MAGANES: Filipinos’ sense of humor surface amid the threat of COVID-19

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Filipinos are known to be brave, resilient, industrious and tenacious people in this part of the world. We can rise above all calamities, adversities and problems that befell on us. We could move on easily, not by forgetting the past behind us, but our desire to survive and move again for better lives. vir

 The threat posed by COVID-19 to the whole world does not leave the Filipinos unaffected. We are all affected by the virus since we do not know when it will attack or infect us. There is always that fear, oblivious of what tomorrow can bring. But the fear does not cow most of us. The life among us seems normal except perhaps of the mandatory home quarantine, social distancing, use of face mask, limited mobility,etc. The smiles and laughters are still there. The cracking of jokes among us is still parts of our daily activities. These make our lives and activities lighter in the midst of COVID-19.

Who would not smile when all over the social media we view or read out of this world “comments”, memes and even videos. The creativity or the artist in every Filipino could be felt although in between the messages of these “funny things”, we could discern the throes and pangs of what life they are experiencing. The most talked issue over social media especially Facebook is about the distribution of social amelioration funds of the government. There were contrasting pronouncements from our leaders, such that the distribution of the P5,500 to P8,000 cash amelioration was viewed as the product of favoritism among the village and government officials. 

Many of those who were expecting of the moolah were either disgruntled or frustrated. Hate remarks could be read all over the social media, but then there are those who took them not so seriously. Instead, they treated them as “funny” or took them in stride by not including their names as part of the recipients of the social amelioration funds. I am totally amused of such posts in the social media that kept me laughing or smile when I thought of them.

Let me share some of these.

One Facebook user likened the giving out of the social amelioration as a interview between the personnel of DSWD and the targeted recipient, who at the end was disqualified:

“Sa wakas, pinuntahan kami sa bahay para ma-interview ng DSWD representative para sa Social Amelioration Fund.

DSWD REPRESENTATIVE QUESTION: Bakit karapat-dapat kang makatanggap ng P5,500.00 mula sa gobyerno?

SUMAGOT AKO : Thank you for that beautiful question.

My family lives in this far-flung barangay and our life here right now is very sad. We are suffering from economic turmoil due to this pandemic. It’s like placing our lives at risk for hunger due to lockdown and financial limits .

But I’ve always told myself to look for the beauty in it, to look in the beauty in every chances, and to be grateful.

And I carry this attitude  to see situations with a silver lining, to be totally qualified for that Amelioration Fund where I could buy bigas, sardinas, kape, toyo at suka.

If you will choose me as one of your beneficiaries, I will be glad and grateful.

With this financial assistance , we could have an amazing life in our barangay  where negativity could not grow and foster. And I thank you!!!


Decision: Disqualified.”

Another Facebook user provided reasons why a person is not qualified for the social amelioration funds:

1- If he is an employee of the government, whether industrious or not.

2- Senior citizen with a child who is a teacher that even he’s not that good  continues to receive salary during the ECQ period.

3- Solo parent, including those impregnated, but an employee.

4- A lactating mother and even pregnant but a teacher who lives with her parents.

5- Persons with disabilities but have work.

6- If one has an employee husband or wife  or children, Don’t include your lover.

7- If you have a store and your selling your products overpriced.

9-If you are 4Ps member and still you want more. Behave. You better plant eggplant and amplaya.

There are many more, which really make one so amused. Now tell me, is the COVID-19 that fearsome? No, not for all Filipinos. We could still laugh.

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