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 Senior Supt.Wilson Joseph Lopez(left), acting provincial director of the Pangasinan PNP, and Glorioso Daniel Martinez (in white polo), chief of the Land Transportation Office(LTO) Dagupan City office, led other officials in the ceremonial tagging of Clean Rider stickers on motorcycles during the launching of the PNP’s Campaign Plan “Clean Rider” last September 22 held at the Camp Gov.Antonio Sison in Lingayen.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Alcala mayor’s dad shot dead 

DAGUPAN CITY – The father of Alcala town mayor was shot dead at dawn of September 22 while he was on his way to his road construction project.

Police Chief Inspector Ferdinand Lopez said Mario Callejo, 61, was shot while aboard his vehicle by motorcycle-riding gunmen at three am this morning in barangay Gualsic..

Callejo is father of incumbent Mayor Jojo Callejo.

Lopez said the victim sustained three gunshot wounds in the body with one bullet piercing his heart that killed him on the spot.
The police recovered three slugs of caliber 45 gun, at the crime scene.

Lopez said it was not yet determined if Callejo was alone or had companion in his vehicle.

The police is looking at business competition as the motive behind the killing

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It’s final, Art for guv – Kin

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ALAMINOS CITY – A relative of a gubernatorial bet debunked rumors that the three probable candidates against incumbent Pangasinan Governor Amado I. Espino III have not yet finalized their front runner.

“No, it’s already final. It’s Art for governor,” a kin of this city’s mayor Art Celeste told recently this paper in a telephone conversation.

art mark conrad

PRIMUS INTER PARES. Alaminos City Mayor Art Celeste (left) is the first among equals with Abono Party List Representative Conrad Estrella and former Fifth District Congressman Mark Cojuangco (above and below, right column) on the triumvirate in Pangasinan to defeat the dominion of Governor Amado I. Espino, III and his father, Fifth District Representative Amado Espino Jr. in the politics of the gargantuan province.

The probable bets are Celeste, Abono Party List Representative Conrad Estrella, and former Fifth District Congressman Mark Cojuangco.

This paper asked the relative, who asked for anonymity, when one of the reporters who attended recently the birthday party of Rep. Estrella held in Rosales town said that former Congressman Cojuangco told them that there was no official bet yet of the group for the top public executive post in Pangasinan in the next year’s election. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Pagpupugay sa mga gurong Filipino

Walang karunungan kung walang mga guro. Wala ring mga doktor, dentista, enhinyero, manunulat, at iba Iba pang propesyon kung wala sila. Ang mga guro ang tinatawag na mga pangalawang magulang. Katulong sila sa paghubog ng ating asal at kaalaman. Dahil sa mga naturan, binibigyan ng pamahalaan ng kaukulang respeto at pagpupugay ang mga gurong Filipino.

Noong Agosto 9, naglabas ang Kagawaran ng Edukasyon ng isang Memorandum Order No. 130, series of 2018 na naglalayon ng pag-obserba ng “National Teachers’ Month” mula Setyembre 5 hanggang Oktubre 5. Ito ay naaayon sa Presidential Proclamation No. 242 at Republic Act No. 10743. (more…)

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MAGANES: Remembering Martial Law under the Marcos administration

Last September 21, we remembered the 46th anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines. It was not a day for celebration to some Filipinos, but a day of rejoice to those who viewed it as an era of peace and progress.

Martial law years from 1972 to 1981 had been regarded by many Filipinos as the darkest era of the Philippine government. On September 21, 1972, then President Ferdinand E. Marcos by stroke of his pen issued Proclamation No. 1081 placing the country under martial law.


To his critics, that was the day when our democracy died; that was the day when the media was gagged and that was the day when authoritarianism ruled the country.

What was the real reason why President Marcos proclaimed martial law?

In a booklet entitled “Man Who Leads a Revolution Without Arms” which was lifted from an international magazine, Archipelago, it was written “…President Ferdinand E. Marcos proclaimed martial law in the Philippines, in response to a secessionist movement and rebellion conspired in by both leftist and rightist elements. Its immediate effect was to overturn what many, particularly in the West, used to call the “showcase of American democracy in the Far East.” (more…)

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Share a bear this year to children in need

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

SM City Rosales and SM City Urdaneta Central are calling all kind-hearted individuals and mall goers to share their blessings this Christmas season through the SM Bears of Joy- an annual charity project of SM Cares, SM Supermalls, and Toy Kingdom.

For only P200, a customer can buy a pair of toy bears,  one of which goes to the customer and the other is left for donation. The customers write down their names on the card attached to the bear, to make the donation more personal and heartwarming.

They will also write their names on the donors’ wall in the mall so that the donors are publicly acknowledged.

Selling is done across selected SM establishments.

This is the 8th year of having the SM Bears of Joy, and more than 60,000 children were already shared with joy every Christmas season.

All collected toy bears will be donated to SM Prime’s chosen beneficiaries, in the communities where SM Malls are present. The beneficiaries are from public orphanages, child community centers or related non-government organizations.

Booths are located at the Mall Atrium of SM City Rosales and at the Ground Level of SM City Urdaneta Central.

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Reotutar’s Garden and Resort: Pangasinan’s 1st Learning Site for Agriculture

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- The Agricultural Training Institute-Department of Agriculture (ATI-DA) has conferred the accreditation of Reotutar’s Garden and Resort (RGR) in Lipay East village here as the first Learning Site for Agriculture in Pangasinan on September 20.

The certificate of accreditation was awarded by ATI-DA Chief Rogelio C. Evangelista who was assisted by Ruby Matutino, coordinator of Villar’s Sipag Foundation to Rev. Dominador Ubaldo and his wife Dr. Joy M. Reotutar-Ubaldo.

In a short program, Evangelista said that the accreditation of Reotutar’s Garden and Resort is a way to assist the small farmers in the communities through extension, training and in implementing DA programs. (more…)

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Parongking River gets a second chance

By Yolanda Sotelo

CALASIAO–Polluted and shallow rivers deserve a second chance, too, to be revived so they can flow and teem once more with aquatic life.

These include the Parongking River in this central Pangasinan town, an eight-kilometer body of water that traverses several barangays – one in Sta. Barbara, five in Calasiao and three in Dagupan City where it is known as Bayaoas River.

The river was once declared biologically dead because of domestic and industrial wastes. Murky, smelly water flowed on the bed and motorists hated passing through barangay Bued because of the foul odor that emanates from the river and which permeates the air anytime of the day.

Until a community-based “uprising” occurred in the late 1990s. The group called itself Kalikasan Vigilante ng Pangasinan – Save Parongking River Ecosystem (KBP-SPARE), and has as its member the owners of business establishments, barangay officials and community leaders, schools, concerned national and local government officials, environmental protection advocates and other stakeholders.

“It was a multi-sectoral approach to reviving a dead river,” Bued barangay chair Carlito Dion, recalled.

They dredged the river which yielded furniture and appliances, and tons of putrid muck. An extensive, house-to-house educational campaign was conducted among the residents about the need to revive the river and to stop making the river as a dumping site.

Around ten years later, the river showed signs of life, was already flowing with clear water, and fish were seen swimming again there.

 Sadly, the group became complacent and the river is again dying.

“We have to buckle down to work once more, give the river another chance,” Dion said.

But the work would be easier now, he said, as many residents are already aware of environmental issues, including water environment.

On August 28, the KBP-SPARE held a reorganizational meeting in barangay Bued, attended by business and government sectors, and non-government organizations.

They made plans to draw attention to the need of reviving the river, starting with a simultaneous massive clean-up of the river from Sta. Barbara to Dagupan City, sometime in September.

Dion said the barangay chairmen will meet to discuss the conduct of the clean-up of the river which would include the removal of structures that hamper the water flow.

Also on deck are a series of environmental summits that would be participated in by the different sectors.

Janet Albano, a community leader, said the first summit schedule on September 8 will be participated in by at least 80 students from the schools in the different barangays traversed by river.

When, in the 1990s and early 2000s, the main issue was river pollution, an additional, and perhaps more serious problem, is flooding, Albano said.

Most of the barangays along Parongking went under water during the months of July and August when  heavy rains hit the Pangasinan province.

“Dredging the river is one of our main agenda,” Dion said, “so the river can accommodate more water and not easily swell and inundate our barangays.”


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CORTEZ: Solution sa kakulangan ng bigas… Magtanim ng palay

NO HYPER INFLATION IN THE PHILIPPINES. Mayroong isang economist daw ang University of the Philippines na nagsabi na may hyperinflation sa Pilipinas. Tama po ba siya?

Narito po ang sinasabi ng the tungkol sa hyperinflation.


 Hyperinflation is when the prices of goods and services rise more than 50 percent a month. At that rate, a loaf of bread could one amount in the morning, and a higher one in the afternoon. The severity of cost increases distinguishes it from the other types of inflation. The next worst, galloping inflation, only sends prices up 10 percent or more a year.


Hyperinflation starts when a country’s government begins printing money to pay for its spending. As it increases the money supply, prices rise as in regular inflation. An increase in the money supply is one of the two causes of inflation. The other is demand-pull inflation. It occurs when a surge in demand outstrips supply, sending prices higher. 

 But, instead of tightening the money supply to stop inflation, the government keeps printing more. With too much currency sloshing around, prices skyrocket. Once consumers realize what is happening, they expect continued inflation. They buy more now to avoid paying a higher price later. That excessive demand aggravates inflation. It’s even worse if they stockpile goods and create shortages. 

 There are two winners in hyperinflation. First, are those who took out loans. They find that higher prices make their debt worthless by comparison until it is virtually wiped out. Exporters are also winners. The falling value of the local currency makes exports cheaper compared to foreign competitors. Exporters receive hard foreign currency, which increases in value as the local currency falls. 


Abono Party-List Rep. Conrado Estrella III for congressman ng 6th district.

Nagcelebrate ng birthday si Cong Conrad sa pamamagitan ng inauguration ng PRC office sa Rosales.

Dumalo sa birthday celebration ang mga mayors at iba pang pulitiko ng 6th district ng Pangasinan.

Bumati din sina Abono Party-List chairman Rosendo So at former 5th district Rep. Mark Cojuangco.

Bumati din si Mayor Mon-Mon Guico na balitang sasabak sa congressional seat ng 5th district.

Of course nandun din si Cong Marlyn Agabas at si Mayor Tyrone Agabas ng Tayug.


NO CURRENCY CRISIS. Ayon sa report ng Busines World online, The Philippines is not expected to slip into a currency crisis anytime soon, Nomura economists said, citing little risk of such an event despite the recent weakness of the peso.

 In a report released on Monday, the global bank counted the Philippines among the “low-risk” countries in terms of risk of an exchange rate crisis according to its Damocles index, designed as an “early warning system” for such an event.

The bank’s Damocles system uses macroeconomic and financial variables to check whether an economy is “vulnerable to a currency crisis.” These indicators include a country’s import cover, short-term external debt versus exports, dollar reserves versus short-term external debt, broad money against reserves and real short-term interest rate.

Narito  naman po ang parts ng column ni Jojo Robles sa The Manila Times.

The Japanese analysts claim to have an excellent record of predicting currency crises, having successfully forecast the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis, the 1998 Russian upheaval and the current problems besetting the currencies of Argentina and Turkey, both of which are red-flagged in the latest Damocles Index report. And if you’re interested in what Nomura thinks is the likelihood of a similar, impending crisis happening in the Philippines, here’s their prediction:

 Zero. Zilch. Nada.

 According to the MarketWatch Web site, Nomura explains that it would be “foolish” to make exaggerated claims about its index’s predictive power. However, “used in a broader assessment of the global, economic, political and institutional landscape, it can help better assess risks,” MarketWatch said.

 And the main reason why I’m reporting about Nomura’s index is because I suspect it will not be “sexy” enough for the gloom-and-doomers who somehow seem to dominate local economic journalism. Unlike the statements of that University of the Philippines economics professor who predicted this week that the country has already plunged into “hyperinflation” with a 6.4 percent increase in prices of selected goods last month.

But going back to Nomura’s index, it’s important to note that while some of the countries that it red-flagged have already been experiencing currency problems against the strengthening dollar, some others didn’t make the list based on the data available. As MarketWatch noted, the country most at risk (with a score of 175) was Sri Lanka, which has only fallen 5.5 percent against the US currency in 2018. In the Asean region, the country most at risk was Malaysia (62), with Vietnam (35) being the only other emerging market in the region making a presence.

All the other countries where currency turmoil has been reported are present, of course, like Argentina (down 50 percent against the dollar year-to-date), Turkey (down 41 percent), South Africa (fallen into recession) and India. However, the index also included countries that you never heard were at risk of having problems against the US currency, like China, South Korea, Israel and Taiwan in its above-zero group.

SEN GRACE POE: On Senator Trillanes.

 Poe: Alam mo tama rin naman at ako’y nagpapasalamat at sinusuportahan ko ang liderato ng ating Senate President. Dapat naman talaga ay patas rin sa batas ‘di ba? Mabuti naman ang ating Pangulo ay nagbigay ng pronouncement. Intayin natin ang desisyon ng korte pero siyempre para sa akin nakakagulat din naman ang padalos-dalos na desisyon na pupunta dito ng wala naman ding warrant ‘di ba, noong umpisa. Tama rin naman ang sinabi ng ating Senate President.

Q: Pabor ba kayo na nag-set ng guidelines na bawal na muna dito ang pag-conduct ng misa, ‘yung pagpunta ng mga supporters kasi nga medyo nakakagulo?

Poe: Nando’n naman sila sa labas ‘di ba? Siyempre, ‘yun nga ang sinasabi ko–patas kung ano ang papayagan mo sa isa. Ano ba ang makakayanan ng Senate pagdating sa operations? Siyempre ‘yun ang desisyon ng Senate President. Basta malaya ang pamamahayag. Marami naman talaga tayong mga pinapayagan na mga gano’n. Pero siyempre, bilang kasamahan, ako’y nakikisimpatiya rin naman dahil hindi naman porke’t nagdesisyon ang isa–wala namang final decision ang korte tapos gano’n.

Q: How do you assess ang nangyayari kay Senator Trillanes? What is your take on it?

Poe: My take on it is it’s a bigger test, also for our due process, democracy and institutions. It’s important that there should be independence in the three branches of government and I think that it’s right for the Senate President to be able to assert the dignity also of the Senate. On a personal level, siyempre kasamahan mo ‘yan, kahit papaano, nakikisimpatiya ka. Buti na lang sinabi ng Pangulo na intayin natin ang Korte dahil talaga namang dapat gano’n ang proseso sa demokrasiya.

Q: Pero sobra na bang napo-politicize ma’am?

Poe: Oo, kasi ‘yun nga, simbolo siya ng kung ano ang nangyayari sa ating bansa ‘di ba, so kung ano ang makikitang magiging hakbang sa kanya, lahat ‘yan ay magkakaroon ng epekto sa ating pamamalakad. Unang-una, kung nagkaroon ng desisyon sa kanyang amnesty, hindi lang naman siya ang apektado, lahat ng nabigyan ng amnesty ay gano’n. Hindi lang sa coup d’etat kundi ang general amnesty ‘di ba? Kung sino pa ang nabigyan ng amnesty, magkakaroon ng kuwestiyon tungkol sa genuineness ng mga dokumento na ‘yon ‘di ba. Baka later on balewala na ang epekto ng mga amnesty na gano’n.


Mayor Arthur Celeste for governor.

Congressman Boying Celeste for Alaminos City mayor kasama si vice mayor Anton Perez.

Mayor Mon-mon Guico for congressman ng 5th district.

Engr. Rey Mencias for mayor ng Alcala.

Engr. Carding Balderas for mayor ng Laoac.


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