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Q&A: No gov’t supports when pests hit the farmlands

Kamakailan kinapanayam ni Northern Watch columnist Mortz C. Ortigoza si Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG) Chairman Rosendo So kung sa usapin na kung may pag-asa pang bumaba ang napakamahal na bentahan ng bigas na nagpapahirap sa mga Pilipino, ang pagbagsak ng peso versus dolyar, pagtaas ng krudo, at ang kalagayan ng kabuhayan ng mga magsasaka sa panahon ni President Rodrigo Duterte kumpara sa administration ni dating Pres. Benigno Aquino III.  Kabuunan ng panayam:

 NORTHERN WATCH (NW): Iyong mga mahirap marami pala sa kanila hindi na bumibili ng ulam, iyong kanin nilalagyan na lang daw nila ng bagoong o patis para ipakain sa walang trabaho nilang asawa at limang anak. May tsansa pa ba na bumaba ang presyo ng bigas from P45 to P35 a kilo?

 ROSENDO SO (RS): Pag di bumaba ang (presyo ng) palay of course hindi bababa and presyo ng bigas. Ang total production natin dito sa Pilipinas na pumunta sa market is around 92%,  iyong inimport natin from other countries 8%.

Rosendo So and Senator Villar

CONVENTION. Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG) Chairman Rosendo So (center) and Senator Cynthia Villar enter the main hallway of The Atrium of Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City during the  27th National Hog Convention & Trade Exibits.

NW: So price ng bigas natin naka depende sa local production at gate price nito?

RS: Kung ang presyo ng dry palay sa ngayon nasa P23 (a kilo) at  P20 ang wet, kung iyan ang presyo, papatak talaga ng nasa P40 (price of a kilo of rice). (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: The Useless P1B Campaign Chest

A seasoned politician and national official told media men that if a former congressman and a defeated 2016 gubernatorial bet will take another stab at the gubernatorial post, he should change his strategy.

“He splurged his monies in the medical missions where even surgeries were done by the doctors he hired a year before the May 2016 election,” he stressed.

He said Mr. Bet spent P300 million alone in that endeavor.


He disclosed that those hundreds of millions of pesos were better spent a week in buying votes because voters have short memory to one’s generosity given a year ago.

I agree about this one because another battle-scarred mayor of a first class town told me the science of vote buying.

“Voter would vote for a candidate who gave P250 a day or during the casting of vote than a bet who gave P500 to a voter a week before the election”.

“A week before the poll, he even attempted to buy votes at P300 per voter. I told him he should emulate our style that became the pillar of our longevity in winning the series of elections. He should at least buy vote at P500 per voter,” the national official told us.

He explained that with P300 per voter, it would not bode well for the mayors in the district.

Mapag suspetsahan pa silang kinupit ang P200 sa P500.”

The bet acquiesced by doling out P500 bill per voter. In other districts however vote buying was P400 per voter.

But it did not help him because he still lost the race even he spent P900 million or almost a billion in that contest where wherewithal is a major factor to victory.

His shortcoming, aside from that expensive medical mission, was that he did not give monies to the five of the six congressmen in the province.

The other congressman gambled by supporting the other governorship candidate.

“I asked him (the bet) if he gave monies to the congressmen, he answered in the negative because congressmen do not have sway in bringing votes in his favor,” he told us.

National official said with P5 million per solon that would be P25 million only. Congressmen have influence too, in their district.

“Ang problema sa kanya, nagbigay siya ng milyon sa mga vice mayoralty bets pero hindi sa congressmen. May boses ang congressmen sa mga mayors at constituents’ niya”.

In case this bet runs and changes his strategies, he would win the next year’s election, the filing for which is on October this year, according to my source.


Another mayor said that mayors in some districts of the province had the gall of pocketing the millions of pesos given by Mr. Bet and those millions of pesos allegedly given by the rival.

“Nag I Have Two Hands iyong mga mayors, pinag ku-kubra ang mga pera ng dalawang kandidato. Hindi nila ibinili ng boto. Binulsa nila ang mga pera. Ayon natalo ang kandidato namin”.

To those readers who kept skipping the class for the comfort room whenever the song ‘I Have Two Hands” was sang in Grade 1, here’s the lyrics to help you understand what is avarice (psst means more extreme than “greed”) whenever the patron hands monies to the mayors.

I have two hands’ the left and the right

Hold them up high’ so dirty and bright

Clap them softly

One’ two’ three

Dirty little hands of the mayors are bad to see

Many mayors deserted Mr. P900 million two weeks before the casting of the ballots because he ran out of monies.

The latest in the grapevine, Mr. Bet father, a magnate, with whom he has reconciled, is hell bent to support him for another gubernatorial shot.

“Uubusin natin ang pera ng kalaban,” another mediaman quoted what the vice mayor said to him about what the mogul told his son.

This rumor and this change of strategies in flooding the province with crispy bills will ensue if Mr. Bet files his candidacy five months from now.

“Show me the money, este, show me the photocopy of the Certificate of Candidacy that the official signified his intention and I will buy your prognosis hook, line, and effin’ sinker,” I told my source.

(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at


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Mangaldan hosts Project Smile at MMHC   

                                                      By Mortz C. Ortigoza

                                                                                                                                                                  MANGALDAN – Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno hosted Fourth District Representative Christopher de Venecia and his entourage when he graced the exhibit of his Project Smile at the newly built and cozy Museo de Mangaldan and Heritage Center (MMHC).

mused de mangaldan

RETROSPECT. Pangasinan Fourth District Representative Christopher de Venecia (2nd from left, seated) listens to the speech of Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno who disagreed with critics that the new Museo de Mangaldan and Heritage Center (MMHC) will be an economic liability to the town. Parayno justified the projects by citing that the people of the first class central Pangasinan town should see how the artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, and scientific values displayed at the center have molded them.

 MMHC is one of the infrastructure projects of Parayno since she became mayor in 2013 and when she was reelected 2016 of this one of the most flourishing towns in Pangasinan.

Project Smile is a photo exhibit of various personalities who brought honor, prestige and had greatly contributed to the development and progress not only of the Fourth District but the entire province of Pangasinan.  (more…)

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CORTEZ: Calamity in Kalibo

(This is a privilege speech delivered by Kalibo Sanguniang Bayan Member Juris Sucro on June 7, 2018 at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall)

I take this privilege to express my deep concern on how Kalibo would be able to face the challenge it is now facing one month after the closure of Boracay and its being declared under a state of calamity by President Rodrigo Duterte.


 KALIBO is the gateway to Boracay and other parts of Aklan. As per records of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the Kalibo International Airport had a toal of 14 domestic flights per day and 34 international flight per day.

Ang daming biyahe…ano po? Hindi ganyan sa ibang provincial airports!

 KALIBO is the center of business and financial transactions in Aklan as evidenced by the number of banks in the area.

 Magbanggit kayo ng banko sa Manila at sasabihin niyo sa akin na meron branch dito yan.

 KALIBO is the nerve center of the provincial economy that supports the essential needs and economic requirements of Boracay as a tourist haven. Obvious ba?

KALIBO is host to the seat of the provincial government who dispenses with public goods and services for all local government units. Nandiyan lang po ang Capitol.

KALIBO is the educational center of Aklan. Nandito rin po ang maraming schools colleges and universities ng probinsiya…kaya naman ang daming collegiala o! (more…)

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