ORTIGOZA: Fernandez versus de Venecia for Congress

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The filing of the certificates of candidacy (COC) of the four challengers of House Representative Christopher “Toff” de Venecia for the next year’s election in the Pangasinan’s 4th Congressional District drew mix reactions from the public.


After former Dagupan City Mayor Alvin Fernandez, a lawyer, Teodoro Wilhelm “Winky” Manaois, a descendant of a political family, Dagupan City Councilor Redford Mejia, and De Venecia’s relative Larry Gryson de Venecia filed their COCs, the congressman’s cousin Solo de Venecia had his guns a blazing by mercilessly riddling the wannabees on Facebook.

 “Wonky, Red, and Alvin. No sabong iyan, sahod lang. Nuisances lang, sahod lang kung tag ulan”

 “Pustahan tayo Mortz, aatras iyang tatlong iyan”

 “Puro Dog Dog (Asu-aso in the vernacular – MCO) Lang mga iyan”


 Philippines’ “Ivy Leagues” educated Mark Ronald de Guzman Lambino replaced retired police colonel Pat Orduña who withdrew his candidacy Tuesday for the vice governorship of Pangasinan at the provincial office of the Commission on Election.

Lambino is the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Art Celeste, the present mayor of Alaminos City.

He is the son of Administrator and Chief Executive Officer of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and Presidential Adviser for Northern Luzon lawyer Raul Lambino.

Lambino is known as the one who created the Celeste for governor movement after being given the imprimatur of the power that be in Malacanang to contest the “hegemony” of Governor Amado I. Espino, III and his father and namesake 5th District Representative Amado, Jr in the vote – rich Pangasinan province.  

Recently, this writer opined that Orduna could be substituted by Mark Cojuangco as Governor Espino’s running mate lawyer Angel Baniqued is not known in the six congressional districts’ province. 

The young Lambino, who is not popular as Cojuangco, could piggy back on the popularity and name recall of former vice governor Oscar Lambino who skippered the provincial government with Governor Victor Agbayani for nine years.


Son of a gun, after some U.S high officials from the White House and Capitol Hill offered the top of the line multiple – role combat jet F-16 Viper to the Philippines, they are using now a Filipina-American F-16 lady pilot United States Air Force Major Monessa Balzhiser nee Catunca (her photo at the bottom of this article) to hype the multi-billion pesos each jet, yes Virginia EACH jet for a squadron (12 Jets), for the Philippines Air Force.
Last month, the maker of multiple – role combat jet Saab Gripen Jas 39 C (P5 billion each) sent not only its Vice President for Communication Robert Hewson but even its “deadly bird” at the Asian Defense & Security (ADAS) 2018/ Arms Expo at the World Trade Center in Pasay City to show off to high officials led by President Rodrigo Duterte, wide eyed Filipino pilots from the air force, and others the plane and its array of lethal missiles it carries.
The JAS, by the way, is the Swedish abbreviation of the aircraft for Jakt (air-to-air), Attack (air-to-surface) and Spaning (reconnaissance) – a feature for three kinds of jets in the past we now called “multi-role” just like what 3-in-1 instant coffee the Filipino pedestrians understand.

 I even have a lengthy video interview there with Saab Vice President Hewson (his and my photo at the bottom here), an Irish guy, where he crowed that the Sweden made aircraft is not only cheaper to maintain but could compete with the F-16 V versus the jets of the Chinks. 


One-hour flying the F-16 V cost more than a million peso from our coffer versus Gripen’s P350, 000 where the Saab made “messenger of death” can land on 400 meters long RUDIMENTARY highway, with some palay being solar dried by our hard headed farmers, with few crew to assist it compared to the one – engine’s  F-16s, and other twin engines jets like F-15 that need two to more than two kilometers of runway.

Compared to F-16V, the old Jas 39, with all the payloads of death, during the Cold War  can take off on the  800 meters feeder road. The latest Jas 39 C or D can take off today less of these meters I mentioned.

Compared to F-16V . Gripen has a short-turnaround time of just ten minutes, during which a team composed of a technician and five conscripts would be able to re-arm, refuel (remember that drum where the Gripen can just suck the fuel from the hose?), and perform basic inspections and servicing inside that time window before returning to flight and shoot the bad guys Chink above.

Primordially, to a cash strapped NATO Country or No Action Talk Only country Philippines. Gripen is ideal because it provides “50% lower operating costs than its best competitors like the F-16 V.

According to Jane’s Aerospace and Defense Consulting study (2012) compared the operational costs of a number of modern combat aircraft, concluding that Gripen had the lowest cost per flight hour (CPFH) when fuel used, pre-flight preparation and repair, and scheduled airfield-level maintenance together with associated personnel costs were combined. The Gripen had an estimated CPFH of US$4,700 whereas the next lowest, the F-16 Block 40/50, had a 49% higher CPFH at $7,000.

One of the other arguments of the pro Gripen jet’s proponents is in case war ensued with the Mainland Chinese and our lilliputian air force our runways in Palawan, Basa, Clark, and Villamor will be turned into smithereens by Chinese guided missiles from its ships, long range jet bombers, battle ships, or submarines lurking menacingly at the water of Scarborough in Masinloc, Zambales.

But it we buy the Gripen, gee whiz, the plane can just land and take off in any national highway built by the Department of Public Works & Highway and keep shooting those Chinese jets above our air spaces.

Never mind, salamabit, the quality of the pot holed and crack paved concrete as a result of the S.O.Ps given by the contractors to our corrupt congressmen who interceded for the national projects, the Gripen will still land and take off on the hated road and keeps shootin’ with its missiles those bad guys in the sky.

What price glory, as the Yanks would tell us in the history books.

(You can read my selected columns at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at totomortz@yahoo.com)




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