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NUJP conducts basic safety security training

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 ANGELES CITY- Twenty one media practitioners from Metro Manila, Central and Northern Luzon attended the “Basic Media Security Training” conducted by the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) at the Imerex Hotel here from October 14 to 15.

 The training was aimed at “promoting the UN Plan of Action  for safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity through documenting and promoting best practices.”

 During the two-day training, various topics were discussed.

Toby Woodbridge, a British and a former military member who fought in Afghanistan war, discussed how to cover conflict areas.

 He presented to the participants on how to identify risk areas and threats during pre-deployment and on protecting oneself during the news coverage.

 Woodbridge also demonstrated the various techniques on media safety and presented and discussed the contents of a medical kit.

 NUJP’s Chair on Media Security Johanna Ballaran, also a news reporter of Philippine Daily Inquirer, lectured  on “digital security”.

 She said media practitioners should keep themselves safe not just online, but while using computers, personal computers and smartphones.

 She also said media practitioners these days are susceptible to surveillance and this happens not just online, but also offline. (more…)

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Sinag marks 4th anniversary

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 The Samahan ng Industriya ng Agrikultura (Sinag), an umbrella organization of 32 agricultural stakeholders in the country, is now on its fourth year of advancing the rights of marginal farmers.

sinag group

SINAG POWER The officers and members of the Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (Sinag) pose for a group photo during the Sinag’s 4th Anniversary at the Oriental Seafood Restaurant, Tomas Morato St., Quezon City last October 16. (Screengrab photo).

The group  celebrated its 4th anniversary at the Oriental Palace Seafood Restaurant, Tomas Morato St., Quezon City on October 16.

With the theme, “Arugain…Palakasin…Tangkilikin ang Agrikulturang Pilipino!”, the celebration was led by its Chairman Rosendo O. So who expressed his thanks to the 32 member-organizations for their assistance and continuing support in pursuing the causes and advocacies of Sinag.

“ We are now on our fourth year and many more years to look forward to. Sinag was able to accomplish many notable activities ranging from fighting illegal smuggling of pork and chicken meats, rice, onions, garlics and other agricultural products. You were with me from the beginning on these fights only for us to help our impoverished farmers. They are the ones why Sinag has been existing through these years,” So said. (more…)

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MAGANES: The memories of celebrating ‘All Saints Day’

virI was born and grew up in a rustic rural place in the town of Villasis – a village between Barangay San Blas and Poblacion Zone I. It is where the two cemeteries of the town are located. Our house is just about 50 meters near the cemetery. As I was growing up, I was able to witness the various traditions and superstitious beliefs related to the celebration of All Saints’ Day, the Ilocano way.

 The place before was not the same as it is now. Years back, trees and shrubs abound that  surrounded the Catholic and municipal cemeteries. The Catholic cemetery was then enclosed with about one and a half meter of brick wall. Together with my young “dabarkads” in those days, we used to climb the brick wall and walked above it, leaping on top of some concrete tombs. Concrete tombs were scarce at that time as most dead were buried six feet under the ground. That was maybe due to financial constraints as only the wealthy families had the means to construct the concrete ones.

 Five days before November 1, my teenaged friends and I used to contract the services of cleaning and painting the tombs of some affluent families. Since I was adept in lettering, I was assigned to scribble the names, birth dates and dates of the deaths of the departed. It had to be simple then, as most of our clients do not like artsy letterings. We made money out of those contracts and we  did it annually until I went to Manila to pursue my college education. (more…)

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EDITORIAL :  Apat na taon na ang Sinag

 Kamakailan lang, nagdaos ng ika-apat na anibersaryo ang Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (Sinag) sa pamumuno ni Chairman Rosendo O. So at mga ibat-ibang organisasyon na sumusulong sa pag-unlad ng agrikultura sa bansa.

Nagsimula ang Sinag noong Oktubre 15, 2013 at sinakop na nito ang Swine Development Council (SDC). Ang SDC ang nagpasimuno sa paglaban ng ismagling ng mga karne ng baboy at manok, at bigas noon pang 2010. Sa pag-usad ng mga taon, hindi na lang karne ng mga baboy at manok, at bigas ang talamak na iniismagel sa bansa kundi pati na rin ang mga ibang produkto ng agrikultura gaya ng sibuyas, bawang, karot, atbp.

Dahil dito, napagkaisahan ng mga “stakeholders” na bumuo ng isang organisasyon na magsusulong ng iisang adhikain upang masugpo ang mga ismagling, “over importation at under declaration” ng mga produktong agrikultura at upang matulungan ang mga maliliit na magsasaka at mangingisda sa bansa. Kinilala ng pamahalaan ang Sinag. Sa kanyang paglaban sa ismagling, maraming ilegal na importers ng mga produktong agrikultura ang nasawata.Nagkaroon din ng mga pandinig sa Senado tungkol dito at natukoy ang mga negosyante at mga korporasyon  na nangunguna sa mga ilegal na gawain. Nabalasa rin sa panahon ni Pangulong PNoy ang liderato ng Bureau of Customs (BoC). (more…)

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Zaplan mulls to challenge Arenas in 2019


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SANTA BARBARA – The mayor of this first class town is ambivalent if he will heed the advice of a political kingpin to challenge the reelection of the congresswoman of the third congressional district in Pangasinan.

Zaplan Arenas

DREAM FIGHT. Sta. Barbara Mayor Lito Zaplan and 
Pangasinan Third District Congresswoman Baby Arenas.

Mayor Carlito F. Zaplan said Fifth District Representative  Amado T. Espino Jr, a former governor and Pangasinan Political Kingpin, prodded him to challenge the bid of Representative Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas in 2019.
I am thinking about it because my son my Junior will be running for the mayoralty,” Zaplan, who will end his last term in 2019, said.
He said his son Carlito Zaplan Jr, a graduate of De La Salle University and a businessman, will be facing this town’s Vice Mayor Joel F. delos Santos for the top post here in the next election.
Councilor Bobby G. Barbiran who was rumored to be tangling with the younger Zaplan chose to run for reelection, according to the elder Zaplan.
Arenas and her daughter former Congresswoman Maria Rachel Arenas are the political nemesis of Espino as the duo zealously supported the 2016 gubernatorial candidacy of former Congressman Mark Cojuangco versus Espino’s son and namesake who heavily won in that election.
Political pundits see Zaplan will be giving the Arenases a tough fight with the former piggybacking on the popularity of Espino whose feat in the 2016 election was by immensely trouncing the reelection bid of Representative Ma. Carmen “Kimi” Shulze Cojuangco in the Fifth Congressional District – the bailiwick of the Cojuangcos – and defeating her husband Mark with more than 200 thousand votes.
The same pundits said that Zaplan – with Espino backing – is a superior opponent compared to the rivals the Arenases faced in their past reelection bids in the one city, five towns District. 
“I asked Congressman Espino to convince Vice Governor (Ferdinand) Calimlim to run on my stead,” he said.
Zaplan cited that Calimlim, a resident of Mapandan town, can give also the Arenases, who used to live in Makati City, a run of their monies.
 “The vice governor can run toe- to- toe with the wherewithal of the Arenases as Ferdie has lucrative business and huge inheritance from his deceased parent,” he said.
Calimlim will be ending his three straight terms for the vice governorship in 2019.
Last term Pangasinan Second District Congressman Leopoldo Bataoil is seen as his replacement for the vice governorship under the tandem of reelection governor Amado Espino III.
Zaplan, who is building his P60 million state- of- the- art palatial mansion, is one of the moneyed persons in the District with his mammoth construction company backed up by hundreds of trucks and construction equipment.
Zaplan ventured in politics in 1992 by winning the vice mayoralty here and won the mayoralty in 1995 and bowed out from office in 2004.
His wife Jinky, the present president of the Barangay League and Ex-Oficio member of the Provincial Board, succeeded him for the chief executive post. Zaplan ran for the mayoralty in the 2007 mayoralty poll but lost to former police general Rey Velasco.
He defeated Velasco in the 2010 and 2013 mayoralty polls and defeated Vice Mayor Juan Emmanuel T. Cabangon, Velasco’s brother-in-law, in the 2016 mayorship election.


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ORTIGOZA:   Tenderfoot mayor hides from media interview

mortz-nw-colored3When I dropped by at a major newsstand in the city, its owner told me that he was a newspaper boy before he ventured into selling dailies.

When our conversation went to the number of newspapers, tabloids, and community papers he sold, he deplored the lethargic sale.

Iyong ibang provincial newspapers wala na ngang bumili,” he quipped.

He said that he could only sell ten copies of the major community newspaper in a week and the number of copies of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, and Manila Bulletin declined tremendously in weekly basis compared to what he told me months ago.

He cited early this year that he could only sell only 15 copies a day of major broadsheet Philippine Daily Inquirer   while its rivals Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin averagely sell eight and four copies a day, respectively.

He said that the number one community news in the city sells only 20 copies a week in his stand.

I told him that newspaper business is dying what with the digital gadgets like cellphones where anybody can read and watch news from the intellectual dailies like New York Times to the prurient content and ordinary Joes serving Filipino headline screaming tabloids.

I read years ago that in Australia and European countries newspapers are passé’ because people browsed the de rigueur and convenient mobile phones and laptops.

 “Yap, because mobile phones are cheap. One could buy those Filipino made with touch screens like Cherry Mobile and My Phone and their cheap Chinese counterparts for a song. Cellular phones are obviously much cheaper than laptops,” my son Jigger told me once.

If hard copies newspapers are bound to extinction while online news is gaining prominence in the digital war, here’s a member of Congress.

When I showed to Pangasinan Congressman Pol Bataoil, whom I had breakfast at the Army Golf Club in Taguig City, the immediate and positive comments of readers of my news “Bataoil watches closely P1B highway project for Lingayen at P’NAN News, a major blog with tens of thousands readers, as seen on my mobile phone, the solon told me that it was good as it saved the cutting of paper trees.


Before the 2016 local election I supported the advocacy of this battle-scarred mayor. In that poll, the mayor lost to a young tenderfoot mayor. (more…)

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