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CELESTE WITH LEADERS OF 5TH AND 6TH DISTRICTS Gubernatorial candidate Art Celeste exhorts the leaders of the 5th and 6th Districts to give him the chance to serve Pangasinan even for just only one term during a political rally held at Robert B. Estrella Sr. Stadium in Rosales on April 6. VIRGIL MAGANES

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Sual dads ‘hostage’ P350-M town budget

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SUAL – Many members of the Sangguniang Bayan (legislature) of this second richest town in the Philippines will not approve the PhP350 million annual appropriation budget for this year, even it was already submitted on October 2018 to them by the mayor.

“I would like to reiterate that my office has transmitted the proposed annual budget for fiscal year 2019 with all the necessary documents pertaining thereto at the Sangguniang Bayan (on) October 10, 2018 and (I have) likewise made a request for a special session regarding such on January 15, 2019 bearing in mind the earnestness of the approval of the same for the timely and proper execution of projects and other expenditures covered and/or to be covered by it,” Mayor Roberto Arcinue told this writer, quoting his letter.

This robust town in Pangasinan was dubbed in the 2017 Annual Financial Report (AFR) of the Commission on Audit as the second richest town among the 1,488 towns all over the archipelago. (more…)

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CORTEZ: That April Cool thing was an April Fool’s joke

Make April cool, plant a tree.


Imagine mo nga na magbungkal ng lupa ngayong April!

Matigas ang lupa. Tigang ang lupa… so paano mabubuhay ang tree?

Napakababa ng moisture content ng lupa… so paano mabubuhay ang tree?

Alam naman natin na ang mga halaman at trees ay nangangailangan ng tubig para umusbong at lumaki.

Tag tuyot ngayon.


April ang panahon kung saan nalalagas ang mga dahon.

Sinasadya ng kalikasan na malagas ang dahon ng trees ngayon kasi kulang ang moisture content ng lupa.

Pagsapit ng unang week ng ulan ay muling uusbong ang mga dahon dahil may tubig na.

Kung gusto niyo ng cool April sa 2020, magtanim ng mga puno sa isang community forest or sa isang public land. (more…)

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Bayambang sets Guinness World Record for tallest bamboo statue

By Yolanda Sotelo

BAYAMBANG — This agricultural town in central Pangasinan made a new Guinness Book Record with the establishment of the tallest bamboo sculpture in the world, a 50.23-meter statue of its patron saint Vincent Ferrer.

The crowd broke into applause when Guinness World Records adjudicator Swapnil Dangirikar announced the measurement of the statue, on the night of April 5.

The adjudication was witnessed by Aida Lapis, an independent Filipino forester and bamboo expert, while the surveyor was Engineer Roger Milla.

The statue, made of engineered bamboo with steel frame, is located at the Saint Vincent Prayer Park in Bani village of the town, a hilly area overlooking  vast agricultural lands.

This is the second Guinness record of the town. The first is the longest barbecue (eight kms) which the town staged during its 400th anniversary in 2014. It snatched the record from Turkey.

Dangirikar said the town did not try to beat a world record, but set a “first, unique record” because “this is the first time somebody has attempted to make a sculpture of this scale.”

He said  in setting a first time record, the Guinness sets as minimum guideline like a certain height, he said.

Dangirikar added that he imagined the sculpture to be big “but I did not know it was that huge and beautifully built.”

“We already saw the drawings before I came here so we knew it has support structure and is bamboo on the outside. The steel is okay but it has to be made completely of bamboo on the outside which I have checked. Also, it has to be of a certain height to qualify for a record, and I think I seen all I need to make the official statement tonight,” he said..

The unveiling of the St. Vincent Ferrer statue is a part of the celebration of the 400th founding anniversary of the St. Vincent Ferrer Parish (1619-2019) and 600th death anniversary (1419-1019) of the patron saint of builders.

Mayor Cesar Quaimbao said the municipal government did not spend a single centavo for the project, and that it was the Kasama Kita sa Barangay foundation that funded it.

He said it was a brainchild of his wife Mary Clare Judith Phyllis Jose-Quiambao but the project was undertaken by the Kasama Kita sa Barangay Foundation, Inc.

A briefer on the project said the statue was constructed for ten months with 608 men and one woman behind the construction. There was zero accidents/casualties during the entire construction.

The statue’s design was by JQS Builders using 3D polygon technology.


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