernandez

(Editor’s note: Erwin Fernandez is a historian and freelance writer who had interest in deepening his understanding of Pangasinan prehistoric and pre-Hispanic culture and civilization. He is currently attending an archaeological field school at the University of Illinois at Chicago through a scholarship award by the American Council of Learned Societies and the Luce Foundation. Excluding the interview, this article is delivered as introduction to the first screening in Pangasinan of this film at SM City Rosales on June 10, 2009 in the event called “Pamabulaslas: Showcasing Pangasinan in time for Independence Day.”)

It was April 2008 when I received an email from Christopher Gozum although I already encountered him in February in our yahoo group, which I moderate. We have common interest, which is the promotion of Pangasinan language and culture in our respective fields – his work is filmmaking while mine deals with literary and historical researches. It was coincidental that when he was attending the 2006 Asian Film Academy in Pusan, South Korea, I was also there but in Gwangju participating in the 1st Asia Youth Culture Academy.

Born and raised in Bayambang, Chris Gozum is a prizewinning filmmaker who had two Palanca awards to his credit for his plays. Surreal Random MMS Texts para ed Ina, Agui, tan Kaamong ya Makaiiliw ed Sika: Gurgurlis ed Banua (Surreal Random MMS Texts for a Mother, a Sister and a Wife who longs for You: Landscape with Figures) is the fifth in the list of his filmography. Released last year it won the Ismael Bernal Award for Young Cinema during the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival.

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Serendipity: Rapunzel, fairy tales, women and battered women

By Erwin dela Rosa

Last Sunday during Bible Study, while praying and waiting for the Spirit’s revelation on what topic to share and discuss with the women of Cabayugan, Cabitnongan, San Nicolas, Pangasinan; Serendipity enlightened my spirit, soul and mind and confirmed “the suffering Christian” as the topic to discuss.

Serendipity is defined by Webster as “the gift of being able to make delightful discoveries by pure accident.” The authors and editors of the New Webster’s International Dictionary added that the word or term is coined by Horace Walpole after “The Three Princess of Serendip”, which is a fairy tale.

As a believer though, I do not conform to the dictionary definition and believe that there is no pure accident but all part of God’s “working all things together for good”. I believe in the definition of Serendipity as occurring when humans’ searching, listening and quiet spirit encounters the Holy Spirit and reveals wonderful, delightful, and enlightening encounters. I also have this growing antipathy on fairy tales because of its unrealism.

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What’s in a name?

By Erwin dela Rosa

Teofilo is such a loving name.

Teo is a contraction from theo, which means God. Filo is from philos meaning love of God.

A couple of weeks ago, sis Melba, a blessed single from Bantog, Asingan, Pangasinan, who owns a prayer hut in a spacious backyard filled with fruit bearing trees beside her mansion, exhorted us on the changes a person undergoes during constant personal and group or corporate prayer, praise and worship.

She said that a sister in the faith wanted her name Narcisa changed after periods of prayer coupled with good works to spread love and the good news of hope to other people through personal and intimate relationship with the life changing Spirit of Christ.

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Sta. Barbara police conducts training on malunggay products

malunggaySTA. BARBARA -The police here ended the International Women’s Month with a trainor’s training on making food products from the miracle-vegetable “malunggay”.

In line with its Integrated Transformation Program of the national police and Mayor Reynaldo Velasco’s 10-point progress agenda on Livelihood/Jobs Creation and Agricultural Productivity, the local police hosted the training on making pasta (noodle), empanada, and puto out of “malunggay”

Commissioner Deanna Lorenzana-Gregorio of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), who represents persons with disabilities (PWD) sector, came to teach the women here how to make food products out “malunggay”.

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What and how is Pangasinan music?

By Erwin S. Fernandez

If music is the soul of a nation, then what is Pangasinan music?

Last November 2007, when I attended the first conference on revitalizing Pangasinan language and cultural heritage where I presented a paper on Pangasinan studies, a guy in his late teens with uneven teeth chatted me up while I was browsing magazines and books on a table he was watching over. In the course of conversing with him, he told me that he was a member of a band at his school.

It flashed in my mind that recently a progressive group of Kapampangan youth had successfully launched a music feast known as RocKapampangan featuring different renditions of “Atin cu pung sing sing” in rock by different bands. So, I broached to him this idea: “Why not do the same in your school?” I remember telling him that by doing so his band would be pioneering in promoting Pangasinan Rock at the same time reacquainting Pangasinan youth with their native language.

Months later, the following year, I was told that a festival of that sort was being planned in San Carlos City only to be aborted. Why I felt a little sad about it is that music is in the family’s business.

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Gulayan at Maisan sa Eskuwelahan (Games) winners

Elementary category

    City division

First, Florentino B. Goce Community School, Macalong, Urdaneta City
Second, Tarece Elementary School, San Carlos City
Third, Salinap Elementary School, San Carlos City

    Western Pangasinan division

First, Macandocandong Elementary School, Anda
Second, Luciente II Elementary School, Bolinao
Third, Antonio Bonilla Elementary School, Burgos

    Eastern Pangasinan division

First, San Isidro Elementary School, Rosales
Second, Teofilo Quintin Elementary School, San Quintin
Third, Lipay Elementary School, Villasis

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