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HesusMariaHusef ! So this was the proposed ballyhooed campaign advertisement by the superiors of Presidential Communication Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to educate us Flips, er, Filipinos about federal form of government?

Where an “effeminate” blogger Drew Oliver danced before the eyes of Uson and viewers of You Tube while he incessantly touched, as part of the choreography, his breasts and crotch in a presentation to be given to a female dancer while a jingle plays “E-Dede, E Pepe…”

Dede and Pepe are colloquial Filipino words for boobs and vagina.


The controversial information dissemination from the PCOO has a staggering budget of P90 million.

Was it Uson, my village mate in Dagupan City, who said that most of the ASEAN members’ countries are Federal in form?

“Napag-iwanan na ang Pinas, ika nga”.

Gee whiz, aside from Malaysia as the only Federal formed of government in the 10 ASEAN countries, federalism has nothing to do with the burgeoning growth of Malaysia.

Aside from its openness to foreign investors that provides jobs to its people, one of the major linchpins to the Malaysian economy is the effing oil.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s article titled: “Malaysia’s Petronas to Review Spending as Oil Prices Slide”: “It has a vibrant oil and gas industry. The national oil company, Petronas is ranked the 69th biggest company in the world in the Fortune 500 list in 2014, with revenue of over US100.7 billion and total assets of over US$169 billion. Petronas provides around 30% of the Malaysian government’s revenue, although the government has been actively cutting down on its reliance of petroleum, with a target of 20%.”


The probably bungled Uson’s proposed ads on Federalism that could not be juxtaposed with a nursery rhyme, son of a gun, because it insinuated prurience on words like: “E-pepe, e-pepe, e-dede, e-dede, e-pepe-pepe-pepederalismo!

It did not only become a laughing stock all over the country but became a patent embarrassment about the intellectual stocks of Filipino officials in Malacanang now.

Am I right PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar?

It even got the goat of former Senate President Koko Pimentel, one of the major proponents of Federalism, that only showed that Uson, a former risqué performer who had social media’s DIY (Do It Yourself, idiot!) videos on sex, was too amateur to be responsible in giving political education to the majority of our people who are nonchalant to the nuances of Federalism.

I thought she was turning 180 degrees from her dark past where she projected eroticism before she started to sell this sorry country’s shift to another form of government to our sorry people.

“Ako ay nagkamali! Akala ko makakatulong si Mocha sa pagpapaliwanag tungkol sa Pederalismo,” Pimentel, president of the ruling PDP-Laban, said in a viber message to reporters as quoted by the Inquirer.

“Kasi naman ang pagka intindi ko ay hindi naman siya ang in-charge kundi isang tao na mas meron otoridad at kaalaman sa Pederalismo tulad ng mga miembro ng consultative committee. Hindi ko lubos akalain na bababuyin pala nila ang kawsa ng Pederalismo. Ilayo na si Mocha sa Pederalismo. Mag-aral muna siya ng mabuti. Mag leave muna siya,” Pimentel, one of the four advocates of Federalism in the Senate, added.

In the proposed constitutional revision, the present senate will be abolished and will be replaced by two senators elected from each of the 18 proposed regions.

Salamabit, a clear and present danger to the reelection of the present 24 sitting senators in 2022 and beyond, where one of them was thrown in the slammer, who are voted nationwide.

The proposed charter’s requisite of a college diploma is another clear and present danger to my idol pistolero – celluloid screen hero – come backing senatorial bet Lito Lapid who only finished his elementary grade at the probably Mababang Paaralan ng San Andres Bukid or Low School of Saint Andrew’s Field  doon lang sa dulo ng Clark Field, Pampanga as Pangasinan media men mangled its English translation whenever I asked them on air during broadcast time or whenever we drink booze.


Who says that Federalism is the economic silver bullet for the Philippines?

It’s the amendment of the Public Service Acts (PSA), dimwit, that until now the Senators procrastinate to pass so President Rodrigo Duterte can sign it into law.

The present PSA or otherwise known as  Commonwealth Act No. 146 covers all types of common carriers, be it by land, air or water, water supplies and systems, petroleum, electricity, communications systems and even broadcasting stations.

It is where utilities have been mandated by law to be averagely 60 percent owned by Filipino or Filipinos despite the thick pockets of the foreign partners who sulked themselves to settle for the 40 % of the voting stocks.


Because of this seemingly xenophobic equity, foreign investors go instead to Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other South East Asian countries.

If the House of Representatives passed the PSA in September last year, why the Mabagal na  Mataas na Kapulungan or Slow Senate as derisively called by ex- Speaker Panty Alvarez until now sits on it?

Is it because its campaign time for the May 13, 2019 poll for re-elective senators like Grace Poe, Cynthia Villar, Nancy Binay, Sonny Angara, Koko Pimentel, Bam Aquino, and JV Ejercito where they have to crisscross the country in an expensive hundreds of millions of pesos stump where they need radio and television advertisement?

Do they need badly the monies and aircraft of these corporations being affected by the amendment of the PSA?

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NBI nabs STL ‘bookies’

DAGUPAN CITY – The National Bureau of Investigation filed a cases against residents of Mangatarem town for allegedly engaging in “bookies” operation of the Small Town Lottery (STL) of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

Pangasinan Senior Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Raul Campos recommended the filing of cases on anti-illegal gambling law against Mylene Mondala who is alleged to be the maintainer/operator of illegal numbers game, and cabos (bet collectors)  Maxim Mondala, Ulysis F. Salva, Leo M. Estero, Roberto P. Bugarin, Bernardo D. Poquiz and Arries P. Salinas.


BOOKIES. Suspected jueteng bet collectors who use the Small Town Lottery as their front,  are detained at the. National Bureau of Investigation in Dagupan City.

Also recommended for prosecution is another group of bet collectors in another barangay –  Belly Rillon Bermudez, Evangeline Lucilo Bemudez, Manolo Bravo Bersamin and Isabelita Lucero Agbuis.

Bermudez acted as the maintainer/operator of illegal numbers game while the rest are bet collectors.

The suspects collect bet money supposedly for STL, but do not remit the money to the STL operator.

They have no authority from the STL operator,  NBI Dagupan agent in charge Rizaldy Jaymalin said.

One August 2, the NBI swooped to the places where the “bookies” operate and seized from Mondala’s group were bundles of palpelitos marked by the authorities as MGC-1 up to MGC-9, assorted and a plastic of papelitos.

The NBI said Mondala was caught counting bets and revieving papelitos submitted by cabos of SGI, barangay Bantocaling.

From Bermudez group, the NBI confiscated  three bundles of improvised papelitos marked MGC-1,  MGC-2, MGC-3, and bet money. YOLANDA SOTELO


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Kagawad shoots kapitan, kills wife instead

DAGUPAN CItY – A barangay councilman from Mangatarem town killed his wife who he shot when he tried to shoot the barangay chairman he was arguing with.

Police report showed that Philip Vicente, kagawad of barangay Bogtong, Mangatarem, was arguing with Chairman Ronald Aquino regarding the distribution of 33 sacks of palay seeds given by the Department of Agriculture to the village’s farmers.

Vicente aimed his gun at Aquino but instead shot the left leg of his wife Teresita who was standing beside Aquino.

Vicente again shot at Aquino.

The two victims were rushed to the hospital but Vicente was declared dead on arrival, while Aquino is fighting for his life.

Recovered from the crime scene were one [1] colt combat commander cal 45 with serial number 160905 loaded with magazine filled with seven [7] ammunitions and one [1] fired cartridge case inserted in the chamber.

Police Chief Superintendent Romulo E Sapitula, PRO1 Regional Director instructed the ballistic examination of firearm recovered and trace the ownership of the same. He likewise emphasized the continuous conduct of operations against unlicensed


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CORTEZ: ‘Wag Padalos-dalos’ Poe tells MMDA on single rider scheme on EDSA

Narito po ang media release ni Senadora Grace Poe sa ipapatupad ng MMDA na bawal ang single rider sa sasakyan sa EDSA.

Sen. Grace Poe today cautioned the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) against hastily implementing a scheme banning single-passenger cars on traffic-laden EDSA.


Poe, who chairs the Senate committee on public services, said the MMDA, in coordination with local governments in the metropolis, should conduct a dry run and study and publish a clear set of guidelines before implementing the plan.

“Ang masasabi ko lamang ay huwag padalos-dalos. Baka puwedeng magkaroon ng isang araw na subukan nila yan kung ano ang mangyayari at magkaroon ng bukas na pagdinig. Kasi hindi puwedeng unilateral at sasabihing ‘o ngayon ganito na.’ Magkaroon muna ng trial period tapos tingnan natin kung ito ba’y magiging epektibo,” Poe told reporters. (more…)

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Bolinao moves to ban fish pens, traps

By Yolanda Sotelo

BOLINAO – This town is pushing for the clearing of its coastal waters of fishery structures that hamper navigation of both people and fish, and which contribute to marine pollution that causes massive fish kills in the area.

During a meeting on August 8, aquaculture operators were informed about the resolution of the Regional Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee about the need to remove the fishery structures to enable the town to continue its fishery industry.

To be removed are structures with bamboo poles stuck on the seabed such as indigenous fish traps like fyke nets, pasabing,  skylab, baklad, and traditional oyster and mussel farms.

The meeting was conducted by town officials led by Acting Mayor Alfonso Celeste, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) former Regional Director Nestor Domenden, BFAR Regional Director Beth Signey, and officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Domenden said the banned structures obstruct water flow and trap debris that pile up in the seabed.

He said a study showed that in Kakiputan Channel that is shared by this town and island town Anda, the sludge is already up to four meters high.  The sludge is made up of uneaten feeds and feces of fish being cultured in the pens.

The fishery and environment officials agreed on the need to dredge the Kakiputan Channel and planned to ask concerned authorities to undertake the dredging.

The fish traps should also go, the officials said, as they hamper navigation not only of people but of fish which have to swim upstream or downstream because of their biological needs.

But fish cages would stay, although they would be relocated in an identified area that would be identified as mariculture zone.

The BFAR will also introduce the floating raft technology to the oyster and mussel farmers who would be displaced by the ban of bamboo poles which they traditionally use to culture the seashells.

Celeste asked the owners of fish traps to organize themselves and that the local government will assist them in other endeavors.


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