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First District gets P2B this year

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 BOLINAO – The First Congressional District got  roughly P2 billion for infrastructure and other projects because the area is huge compared to other districts in the Pangasinan province.

Cong Boying Celeste profile

Pangasinan First District Representative  Jesus Celeste

 Pangasinan First District Congressman Jesus “Boying” Celeste said for this year, the district has received P1.4 billion regular allocation from the national budget, and P600 million appropriations to his district from the Departments of Education, Tourism, and others.

 “Our area is bigger here that’s why we have a bigger budget,” he said when asked why another congressional district in Pangasinan has only P700 million allocation as regular budget this year. (more…)

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Sual officials bat for one more power plant

SUAL – Officials here led by Mayor Roberto Arcinue believe that  establishing more power plants is the most effective way of providing cheaper electricity and preventing another power crisis as what happened in the past.

They made the observation after noting that another multi-national company is planning to put up a 1,000-megawatt coal-fired power plant here.

This town already hosts Team Energy’s 1,200-MW Sual power station, the country’s biggest coal-fired power plant, located in Barangay Pangascasan and which began operating in 1999. (more…)

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My father poises to throw grenades at the enemies

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The first time I saw my military father ready to die for the motherland or probably for my mother, I was in Grade 5 in M’lang, Cotabato Province.

He was then on a soldier’s pass when he brought me and my kindergarten brother Gabriel to a rickety worn out wood walled barbershop which, I still remember, was owned by the father of my playmates Stephen and Toto Felipe.The latter, a rugged boy, had fisticuffs with me, but that’s another story.

My father fatigue

My father Retired Air Force Lieutenant Marcelo Cruz Ortigoza, Sr. Papa was probably the most pro- United States’ soldier. When we lived at the Philippine Military Academy, Baguio City in the early 1970s I saw him bought and crowed his U.S made fatigue uniform, duffel bag, charol black shoes, and boots from stores in Quiapo selling Yanks made soldiers’ paraphernalia.

 When we were seating at the worn-out barber couch elevated by small wood boxes to raise our heads, some peasant women running and shouting with their lungs out that the Black Shirts (precursor of the Moro National Liberation Front) were already at the periphery of the Peñaranda Hospital.

The hospital was more than a kilometer away from us. (more…)

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3 (1)

Organic products are exhibited during the opening of the 2017 Regional Organic Agriculture Congress last September 20 at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen.CESAR RAMIREZ

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EDITORIAL: Pagpapaliban ng Barangay at SK elections, makakatulong ba sa bansa?

Ang halalang pambarangay at Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) ay itinakda ng Commission on Elections (Comelec) na gaganapin sa Oktubre 23, sa taong ito. Subalit, nagpanukala si Pangulong Rodrigo R. Duterte sa Kongreso na ito ay ipagpaliban dahil diumano 40% ng mga kapitan o namumuno sa mga barangay ay kasama sa listahan ng mga nagtutulak o gumagamit ng mga ilegal na droga, o dili kaya’y hawak ng mga “narco-politicians”.

Ayon kay Pangulong Duterte, kung matutuloy ang halalan sa barangay at SK, baka gagamitin ang pera na galing sa droga at lalong mamamayagpag ang mga namumuno sa mga barangay at lalong lalalim ang problema ng droga sa bansa. Ang panukala ng pangulo ay tinugunan ng Kongreso. Kamakailan, inaprubahan ang panukalang batas sa pagpapaliban ng halalan sa House of Representatives at Senado. Hinihintay na lang ang pagpupulong ng “bicameral committee” upang ito ay maging lubos na batas. Sa Mayo 2018 pa magkakaroon ng halalan.

 Ang ikalawang pagpapaliban muli ng halalang pambarangay ay nagpapalawig sa katungkulan ng mga namumuno sa ating mga kanayunan. Ang malabo dito ay kung anong hakbang ang gagawin upang hindi maisulong ng 40% na mga namumuno sa barangay ang kanilang mga operasyon sa droga. Wala sa panukalang batas ang probisyon na italaga ni Pangulong Duterte ang mga opisyales sa mga barangay.

 Maraming nagtatanong sa hakbang na ito ng Kongreso. Bakit kailangan pang ipagpaliban ang halalan kung ang Comelec ay handa ng isagawa ito? Medyo matagal na sa puwesto ang mga kasalukuyang mga opisyales sa barangay at alam naman natin na karamihan sa kanila ay hawak ng mga lokal na opisyales mula gobernador hanggang sa mga mayor. Bagamat ang mga opisyales ng mga barangay ay walang mga partidong kinaaaniban, sila ang nangunguna na ginagawang lideres pagdating ng mga halalan. (more…)

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MAGANES: Media security under President Duterte

The issuance of Administrative Order No. 1 last October 10, 2016 by President Rodrigo Duterte for the creation of Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) has provided relief to the media practitioners including their families, assuring them  that after all their security is being looked into by the present administration.

 Media practitioners have long been under threats in the country. If they are not harassed, they are maimed and killed in the course of their work. Under Duterte’s administration, the media victims including their families are provided with security officers from the Philippine National Police (PNP) through the PTFoMS. This is a welcome move of this administration only to ensure that the media practitioners are secured in the course of their duties as members of the fourth estate.

 While the PNP has a big role in the protection and security of media practitioners who are under threats, are harassed or killed, much has to be desired in their participation to the PTFoMS. Media practitioners who are under the PNP’s protective services are considered as Very Important Persons (VIPs) and police officers detailed are not provided with Combat Duty Pay (CDP) and Combat Incentive Pay (CIP). These police incentives are supposed to be shouldered by the protected and secured media practitioners.

 I could not understand why the PNP has been treating media practitioners as VIPs where in fact they are not that moneyed as opposed to politicians who are being secured by them. Politicians have all the means to give additional emoluments to their police security officers even if their CDPs and CIPs are not given. Many media practitioners have hand to mouth existence unless they themselves join the bandwagon of illegal activities and corruption.

 On this, I call upon PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, who is a member of PTFoMS, to look into this situation. I think this is the right time for him to review the policies on providing security to VIPs, and media practitioners should be separated from them. As a media victim myself, I had a hard time getting police security although I am grateful that for months I was provided such. (more…)

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City councilor turns over 2-classroom building to Bued ES

 By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 ALAMINOS CITY- City Councilor Carolyn Dizon-Sison has formally turned over two-classroom school-building as her donation to Bued Elementary School last September 22 in a simple ceremony.

 The P2 million funding for the construction of the building was Sison’s prize when she was named as one of the Ten Outstanding Councilors of the Philippines (TOCP) in 2012 from the Jaycees Philippines and the office of then Senator Edgardo J. Angara.

 During the turn over ceremonies, Sison said she was always reminded of the Jaycees’ mission, which is to “provide development opportunities that empower the young people to create ppositve change.”

 “I have six children who are still in the elementary, high school and college levels. As a servant-leader, this is one of my small contributions to our community and a humble way of showing my gratitude to the school and teachers,” Sison said.

 City Mayor Arthur F. Celeste lauded Sison for her donation and act of generosity.

 “ I laud and thank Councilor Sison for this gift to our school children. This is a classic example of how a community that is united by faith, love, discipline and aspirations could bring development for the city. Congratulations for winning the TOCP,” Mayor Celeste said. (more…)

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Villasis presents candidates for ‘Binibining Villasis 2018’

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 VILLASIS- The “Search for Binibining Villasis 2018” has started when the candidates were presented to the public last September 18 after the flag raising ceremonies in front the Municipal Town Hall.

 The presentation of candidates was led by Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, Dr. Ferdinand Austria, chair of the executive committee of Villasis Town Fiesta 2018 and Dr. Ariel M. Fernandez, chair of the search for Binibining Villasis 2018.

 “ Our beauties for our 2018 town fiesta will be selected through a beauty, talent, poise and wit contest. We have dispensed of our traditional popularity contests to discover the beautiful ladies in every barangay of the town,” Mayor Abrenica said.

 He lauded Dr. Austria and Dr. Fernandez for spearheading the preparation of next year’s town fiesta celebration and promised his all out support to make it a success.

 Dr. Fernandez said 24 candidates will vie for Binibining Villasis 2018 who will compete on various activities such as talent, swimsuit/shorts, casual, long gown, costumes and “question and answer” portions of the competition.

 “ The pre-pageant night will be held on December 23 while the pageant night on December 28 at the town’s covered auditorium. Exciting prizes and trophies await the winners. The winners will be crowned on January 13, 2018,” Dr. Fernandez said.

 He also said the candidates will be presented to the media during the “Meet The Press” on October 7 at 1:30 in the afternoon at the town hall’s Conference Room. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Drug money ginamit sa terorismo sa Marawi

But to what extent was this drug used to build up the terrorist activity is something which we have really to find.-sabi ni Mayor Rody Duterte.
Ang pangyayari daw po sa Marawi sa pagitan ng gobyerno at Maute Group ay suportado ng drug trade. Drug money at terorismo.
Sabi ni Mayor Rody Duterte na ang terrorismo ay hindi Islam.
Ang Islam ay isang paniniwala sa katahimikan. Tulad ng maraming paniniwala… ang Islam ay para sa Peace.
But definitely, as I have said, even when I was Mayor, I’ve been telling you and everybody, I just don’t know why na hindi sila nakikinig, that terrorism, it’s not Islam. It is not the work of a believer of Islam.
Kapag nagwawala kasi ang mga terrorista… nagwawala as in pumapatay ng mga hindi armado at walang kalaban laban na tao… ay sumisigaw ay ginagamit ang name ni Allah.
It takes the name of Allah in vain. Just imagine, killing innocent women, children, and all. And you shout the name of Allah. Hindi ‘yan. It’s not a religious thing here.
Sabi ni mayor Rody na mas mabigat ang laban kontra droga sa Central Mindanao kasi kailangang gamitin ang military sa mga raid.
At kahit ginamit an ang military sa mga raid ay marami pa rin ang napapatay na puwersa ng gobyerno.
Ang lahat ng iyan ay hindi inirereport ng mainstream media.
Ang sine-sensationalize ng mainstream media ay ang nagnyayari sa Metro Manial.
Doon sa Central Mindanao, every raid, ang unang pumupunta is the military. Hindi kaya ng pulis because they do not have the armaments and the — ‘Yung talagang how to attack. And yet maraming namamatay.
Maraming high powered na rmas ang nakakalat sa Mindanao. Kaya naman nahihirpana ang gobyerno sa laban sa Mindanao.
Pero, kahit nahihirapan ay dapat makagawa ng paraan ang armadong puwersa ng gobyerno para maipagtangol ang ordinaryong mamamayan saan mang sulok ng Pilipinas.
To date, hundreds already of drug-connected deaths of the AFP. Pulis, marami rin. Alam ninyo eh. Everywhere you carry the news, so you should know. Kasi sa mga lugar na ‘yan, ang kaharap ng mga pulis is mga M-16, machine guns, or mga RR or the repeating rif — Meron sila niyan. Nakita namin sa Marawi, klase-klaseng armas. They have the Barrett which can hit you 1.5 kilometers away. Marami silang Barrett. Now, alam na ng mga tonto kung paano kahirap magtrabaho ng isang worker of government trying to solve all of these problem.
Talagang pangmatagalan daw ang preparasyaon ng Maute na hanggang ngayon ay may hold outs pa.
There they discovered that the Maute was really preparing for a long haul. Until now, they are… they never ran out of ordnance, explosives, ammunitions, and all. I really do not know the extent now of the contamination.
Sabi ni Mayor Rody na mga narcopoliticians ang financer ng Maute dahil apektado na negatively ang drug trade nila.
Sabi din ni Mayor Rody na may kisksisan ang iba’t iabang grupo sa drug trade upang makontrol ang supply at distribution.
And it’s always a question of thought. It has crept, it‟s creeping and at the time when Albuera Mayor Espinosa, then the Odicta spouses were killed, I don’t know how it was done. But makita mong that they are really fighting over supremacy of the supply. Kasi alam mo ‘yung illegal, whether or not you want to believe it, always the driving force is greed and power, money.
END TYRRANY. Iyan ang naging panawagan ng mga nagrally kontra kay Mayor Rody.
As usual, sila sila rin ang nagkita kita sa kalsada.
Hindi dumamay sa kanila ang ordinaryong mamamayan.
Ano naman ba ang kinalalaman ng tyranny sa sa araw araw na pamumuhay ng magsasaka?
Hindi maintindihan ng magsasaka ang tyranny.
Kayo, alam niyo po ba ang tyranny?
FROM YELLOW TO WHITE. Napansin niyo po ba  na nagbago na ng kulay ang Liberal Party?
Kung dati ay dilaw ngayon ay puti na nag kulay nila… asin para nilagyan ng Clorox!
Bakit sila nagpalit ng kulay?
Siyempre… wala ng bisa ang kulay dilaw. Hindi na nakakaakit ng mga tao.
Kaya ibinabad nila sa sabon at Clorox ang dilaw kaya ngayon ay puti na.
Ano naman kaya ang say ng grupo ni senadora Grace po dito sa pag-agaw ng political color?
THREE FINGER SALUTE. Kung dati rati ay letter  “L” na daliri ang salute ng mga Liberal Party.. ngayon ay iniba na nila.
Ang bagong salute ng opposistion ay kinuha sa salute ng Hunger Games na parang salute din ng mga Scout.
Ano naman kaya ang reaksyon ng mga nanood ng Hunger games sa paggaya ng Liberal party sa sulte nila?
Ano naman kaya nang reaksyon ng mga scouts sa paggamit ng Liberal Party sa scout salute?
ABANGAN ANG MABILISANG PAGLILITIS! Opo, banagn ninyo ang mabilisang paglilitis kay former president Noynoy Aquino.
Mabilis lang iyan at KUlong ang magiging hatol ng Sandiganbyan!
NATIONWIDE TARNSPORT STRIKE SA SEP25 PAPALPAK. Bakti ba kailangan ng transport strike?
Weekly na ang mga rally…nagsasawa na ang mga tao.
Bakit ba away ng mga nagra-rally na mabago ang jeep?
Ano na ba ang ngawa ng transport association para guminhawa sa biyahe ang mga pasahero?

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