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Sual power plant now a bird sanctuary

PhotobucketSUAL -– Ten years ago, there were two Philippine duck sightings in the vicinity of the coal-fired Sual Power Station, a 1,200 MW facility owned by TeaM Energy. In May of this year, the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) conducted a two-day Asian Waterbird Census in the area and discovered that the number has increased considerably.

“This is proof that our Philippine mallards have found a home here inside the plant,” says TeaM Energy Foundation’s Eric Dela Torre. Dela Torre, who is also a member of the WBCP, has accompanied the bird watchers on their trips since 2004.

The census, which is conducted every year, provides the basis for estimates of waterbird populations, monitors changes in numbers, and aims to increase awareness of the importance of waterbirds and the conservation of their habitats.

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4Ps betters lives of 10,300 families

PhotobucketBy Yolanda Z. Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY -– P1,400 a month may not go far in these days when peso can’t buy much, but for Maribel Mapanao, 33, it means keeping her three children in school, and having just enough for their health needs.

Maribel and her husband Romeo, from Patar village, Bolinao; earn barely enough for the family meals from charcoal making. School expenses of their children aged 13, 10, 8 (the youngest is four does not go to school yet) is a luxury beyond reach.

“Sometimes there was no money even to buy pencil,” Maribel said.

In Urbiztondo town, Zenaida Espinoza, 46, used to work abroad as domestic helper for years. She was able to save for a tricycle which her husband used to earn money, and was able to pay for educational plan for her children.

Life was good. Or so she thought.

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Q & A: ‘Arroyo will seek asylum in the Caribbean or Spain’- JDV

PhotobucketVeteran politician former Speaker Jose de Venecia is not only known as a rabble-rouser, but is also known to have the grasp of the intricacies and nuances of international and local politics. After being toppled from the speakership that he held for a record-breaking five-year term, he becomes critical of President Gloria M. Arroyo.

Northern Watch Correspondent Mortz C. Ortigoza asked him about different issues during an interview at the conference room at the fish farm of Dagupan Mayor Alipio Fernandez Jr.

Northern Watch: We know President Gloria M. Arroyo may be sued with non-bailable crime like plunder after her term ends next year, would she impose martial law to save her neck?

Jose de Venecia (JDV): I’ve been saying that, I’ve been saying that! I’ve been saying that if there is a failure of election a few weeks or a few days before June 30 (the end of the President’s term), there will be a declaration of a failure of election from the first week of May to 30 days after May.

NW: Can we expect a coup where reform-minded members of the military who are angry at the Arroyo Administration, launch a military take-over to topple the president whom they suspect wants to prolong her stay in office?

JDV: That’s possible, that’s possible! Pero uunahan sila ng Malacanang (but the Palace will preempt them). Malacanang will engineer a self-coup against itself. The quo-plotters will only move to extend her term. That’s their objective.

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Q & A: ‘I’ve been from east to west, north to south of Pangasinan’

Northern Watch’s correspondent Mortz C. Ortigoza caught again with Mapandan Mayor Jose Ferdinand Zerrudo Calimlim in some boondocks in eastern part of Pangasinan. He said he was feeling the pulse of the people, and listened to their problems. Mr. Ortigoza asked some questions from the mayor being groomed to be vice gubernatorial aspirant in the huge province of Pangasinan

NOTHERN WATCH: How many months have you been barnstorming different towns and cities in the province?

MAYOR JOSE FERDINAND CALIMLIM (MJFC): Well, I’ve been going around for the past seven to eight months. I’ve been from the east to west, north to south of Pangasinan already.

NW: Is it financially expensive to do sorties like these?

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Money and too much love of it is the root cause of all evil

It’s a common and known verse but its reality still awes me with disbelief.

Today, I have read in my favorite newspaper exposes about kickbacks as the possible root of the debacle with SMARTmatic and TIM, which are supposed to fast track the automation of pools in the country.

Another story exposed millions of pesos in profits if you may call them such as a result of game fixing in college basketball.

Overpriced rice bannered another story.

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Municipal treasurer helps town attain first class status

By Vir Sar. Maganes

When we speak of development particularly in local government units, credits usually go to the mayors as if they are the only ones propelling progress in their communities.

Hardly we could hear or read about departments’ staff although, without them, local government operations will not be successful.

The municipality of Villasis , Pangasinan is lucky enough to have a municipal treasurer who is an instrument in converting the town to a first class municipality in 2008.

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Q&A: Mapandan’s Ferdie eyes vice gubernatorial seat

Recently, Northern Watch Newspaper’s correspondent Mortz Ortigoza caught with Mapandan Mayor Jose Ferdinand S. Calimlim who was rubbing elbows with the hoi-polloi in one of his political sorties to feel the pulse of the masses in a town located at the western part of Pangasinan. Mr. Ortigoza interviewed the man who is being groomed to run for the 2010 poll’s vice gubernatorial post in Pangasinan – a province considered one of the biggest in the country. Excerpts:

NORTHERN WATCH: Can you please state your complete name and the names of your parents, and your age?

Mayor Calimlim: I’m Jose Ferdinand S. Calimlim, Jr. I’m 39 years old. My father is the late General Jose Calimlim, and my mother is Ma. Cristina Saludo Calimlim.

What is your highest educational attainment? Are you on the Top 10 of your class from the primary to the tertiary levels?

The highest educational attainment that I acquired is Master in Business Administration which I earned from Strayer University in Washington DC in the United States . I went to La Salle -Greenhills for my primary and secondary education. For my tertiary level I took it (Bachelor of Science in Commerce) at De la Salle University.

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