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Hundred Islands boatmen enjoy windfall this summer

By Yolanda Sotelo

ALAMINOS CITY – For boatmen bringing tourists to the Hundred Islands National Park, the scorching high temperature provides a windfall, enabling them to earn double or triple their usual earnings.

“Summer means bigger income, but this summer is amazing as there are just too many people going to the islands,” boatman Welver Cale, 62, said.

Cale operates a small boat that can accommodate five passengers, rented for P1,400 each trip from the Lucap Wharf to the Hundred Islands. His boat is one of the more than 1,000 motorboats licensed by the city government to bring tourists to the islands.

In 2016, the city government issued a moratorium on permits for new boats as there were not enough tourists to ferry and not all boats were able to make a trip everyday, says Rose Arguella, an official of the city tourism office. (more…)

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MAGANES: Changing the political landscape in our villages

The Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections on May 14 is a test on how Filipinos have matured in their choices of their leaders.  It is also a venue to know how voters will separate the “chaffs from the grains”, whether they have been supportive to the qualified candidates and not on the same system they have been accustomed to in the past elections. We are all aware how voters are manipulated. Candidates will resort to all forms of gimmicks just to entice the support of the voters.


 We have seen in the past elections how money worked. Vote buying was so rampant. It did not only dwell on cash but also in kinds. Those same strategies will again be resorted to that include treating voters in resorts and beaches with all expenses shouldered by the candidates. I don’t know how the Commission on Election (Comelec) will curb such practices as these have been recurring during previous elections. Will Comelec push the Philippine National Police (PNP) to look into these illegal activities to ensure honest, free and fair election? (more…)

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EDITORIAL:  Saan patungo ang ‘endo?’

Sa Mayo 1, ipinagdiriwang muli ang Araw ng Mga Manggagawa sa ating bansa. Ito ay upang bigyan ng pagpupugay ang mga milyong manggagawasa kanilang naiaambag sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Maraming hinaing ang ating mga manggagawa. Kakarampot na sahod at mga benepisyo lalung-lalo na mula sa mga kapitalistang negosyante.

Hindi masyadong natutugunan ang mga hinaing ng mga manggagawa. Tila ba sila ay napagsasamantalahan ng mga malalaking kapitalista na bilyon ang kinikita. Walang tamang kaukulang kompensasyon at benepisyo ang mga manggagawa kung ikukumpara sa mga kinikita ng mga kapitalista. (more…)

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Andanar asks campus journalists to fight fake news

DAGUPAN CITY—Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar urged campus journalists here to fight fake news.

Andanar told some 80 campus journalists from different schools in this city on Thursday that the first step to do away with fake news is by ensuring that their source of information is a bonafide news organization .

“Do you know that media entity or not? Check its website and dig more information about it”, he said during the Youth for Truth Forum held at the North Central Elementary School in Bonuan Gueset here Thursday.

Andanar also asked students to verify the information they gathered from a media entity, whether it is truthful or not, before sharing the information in their social network platforms.

“You have to ask or vet the information. Ask whether it is true or not, to avoid disinformation. Only when you have verified that it is factual then you can share”, Andanar said.

He also encouraged them to share this learning, on identifying and preventing fake news from spreading, to their classmates back in their respective schools.

Andanar explained to the students the ill effects of disinformation to the democracy of the country.

He cited, as example, a possible scenario on the upcoming barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections.

“For example, a candidate in SK, who is qualified for the position, falls victim of disinformation, wherein false accusations against her have spread immediately in the social media resulting in her defeat in the polls over an unqualified candidate. The fact that she lose weakens the electoral process because of disinformation,” Andanar said.

He then emboldened the youth to join the government’s advocacy against disinformation.

“Hence, all of us, not only the adults but also you, young people should join us in the fight to eliminate, win against disinformation”, Andanar said.

Andanar has been assisted by Mayor Belen Fernandez during the event, which coincided with a basketball shoot fest at the North Central Elementary School Thursday afternoon. (PNA)


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ORTIGOZA: How P5M  transformed an SK President into a BM

Now that the Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth) Election is included in the May 14 Barangay Sangguniang Kabataan Election (BSKE), does it mean that the poll should be insulated from the maneuvering of the moneyed politicians and the parents of these candidates who compete for the presidency and membership in the  Pederasyon ng  Sangguniang Kabataan or Council?


For the uninitiated, a winning SK President can become an ex-officio councilor of a town or a non-component city and become an ex-officio Board Member of the province.

The position as lawmaker commands the same respect, emoluments, and pork barrel distribution from the power- that- be in the province.

The parents and politicians zealously bankroll and see their bets win so they can either become a councilor or a board member and “flaunt” the “Honorable” title appended before their names.


Here’s how monies played a role for the victory of these bets:

Candidate X, 16, was a relative of a successful businessman and politician. After winning the burgeoning town’s SK poll overall federation presidency, the politician wants the kin to become an ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board).

“I and my family gave P50,000 to the mayor, P50,000 to the SK town president,” he told me their strategy to buy the loyalty and vote of the town ex-officio councilor.

Why give P50,000 to the mayor, it’s  a waste of monies. The SK will vote for the provincial SK Federation President,” I posed perplexed.

The seasoned politico explained that even they bought the loyalty of the ex-officio councilor; the mayor can still influence him to vote for the other candidate.

Ang mayors ang nagbibigay ng projects sa each of the councilors. Puwede silang ma deprived pag sinuway nila si mayor,” he insinuated about the S.O.P or cut from the contracts given to a loyal and submissive solon that runs to hundreds if not millions of pesos just like what members of Congress get from the pork barrel given by Malacanang.

Among the eight congressional district’s province, his kin lost to four of the districts to the son of a mayor.


He answered that the congressmen, the governor, two billionaire businessmen interfere to influence the voters to vote for the mayor’s son.

But unlike the village chief in a city who sued his fellow kapitans who took his P50,000 bribe but instead voted for the candidate of a mayor for the  League of the Barangays presidency or an equivalent of a councilor in the City Council, the businessman-politico told the mayor and the parents that they have to retain the monies he gave.

“It’s yours. Our family maintains the principle that what we gave we don’t  take it back”.

He said a day before the election they “kidnapped” (a bastardized word for “billeted) at their rest house the  towns and cities’ SK Presidents where they dined and wined them until the D-Day at the polling stations.

“One of our unforgettable experiences in that race was a candidate who was asked by his shrewd father to go in another province so he can bid the highest price from me and the mayor (whose son ran for the post)”.

I asked him why he was too focused on the enterprising father.

“The match was neck-and- neck. The opponent’s family got four districts while we got four, too, we don’t have to lower our guards”.

He said the opponent’s father offered P100, 000 to the father but he would not acquiesce.

“I told the father my last offer was P200,000 and he immediately took it”.

As of the intelligent maneuvering, his kin narrowly won the election for the ex-offcio post in the SP with a lead of three votes.

A very expensive election where his family spent roughly P5 million to a position that gave only a salary of P70,000 monthly.

The politico credited the power of monies in winning the tight race.

“Without it, we lost the election!”


I could not, son of gun, agree more. It only takes a lots of monies and the bribes to vulnerable Filipinos to make election in this country not only exciting for the moneyed bets but for the effin’ voters.

To those parents who egg their children to become a councilor or a BM through the SK poll, remember: It’s not for the fainthearted. SK Polls, just like the presidency of the League of Barangays, Councilors League, and the regular elections for the council, mayorship, governorship, congressional, senatorial, and presidential need the power of wherewithal.

“Ano ang wherewithal, sir?” my errand boy Galman Torres, who is unlettered, posed.

“Ah, wherewithal, paano ba e explain iyan sa iyo. Ah, gamot iyan!  Nabibili sa drug store”.

 (You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at


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CORTEZ: Bakit niyo idinadamay ang Tumandok ng Boracay

Ang isla ng Boracay bago mag 1960s ay isang lugar na hindi pinupuntahan ng mga turista.

 May mga katutubo o Tumandok sa isla ng Boracay.


 Ang Boracay ay isla na part ng bayan ng Malay.

 Ang Boracay ay isla na part ng bayan ng Malay at probinsiya ng Aklan.

 Ang mga lugar sa Boracay ay nanatiling ethnic ang katawagan.

 Dalawa ang puedeng point of entry mula sa Caticlan, isa na diyan ang port ng Cagban at iyong isa naman ay port Tambisaan.

Ang tatlong barangay ng Manoc-manoc; Balabag; at Yapak ang bumubuo sa isla ng Boracay. (more…)

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Tree planting contributes to mitigating climate change, UN chief says

UNITED NATIONS — United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Wednesday that tree-planting contributes to mitigating climate change impact.

“The health of our planet is essential to our own health and well-being, and to our future, and trees are an essential part of it,” said the UN chief at a tree-planting ceremony on the occasion of the International Day of Forests, hosted by the Netherlands in its capacity as President of the Security Council.

“I welcome the Dutch presidency’s focus on tackling the root causes of conflict, including climate change, which has very serious implications for peace and security in all regions,” he said at the event that was held at the UN headquarters.

“Trees and forests play an essential role in mitigating the impact of climate change. Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to contribute to the health of the planet,” he added.

“Forests are the lungs of our planet, drawing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen. And trees improve our lives both on a grand scale and at the local level. Strategic planting of trees can help save the energy used for heating in winter and for air conditioning in summer, both very necessary in New York,” said the Secretary-General.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Dec. 21, 2012, which declared that March 21 of each year is to be observed as the International Day of Forests. The resolution encourages all member states to organize activities relating to all types of forests. (Xinhua)

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Bayambang gives P6M to onion farmers

DAGUPAN CITY-  Bayambang Mayor Cesar Quiambao  committed P6 million to farmers whose onion farms were devoured by army worms locally known as harabas.

But the local government is still validating which farms were destroyed, said former Councilor Levin Uy, after a dialogue with the onion farmers on April 16.

quiambao Uy

EXECUTIVES – (L-to R) Mayor Cesar Quiambao and Kasama Kita sa Barangay Foundation Director Levin Uy.

The municipal agriculture office will divide the amount equally among the affected farmers, but only those tilling three hectares and below would be given the financial help.

Municipal  Agriculture Officer Artemio Buezon said 896 hectares tilled by 1,014 farmers were destroyed by army worms, necessitating the declaration of state of calamity in the town last Month.

He said a farmer could earn up to P150,000 (net) per hectare each planting season if the harvest is crop was not affected by natural or man made calamities.

Buezon said the provincial government has given 240 bags of fertilizer to farmers of 80 hectares to help them in their next planting season.

The local government has also reported the calamity that befell Bayambang onion industry, but Buezon said he still waiting reply. YOLANDA SOTELO


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