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‘Urbanize first before any airport, harbour become possible’ – Quiambao

Northern Watch’s Columnist Mortz C. Ortigoza sat recently with Business Tycoon and Bayambang, Pangasinan Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao who discusses the future of the Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (IT- BPO) like the vaunted Call Centers, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and Back Offices in the province, the expensive minimum wage in Mainland China, the industrialization and urbanization of Pangasinan and her cities for the constructions of an airport and a harbor.


Business Tycoon Cezar T. Quiambao

Quiambao through Strategic Development Alliance Corporation (Stradec) is the controlling shareholders of Stradcom Corporation.  The Quezon City based Stradcom, according to Bloomberg, owns, and operates information technology infrastructure projects for government under the Build-Operate-Transfer law in Philippines. It also designs websites for insurance companies and private emission testing centers, as well as provides mobile services, including insurance SMS for information on authentication, inquiries, tips, and procedures. EXCERPTS OF THE INTERVIEW:
MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA: Sir, you mentioned in your last State of the City Address (SOCA) to catapult your town as the Documents Capital of the Philippines. How about hosting of other sub-sectors of BPO –IT? It’s a P50 billion industry in year 2020. That’s the thrust now of Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez after the Philippines Economics Zone Authority (PEZA) approved the inclusion of the growth center of the City.
CEZAR QUIAMBAO: We don’t have enough communication network and higher-speed broadband. They need back up provided by Smarts, Globe, PLDT, others. They need fiber optic technology.


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Celeste provides rescue equipment to city villages

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 ALAMINOS CITY- The city government through the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) in partnership with the village officials  and volunteer groups continues to strengthen the barangay-based emergency management and in securing its people in  times of distress and calamities.

Mayor Arthur F. Celeste, through City Administrator Dr. Emielou E. Gellado, and Liga ng mga Barangay President Raul Bacay led the turn-over of rescue cans and life vests last August 7  at Plaza Marcelo Ochave.

The project was in line with the city’s National Disaster Resilience Month celebration.

 CDRRMO Chief Mylene Manalastas said the life-saving equipment and essentials were purchased using the DRRM preparedness funds. He said the remaining 19 barangays that are not susceptible to floods will still be provided with the basic rescue equipment.

 Bacay welcomed this valuable support from the city government through the CDRRMO.

 “Our flood-prone barangays have their water search and rescue teams and barangay disaster response teams, which are being trained regularly. They are equipped with necessary life-saving measures in times of disasters,” Bacay said.

 Bacay also said with the regular skills training provided by the CDRRMO, the newly issued equipment enable the barangay disaster teams to respond better and keep them safer.

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Asingan to participate on Global Library Foundation’s Barangay Modernization Program 2017

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ASINGAN- Mayor Heidee Ganigan-Chua said the Global Library Foundation Philippines has included the town as part of the pioneers of the Barangay Modernization Program 2017, which will be soon launched in selected cities and municipalities in the country.

 ” We are fortunate to be included in this program where barangays will have an established and computerized barangay reading centers. We thanked Global Library Foundation Philippines for this,” Mayor Chua said.

 The Barangay Reading Center (BRC) is the entry point of the Barangay Modernization Program, which will transform the conventional open shelf  library into an e-library and a data bank. It serves also as a workstation that can be used as a productivity tool in the operations and management of the barangay, and a communication terminal that can be configured into a nationwide telecommunication network.

 ” With the program, information and data could be easily accessed by villagers in their barangays through the established computers. It will be easier for barangay officials to gather data for their operations and management,” Chua said. (more…)

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Villasis’ rice farms infested with ‘black bugs’

 By Virgilio Sr. Maganes

VILLASIS- Municipal Agriculturist Reynaldo C. Mundo here said the rice farms in the western part of the town were infested with “black bugs,” causing a drop on rice production during the third cropping season.

Mundo identified the villages affected as Unzad, Capulaan, Labit, Tombod, Barraca and a part of Bacag.

 ” Farmers in these areas were alarmed when their production dropped to 50 cavans per hectare. Immediately, we investigated the cause of the problems and found out that ‘black bugs’ have damaged their rice crops,” Mundo said.

He said they coordinated with the Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC) and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (Opag) based in Sta. Barbara to assist them on how to contain the “black bugs.”

 ” On August 8 to 10, RCPC, OPag and our office conducted technical briefing among the 120 farmers whose farms were affected by ‘black bugs’ and to introduce a biological control agent to destroy them. This control agent is green muscardine fungus (metharhizium anisopliae). RCPC provided the farmers with the control agent to be sprayed in their farms,” Mundo said.

He said once the fungus spores attach to the surface of the “black bugs”, they germinate and begin to grow penetrating the outer skeleton of the insect where they grow rapidly causing the insect to die.

“Rice black bugs are resistant to insecticides. Most of the cases that were monitored are during or after full moon. The full moon cycle affects the black bugs flight activity,” Mundo said.

 He further said that “rice blackbugs” outbreak is also triggered when there’s a relatively small natural enemy complex in the ecosystem, low availability of alternate hosts in the vicinity of rice fields, application of high levels of nitrogenous fertilizers and when there is scarcity of quality preferred foods in the area.

” We are still in the process of monitoring the rice farms where the control agents were sprayed. So far, there are no sightings of ‘black bugs’ in the eastern part of the town,” Mundo said.


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ORTIGOZA: My debate with a De Venecia on the City Hall


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DOST, De Venecia turn over bioreactor facility to San Fabian

SAN FABIAN– The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in Region 1 and Pangasinan fourth district Rep. Christopher de Venecia turned over on Aug. 12 an almost P600,000 worth bioreactor facility to the municipal government here that would help farmers turn their biodegradable wastes into organic fertilizer.

BIOREACTOR FACILITY. Department of Science and Technology Regional Director Armand Ganal, Pangasinan Fourth District Rep. Christopher de Venecia and San Fabian officials led by Mayor Constante Agbayani sign a memorandum of agreement for the turn-over of  bioreactor facility to turn biodegradable wastes to organic fertilizer.

DOST Region 1 Director Armand Ganal said their agency would also provide the other component of the facility, the shredder, by allocating another P200,000 for it. These are partners that would be placed in the facility while the equity of the local government will be the infrastructure and the road network going to the facility, he said.
He said the steered tank composting facility can process 500 kilograms of biodegradable materials of farmers and other residents into organic fertilizer daily. About 80 per cent of the total input of 500 kilograms of wastes could be turned to organic fertilizer as an output for organic fertilizer, he said.
Ganal said one requirement that must be followed is segregation of biodegradable from non-biodegradable materials as non-biodegradable materials cannot be processed by the machine.
“There should be no more burning of waste materials from the farm,” he said.
He added there is a technology to be shared by experts from Metro Manila who would teach farmers to operate the bioreactor facility.
Sitio Bisbisucol, Barangay Ambalangan Dalin here is the site of the facility but the wastes would be coming from all over the municipality, Ganal said.
Pangasinan Fourth District Rep. Christopher de Venecia under whose initiatives the bioreactor facility was availed of from DOST, told farmers that he met earlier with Ganal and discussed programs that would benefit his constituents. One of the projects Ganal mentioned was the bioreactor facility which the congressman was interested to avail of for his constituents.
He said the facility is basically a “waste-to-worth” kind which amazed him, especially for farmers who are close to his heart.
“I am so happy that we are given this bioreactor facility which is now awarded to us here in San Fabian,” he added.
The organic fertilizer that is the output of the composting process could be used by farmers in their farms for sustainability and would lessen their expenses in buying commercial fertilizer, he said.
“Eventually, if we become more savvy in our marketing, in our distribution chain network and value-adding activities, you can also use this to earn extra cash with the help of the San Fabian local government unit,” he said.
He added they can sell their outputs at reasonable price and more stakeholders would be benefited by it.
He added that with the facility, people would have healthier foods to eat, helps the environment through the elimination of contamination, emits insignificant odor and accelerates composting process.
“This is like a start for San Fabian because we have big dreams with Mayor Danny (Agbayani) for San Fabian, from modernizing agriculture to focusing on tourism, and others,” he added.
Ganal said Manaoag, another town under de Venecia’s district, also acquired similar facility.
How it works
There are two kinds of bioreactor facility, one a steered tank and another a rotary tank.
The one given to San Fabian is steered tank with 500 kgs. capacity. This means half a ton could be put in the tank daily 24/7, Ganal said.
Once we have put the wastes in the tank, the stirrer would rotate inside slowly, he said. It has a motor of 1/2 horsepower only so it is cost efficient, he added.
On the second day, another half ton of wastes could be put again and be rotated again in the machine and on the  fifth day, the first half ton of wastes would be out, Ganal said.
He said the microorganisms put inside the machine are alive and speeds up decomposition inside.
If operation of the bioreactor stops, the microbes inside the bioreactor would die, he said. Microbial inoculant is put inside the bioreactor and process must be followed to produce organic fertilizer later, he added.
“One thing must be remembered. If we are mixing garbage, we must have nitrogen-rich wastes like manure, dried grasses, kitchen and food wastes and market wastes,” he also said.
He said the bioreactor machine is easily maintained with only 500 kgs. capacity.
The shredder machine, on the other hand, is now being developed, Ganal said.
Curing areas must be provided to finish the decomposting process, Ganal added.


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CORTEZ: We can never go wrong if we invest in education- Ejercito


Five years na ang validity ng Drivers License, ten years naman ang validity ng passport. Ilang years ba ang validity ng Marriage License?
FIVE YEARS VALIDITY NG DRIVER’S LICENSE. Opo extended na ang validity ng Driver’s License dahil pinirmahan na ni Mayor Rody Duterte ang RA 10930 na nagpasok ng amendments sa RA 4136 o yung tinatawag na Land Transportation and Traffic Code.
Nadagdagan ang validity ng driver’s license as in humaba ang expiration date ng lisensya sa pagmamaneho.
 “Except for student permits, all drivers’ licenses shall be valid for five years reckoned from the birth date of the licensee, unless sooner revoked or suspended.”
Pero, mas magiging strikto ang LTO sa pagbigay ng lisensya sa pagmamaneho.
Under Section 23, stricter rules and guidelines regarding the issuance of licenses will be enforced by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to assure that licenses are issued to applicants with “sufficient driving skills and knowledge on road safety and proper road courtesy.”
TEN YEAR VALIDITY NG PASSORT. Extended din ang validity ng Passport sa sampung taon. Ayon sa Republic Act No. 10928, ang expiration date ng passport ay aabutin ng sampung taon.
Ginawa itong batas ni Cong Gloria Arroyo para hindi pabalik pabalik sa DFA ng mga Pilipino para lang mag-renew ng Passport.
UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. Sinabi ni Senador JV Ejercito na magiging one hundred percent na ang coverage ng PhilHealth sa pamamagitan ng isang batas sa Universal Health Care.
“Siguro we need about one or two more hearings, I want to have hearings in Visayas and Mindanao para yung mga concern in those regions na talaga namang through the years, yung mga facilities nila and services need improvement. So I want to have hearings, one in Visayas, and one in Mindanao”, sabi ni Sen Ejercito


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