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Prosecutor files murder cases vs suspects in Espino ambush

SAN CARLOSS CITY = The City Prosecutor’s Office has recommended the filing of murder, attempted murder and frustrated murder against the suspects in the ambush of former Pangasinan Governor Amado Espino Jr. and his aides on September 11 last year.

In a resolution dated January 3, 2020, the City Prosecutor” Office endorsed to the court the murder case against Albert Palisoc, Benjie Resultan, John Paul Regalado and four John Does for the death of Espino’s driver Agapito Cuison and aide PSSG Richard Resultan.

The same suspects face three attempted murder cases filed by Espino and his aides PSSG Jayson Maasi and Anthony Columban, and frustrated murder filed by another aide Kerwin Marpuri.

The cases were endorsed despite the Prosecutor admitting that they were based on circumstantial evidence and that “regrettably, a scourge of the pieces of evidence submitted on record does not constitute direct and positive evidence to identify the malefactors.”

Recall that Espino’s convoy was passing through San Carlos City-Basista road on the afternoon of September 11, 2019 when waiting gunmen fired at them, instantly killing Resultan who was riding in a back up vehicle.

Palisoc, who sustained several gunshot wounds, was able to drive the vehicle on which Espino was riding, to the hospital about 200 meters away. But he eventually died.

The Prosecutor endorsed the cases against Palisoc and Regalado, suspected to be the gunmen, based on “circumstantial evidence.”

In the 23-page resolution, the Prosecutor said while it was “undisputed that there were several eye witnesses to the shooting incident aside from the complainants,  not one of them (witnesses) was able to positively identify any of them.”

“All the witnesses declared that all gunmen were wearing face masks and caps rendering it nearly impossible for them to make positive identification. In fact, all the supposed eye witnesses admitted that they were not able to have a good look at the gunmen sufficient enough to identify them since their faces were covered,” the Prosecutor said.

The resolution added,”The description of the gunmen’s clothing does not help either considering that it appears from the evidence that after the shooting, they changed clothes since several pieces of garments were recovered from the abandoned vehicles.”

“Be that as it may, this Panel finds sufficient probable cause to indict respondents Palisoc and Resultan of the crimes charged on circumstantial evidence.”

The Prosecutor likewise dismissed the case against one Jewel Castro, who was suspected to be the owner of Hyundai Elantra, saying he could not be implicated as he never had physical possession of the car.”

Instead the Prosecutor filed a case against one  Pediraldo Ras Lucenera for obstruction of apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders, by giving false information that he delivered the car to Castro.

Lucenera was not included in the original complaint which was against 12 suspects and 10 John Does, but there was no mention of them in the recommendation.


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Mechanism to replace dead dad

                                            NO. 9 BET COULDN’T SUCCEED

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SANTA BARBARA – After the death of a town councilor, the law provides how his successor fill-up the vacant seat he left.

This town’s Councilor Roger Zaplan (Liberal Party) died recently in his sleep in a hotel room while he and the officials of the local government unit here in Pangasinan were on an official visit in General Santos City, tabloid writer Ernesto Cayabyab, a resident here, told this writer.

The Local Government Code of 1991 provides that “…only the nominee of the political party under which the Sanggunian member concerned had been elected and whose elevation to the position next higher in rank created the last vacancy in the Sanggunian shall be appointed in the manner hereinabove provided. The appointee shall come from the same political party as that of the Sanggunian member who caused the vacancy and shall serve the unexpired term of the vacant office (Section 45 (b)”.

In the appointment, according to the same Section, a nomination and a certificate of the membership of the appointee from the highest official of the political party concerned are conditions sine qua non, and any appointment without such nomination and certification shall be null and void ab initio and shall be a ground for administrative action against the official responsible there. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: This man wants to beat Brian Lim

Michael and Belen who?

Laoag City Mayor Michael Keon is not only the nephew of the saluyot late despot Ferdinand Marcos but the sports icon of Ilocos Norte who dominated players of public and private  elementary and secondary schools  in the provinces of Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan during his heydays.

This was when his sports facilities and training benefited  tremendously from the graces and greases of the dictator in the Palace near the Pasig River.


Belen T. Fernandez was the sports aficionado mayor of the Lilliputian Dagupan City, ala Singapore versus  “Southeast Asian neighbors Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia”, that waylaid all the players in those provinces and their cities’ division offices in Region -1.

When broadcaster Sammy Losalla asked his fellow radio tandem at Sonshine Radio Harold Barcelona what are the three neighbors of Singa-4, Harold immediately cited for all and sundry to hear ”Madali lang iyan. Singa-1, Singa-2, and Singa-3!” Ha ha ha susmariosep I digressed again.

Not only in the Region-1 Athletic  Association (R1AA) Meet, Fernandez’s chutzpah could be seen on the national and regional championship last year by clinching the Presidential Award for Child-Friendly Municipalities and Cities (PACFMC) as the “Most Child-Friendly City” under the independent component city in the country and the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Award from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for the third year in a row in 2017. (more…)

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Pangasinan 4th District Rep. Christopher de Venecia inspects on Jan. 31 a flood control project in Barangays Bacayao Sur and Bacayao Norte in Dagupan City that is expected to greatly minimize inundation in the area. With him are barangay officials and District Engr. Edita Manuel of the Second Pangasinan Engineering District.

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Leaño heads BIR Eastern Pangasinan

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

URDANETA CITY – The Bureau of Internal Revenue has assigned a new head to supervise the tax collection in the one city and 15 towns Eastern Pangasinan.

According to Regional Clients Support Unit Chief Lee Caday, a Revenue Travel Assignment Order (RTAO)  showed Revenue District Office Chief Helen Leaño being assigned to RDO-6 here after former RDO- 6 Chief Cecilia C. Campos retired from the same post.

Leaño used to be the RDO-1 Chief of Ilocos Norte whose office is based in Laoag City.

RDO Chief Ramon Navarro of Mangaldan, Pangasinan replaced Leano there.

Susan Cabanayan and Lolita Salayog are the Assistant RDOs of RDOs-1 and 6 respectively.

RDO-6 became No. 2 in the tax collection efficiency for 2019 in the Ilocos Region.

Under former RDO-6 Chief Campos and ARDO-6 Salayog, it collected last year P1,830,370, 823.46 or 16. 22 percent higher versus its 2018 collection.

It fell short however of negative 1.39 percent on the tax goal given by the national office for 2019 where it did not hit its P1, 856,225,000.00 goal unlike in RDO-1 where Leaño came.  She exceeded it by 1.88 percent as based on the government mandated goal of P1,785,049,000.10 or an excess of P33, 550,462.44.

The other four RDOs in Ilocos Sur, La Union, Central Pangasinan, and Western Pangasinan have an average collection deficiency of 6.13 percent versus the goal given to them by the BIR national office in Quezon City.

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Region 1 remains free of 2019-nCoV

SAN FERNANDO CITY — The Department of Health (DOH) in the Ilocos Region assured the general public that there is still no confirmed case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV) in the region.

In an interview on Wednesday, DOH-1 Regional Director Valeriano Lopez said as of the morning of Feb. 4, there is no truth on the circulating news on social media of certain confirmed cases in the region.

“Wala pa po tayong kumpirmadong kaso ng 2019 n-CoV sa Region 1,”he told the Philippine Information Agency.

However, he verified that three individuals from China have been admitted in a government hospital in the region and were classified yesterday as patient under investigation (PUI).

He said the patients submitted themselves to the hospital on Jan. 26 for having some of the symptoms of nCov which are colds and fever. They were immediately isolated upon initial checkup.

“Since their admission, these PUIs have been getting better and over the course of their admission, they have been showing signs of improvement on their health,” the regional director said.

He added,” I would like to reiterate that strict infection control measures and isolation standards are being implemented in the health facility where they are admitted.”

Further, he informed that they are expecting for the confirmatory test from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) to reveal whether these patients are positive or negative for the 2019-nCoV.

While waiting for the results, Lopez advised the public to remain calm and heed advisories from credible sources of information and updates with regard to the disease.

“I ask the people especially from our region to refrain from sharing unverified data as this causes panic. Ang problema natin hindi ‘yung sakit kundi ang fake news na kumakalat tungkol dito,” he said.

Meanwhile, he reminded the public to practice preventive measures to avoid exposure to the virus like strict hygiene, particularly washing of hands often. (PIA La Union)


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ORTIGOZA:  Benefits of Ten Congressional Districts

Most mayors in the 44 towns and 4 cities’ gargantuan Pangasinan province aspire up to four congressional apportionment the soonest.

Four of the six members of the House of Representatives in the province want it too.

Two, however, did not want to mangle the status quo to make it to ten congressional districts probably with varied reasons.

One reason could probably be they don’t want that their half to one billion pesos a year allocation on infrastructure from the national government reduced thus prejudicing their twenty percent cut of S.O.P from contractors.

Two of the reason could be they don’t want to endanger their bailiwick that could threaten their hold of the prestigious office despite its being mocked with disdain by critics as House of Thieves instead of the respectable House of Representatives.


Unlike its counterpart and copycat the U.S Congress whose member use titles on themselves as “Mister” and “Missus”, or “Miss” our imperious and condescending solons want to be called “Honorable Congressman” on official and social functions despite most are only qualified as “Mambubutas (Swivel Chair Driller) of the infamous Committee of Silence.

Some in the Visaya and Mindanao Regions want to be called with the prefix’s “Honorable” but also as “Deputado” in Spanish where most of them could only qualify in debate and legislative prowess as “Hijoand Hija Deputas (son of bitches)!

Thanks but no thanks to popularity votes of our electoral system. A moneyed “idiot” who has the propensity to help the destitute is catapulted to the August Chamber instead of his intellectual qualification.

 Section 5 (1), Article VI  of the Philippines Constitution says “The House of Representatives shall be composed of not more than two hundred and fifty members, unless otherwise fixed by law, who shall be elected from legislative districts apportioned among the provinces, cities, and the Metropolitan Manila area in accordance with the number of their respective inhabitants, and on the basis of a uniform and progressive ratio,…”.

Pangasinan has a population of almost three million or to be specific 2,956, 726 according to the 2015 Census released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The demography of the province is bigger now after the 2018 census will be published by the PSA.

 Pangasinan will hit more or less 3.5 million in population if the new survey goes public anytime from now.

With 250, 000 inhabitants needed to create a new congressional district as mandated by the Constitution, Pangasinan could have 14 congressmen who will add to the acrimony of grandstanding with their stupid questions at the House of Representatives in Quezon City.

Of course, there will be spike too of the numbers of jaded “mambubutas” solons.

Critics of the apportionment will argue that more districts means more corruption like S.O.P or cut from the contractors and more expenses on the salaries of the solon and his staff at the expense of the taxpayers.

These obnoxious corruption-ridden posts and bureaucratic boondoggle can look trivial however to the economic benefit infused by up to four congressional representatives in the land of Warrior Princes Urduja.

With additional four billion pesos from the six billion pesos yearly average in Pangaisnan given by the national coffer for “hard projects” like infrastructure and “soft projects” like scholarship to poor but deserving college students, it means multiplier effect to jobs in this lethargic province  cited by the 2018 Census of the PSA to have more poor than the three provinces in the region.

As what this newspaper published, it showed that the most numbers of poor families, as seen by ranks below, are:

1.       Pangasinan:        65, 200 families

2.       Ilocos Sur   :         8, 800 families

3.       La Union     :         5, 500

4.       Ilocos Norte          4, 700

As what the PSA said that a family is composed averagely of five household members, the magnitude of the poverty incidence in Pangasinan is 326,000 poor individuals. 

‘Nough said!

Let’s get rid of this basket case branding pronto because of our incompetent politicians in Region 1. Let those patriotic four congressional proponents in Pangasinan pass a bill in the House and argue before the almost 300 members there the rights of Pangasinenses as based on the constitutional mandate of one representative to 250,000 inhabitants.

Let’s see how the 297 members House of Representatives and the 23 members House of Senate vote for it.

If they allowed mammoth provinces Cavite and Cebu (Cebu Province, Cebu and Lapu-Lapu Cities) with eight and ten congressional districts, respectively the people of Pangasinan are optimistic they can have eight to ten as conservative estimate from the 14 congressional apportionment if we divide the 250,000 population requirement to the 3.5 million demography.

Let’s expedite the passing of the four or more districts so we can be a beneficiary of the billions of pesos manna yearly from Imperial Manila.



While talking with Binmaley, Pangasinan Mayor Sam Rosario whose town was declared under a state of calamity due to African Swine Fever that killed hundreds of pigs, a town mate in Mindanao, a head of an LGU department called me.
“Mortz we are here in Baguio for Lakbay Aral. What’s the requirement to tour PMA?”
I told him just tell the guards at the gate your purpose.

“Baw, mayad nadala mo mga staffs mo sa Baguio. Iban dira pinaka malayo nakadtuan nila siguro sa Bankerohan, Davao City lang (Geez, nice you brought your staff in Baguio. Probably, some of them have only reached as far as Bankerohan, Davao City),” I said in Ilonggo.
The town mate had a guffaw (humahalakhak).
“Yes ha ha ha ha. Pati sa eroplano first time. Siling nila baw grabe gali ang batse sa eroplano (Even riding an airplane was first time for them. Many of them wondered upon landing in Manila that they got a rocky ride (we called it Air Pocket because of thick clouds) in the air)”
“Nadumduman pa siguro nila ang mga pot holes rough road naton in the early 1980s like the muddy M’lang -Matalam Highway (Probably they recalled the pot holes rough roads in our town in the early 1980s,”
 I retorted.

(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too



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Congressional probe on gambling in Pangasinan reset anew

                             PERYAHAN NG BAYAN VS SPEED GAME

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY –  A member of Congress said the hearing on the legality of a numbers game in Pangasinan that should have been held in December 17 last year was indefinitely postponed this month.

The solon, who asked for anonymity, said that the 65 – members Committee on Games and Amusement chaired by Representative Eric Go Yap should be probing the complaint on the operation of Globaltech Mobile Online Corporation’s Peryahan ng Bayan (PnB) in the province but was indefinitely postponed for the second time.

Originally scheduled last December 17, 2019, it was reset to the third week of January this year and again postponed to a date beyond his knowledge.

The hearing for the legitimacy of PnB was due to the clamor of various sectors that Authorized Agent Corporations (AAC) Speed Game, Inc. of the Small Town Lottery (STL), should be the one operating the numbers game in the province. (more…)

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Mayors support plan for more congressional districts

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SAN CARLOS CITY –Three town and one city mayors of Pangasinan support the proposal of four congressmen to have ten congressional districts in the province..

San Carlos Mayor Julier Resuello told this writer that cities and municipalities need funding from allocation given by the national government to new congressional districts.

Definitely, iyon nga hawak na districts ng mga congressmen ngayon ay napakalalaki. So we need additional congressional districts para mabigyan ng tugon mabigyan ng solution iyong pagkukulang sa budget especially sa local government units that has not enough money to build infrastructure programs. So Definitely, additional districts or additional congressmen for the provinces will be very good help that will be useful for the province,” he stressed.

PRO REDISTRICTING. San Carlos Mayor Ayoy Resuello (Left photo clockwise), Binmaley Mayor Sam Rosario, Aguilar Mayor Roldan Sagles and, Basista Mayor J.R Resuello.


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Sinag: New ASF cases did not affect pork prices

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 ROSALES- Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So said the emergence of African Swine Fever in villages in Pangasinan has not affected the current prices of pork in the market.

 He said this after more than 1,000 hogs were culled from the villages of Cabeldatan (357), Apaya (395), and Polong Norte ( 283) in Malasiqui, and the villages of San Isidro Sur (106), and  Linoc (21) in Binmaley.

“Based on our monitoring of pork prices in several markets in Pangasinan and other provinces in Northern Luzon, the prices are not affected. The public is already aware that ASF will not affect the health of those who eat  pork. We are doing our best too to isolate ASF-affected areas as reported in Pangasinan,” So said. (more…)

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