ORTIGOZA: Kap lost poll despite P1M for vote buying

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Barangay Nabayaran is one of the huge villages in Northern Luzon. The Punong Barangay Philip Dipaawat  during his term in 2010 to 2013 received a monthly pay of P24,000 while his seven council members and the ex-officio Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman got P8,000.00 each.


“Pinaka malaki na iyan na pasueldo sa barangay officials kahit thankless jobs ang designacion namin”.

 He stressed that even during the wee hours, indigents still knocked on his door to ask for financial assistance.

“Even media men dropped by at my office. They were happy because every time they left, my secretary saw to it that they received P300 bills in an envelope”.

He asked that reporters could drop by at the makeshift restaurant near the barangay hall and nourish themselves with a free meal before they go to his office.

“Pagkain na, may sobre pa, may inum pa!” he quipped. 

During that time,  the average customary dole out of a congressman, city mayor, and other first class town mayor to media man was P2000, P1000, and P500,  every time he or she visited the offices of these public servants.

The P300 was quite hefty since it came from a barangay chairman whose illegal number game jueteng’s payola was minuscule compared to those received by the governor, board members, mayor, vice mayor, police provincial, city, and municipal chiefs that ran to hundreds of thousands if not countless of millions of pesos a month.

Kapitan (old title of a village chief) said he received P30, 000 only monthly from the maintainer of the illegal number game during his stint.

A media man jocularly told him that his generosity during his administration in doling out sums to people can be likened to a 5th class town mayor in Luzon.

The election in 2010-2013, he said, was the toughest in the last three village polls he participated.

Former Barangay Chairman Roberto Dimagiba made a comeback and was determined to reclaim his position through the help of the sitting mayor.

ME: How many of you aspired in that election?


ME: How much was your and your opponents’ budgets?

He said his budget was P1 million while former Kapitan Dimagiba and Ricardo Menardo have P500, 000 each.

Dipaawat said that he just emulated his strategies in 2007-2010 poll to buy votes when he and Restituto Sagupa Dimagiba,  the son of Dimagiba, tangled.

In that 2007 exercise Dipaawat resorted to giving P200 to his 120 leaders who identified his sympathizers, supporters, and voters and leaders who were with the rivals.

Some days before the casting of votes, Dipaawat narrated, his leaders were roving the village’s sitios and households where they gave grocery bag filled with  of a kilo of rice, two packs of noodles, a can of sardine, and pamphlets on which his ticket and those of the ticket of the Samahang Kabataan’s candidates he endorsed were printed.

But he had a nerve wracking experience before he and his leaders could start buying votes at P250 per voter.

He did not reach the third wave when his almost P1 million campaign kitty would be used to buy votes because of the incident that happened to him and his supporters the night before the casting of votes.

 He cited the police had destroyed his will to fund the third wave.

The reason for his demoralization: The mayor coached the former chairman to bribe the driver of the incumbent Kapitan to drive his pick-up car in the wee hour.

“The mayor was a shrewd politician as based on his personal experiences. In the past election he was behind in popularity when he challenged the incumbent mayor. He explained that because of machination and drama the challenger created and immediately snapped and played by the media the sitting mayor lost his reelection.

“During the start of the (barangay) election, the mayor pledge to his supporters that all the villages that supported his pet-peeve vice mayor would lost in the poll,” Dipaawat cited.

“Kap, pagasulinahan natin ito mamaya. Problema pa natin iyan baka maubusan tayo ng gasolina pag umikot tayo,” his driver, who was in cahoots with Dimagiba, told him.

He said another two of his unwitting aides accompanied the corrupt driver.

After the clock hit midnight, the car was cruising towards the gasoline station in the village but was immediately flagged down by policemen manning a newly installed check point.

The trio was ordered to disembark and frisk while their vehicle was searched and was found to have rifles without license.

 At 2 o’clock in the following early morning he and his lawyer were at the police station arguing with the chief of police that the guns were “planted” where the police could not even produce the guns.

But it was not the concern for the moment of the police and probably the mayor and his rival. What was in their mind was the hype the apprehension of his men and seizing of their set up rifles could bring as a huge news in that day’s prime time television and radio.

What aggravated the destruction of his integrity and the plunged of his popularity before the voters who go to the precincts to exercise their rights of suffrage on that day was the series of pronouncements of the Election Officer of the Commission on Election to the media that he was already damaged and would be subjected to criminal charges and jail time even if he wins the election.

“Masakit. Ang Election Officer interviewed at the behest of the mayor. He said mabigat itong kaso ni Kapitan kahit na manalo siya, paulit ulit pang sinabi iyon, hindi rin siya makakatapos dahil pa file din siya ng kaso,” he recalled.

He lost 500 votes among the 8,000 voters of the village to the comebacking kapitan, thanks to the astute interference of the mayor.

Dipaawat has an advice to incumbent candidates and those challengers who have all the resources to defeat their opponents:

“Don’t belittle your weak opponent, he could make surprises”.

He lost in that election he blamed on Murphy’s Law.

Murphy Law is an adage or epigram that states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

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