MAGANES: Kian’s death being used by Duterte’s critics to advance their political agenda

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The death of Kian Delos Santos of Caloocan City has stirred the sympathy of many Filipinos. The young boy at 17 had many dreams. He was just in Grade 12 and hoped to be a policeman someday.

 Kian’s dreams ended when his life was taken by abusive policemen in the guise of a legitimate police operation in a war against illegal drugs. He was not into drugs, his parents and neighbors said. They attested that Kian was a good boy without any vice in contrast to what the policemen of Caloocan City were saying. Policemen said that Kian was a drug courier, causing the ire of many Filipinos.

 After the killing of Kian, the Senate unanimously filed a petition for a hearing on the said case in aid of legislation. Senators Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Franklin Drilon, and Vice President Leni Robredo  even visited his wake. They were there perchance to extend their sympathies to the family but later on their real motives surfaced as that to use Kian’s death to further their political ambitions and to discredit the Duterte Administration.

Last August 24, the Senate Committee on Dangerous Drugs and Public Safety  chaired by Sen. Panfilo Lacson, started the investigation. I was surprised to know that the three witnesses- one adult and three minors were taken into custody by Sen. Risa Hontiveros. That was very nauseating since Hontiveros has no right to have the minors in custody especially that the incident was already investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), which is under the Department of Justtice (DOJ) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

 In the course of the investigation, the parents of Kian were assisted by the Public Attorneys Office (PAO) under Persida Acosta who asked Hontiveros to turn over to her office the witnesses. Hontiveros was adamant to comply with the request although she knew that the minors have not been given consent by their parents. Here’s a senator who’s grandstanding.  Could she give justice to Kian’s death without passing the proper course of investigation? Does she have the moral authority over the witnesses? Hontiveros’ motive is very clear. She wants to be in the limelight during results of the investigation. She’s not sympathizing with Kian’s family, for sure. Her motives became too personal,  tainted with politics.

Another senator who’s at par with Hontiveros is Sen. Franklin Drilon. He put himself as a laughing stock during the Senate investigation. I was amused when his line of questioning was directed to Caloocan City’s Asst. Prosecutor Dennis Cañete. He even insinuated that Cañete was included in the drug list of President Duterte. What was the relationship of Kian’s death to his questions?

Cañete has posted a personal opinion in his Facebook account about the killing of Kian.That was his opinion and not in line with his work because he could inhibit himself during the investigation. Drilon was perceived to be erratic in his questions. He should have focused on the facts surrounding the death of Kian considering that the Senate investigation was conducted to ferret out the truth whether Kian was intentionally killed by the policemen during their operations.

 Drilon even chided DOJ Secretary Vitalano Aguirre for being biased. He said  Aguirre was on the side of the policemen. It was clear that Drilon was peeved by Aguirre’s statement asking  where he was  when a family of five were massacred in San Jose City (Bulacan) and Kian’s death was an isolated case that was blown out of  proportion. Drilon was once a Justice Secretary.

 By any angle, I could sense the motives of Hontiveros and Drilon. They were interested in Kian’s death because of politics, no more no less. Could they not leave the investigation to the NBI and PNP? There are professionals inside these two institutions and if they think, there will be whitewash in the future, then that will be the time for them to say their opinions on the matter.

Poor Kian. His death is now being used by politicians to advance their political interests. He could have rested now peacefully but the events undertaken by other personalities masquerading as quest for justice are quite nauseating. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has dipped its fingers so with the running priest Roberto Reyes whom I perceived to have rode  on the issue.

 What’s my take on Kian’s death? I strongly condemned the policemen who killed him.,but then we are a government of laws. We should let the government institutions to do their investigations and wait for the results. Everybody who values lives should follow the rule of justice.Too much emotions might derail the real justice that Kian’s parents and kin are waiting for.

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