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Donated encumbered property

DAGUPAN CITY –The city government seemed to have been duped when a piece of property donated to the city in 2017 was encumbered by a government bank, as it was used to acquire a loan, in 2016.

A deed of donation by the property owners was accepted by the city government led by then Mayor Belen Fernandez after she was given authority to accept the donation by the Sanguniang Panglungsod, on October 2017.

It turned out that on July 2016, the 7,000 square meters property in Barangay Pugaro was a part of a five- hectare property that the owners -Pablico family- used for a loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines.

The donors claimed that the property was “free and clear of all liens and encumbrances” and that they “cede, transfer and convey” it to the city government as “an act of liberality on their part.”

The former city officials, who were not aware or did not scrutinize the documents, before accepting the donation, have started to construct an evacuation center in the area.  

Part of the 7,000 square meter lot was supposed to be given to six families who have been residing there for years, with each family given 75 square meters.

But the families, who have been waiting for documents to have the properties transferred to them, asked the help of the present city officials. It was also them who informed the officials that the property was encumbered.

During a SP session on Tuesday, lawyer Frank Angeles said he did not have a document showing that the 7,000 square meters were not included in the property that was mortgaged in the bank.

“I do not have the record (but) I know they submitted and will provide it,” he said.

Angeles claimed that the property owners has informed the LBP of the donation, but that this “was not supported by any document.”

He said the 7,000 square meters have been segregated and already submitted to the Land Registration Authority and the documents will come out in January.

He also said that it would be the city government and the other recipients which will have to work and spend for the transfer of the property to them.


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ORTIGOZA: P’gasinan town hit by ‘8.0 Magnitude Quake’– Ex Mayor

My early disappointment with the Waste to Work Project of the Sure Global of the Philippines, Inc. since its introduction in Dagupan City by its Chief Executive Officer Julia Courts Boughton to then mayor Belen T. Fernandez in 2014, I thought it was all lip service.

In the last one year of her administration, I did not hear from either Fernandez or Boughton how the project fared.


I was passionate writing and broadcasting glowing encomium and peroration about its advantages like conversion of plastic wastes into diesel and food wastes into compressed gas to solve our perennial gargantuan garbage problem.

In the last year of Mayor Fernandez, every time I mentioned it I was rebuffed over cup of coffee by fellow media men  who said that the Michigan, USA- based proponent had hao-shiao or farce project. (more…)

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Christmas hoopla in Bayambang: A boon to hotels in Pangasinan

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BAYAMBANG, Pangasinan – The renowned Paskuhan sa Bayambang does not only attract tens of thousands of spectators from in and out of this town, but is a boon too, for hotels in neighboring towns.

”Pinapunta po namin sa kalapit na bayan natin na bigyan ng accommodation. Alam ko ito ang kailangan ng bayan hopefully. Soon magkakaroon din kami ng malalaking hotel,” Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao said at the conference hall of the family owned Royal Mall here before the opening and launching of the country’s biggest Animated Christmas Display. (more…)

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Dagupan to haul out 50K garbage from dumpsite

DAGUPAN CITY – This city plans to have about 50,000 tons of rotting garbage hauled out of its dumpsite next year, as leachate from the decomposing wastes is seeping into the Lingayen Gulf.

Mayor Brian Lim said the city’s waste management division has identified the garbage that needed to be removed, which is about one third of the dumpsite and which is nearest to the seashore.

The dumpsite has accumulated about 150,000 to 180,000 tons during the more than 50 years that it was operational. 

The city government could not have the entire dumpsite cleared next year because of limited budget.

HERO. Dagupan City Mayor Brian Lim thanks Mart Stephen Navarro, a criminology student of Lyceum Northwestern University, for saving the life of a senior high school student who tried to kill herself by jumping from the fifth floor of a school building. The Sanguniang Panglungsod has passed a resolution adopting Navarro, who is from Calasiao, as resident of the city. 

“We cannot allocate big money so we will remove the garbage nearest to the beach, as the seepage is slowly poisoning the sea and its resources,” Lim said.

The city government has only P57 million for waste management activities for the entire year, and it is from this fund that the hauling of a third of the garbage would come from.

The hauling would be outsourced to private companies as the city government does not have enough personnel and equipment to remove the decaying garbage. It would be private companies which will find the sanitary landfill where they will bring the garbage.

Daily, the city generates 60 tons of garbage which are shipped to the dumpsite.

Lim said there was a need to reduce the wastes being brought to the dumpsite, and that village heads must seriously implement waste segregation and encourage recycling of garbage in the household level. At the same time, the city would use technologies available to process biodegradable wastes.

The city still uses the dumpsite as it has no area for a sanitary landfill that the law requires.

Lim said putting sanitary landfills is beyond the budget of most local government units, and that the law should have required that it must be the congressional districts or provincial governments which must put them up, as they have the budget, Lim said.

The city government has signed a commitment document on solving the city’s waste disposal problem, and has submitted it to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which is implementing the solid wastes management law.

The past city administration has entered into a joint agreement with a private firm to put up a waste to worth facility  that would convert the garbage into diesel, near the dumpsite, but which still has to start.

Lim said the city legal officer is still studying the proposal, but he pointed out that the proponent has not established any such facility in the Philippines.

Other companies have also come to the city with the same project concept.

“The proponents said they can  (do the project) but they cannot show even one functioning facility, so this an experimental (project). There is nothing wrong with being doubtful,” he said.

“We are studying the joint venture agreement. Will it be good for city which committed to supply a certain volume of garbage that would be converted to diesel. What if we cannot provide the volume needed? Also, is there a wastewater treatment? What about the air pollution the facility would create? If they pollute the environment, what would be their responsibility?” Lim said.

Under the joint venture agreement, the city government can unilaterally withdraw from the agreement anytime..


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PPA- Central Pangasinan New OIC Chief bares new thrusts

DAGUPAN CITY – Improving  volunteerism of stakeholders and transforming the clients of the Parole and Probation Administration are the thrusts of the new officer-in-charge (OIC) Chief Probation and Parole Officer in Central Pangasinan.

OIC Chief Rowena dela Cruz Ordoña said  she wanted the clients reformed as they spend their half a day once in a month therapeutic program at the Mayor’s Shed in Barangay Bonuan Guesest here.

“Sa kliyente kasi hinde po folder ang hinahawakan namin tao iyan hinde sila folder. Lahat ng folders sa cabinet namin isang tao iyan. Isa-isa sila. So kailangan maging maayos ang buhay nila. Maging instrument kami sa pagtulong ng iba-iba sa kanila,” she stressed before the hundreds of parolees and probationers inside the shed recently.

Inline image

DOS AND DON’TS – New central Pangasinan OIC Chief Probation and Parole Officer Rowena DC. Ordoña (second from left) presents the Certificate of Appreciation to Philippine Red Cross’ Blood Donor Recruitment Officer Raymund Prodon Lim (third from left) after the latter briefed the clients of the PPA at the Mayor’s Shed in Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City about the Dos and Don’ts of blood donation. Other PPA officers in the photo are Senior Probation and Parole Officer Jan Michael D. Yasto and Probation and Parole Officer II Rhondalia G. Poquiz.

Most of the clients of the PPA hailed from the Third and Fourth Congressional Districts in Pangasinan, which have the biggest numbers in the four provinces and nine cities of Region-1.

She cited that clients should know their rights and should know what they should do.

She said she needs to be a stickler of discipline because that is what the clients need.

An example of this when she told the jam packed crowd that those who committed two successive absences would be required to report for two Mondays at her office in the Justice Hall located nearby.

“Wala akong paki-alam kung may mga trabaho kayo,” she firmly declared to the mammoth white shirt garbed crowd who sat upright with hands on their lap.

The clients of the PPA spiked by several hundreds because of the Supreme Court’s ruling on plea bargaining.

According to the high court those who can avail to lower their sentence to less than six years are those who violated Section 11 of RA 9165 for possession of dangerous drugs where the quantity is less than five grams like shabu, opium, morphine, heroin and cocaine, and less than 300 grams in case of marijuana with a penalty of 12 years and one day to 20 years in prison and a fine ranging from P300,000 to P400,000.

The same program with violation of Section 12 on possession of equipment, instrument, apparatus, etc. with a penalty of six months and one day to four years in prison and a fine ranging from P10,000 to P50,000.

The high court said, after citing that the “no plea provision” was unconstitutional, that those caught selling or trading up to 0.99 grams of shabu and up to 9.99 grams of marijuana will also be allowed to enter into a plea bargain deal for 6 months to 4 years in prison.

Former PPO Chief Hercules N. Tandoc told this newspaper last year he expected more or less 250 new clients for rehabilitation on top of the hundreds of clients of the PPA.

“Ang balita ko kasi diyan mga 500. So more or less more than one half,” he said in November last year about those who would avail for plea bargaining.

OIC Chief Ordoña said that she resides in San Carlos City. Her educational background is Bachelor of Science in Education and Master in Public Administration. (MCO)


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Villasis’ dad helps farmers through self-initiated programs

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 VILLASIS-This  councilor continues to inspire the town’s farmers and village officials through his programs that were launched just after he assumed his office in July this year.

 Councilor Chrisanto Asenafe G. Balilla, a former municipal agriculture officer of Sto. Tomas town in this province, introduced his Project CHRIS (Community Help Response Immediate Service), Usapang Agri, Mag-Agree Tayo, and other programs that dwell on environmental protection, cooperative strengthening and health services.

Under his Project CHRIS, Councilor Balila  has donated two mountain bikes to Barangays Tombod, Labit and Lapaz (his District coverage), and expanded to  Unzad and Barangangobong villages.

The objectives of this project, according to Balila, are to provide immediate response for anyone needing help in the villages, community roaming and patrolling purposes, immediate delivery of notices on barangay matters, promotion of bicycles not just for sports but as a transportation for healthy life style, and fuel saving to support the Clean Air Act of 1999.

“ Project CHRIS will have its phase 2 to include tribikes for our health workers. I have turned over one unit tribike to Barangay Puelay,” Balila said.

On his Usapang Agri, mag-Agree Tayo Program, farmers are invited to farmers’ meetings, trainings and fora to discuss new technologies on agriculture and to exchange ideas on how to improve their farming methods.

“ Farmers are the closest sector to my heart having worked with them for many years. I am working on how to improve their farming practices and maximize the use of their farm inputs and support the marketing of their products,” he said.

He also embarked on the declogging of irrigation canals and waterways in Tombod village by spraying water lilies with herbicides in cooperation with village officials.

Aside from these programs, Balila busies himself on studying strategies to promote environmental protection and waste recycling by attending national exhibits and seminars.

He said his programs are financed by himself and in coordinating with private agencies that support his advocacies.

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EDITORIAL: Bigyang respeto ang ating mga guro

Kamakailan lang, naging usap-usapan sa social media si Raffy Tulfo, isang mamamahayag sa telebisyon, sa hindi makatwirang paghimok sa isang guro ng Malate, Manila na magbitiw na sa pagtuturo at i-surrender ang kaniyanglisensiya. Ito ay nag-ugat sa isang reklamo ng lola at ina ng mag-aaral na pinalabas ng guro sa kanyang silid aralan at pinaupo na lang sa labas. Sa tingin ng lola at in ang mag-aaral, ito ay isang anyo ng paglabag ng karapatang pantao ng mag-aaral at karahasan sa isang kabataan.

 Si Tulfo ay isang kilalang brodkaster at sa kanyang programa ay may parteng sumbungan ng mga problema ng mga netizen.Sa naturang palatuntunan ni Tulfo, nagsumbong iyong lola at ina ng bata at ipinakita ang isang video footage na kung saan nakaupo ang bata sa labas ng silid aralan. Ito na ang basehan ni Tulfo na tawagan yong guro at sabihan na magbitiw na sa pagtuturo at alisan siya ng lisensiya.

Tumanggap ng maraming reaksyon ang naging aksyon ni Tulfo. Umalma ang mga netizen na karamihan ay mga guro. Sabi nila, ano ang karapatan ni Tulfo na gumawa ng ganitong aksyon ? Hindi naman siya ang superbisor ng guro at kawani ng kanyang programa? Binatikos si Tulfo dahil diumano sa hindi pagkuha ng panig ng guro. Siya ay naging hukom sa oras na iyon. (more…)

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MAGANES: SEA Games, boon or bane to our economy?

The Philippines staging of the 30th South East Asian (SEA) Games on November 30 to December 11 is a show of how Filipinos are prepared to host a huge sports event. This will be the 4th time that our country will host the biennial sports event- 2005, 1981, 1991 and 2019. It will be participated in by 11 South East Asian countries with 9,840 athletes  that will compete in more than 500 sports events.

 Now that the said event is fast approaching, I am just wondering why the opposition and critics of the Duterte’s administration are mouthing bad issues about it particularly on the budget as well as expenses.

Lately, Senator Franklin Drilon was harping during press conferences about  the cost of the cauldron. He said at P50 million is too much to bear by the country and that the said amount should have been used to build 50 classrooms all over the country. Former President PNoy Aquino followed suit criticizing the Duterte administration on the expenses of the cauldron as well as the facilities inside the New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac.

The criticisms of Drilon and PNoy did not sit well with President Duterte and House Speaker Allan Cayetano who chairs the SEA Games. President  Duterte defended the construction of the cauldron as a work of art by our National Artist Bobby Manosa, thus the cost of idea is priceless. He lambasted Drilon by asking how the P100 million Iloilo Convention was spent and should have been used to construct more roads in Iloilo province.

House Speaker Cayetano did not let pass the statement of former President PNoy saying that he too had spent more than P10 billion when the Philippines hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2015. That amount according to Cayetano should have been spent to other projects too.

The exchanges of barbs among our leaders do not augur well for our country. This is supposed to be the time to show to the world that we are united as Filipinos. We don’t have to talk about our expenses for the SEA Games as it will showcase our hospitality as one people. Instead we must rally behind our athletes who will be competing, boost their morale and pray for their success.

Drilon and PNoy might have their points on criticizing the expenditures for the SEA Games. Could they just keep silent at the moment and concentrate on how the Philippines will host the sports event. Our success as Filipinos for this event will also include Drilon and PNoy including those other critics of the government. I subscribed to what Cayetano said that there should be ceasefire of negative talks as of the moment. Anyway, Cayetano said  that he will be opened for inquiry after the SEA Games.  

If I were Cayetano, I should have invited Drilon and PNoy to tour inside the New Clark City to see for themselves the world-class facilities that were built in the area. Those who have visited the place have good words about the facilities particularly the aquatics area, the track and field arena, the athletes’ village and even the ballyhooed cauldron or torch. If all those good words are true then we should be thankful to have world-class sports facilities that could be used in future sports events in the country. Who knows we might be hosting the World Olympics in the near future?

Why don’t we look at the opportunities brought by hosting the SEA Games? We don’t have to concentrate on the expenses but also on the indirect income that will be generated from it. Since many delegates from the 11 countries are coming, aside from tourists, our hotels will be used. Food and drinks will be sold as well as souvenir items. After the SEA Games, the delegates and tourists, even the athletes,  will visit our tourist destinations. These to me could be translated into millions of pesos as indirect income for our country.

For the meantime, let us look forward to the success of the 30th SEA Games. Bickering with each other will lead us nowhere. As the Games’ motto says, “We Win As One.”

{For comments and suggestions, email me at or Read my blog “The Roving Pen” at and the online edition of Northern Watch at

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Bayambang conducts bamboo charcoal briquetting seminar-workshop

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 BAYAMBANG- The CSFirst Green Inc. in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of Los Banos, Laguna and the municipal government here conducted a two-day seminar-workshop on bamboo charcoal briquetting on November 20 and 21.

 The seminar-workshop was conducted at the CSFirst Green Inc.’s factory in Barangay Amanperez, which was attended by Bayambang Poverty Reduction Team and other stakeholders of the project.

 Municipal Administrator Raymundo Bautista Jr., who represented Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao, thanked the CSFirst Inc. and DOST for bringing the program in the town, which he said could be a good source of livelihood of the townspeople.

 During the workshop, personnel of CSFirst Inc. demonstrated the process of bamboo charcoal briquetting and exhorted the participants to continue the project as envisioned by then Councilor and CS Green Inc. President Levin Uy, who envisioned the project for the 77 villages of the town.

 Under the project, each barangay will be provided with steel drums to be used in charcoal production, which will be bought by the said company to be processed as charcoal briquets using the DOST technology.

 Meanwhile, Mayor Quianbao extended his thanks to those who attended the Christ the King celebration on November 23 at the St. Vincent Ferrer Prayer Park in Barangay Bani here.

 He urged the devotees to live for and put in their hearts the message of Papal Nuncio Gabriele Giordano Caccia to strengthen their faith and hope, and to give love and service to fellowmen.

 The Christ the King celebration was hosted by the Lingayen-Dagupan Archdiocese in cooperation of the local government here.




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ORTIGOZA: Soldiers killed officers who abused them

In the past two weeks, two of my blogs cum columns went viral as based on the statistics of that gauge how many readers around the world opened it and read. Online techie called the number of readers that run to thousands as “hits”.

The first intriguing blog I posted was titled: Cong’womanto Resign After Naked Photos, 3-Somes Exposed. while the second was the controversial Soldiers Shot Officers Because They HazedThem – Ex General.

Controversial and intriguing are two words I learned in my almost three decades column writing as bait for the number of curious readers to gravitate to a column and thus spike the number of hits, and of course the ads there teh he, when I became online writer sometime in years 2010s


When former two-star police general Leopoldo Bataoil became a source on my second blog, he told me about his and members of the Triple A or the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association (PMAAA) pep talk with cadets of the PMA after the brutal killing through hazing of Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio. Bataoil, now a mayor of Lingayen, Pangasinan, tackled too, the physical abuses of officers who were either graduates of PMA and Officer Candidates School to the soldiers in the field.

Those who want to read the various comments from soldiers affirming and collaborating with their posts that these abuses occurred can go to the comment section at the bottom of that second blog. (more…)

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