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Fishermen on a boat catch fish at the Limahong Channel in Lingayen early morning last February 18. On the background(just after the sandbar) is the Lingayen Gulf.CESAR RAMIREZ

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RIMC offers free corrective treatment to babies with clubfoot

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Children with club foot, an inborn deformity in which the infant’s foot is turned inwards,  are given a chance to have  the deformity corrected for free and enable them to walk normally.

 The Region I Medical Center has partnered with Miracle Feet, an international organization that “provides organizational, technical and financial support to clinics in Third World countries to provide treatment to children born with clubfoot.”

 Dr. Emelito Ritumalta, head of the RIMC orthopedics department, said  club foot affects one in every 1,000 births   but the medical world has not identified the reason or reasons for the deformity.

If left uncorrected, children with club foot cannot walk straightly that could make them prone to bullying from other children.  Their movements can be limited, and they may not be able to dance well, he said.

But he asserted that the parents,  especially the mother,  have not done anything to have a newborn with club foot.

“It is caused by genetics. It is not the parents’ fault. They have not taken anything, not done anything, for the baby to be affected with club foot,” Ritumalta said.

 “So they must not be guilty and their conscience should not be bothered ,” he added.

But club foot is very treatable, as long as the parents patiently bring their babies to the hospital for the regular scheduled treatment which takes months.

Only children who are below two years old would benefit from the treatment that involves  gently manipulating the foot and cementing it. The process is done weekly at the hospital every five or seven days and it takes 4-8 weeks before the foot is aligned.

A minor surgery is done when the foot is already straight, and then it is coated with cement  once more for three weeks.

When the cement is removed, the patient must use abduction brace for three months.  Then for 3-5 years, the patient must wear the abduction brace when he or she is sleeping, including while napping.

The parents do not pay anything for the medical process, including all the materials and the abduction brace.

“We even give them fare money so we are sure that they would return every week,” Ritumaltu said.

Babies who are a week old are the best candidate for the medical process, but children who are aged below two years can benefit.  The process has 95 percent success rate.

Children who are two years are above and adults have to undergo corrective surgery to straighten their feet.


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CORTEZ: Sobra sobrang importasyon ng manok at baboy, apektado ang lokal na manukan at babuyan

Ayon sa grupo ni bos Rosendo So ng SINAG, sobra sobra ang imported na manok at baboy na pinayagan ng Department of Agriculture na makapasok sa palengke.
Dahil sa sobra sobrang imported na manok at baboy ay bumagsak ang farm gate price ng bawat produkto.
Dahil bagsak ang farm gate price ng manok at baboy ay baka mapilitang magsara ang mga backyard na manukan at babuyan.


Bumagsak ang farm gate price ng baboy at manok dahil sa overimportation.
Nasa P70 per kilo na lang ang kilo ng manok sa farm gate.
Nasa P120 per kilo na lang ang baboy sa farm gate.
Naganap ang overimportation sa pamamahala ng isang agriculture secretary na ang name ay Piñol.
Bakit kayo nag import ng sobrang manok at baboy?
Nasa 98% and self sufficiency domestic production ng manok.
Ang 98% self sufficiency production ng manok ay katumbas ng 1.3 billion kilos.
Nasa 96% ang self sufficiency domestic production ng baboy.
Ang 96% self sufficiency production ng baboy ay katumbas ng 1.8 billion kilos.
Sobra sobra ang importation ni Piñol ng manok at baboy ayon sa committment natin sa Minimum Access Volume (MAV) sa ilalim ng World Trade Organization.
Ang MAV para sa manok ay dapat na nasa 54.21 million kilos lang.
Pero, nag import si Piñol ng 310.85 million kilos.
Maliwanag na sumobra ng around 270 million kilos ang impprted na manok.
Iyan ay 1001% higher sa MAV. Bakit?
Ang MAV sa baboy ay dapat na nasa 23.49 million kilos lang.
Pero, nag import si Piñol ng 387 million kilos.
Maliwanag na sumobra ng around 300 million kilos ang imported na baboy.
Iyan ay 700% higher sa MAV. Bakit? (more…)

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Duque laments increasing number of babies with measles

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Health Secretary Francisco Duque III lamented the continuous reports on babies dying from measles because of failure of their parents to have them immunized against the disease.

Duque, who was here to inaugurate the Malasakit Center of the Region I Medical Center and groundbreaking ceremony of the Medical Arts Building, said as of today (22), there are 11,489 cases of measles with 189 deaths.

Francisco Duque III

Health Secretary Francisco Tiongson Duque III

He did not mention however, the ages of the patients.

While there are patients below six months old, Duque said this is not because of failure of the immunization program as babies below six months cannot be immunized as their immune system is not developed yet.

“We could be creating the disease if we do that,” he said.

He explained that babies who are breastfed up to six months are supposed to be protected from the disease, as antibodies are passed from the mothers to the babies through breastfeeding and placental transfer.

“That is why we encourage breastfeeding,” he said.

But when the mothers are malnourished or have medical problems, their babies could also lack protection.

Duque said the top regions with measles are National Capital Region, Regions IV-A and Region III, with around 2,000 each of the regions. Trailing behind are Region VI and X.  Region II still has low number of cases at 88, but poses a 600 percent increase as of February 20.

Duque said the measles control program is aggressively on-going, targeting to provide vaccination to 2.4 million children aged six months-69 months. The program will later target seven million kindergarten to Grade VI students, and 2.6 million adults.

He said the cases are expected to go down by April.

Pangasinan does not have many cases, but Duque urged  health workers to push vaccination program as it is the only solution to minimizing the spread of measles.

“Immunization helps protect the health of children and can save lives,” he said.

The national government is still studying whether or not to implement a policy not to accept children who  have not been immunized, to schools.

“That is done in other countries. But we are still studying it, and discussion would be among many agencies,” he said.


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Bobom explains presence of Sarah, Hugpong in Urdaneta

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

URDANETA CITY – “Because I am the city chairman of Hugpong ng Pagbabago.”

This was the declaration of Mayor Amadeo  ‘Bobom’ Perez  IV when asked why the national coalition of senatorial candidates headed by Hugpong ng Pagbabago chairperson and presidential daughter Sarah Duterte-Carpio came recently here.

 Perez, Pangasinan Governor Amado I. Espino, III, his father and namesake the Pangasinan Fifth District Congressman joined in welcoming the coalition known in English as Faction of Change at its hustings last February 14.

The Hugpong cancelled its rally in Binalonan to be attended by the camp of gubernatorial bet Art Celeste and congressional candidate Ramon V. Guico III who should be electoral allies in Pangasinan of Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP). (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Has truth telling no place in bloc time radio?

As the start of the 60 days campaign period for the May 13, 2019 election for local candidates will be on March 29, elective candidates are sizing if not buying their selected bloc time radio slot in the six AM  (amplitude modulation)  radios and several FM or (frequency modulation) in my city.

Bloc time rental can be cheap or very expensive. A premier AM radio station bills a candidate almost half a million pesos for a 30 minutes morning program daily for four weekdays or a month while those who were cellar dwellers in the poll of Kantar collect P120,000 to P180, 000 in a one hour a day Monday to Friday morning program for month, too.


One of the bloc time commentators told me that he will be inviting me to do analysis in his program about the gubernatorial and congressional rivals for the coming May 13, 2019 election.

He used the word “analysis” for me to do because he saw how I analyzed and predicted the winners in the past national polls by citing my data on two credible scientific surveys done by Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia, how I predicted that Manny Pacquiao would lose to Floyd Mayweather in their mega fight in May 2015 and how Pacquiao will lose big time in their future fight because of data I have about the strengths and weaknesses of both pugs.

Okay, let’s cut the chase tee he he.

This what  I asked him in Filipino:

“Kung gawin mo akong political analyst, I will tell the truth” I told him.

“Ya, you tell what you know about those candidates,” he retorted.

“Sasabihin ko na pag ang election to be held today, iyong manok ninyo sa provincial poll tatalunin ng rival niya sa 70 percent versus 30 percent equation. Iyong congressman ninyo na isa 70 – 30 din ang odds favoring the seasoned politician na kalaban, at iyong ….” I expounded but he frantically stopped me.

He backtracked.

He said he will still mull if he will invite me so he will not compromise his twenty thousand pesos a month pay from his patron that will be offended by my telling the truth ha ha ha!

Gee whiz, that’s bloc time. Being objective and truthful have no place in that kind of program because it promotes with partiality a candidate to win the hearts and minds of the listeners especially the gullible and the nincompoops.

The downside of bloc time, I told him, he would have less listeners that will patronize his or other bloc time programs.

“Dapat sa isang oras, 20 minutes ang promo ninyo sa kandi-lako este kandidato. 40 minutes you emphatically discuss pressing current issues na may halong banat para marami ang makikinig sa A-B-C-D listeners”.

I told him that his boss that pays the bloc timer should search for a commentator who has charisma, sense of humor like Mike Enriquez (top national radio man) and intelligence like Solita Monsod, Louie Beltran, others to discuss the issues.

“Maraming bloc timers at announcers dito sa Pangasinan parang nagbabasa ng Pasyon sa Mahal na Araw. Kaya ang sabi ni Commentator X, si Commentator Y kahit umaga ang programa pag nadinig iyong boses niya nakakatulog iyong mga nakikinig. E paano na lang iyan pag nagda-drive iyong listener, baka makabangga at makapatay pa ng tao?” I posed to him.

Ito pa ang isang downside, I told Commentator X about how “stupid” was one of the commentators of a radio station.

“Noong sinabi ng city mayor at legal officer niya na si Cashiers 1, 2, and 3 ni file na ng kaso ng malversation sa Fiscal kasi may Prima Facie bawat isa sa kanila, nagalit siya sa mayor at legal officer, bakit daw may double standard bakit sila Cashiers 1, 2, 3 lang ni kasuhan bakit hindi si Prima Facie, bakit anong merong connectionn si Prima Facie”.

Many media men who were there nodded their heads son of a gun in agreement  with the patent disgust of the commentator to the brass of a city local government in excluding Prima Facie in the charge sheet.

 “Oo nga ano, bakit hindi sinali si Prima Facie. Kamag anak ba siya ni mayor at na double standard ang pag file ng kaso? a thin and tall radio woman asked a news writer.”

The mayor, the legal officer, a lawyer of course, and I guffawed on that query from an announcer who had a baritone voice but with a brain as small as a pin.

As what former Fox TV premier anchor Bill O’Reilly described some stupid U.S congressmen and senators: “These pinhead politicians!

 Prima Facie, to those who did not yet know, means an adjective and Latin for “at first look,” or “on its face,” referring to a lawsuit or criminal prosecution in which the evidence before trial is sufficient to prove the case unless there is substantial contradictory evidence presented at trial.

(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at


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Senatorial Candidate Lawrence “Bong Go,” former special assistant to President Duterte, and Dagupan City Mayor Brian Lim meet once more during Go’s visit to the city last February 22.

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Peryahan continues to  operate in Pangasinan

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – In a mockery of the directive of the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), betting agents of the illegal Peryahan ng Bayan (PnB) continue to peddle the numbers’ betting game in this city and many cities and towns in Pangasinan.

“We are untouchables. Even the so called raid on our betting station in Barangay Tapuac was not a raid. The authorities and stakeholders only visited us there,” a cobrador or betting agent with his papelitos here told Saturday this newspaper.

The source, who asked for anonymity, said that PNB continues to trade in many towns and cities in the province. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Ang pulitika nga naman!

Habang papalapit ang takdang pangangampanya ng mga lokal na kandidato, lalong umiigting ang init ng pulitika sa ating kapaligiran. Naglipana ang mga ibat-ibang materyal sa pangangampanya. Mga naglalakihang tarpolin ang makikita sa bawat bukana ng mga kalsada at nakakabit sa mga kabahayan. Ang laman ng mga lokal na pahayagan ay nakatuon sa pulitika at karamihan dito ay sa mga sinusuporthang kandidato. Ganoon din sa mga radyo at telebisyon pati na rin ang social media.

Mainit na ang pulitika sa mga ibat-ibang bahagi ng bansa. Ang mga kandidato rin ay naghihintay ng pag-iindorso ni Pangulong Duterte kaya sa mga lugar na kanyang pinupuntahan, dikit ng dikit sila at naghihintay ng pagkakataon na ang kanilang mga kamay ay itataas ng Pangulo. At hindi lang si Pangulong Duterte ang hinihintay ng mga pulitiko. Sa tingin nila ay mas malakas kung ang mag-indorso sa kanila ay ang kanyang anak na si Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Bagamat may listahan si Pangulong Duterte sa mga kandidato niya sa pagka-senador, ganoon din ang kanyang anak na tila ba nagpapaligsahan sila sa kung sino ang mas maraming maipanalo sa halalan na gaganapin sa Mayo 13. Ang mga kandidato naman sa mga lalawigan, siyudad at mga bayan ay nagpapaligsahan din sa kanilang kampanya. Simula na ang paglabas ng mga propaganda at paninira sa bawat isa. Pati ang mga walang muwang na tarpolin ay nadadamay. Ang mga ito ay sinisira, sinusunog o di kaya’y iniisprehan ng mga mapanirang mga salita. (more…)

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MAGANES: Political hurting and healing?

“There are no permanent friends and enemies in politics, only permanent interests.” This saying proves to be true especially now that before our eyes those who were political allies before are now fighting over political positions, both at the national and local levels. Through the years, these politicians are allied with each other but when opportunities come along their way, the alliance has to be set aside. Those who were once together in political parties are now hardcore enemies because of political interests.

vir maganes

This scenario does not apply only to politicians. Even supporters will become at odds with each other. Before, they were laughing together, eating together and going out together, but because their  benefactors are no longer together but are now political enemies, the supporters are more of “cats and dogs” fighting also for their interests. (more…)

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