No corruption results to elegant DepEd bldg, oroperties

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 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SAN CARLOS CITY – The aesthetic turned around of this City’s School Division Office (SDO) materialized because the superintendent declined to accept the S.O.Ps given by contractors and suppliers who transacted with the SDO.

S.O.P is Standard Operational Procedure known derisively as customary cut, says 20 percent, of the entire project given by the contractor or supplier to the government official that interceded for their materialization.

This City’s SDO Superintendent Dr. Sheila Marie D. Primicias cited the following reasons why guests and spectators who dropped by at her office have been awed on the spruce up features of the huge edifice:

A large P270,000 closed circuit television (CCTV) monitor with routers that are  linked to the nook and cranny of the peripheries of the division office,  a powerful 500 megabits per second (MBTS) wifi connection comparable to some call centers where teaching from other schools in this city will be connected to another government learning institution, huge arrays breathtaking laminated portraits of national heroes and brass of the SDO at the first floor and ranges of attractive carefully crafted cartoon  overlays of herself and her predecessors at the lobby of the second floor, clean and well maintained comfort rooms, new copiers and printers,  hand held radios for the guards and some staff, and others.

These refreshing sights from the once topsy turvy and messy office building and its peripheries happened because of the spike of funds she juggled for the improvement and beautification of the division office that houses roughly 120 personnel.

Sabihin nating donation S.O.P ko. Imbis nasa contract pagawa ninyo bigay ninyo iyan, hindi ako tatangap,” Primicias, who served here for only eight months, stressed.

Dr. Primicias is known to be a connoisseur of good taste where she was reputed to renovate and embellish the offices that she served by allotting the limited funds allocated to that offices.

One example was when she was appointed as OIC Superintendent of Pangasinan-1 that oversees 10,000 to 12,000 teachers now. She left a legacy there where the office of the SDO and the façade of the main building have been significantly renovated.

Primicias cited, as quoted by the Division’s newsmagazine A Report, that the Wellness Program, that includes the Zumba and the Medical and Dental Services, are good outlets to alleviate the negative impacts of stress for her workers. She agreed that the program awakens concerned individuals to a reality that negativities only drag a person down to abysmal grief, uncertainty, and unconformity.

The use of the Globodocs under her watch have been a specialized technology used in filing documents, and this is highly applicable in the Division in order to have a systematics way of filing records and documents.

Primicias said that Pangasinan Governor Amado “Pogi” Espino, III granted a two storey training center at the School Division Office (SDO) here. She cited that the edifice will serve as the main hub of the Division when it comes to human resources development.

The SDO received too a donations from Engineer Marcelo M. Casillang, Jr that composed of facilities at the Central II Don Federico Mandapat Sports Dome, Central II Library, Central 1 Amphitheater, and the Central I swimming pool.

Pag nakita mo sana  ang pool bigay ng philanthropist si Engineer Marcelo Casilang. Noong nakita niya iyong passion ko dinonate na niya. Ginastosan niya ang pool P6 million. Olymphic size diyan sila nag R1AA,” Primicias emphatically told Northern Watch Newspaper.

She brought the officers and staff of the Division for an education tours in the Presidential Palace and Congress in Manila.

 “In spite of the busy schedule of President Rodrigo Duterte, he made sure that the team for San Carlos gets the best accommodation there is,” The A Report Magazine cited.

It stressed that Director Emmanuel E. Daez, the Director of Assets and Management of the Office of the President, Piluchi Ogabar of the Presidential Management Office, and Commodore Julito “Joy” Casilan welcomed the SDO of San Carlos with open arms bringing to them the felicitations of the president of the country.

With cameras to document the tour, they scoured the Palace specifically the Presidential Museum and Library, the Heroes Hall where President Rodrigo Duterte works, and the Office of Executive Secretary.

At the House of Representatives, the plenary session of the August Chamber momentarily paused just to acknowledge and welcome the officials of the SDO of this City. Primicias said that it was an honor for her staff to interact with Pangasinan 3rd District Congresswoman Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas, Pangasinan 2nd District Congresswoman Leopoldo Bataoil, Abono Party List Congressman Conrado Estrella III, and Pangasinan 6th District Congresswoman Marlyn Primicias Agabas.

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