MAGANES: What’s up in Pangasinan politics? Part 2

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In the last issue, I tackled some political speculations from the province’s political pundits on who would likely to run in the local positions in the 2019 mid-year elections. I dwelt on the governor, vice governor and district representatives. This time let’s read speculations by political pundits on those perceived to be running for Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) positions and some mayors in various municipalities. Of course, these are all the products of perceptions and speculations.


 In District 1, SP members Nap Fontelera and Rene Sison are still the names to reckon with. According to our source in the District, there are still no names that are being floated to run against the two SP members. Since Fontelera and Sison have already joined the PDP-Laban Party, it is most likely that Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition (NPC) will field its own candidates. That will depend on who among the politicians in the District will join the NPC. There are other political parties that may field also their own candidates.

Will former SP member Von Mendoza  run again as SP member for the 2nd District in 2019? There’s now speculations that he is bent on running for the position considering that SP Member Raul Sison is on his last term. Mendoza is still an active member of the NPC. However, PDP-Laban Party will also field a candidate to replace Sison in tandem with SP Member Nicky Boy Reyes.

The third District has still SP Members Angel Baniqued Jr. and Generoso Tulagan Jr. Both are now with PDP Laban Party. I have heard that Darwina Sampang, the Executive Assistant of Vice Governor Calimlim, is eyeing the position, too, in the District. Sampang, who is aligned with the Espinos, might join another party, not PDP-Laban. Will Vici Ventenilla of NPC will again try his luck for the position?

 In the 4th District, SP Members Libby Villegas and Jeremy Rosario are still the popular names for the positions. I’ve heard that they joined also the PDP-Laban Party that is headed by 5th District Rep. Espino. Political observers in the District have not yet speculated on who would likely run against the two provincial solons.

 SP Member Niño Arboleda of the 5th District is now on his last term. There will be one vacated post for SP member position. There are two names that are being floated who would likely to take his place- Villasis Councilor Louie Sison and Urdaneta City Councilor Jen Gandia Garcia. Of course, SP Member Chinky Perez- Tababa has the comfortable edge over them being the incumbent SP member, but there’s still a need for one slot for 5th District. Will it be a toss between Sison and Gandia?

 In the 6th District, SP Members Salvador Perez Jr. and Noel Bince are said to be the formidable duo to beat for the position. However, there are still speculations that are circulated in the district that former SP Member Ranjit Ramos Shahani is planning again to try his luck. This time, what political party will he join if in case Perez and Bince will be taken in by PDP-Laban Party?

 Now let’s go to some municipal mayors, and let’s start in the 5th District.

Alcala Mayor Jojo Callejo will be challenged anew by former Mayor Ryan Paolo Mencias. Remember that in the 2016 elections, Callejo and Mencias both ran under the NPC. I heard lately that Callejo has already joined the PDP-Laban Party. Mencias is still with the NPC.

 Incumbent officials in Sto. Tomas are still “untouchables”. Mayor Dick Villar, with the help of former Secretary Bebot Villar, could muster a slate that will have no oppositions.

In Villasis, many residents are speculating that Vice Mayor Jesus Franco “Butch” Sison Jr. will be pitting against incumbent Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica. Sison has joined a new political party, I was told, that is aligned with President Duterte’s daughter Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte. Abrenica has not yet opened up  on whether he will still be with the NPC or leap to the Espinos’ PDP-Laban Party.

Who will succeed Urdaneta City Mayor Bobom Perez who’s on his last term? Rumors in the city are spreading like a wildfire that Councilor Tet Perez-Naguiat, the sister of Bobom, will run for the mayorship. It is also said that she will be challenged by incumbent Vice Mayor Julio Parayno III, who to these days is believed to be the strongest successor of Bobom. Can the Perezes’ magic still work in 2019? Former 5th District Rep. and Mayor Amadeo R. Perez Jr. is getting old and he might no longer withstand the rigors of political campaign.

In Binalonan, there are still no indorsement coming from the Guicos on who will succeed Mayor Monmon Guico who’s on his last term. But I heard that the old Guico is still hellbent on taking the position to be vacated by Mayor Monmon. Let’s wait for the right time of his announcement.

Mayor Silver “Boying” Alarcio Jr. of Laoac is seen to be unopposed in 2019, according to some political observers in the town. They said Alarcio has made many programs and projects that have been implanted into the memories of the Laoac residents.

Now that Pozorrubio Mayor Artemio Chan has already back to his office, who would likely run for the mayorship that he will vacate in 2019? Chan is now on his last term, and pundits said that his wife , former Mayor Emma Chan, will run for the position. She will run against the incumbent Vice Mayor Ernesto Go, who had a taste of being a mayor for nine months when Chan was suspended by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Mayor Danny Uy of Sison is said to be still the strongest candidate should he seek re-election as mayor. Sison leaders who are close to him said Mayor Uy has shown his incomparable leadership in the town, and should there be any political challenger it will be a hara-kiri for that person. Rumors are circulating that a certain Gutierrez who is close to a powerful politician in Pangasinan will run against Mayor Uy in 2019 mid-year elections.

That we will have to find out in the next four months.

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