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Kabataan for Life members, hinaharas at tinatakot

Tinatakot at hinaharas ang mga miyembro ng Kabataan for Life o KFL ng ilang katao na gumagamit ng pekeng accounts sa social media.

Pinagbantaan ni Juan Manalo ang buhay ng lider ng KFL na si Lenny de Venecia.

Sa pamamagitan rin ng messenger ay panay naman ang pagmumura ni Jake Dantes kay de Venecia at sa lahat ng miyembro ng Kabataan for Life.

Nagbanta pa si Dantes na hindi na makakaabot ng eleksyon sa Mayo a-trese ang lahat ng miyembro ng nabanggit na grupo.

Alam umano ni Dantes ang bahay ng mga ito, lalo na ang mga Sangguniang Kabataan o SK Chairmen.

Sinabi naman ng lahat ng miyembro ng Kabataan for Life na hindi sila matitinag sa kahit anumang uri ng pananakot sa kanila dahil batid nila ang kanilang ginagawa at ang katotohanan.

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  Belen leads poll vs. Brian

                                          By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The reelective mayor here leads by 3,000 votes her rival for the May 13, 2019 mayorship election, a pollster cited.

 Art Valenzuela, manager of the Vox Populi Polls, explained in a radio interview that this city’s  two – term mayor Belen T. Fernandez bagged 2, 900 votes against rival’s Vice Mayor Marc Brian C. Lim in a recent commissioned survey.
Belen Brian 2

RIVALS.  Two-term Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez and Vice Mayor Marc Brian C. Lim. The duo have been a perennial rival in business and politics. These regional tycoons have mall businesses in the Northern and Central Luzon’s areas. 

Valenzuela however did not mention who commissioned the poll and how the survey was done before the start of the local campaign period in March 29 this year.

“Lamang si Mayor Belen, 3,000. Kung sino ang makakuha ng I.N.C votes that is going to be it. That’s the game changer,” he told DWIZ 89.3  Radio Dagupan. (more…)

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Dagupan City Vice Mayor Lim, tuloy ang laban sa pagka-mayor 

Walang plano si Vice Mayor Brian Lim na umatras sa kanyang pagkandidato bilang mayor ng lungsod ng Dagupan.

Ito ang nilinaw ng Team LiFe camp matapos ikalat ng mga lider ng kanyang kalaban sa isang sitio sa barangay Bonuan Boquig na umatras na si Lim.

Giit ng Team LiFe camp, malinaw na ito ay isang uri ng black propaganda.

Bilang patunay ng hindi pag-atras ni Lim ay ang kanyang pagpunta sa mga barangay kung saan naitakda ang political rally ng Team Life (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Ano ang kahalagahan ng Semana Santa?

Tapos na ang “Mahal na Araw” o ang Semana Santa. Ito ang pagtanaw sa buhay ni Hesu-Kristo na siyang tagapagligtas sa sangkatauhan. Ang “Mahal na Araw” ay nagsisimula sa tinatawag na “Ash Wednesday” at nagtatapos sa “ Araw ng Muling Pagkabuhay” ni Kristo. Sa kabuuan, may 40 araw sa pag-obserba ng “Mahal na Araw” na punong-puno ng mga tradisyong Katolika na namana ng Pilipinas noong sinakop ito ng Espanya.

Sa paggunita ng “Mahal na Araw”, maraming tradisyon na ang tila nawala. Bagamat may mga mangilan-ngilan pa ring gumagawa ng “pabasa”- pag-aawit ng mga pasakit ni Kristo, hindi na masyadong iniinda ito ng mga kabataan. Marahil dahil sa hindi naipasa sa kanila ang tradisyong ito na mga ilang siglo na ring isinasagawa. Nandiyan pa rin ang mga tradisyon ng “senakulo”, ng mga prusisyon ng mga ‘santo” na ginayakan ng mga ibat-ibang palamuti at ang pagbibisita sa mga simbahan. (more…)

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MAGANES: Black propagandists versus real broadcasters

A broadcaster could be a propagandist but a propagandist could not be a broadcaster. Many believe that those in radio stations having block time political radio programs are all broadcasters but in essence they are not. There are, however, ones who handling block time political radio programs that are real broadcasters for many reasons: 1-they stick to real issues, 2- they don’t  concoct lies and fake news, 3-they handle their programs with care and professionalism, and 4-they follow the Code of Ethics imposed by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP). All those not exercising the aforecited reasons are called propagandists, having in them the temerity to spew hatred and cooked up lies and black propagandas to satiate the whims of their political patrons.


What is a black propaganda? Black propaganda is a form of propaganda which is intended to create the impression that it was created by those it is supposed to discredit (Wikipedia).It is also a false information that is spread claiming to be from a source on one side when in reality it usually comes from the opposed side (Urban Dictionary). In short the information are not real, but imaginary to destroy the credibility of the opposite side of the political fence.

An example of this is the black propaganda against senatorial candidate and former Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong”Go. Lately, a certain “Bikoy” has dropped off a bombshell linking former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Polong” Duterte, a presidential son, to a massive drug trade in the country. There were allegations exposed by “Bikoy” that drug money traded in bank deposits of Polong that he even mentioned code names and amount of bank transactions. Polong was postured as a drug lord having a dragon tattoo at his back. He was challenged to bare his back but he declined, brushing off such allegation.

Even Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, a presidential daughter, was not spared from such drug money transactions in bank notably in Hongkong. Now for Bong Go. Bikoy named him also as a drug lord having several drug money transactions in bank. He was also alleged to have a dragon tattoo at his back. He was challenged to bare his back and show his tattoo to the Filipinos. Bikoy claimed to have seen Bong Go’s tattoo several times and   said that if indeed there was none he will stop his expose and allegations.

Lately in a political sortie of Hugpong ng Pagbabago in Agusan del Sur, Bong Go bared his back to the audience. His back was devoid of a tattoo or even a tint of a laser mark to disprove Bikoy’s allegations. That is now the end of the tales of Bikoy, which are considered black propaganda.

Here in Pangasinan, Team Celeste-Lambino is not without black propagandas to confront with. Gubernatorial candidate Art Celeste has been several times projected as part of the narco politicians exposed by President Duterte. In reality he was not included but his brother 1st District Rep. Jesus “Boying “Celeste. Art Celeste parried off positively the black propaganda hurled against him such that Pangasinenses did not yield to the black propaganda. The more they supported and sympathized with Celeste. Several actions from the other political fence followed – destroying of his campaign materials and even spraying words “partners sa droga”.

Vice gubernatorial candidate Mark Lambino has also his taste of black propaganda. It was said by his critics that he already abandoned his team mate Art Celeste which he denied several times. Again, the latest was Celeste and Lambino have already abandoned their candidacies such that there were posteurs who removed their campaign materials even to the extent of wearing t-shirts bearing their names.

The use of black propagandas is a sign of political weakness.  People are even tired of these type of campaigning these days. The more you destroy one’s name in a political fight, people will always support the underdogs just like what happened to Art Celeste and Lambino.

On the side of Celeste and Lambino, they are concerned on laying their platforms of governance to the Pangasinenses. They moved around in the province reaching out as many people they could in a day. They don’t even mind the scorching heat of the sun drenching their clothes with sweats. They don’t have time to make false claims and issues against their political rivals. If there are some issues, these were carefully researched and being talked about with clarity so that the people will understand.

I, as a broadcaster, not a propagandist, I delve more on the positivity of the Team Celeste-Lambino’s candidacies. I believe that people will know more about them by projecting their personalities and advocacies than talking about their rival camps. There were many issues about them to talk about, but I refrain from doing so because it will not work in this present time of political exercise. My lead was when I had a talk with many millennials who showed their consternation about mudslinging and the use of black propagandas. I always adhere to factual issues and news because that’s what broadcasters should be.

Now on the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters based on KBP guidelines, my fellow broadcasters should be reminded on the following :

1.Ang KBP BRODKASTER ay tagapagtaguyod ng Katotohanan: Truth is the primary objective of broadcasting news, events and opinions. The broadcaster is conscientious in giving the truth – does not slant or twist it by adding, omitting, changing or using information or details of events and statements inaccurately. Coupled with this is the practice of swiftly correcting an error when called for.

2. Ang KBP BRODKASTER ay may BUKAS NA ISIPAN: Open-mindedness to all and opposing views and arguments is an important attribute of the broadcaster. He/She is not quick to judge by his/her own standards but rather studies the various ways of viewing an issue.

3.Ang KBP BRODKASTER ay may PANANAGUTAN: Accountability to the listening ang viewing public is an obligation of the broadcaster. He/She exercises care in the choice of words to utter and images to exhibit. Public service is the broadcaster’s principal objective.

 4.Ang KBP BRODKASTER ay BALANSE: Balance in the presentation of the news, views and discussions is the goal of the broadcaster, who airs both or all sides of an issue. The broadcaster does not use the air to malign, destroy, insult or disrespect anyone regardless of gender, view, religious belief, political position, culture, race, or ethnicity.

If you are a propagandist, don’t label yourself as a broadcaster. Be accredited first by KBP.

(For your comments  and suggestions, please email me at or Visit my blog at virgilmaganes. wordpress. Com,  The Roving Pen. Listen to my radio program Kapartner sa DWIZ aired over DWIZ Dagupan 89.3FM, 11:00-12:00 noon, Mondays to Fridays.)

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Lambino denies abandoning race


By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

DAGUPAN CITY-Vice gubernatorial candidate Mark DG Lambino vehemently denied that he was abandoning his candidacy and leaving his team mate gubernatorial candidate Art Celeste in the May 13 elections.

This he said amid black propaganda circulating in the towns of San Fabian, Aguilar, Bugallon, Lingayen, San Carlos City, Calasiao, Sta. Barbara, Mangatarem, Basista, Mapandan and Malasiqui.

In a phone patch interview last April 11 over Kapartner sa DWIZ radio program, Lambino brushed off the news saying that those were purely black propaganda.

“Governor (Art) Celeste and I, including the other candidates under the Team Celeste-Lambino, are busy doing our barangay visitations and conducting motorcades to reach out to our province mates. Information reached me that there were people posing as our supporters who were removing our campaign materials telling the people that we already backed out from the political race. There’s no truth in it. All of those news circulating are “fake news” and black propagandas designed to weaken our campaign,” Lambino said. (more…)

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