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ORTIGOZA: Who’s stupid between me and this ex-solon, radioman?


Angelo Palmones is an average if not a mediocre broadcaster and a former Agham Partylist congressman. He did not know economics as based on my recent  squabbles with him at Facebook.

His ignorance was exacerbated by his gall to call me “stupid” after I wrote last week on my blog cum column that North Cotabato is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines.


ANGELO PALMONES: Whoever invited this stupid blogger is insulting the people of North Cotabato. He tossed up his sponsors with flowery piece by pulling down the efforts of all people of NCot. Better research will guide you boy on how many products of my beloved province are now sold abroad. Violence is more prevalent in Metro Manila, check your stat before making generalization. North Cotabato is not M’lang!”

(When a common friend at Facebook Luvin Candari, an Ilonggo, tagged me on Angelo’s attack, here was my answer)

MARK MACHEVELLI ORTIGOZA (MY OTHER NAME AT FB): Sabton ta na’ kung sino mas stupid sa amon ni Angelo (I’m going to rebut him and show who is stupid between me and Angelo) . The son of a gun was shooting from the hips. I only need to cite a NEDA report in my column. Luvin Candari is smarter than this congressional has- been. Im going to school him he he he.

PALMONES: That NEDA report has been disputed. The most recent and relevant basis of North Cotabato’s standing, including some of the well-performing towns and Kidapawan City, is DILG’s SEAL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. You can Google it for better understanding.

ORTIGOZA: My arguments will be anchored on the number of poor Filipinos to buttress my argument that your province is one of the Top 10 Poorest Provinces in the Philippines. SEAL is primordially on management level. I will talk in my column about economic threshold in peso term as based on the data of the Philippines Statistics Authority, National Anti- Poverty Commission, and NEDA.

PALMONES: Good luck for that piece. I hope it will improve rustic Mlang.

My argument on my blog that got the goat of Palmones was not new to me since I used, for example the Annual Per Capita Poverty Threshold (APCPT) on my radio and newspaper commentaries in Luzon whenever I compared the provincial and municipal local government units in the northern part of the country.

Now let’s go to the jugular.

 You readers decide whom between me and Angelo is stupid after I cite and explain here why North Cotabato Province  is the seventh (7) province with more poorest families in the Philippines according to the Public Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2015. The next survey results of the PSA will be in 2019. (more…)

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Four Pangasinan richest towns flaunt 2019 budget

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BAYAMBANG – Together with three other first class towns, this highly populated 77 village- town in central Pangasinan leads other municipalities with their highest annual appropriation budget (AAB) this year.

This thriving town has a budget of  PhP506 million while Sual, Malasiqui, and Mangaldan have PhP350 million, PhP333 million, and, PhP312.5 million, respectively this year.

Quiambao other mayors

MAYORS OF RICHEST TOWNS. From left clockwise: Bayambang Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao, Sual Mayor Roberto “Bing” Arcinue, Malasiqui Mayor Noel Anthony Geslani, and Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno.

“We have PhP506 million budget this year  where some come from the disposal of assets in Magsaysay,” Mayor Cezar T. Quiambo told the crowd from the public and private sectors who witnessed the inauguration of the proposed LGU housing project in Barangay Bical Sur here.

Quiambao told reporters that every year his family controlled corporations like Stradcom and other businesses like a mall  pay more than PhP 80 million of their taxes  in this town. (more…)

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Abono, Team Celeste-Lambino  hold political rally

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- More than 7,000 political supporters from Districts 5 and 6 trooped to Robert B. Estrella Sr. Stadium here last April 6 to show full support to the Abono Partylist and the candidates of Team Celeste-Lambino led by gubernatorial candidate Arthur F. Celeste (NP) and vice gubernatorial candidate Mark DG. Lambino (NPC).Amid cheers, applauses and laughter, the candidates were warmly welcomed by the crowd.Lambino, in his message talked about his advocacies consisting of food security, job generation through investments and education. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Siraan sa pulitika

Panahon na naman ng pulitika. Naglalabasan na naman ang mga paninirang puri ng mga kandidato sa mga katunggali nila sa pulitika. Kung anu-anong isyu ang mga hinahabi at ikinakabit sa mga kandidato upang sirain lang ang reputasyon ng mga ito. Kung anu-anong akusasyon ang lumalabas na wala namang katotohanan. Ang mga ito ay ginagawa upang painitin ang mga katunggali at ang mga sumusuporta sa mga ito.

Dito sa Pangasinan, ang ganitong klase ng kampanya ay hindi na bago. Bagamat ang mga magkatutunggali ay dating magkakaalyado sa mga nagdaang halalan, umasim ang mga ugnayang yaon dahil sa magkakasalungat na hangarin sa pulitika. May mga isyu na gawa-gawa lang. May mga balita na hinabi-habi para lang palabasin kung gaano kasama ang kanilang mga katunggali. Batuhan ng putik dito at doon na napapangiti na lang ang mga Pangasinense. May sunugan at siraan pa ng mga “campaign materials”. Kawawang mga tarpolin na walang kamuwang-mhwang sa pulitika. (more…)

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MAGANES: Black propaganda, anyone?

The old tricks and tactics in politics are back again. Black propagandas against political candidates are all over the place. They are in the air lanes, newspapers, social media and even on campaign materials that are hanging along main thoroughfares. Hardly you could hear about the platforms of governance of candidates. Issues are concocted to pin down their rival candidates. The worst is that these black propagandas are not only directed to the candidates but that include the whole family including their innocent children.


The use of black propagandas to pursue one’s political is a sign of weakness. It’s been a practice of yore. Black propagandas come in many forms. There are mudslinging, building up of false accusations, ad hominem attacks, destroying campaign materials, etc. These are used to demean their rival candidates.

In these times of new technologies which are dominated by the so-called millennial, the employment of dirty political tactics are already abhorred. The millennial who composed the 65% of the electorates are shifting to new form of political enlightenment. All over social media particularly Facebook, they are voicing out their political opinions and expressing openly their abhorrence to black propagandas. (more…)

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