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  Chief Supt.Romulo Sapitula(middle), Police Regional Office 1(PRO1) director, talks as he visits PO1 Mary Ann Lomibao of the Mangaldan PNP at the Nazareth General Hospital in Dagupan City last December 28 as the latter met an accident while responding to a police call. Lomibao and SPO4 Angelito Jimenez were brought to the hospital for treatment.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Duterte’s hate for crackers reason for decline of injuries – Mejia

By Mortz C. Ortigoza 

DAGUPAN CITY – The reason for the plunging of  the number of injuries from firecrackers explosion this year was credited to President Rodrigo Duterte’s dislike of pyrotechnics.

Region-1 Medical Center Director Joseph Roland Mejia said many Filipinos are heeding the call of President Duterte against firecrackers, a program he started when he was Davao City mayor.

In the middle of this year, Duterte ordered the regulation of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devises through Executive Order No. 28.

Mejia said  records from  December 21, 2016 to January 5, 2017 showed there were 38 firecracker injuries treated by R-1MC, less than the cases compared to the same days in the past 19 years

Dr. Noel Manaois, a senior surgeon at R1MC, said the other reason for the decline in the firecrackers’ injuries  was the strict implementation of their sale by this City’s local government unit under Mayor Belen T. Fernandez and the police. (more…)

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DPWH exec cites ‘legacies’ in office

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The elevation and transformation to modernity of the AB Fernandez Avenue in this city is one of his legacies to the people here and at the Department of Public Works & Highway, a District Engineer (DE) cited.

Boy Dion with JDV

RETIRED – Retiring   Department of Public Works & Highway’s District Engineer Rodolfo “Boy” Dion (left) of the 2nd Pangasinan Engineering District poses with former Five-Time House Speaker Jose de Venecia during the later’s 81st birthday held in Manila recently.

DE Rodolfo “Boy” Dion, who supervised two congressional districts in Pangasinan, said without the transformation of the AB Fernandez Highway from its previous asphalt condition, it would now have been in a state of disrepair.

“Siyempre existing asphalt iyan kung hindi na improve iyan panahon ngayon nasira na,” Dion, who is retiring on December 31, said.

Dion supervises the Second and Fourth Congressional Districts from his office in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

The two districts are represented by Congressmen Leopoldo Bataoil and Christopher de Venecia, respectively. (more…)

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EDITORIAL:  Iwas paputok ngayong bagong taong 2018

 Hindi maiiwasan ang paggamit ng mga ibat-ibang klase ng paputok upang salubungin ang pagpasok ng bagong taon. Ayon sa nakagisnang kultura, ang ingay na dulot ng mga paputok ay nagtataboy raw ng mga masamang espiritu at nag-aanyaya ng panibagong suwerte sa buhay. Ang mas malakas at nakatutulig na mga ingay sa pagpapaputok, ayon sa mga nakakatanda, ay mas maraming suwerte ang papasok sa buhay.

 Sa paglipas ng mga taon, nag-iiba ang mga klase ng paputok. Ang mga simpleng rebentador o ang tradisyonal na “trayangulo” ay napalitan ng mga mas mataas na uri ng mga paputok. Nandiyan yong mga malalaking rebentador gaya ng ” sinturon ni Hudas”, “goodbye Philippines”, “whistle bomb”, “torpedo”, ” baby rocket”, atbp. Ang mga ito ay ginawa ng mga malikhaing kaisipan dahil kaakibat nito ay negosyo at pagkamkam ng salapi sa pansariling interes. Ang paggawa ng mga paputok mula sa “gun powder” ay malawakang negosyo, hindi lang sa ating bansa kundi sa buong mundo.

 Sa mga nagdaang taon, ang paggamit ng mga malalakas na uri ng mga paputok ay nagbuwis ng maraming buhay at nagdulot ng panghabang na kapansanan sa iba- naputulan ng daliri sa kamay, braso, paa o di kaya ay nabulag. Bago pa man papasok ang bagong taon, ang mga ospital ay puno na ng mga pasyente na dulot ng mga iresponsableng paggamit ng paputok. (more…)

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MAGANES: Hoping for a better year in 2018

virThe evening of December 31 is always worth looking forward to. We start the countdown at 11:50 before midnight, watching the seconds tick on our time pieces. At 12:00 midnight, the revelry of welcoming the New Year is full of life and fun. The sounds of firecrackers reverberate in the air coupled with fireworks displays that look like kaleidoscope in the sky.

Welcoming 2018 is akin to those in previous years. There’s the “media noche” where families get together and partake of sumptuous food. There are exchanging of stories- good and bad. Bonding among family members is a common scene. Noises are heard all over in the neighborhood- sounds from “torotot”, clattering of utensils, empty cans dragged by motorcycle-riding teenagers, banging of doors, etc. All we heard are sounds to drive away evil spirits and to welcome good vibes for the incoming year.

Two days after writing this article, the year 2017 would have  ended. It was a year full of events. There were events that are pleasant to recall that we want them to linger on for long. There are events  that we wanted to be part of our memories. And, others we want to forget for life.

As 2018 ushers in, we think of a better tomorrow. We always expect new horizons in our lives. We always hope that at the onset of each New Year, the best in our lives, families and communities will come. The arrival of the new year is also a chance to do better, to revisit and address the failures of the previous year. We write resolutions and wishes.

I have my resolutions and wishes too for the year 2018:

First, I wish to quit my smoking habit especially now that my favorite brand “Philip Morris” is now pegged  at P100 per pack. Since I usually consume two packs a day, that will be P200 or P6,000 a month. I am now realizing the hefty cost of smoking, which apparently is cash  just thrown into the air. That will be P72,000 a year to save for personal and family needs. Besides the cost of smoking, I am also bent to be in good health and shape. I am now getting older and like many adults, there are already health issues that I feel. (more…)

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RIMC prepares for victims of firecrackers, stroke, gunshot wounds

DAGUPAN CITY – Aside from victims of firecracker blasts during the New Year celebration, the Region I Medical Center is prepared to admit patients who suffer from stroke and hypertension, are victims of bullet wounds from indiscriminate firing, and those who figured in vehicular accidents.


IWAS PAPUTOK. Dr. Roland Joseph Mejia (far right), hospital chief of the Region I Medical Center based in Dagupan City,  attribute the big decline in the number  of  firecracker victims in 2016 to President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign on ‘iwas-paputok’. This year, Mejia predicts a 60%-70% decline in casualties compared to last year’s data. (photos by rolanaoe/PIA-1, Pangasinan)

But Ronald Mejia, chief of the Region I Medical Center, said he hoped there would be less firecracker victims this year because of President Duterte’s stern warning against the sale and use of illegal firecrackers.

He also said that contrary to beliefs, eating lechon (roasted pig) and other fatty foods during the New Year’s revelry  causes hypertension or stroke at that time or immediately after the meals.

 But it could cause bangungot (acute pancreatitis) if one sleeps as soon as after eating.

He explained that what causes stroke or hypertension are the fatty foods that have accumulated  for about six months and which cause blockade in the arteries.

However, some people suffer from hypertension or stroke after eating plenty of fatty foods during holidays “because of stress, or because they are stressing over how much they have eaten.”

Revelers may have to worry more about sleeping right after a heavy meal as it could lead to bangungot, advising that they should wait for four hours before hitting the sack if they ate non-fatty foods and 5-6 hours when they partake of fatty foods.

To lessen the “waiting time” by an hour, they could drink tea or coffee, he said during a press conference on Friday about the RIMC’s preparations on emergencies during the New Year celebration.

Mejia said the hospital is also preparing for emergencies involving vehicular accidents, 90 percent of which involved motorcycles and drunk drivers.

A graph to reporters  showed that for the last 19 years or from 1998 to 2016, the number of blast victims was highest in 2006 (109 victims)  and lowest in 2016 (38). It was in the year 2015 however, when there was the most number of blast burn or amputation (15 victims), followed by year 2013 (13) and 1999 and 1998 (12 each).

“We always hope for zero casualty each year, but we always prepare and declare Code White from December 1 to January 6.  (Code White is declared when there are 50 or less patients, Code Blue when there are 50 or more and Code Red when there are 100 or more.)

The hospital treats for free the passive victims of firecrackers but bills those who are active victims. Passive victims are those who did not lit the pyrotechnics themselves while active victims are those who lit the firecrackers.

“This is because if they have the money to buy firecrackers,  they have the money to pay for their medical expenses,”he said. YOLANDA SOTELO


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Pogo cancels pyrotechnics show on January 1, Malued stages fountain show


 By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – There will be no strung pyrotechnics above the street of Pogo Grande at noon of January 1 this year, as the village’s annual tradition has been cancelled by the village officials.

Yearly for the past 17 years or so, the villagers stringed thousands of “triangles” and oversized ones at the end of each rope, creating ear-splitting noise that can be heard kilometers away.

But  Jose Jesus Ramos, former village chief and one of the leaders of the activity,  said the village officials cancelled the activity as they need to get permits. They also need to know the allowable sizes of firecrackers, and the length of the Judas belt (stringed firecrackers) which they can use.

 “But it is too late to get permits so we cancelled the activity,” he said.

He said last year, the tradition was “scaled down” to short strings of only a hundred or so firecrackers.

Neighboring barangay Malued, which in the past years also exploded oversized firecrackers in the middle of the street crisscrossing the barangay on January 1, also abandoned the “tradition.”

“Binawalan kami ng police,” village chair Filipina delos Reyes said.

Instead, the village would put up a fountain show along the street on the last minutes of 2017 and the first minutes of 2018.

The show would be staged at the  2.5 kilometer stretch of road that crisscrosses the barangay, delos Reyes said.

She said 650 fountains will be placed one meter apart and lighting would start in the middle of the lined fountains, with the expected burst of colors dancing towards both directions until they reach both ends.

Delos Reyes said the fountains were sourced locally and were manufactured to specifications.

The fountains are interconnected in such a way that when a fountain starts to flicker down, the next one will be kindled, she said.

This is the second year that Malued will put up the fountain show, but this year,  there will be another attraction – fire dancing by a group invited by the village officials.

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Ombudsman sides with Malasiqui principal

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MALASIQUI – The legal squabble at the national high school here between the principal and her male teacher has been stopped by the Ombudsman when it exonerated the principal.

In a nine- page resolution dated November 7, 2017, Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon Gerard A. Mosquera dismissed the Anti-Graft & Corrupt Practices Acts  (Republic Act No. 3019) and administrative cases filed by Vladimir Y. Laxamana against Principal IV Olive Paragas Terrado for lack of probable cause and substantial evidence.

Image may contain: 1 person

VINDICATED: Malasiqui National High School Principal IV Olive Paragas Terrado is all smiles after the Ombudsman exonerated her on the criminal and administrative complaints filed at the Anti-Graft Body by her subordinate at the MNHS. Her receipt of the decision coincided with her birthday.

The legal complaint was filed by Laxamana filed on March 17, 2017 a complaint at the Ombudsman for Luzon in Metro Manila against Terrado.

Laxamana charged Terrado of misusing the funds of the school’s two canteens that started when she assumed her post in May 2014. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Why snipers are glamorized?


Can you still remember that famous and courageous soldier who took off his Kevlar helmet and bullet vest as quid pro quo to ISIS rebels in Marawi City so he could save a four years old girl  and other Christian hostages from the ISIS rebels in Marawi City in exchange of containers of water, soft drinks, and biscuits?

Yap, he is Army Captain Jeffrey Buada, commander of the 15th Scout Ranger Company.

After he was feted recently by his hometown Mangaldan in Pangasinan for his conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in Marawi, I asked Buada, a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, about those incidents while we consumed our snacks courtesy of Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno and the town police chief  Police Superintendent Jeff Fanged.

 Buada’s wife told me that the spouse is a sniper, too.

Indeed he was as I saw earlier on his shoulder badge a sniper’s logo embroidered with a glaring red word “Sniper”.

Marksmen like Buada played a major role in the urban warfare in the Philippines where the State Security just won in a protracted Pyrrhic victory against the international terrorist Islamic groups and their associates’ Maute Muslim rebels in the now scorched to that ground Southern Philippines’ city.

What price glory when the entire city was not only obliterated but turned into smithereens? JesusMariaHusef! 

When Lieutenant Colonel Fanged, an alumnus of the Philippine National Police Academy,  posed what Buada was thinking when he was saving each of the hostages unarmed while enemy snipers lurking around ready to shoot him.

“Siguro magda –dive din ako doon sa (inaudible). Parang tinitingnan ko na rin medyo tumaas na rin ang confidence ko alam ko marami naka secure and nakabantay sa amin. Pag may nangyari  sa amin sigurado ako may makapag react ng mabilis. Naka focus sila sa pag secure sa amin (I’ll duck for cover. I have self-confidence because I know my comrade in arms were watching. In case something happened to me and my companion I know they were there to fire at the enemies. They were focus on our security),” Buada said. (more…)

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Pangasinense to head BIR regional office

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – The regional of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Calasiao will soon be headed by a Pangasinense from Dasol town.

 According to a source, who asked anonymity, BIR Makati City’s Assistant Regional Director Clavelina S. Nacar will assume the post of outgoing Region-1 Director TeresitaM. Dizon in January 8 next year after the latter was promoted to Assistant Commissioner of the tax agency.

 Nacar, the wife of former Dasol Mayor Noel Nacar, used to be the Revenue District Office -5 Chief of Western Pangasinan based in Alaminos City.

“She then became RDO chief in Metro Manila, Assistant Regional Director in Region 9 San Pablo City and Assistant Regional Director of Makati City,”
 the source disclosed. (more…)

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