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May 14 barangay, SK polls sealed – Villar

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – With the Congress already on their customary recess and without a Senate Bill to postpone the village polls, the May 14 election is already a done deal, a senator said.

 “Tapos na ang Senado, tapos na ang Kongreso. Wala na kami, e (inaudible). Tapos na iyong barangay election,” Senator Cynthia Villar cited the March 23, 2018 recess of the members of the Houses of Senate and Representatives where they would be returning back to the August Chambers a day before the May 14, 2018.

Women's March

WOMEN’S MARCH. Dagupan City Mayor Belen Fernandez, Senator Cynthia Villar, and Pangasinan 4th District Congressman Christopher de Venecia before the start of the Women’s March held at the Stadia in Dagupan City. Also present in the  event held last Friday were Cagayan Valley Province Board Member Perla Tumaliuan, Bataan 1st District Representative Geraldine Roman and PhilHealth Regional Vice President Atty. Rodolfo Del Rosario Jr. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA


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 Imee joins Balungao’s Goat Festival

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

BALUNGAO- Under the scorching heat of the sun, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos untiringly joined the municipal officials led by Mayor Philipp Peralta during the grand parade of the town’s “Goat Festival” on March 21.

Her presence during the parade elicited admiration from the townspeople who painstakingly waited to shake hands with the charismatic Governor.

Amid claps and cheers, the townspeople and fiesta revelers, who lined up along the parade route, shouted “Marcos Pa Rin” as Governor Marcos gamely joined them in picture taking. (more…)

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MAGANES: Critical engagement on social media

 vir maganes

Whether we like it or not, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, are new platforms of information that most netizens are using these days. The use of these social media applications are not only becoming a fad but also the channels where messages and information are swiftly conveyed. With their use, the world is becoming so small that users around the world could interact easily through messaging, photos, comments, etc.

In this time that new technologies in communication are fast emerging, social media platforms play an important role in the field of business, education, economics, sociology, science, politics and even entertainment. In a flick of a finger, new information and news could easily be accessed thereby giving us the time to digest them in our minds. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Maligayang pagtatapos sa Batch 2018

 Panahon na naman ng pagtatapos ng mga mag-aaral sa mga paaralan- kindergarten, elementarya, senior high school, at kolehiyo. Pagtatapos na tigib ng kaligayahan sa mga mag-aaral lalo na sa mga magulang at mga guro. Subalit, kaakibat ng kaligayahan ay ang pagsisimula ng bagong hamon sa pagtahak sa landas ng buhay.

Sa Batch 2018 ay una nating masilayan ang mga unang magtatapos sa Senior High School sa programang K to 12 ng ating pamahalaan. Nagsimula ito noong 2016 sa Grade 11 na isang bagong hakbangin sa edukasyon ng mga kabataan. Noong simulang ilunsad ito, maraming mga magulang ang hindi nakaunawa sa kahalagahan nito dahil anila panibagong gastusin at dagdag sa taon na pag-aaral ng kanilang mga anak. Maluwalhati na naidaos ng Department of Education (DepEd) ang programang ito na magbibigay ng panibagong bukas sa mga kaunaunahang magtatapos sa Senior High School. (more…)

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So gives funds to 3 Villasis schools

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 VILLASIS- Three schools here were awarded with scholarship funds amounting to P504,784  by businessman-philanthropist Rosendo So, chair of the Abono Partylist group.

The awarding was held at the Tombod Integrated School last March 21.

The beneficiaries are Bacag West Elementary School (P100,335), Lapaz Elementary School (P94,089.00) with its Day Care (P35,360.00), and Tombod Integrated School (P275,000.00).

The scholarship funds, So said, are to defray the contributions of the school pupils and students such as anti-TB, Boy and Girl Scout fees, etc., and for payment of bills of the schools’ electricity.

During the occasion, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, as a special guest, was welcomed by Vice Mayor Jesus Franco A. Sison Jr., former Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica who represented Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, Councilor Centenielo Ramon R. Costales, Tombod Barangay Council led by Punong Barangay Mamerto O. Bulatao Jr., Lapaz Barangay Council led by Punong Barangay Susan Ogana, Zone I Poblacion Barangay Council led by Punong Barangay Alex Sison, Villasis District II Division Supervisor Belen Bautista and the teaching staff of the school-beneficiaries. (more…)

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Dagupan gears for happiest Bangus Festival

DAGUPAN CITY – The month-long 2018 Dagupan Bangus Festival is all set beginning this April with Councilor Marcelino D.S. Fernandez as this year’s executive chairman.

This year’s festival,  dubbed as “The Happiest Fish Fest for You and Your Family!”, will be filled with lots of fun and sports activities that will involve  the family,  which include the main events,  the Bangusan Kalutan ed Dalan Street Party, Bangus Rodeo, Gilon-gilon Ed Baley, Festivals of the North, and Bangusine.


Bangus (Milk Fish) street party in Dagupan City, Philippines. PHOTO CREDIT: Philippines Primer

The festival will have its soft opening on March 23 when the city will hold a Women’s March at the De Venecia Road, ending up at the bridge where a short program will be held preparatory to the ceremonial lighting of the Pantal Bridge.

“Fun,fun,fun ed Tondaligan” on April 1-5 will formally open the activities where an open fly kite competition and “Galaw na Ogogaw”  are among the  activities lined up at  Tondaligan Blue Beach. (more…)

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Duterte should shoot those corrupt NFA officials


Do you know that a poor Filipino nuclear family of seven, yes seven because the poor here ironically breeds like rabbit, as based on my conversation with some destitute people, content themselves with a kilo of rice that they mixed with patis (salted fish sauce) or bagoong (anchovies), HesusMariaHusef, to survive the daily grind?

Because of abject poverty many of them forget what viand is. Their grown up children could not even spell V-I-A-N-D because malnutrition sapped their intellectual ability.

When then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte stumped the provinces and cities, the great unwashed saw the light of hope at the other end of the tunnel when the firebrand candidate promised a P15 kilos of rice to the poor ( June 17, 2016).

When Duterte failed to make true his promise, the poor put their trust on the P27 a kilo of the staple courtesy of stocks from the government- run National Food Authority.

But that price is still a pipe dream son of a gun! 

Despite the bumper harvest from the farmers and the available funds from the National Food Authority to buy a kilo of palay at P17, the P27 a kilo of rice in the market is still elusive, thanks but no thanks to the miscreants at the NFA who conspired with the wheeler dealing traders by mixing the cheap staple and sell it from P37 to P45 a kilo.

 The impoverished who tremble with starvation in the corner could not comprehend what hit them.

What they know, the prices of bagoong and patis are unscathed by the manipulation. But they could not eat alone one of these condiments.


Recently, I saw on a prime time television news members of the National Bureau of Investigation seizing three hundreds bags full of NFA rice being repacked on commercial sacks at a warehouse in General Santos City, this incident collaborated my suspicion about a conspiracy to make a fast buck between NFA officials and traders.

When I posted at Face Book my fury of this shenanigan, some friends messages me on my inbox and provided me with information.

One of my sources told me that rice traders in Pangasinan bought a 25 kilogram of the staple in a sack for P750 in an NFA warehouse. A trader sells the same bag with rice at P900 to P950.

So I mentally computed that if the NFA bought that kilo of palay at P17 from the farmer and sell it for P22 so the government coffer recoup its expenses and earn a little, what easy bucks for these corrupt officials selling it at P30 and pocketing P8 a kilo. And we are not talking here about 100 kilos, we are talking here about countless metric tons of kilos, Holy Casserole and Guacamole, being covertly sold all over the country that saw many NFA brass and conspiring traders, who sold a kilo between P37 to 45, filthy rich at the expense of the poor.

Where are your conscience greedy evildoers?

If Duterte crowed recently in Tarlac City that two “narcotics coddling” mayors have been murdered and he waits for the return of Iloilo City Mayor Jeb Mabilog so he can order him killed too, why not the president orders the killing through a liquidation squad of some of these NFA officials whose repugnant offenses are at par with the illegal drug peddlers.

Depriving the poor of cheap staple means, these avaricious public officials and merchants gradually kill them, too just like the narcos who gradually murder the junkies.

I’m calling mga ka-DDS Tatay Digong, send your dogs of war to hunt these scoundrels.


I asked DWIC-FM fiery radio commentator Allan Sison what happened between him and Land Transportation Office – Lingayen District Office Engineer Eric C. Suriben after I heard from some media pals their altercations at the office of the latter.

Allan told me that his sister who got married wanted to renew her LTO’s license with her new surname. When she transacted at the Land Transportation’s office at the Capital Town around 10 am, she told the personnel there that she was the sister of Allan.

The LTO guy probably informed Suriben.

Allan said he had been lambasting Suriben for the last two years because of some women being brought at the office during wee hours.

Around 9 pm of that day, the sister frantically called him, according to Allan, asking for help as she was inside the office of Suriben.

Allan asked for police assistance and joined them. The confrontation between the duo ended at the police station where both filed blotter complaint against each other.

 Allan said a case between him and the sister versus the LTO – Lingayen chief is in the offing.

As a spectator on these squabbles, I saw there was either gross negligence or grave abuse of authority on the part of Suriben. 

Why hold for hours that reached dusk the applicant for a renewal of license card that Allan said could take for ten minutes.

 Was Suriben wanted to take even with the sister through procrastination because the brother had been attacking him in his radio program?

 (You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at

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