ORTIGOZA: He wants corrupt gov’t execs killed

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As I was encoding my column, (yes Virginia sometimes I scribble my draft on paper), I overheard the interview of Iron Sheik – a cussing wrestler who speaks like Actor Sacha Baron – at the Howard Stern Radio Show why Muslim and Jews (Israelis for example) do not eat pork.
By the way, Sheik or Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, is an Iranian – is an American former professional wrestler, amateur wrestler, actor, one-time world champion, having won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship in 1983, and former body guard of Iranian Shah (King) Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
BLACK LADY CO-HOST ROBIN QUIVERS: It is a sin in your religion to drink (alcoholic beverage), take drugs..?
SHEIK: God bless you, good question Robin! Ah, ah, ah, as an Islamic man I am not supposed to eat pork, I am not supposed to drink alcohol, but since I am in your country America I will be sociable sometimes, I drink a couple of beer, a little bit glasses of whisky and a little bit sometimes, ah, eat, ah instant bacon which is pork. That is against our religion since like Jewish people that when we eat pork that’s the dirtiest animal in the earth because pork or pig eat dead animals.
Just like Jews, Muslim people we don’t eat pork only lamb, goats, and beef okay? Ah, because sheep and goat they eat grass that son of a bitch pork or pig (chuckle from the radio staff) eat, eat, eat dead animals and the dirtiest animal in the world. I respected Jew people they don’t eat pork!

Salamabit, I could remember some Muslim classmates and customers in the nearby wielding shop in our house in M’lang, North Cotabato (town of Aggie Secretary Manny Pinol and Health Secretary Rose Ubial) where they cool their heels at Mario Hernandez’s Tuba-an. Some of these classmates and customers sneaked from the prying eyes of their Muslim brothers especially their Imam or Mullah (priest) by eating too kinilaw na baboy (we called sisig in Luzon) as finger food to complement the bad smelling coconut wine we quaffed. 
The tuba was sold at P12 a gallon in the middle of 1980s. Its bahal (that taste between a tuba and vinegar) version could knock out the wits out of ones mind as if the drinker just drank two jumbo bottles of Red Horse Beer.
Tuba and kinilaw were not advisable however if the drinker after substantially consuming the stuffs would go to a woman’s house and court her. The guy would surely be “basted” or rejected because of the wine’s smell reeking from one’s breathe.  
 I remembered a real Sheik Faquir Afaq of Tehran, Iran who used to be my student at the Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan City in 1992.
Faquir, who speaks like a Maranao, excelled in soccer as I played with him versus the Palestinians, Sudanese, South Koreans, and Thailanders but failed in I.Q. tests on different subjects at LNU.
When I guested him few years ago on my morning radio program with my queries how the Islamic State of Iran under the Ayatollahs fared on the economic embargoes of the United States – the Great Satan before the eyes of the Persians – he instead ranted on my program on topic away from my poser.
FAQUIR: Whenever I was in airports in Europe and the United States, I got 24 hours watching the f*cking television that talks about Abala….was that Abala Mr. Mortz….?
ME: Ebola, that’s Ebola!
FAQUIR: I am sick and f*cking tired of Ebola. Ebola you terrorist you made people in airport sick. I will tell you Ebola f*ck you! If I can see you I’ll f*ck your ass with my ten inches and make you humble!

This country leader warned government brass that “unexplained wealth means unexplained death”.
I assure you pag sinumbong mo na sa akin iyan I guarantee you, tawagin ko iyan sa harap mo at sabihin ko talaga, mag-hingi ka uli p*tang ina mo, papatayin kita (I assure you if you report him to me I guarantee you I am going to hail him before you and will tell him son of a bitch I am going to kill him),”  Philippines President Rodrigo R. Duterte warned them at the recently held Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Incorporated (FCCCI) meeting in Manila.
It is high time for the citizens to inform the media or call the government’s Anti-Corruption Hot Line 888 and report callous faces public officials and their kin who stashed government funds and flaunt some of them at social media Face Book.
I saw some government officials and family members who shamelessly posted at Face Book their palatial mansions, sports utility vehicles, yacht, and other properties that are beyond the means of the salaries of the concerned brass.
One of the parents in an exclusive school in Manila told me how scandalized she was seeing this government executive embellished her body with expensive jewelry like huge diamond earrings and million- pesos’ Rolex watch in a Parents Teachers Association meeting while her chauffeur waited outside with her new flashy car.

“When you go into her office you can see her simplicity opposite to her ostentatious display of wealth when she was in social function. Her salary was only a pittance but look at her braggadocio and pomposity of wealth and ritzy house that everybody knows came from corruption,” the parent scoffed.
Many of these corrupt women public officials can be seen religiously leading masses at church and at the office, one officials of a graft ridden government bureau told me.
Even the devil can quote the scripture in the Bible,” I retorted on the propensity of corrupt officials unabashedly doing Catholic Church’s rituals.
Another government office Duterte should watch is the Department of Public Works & Highway.
Many officials there have unexplained wealth.
Just like the District Engineer (DE) there who was yanked out of the post because of a conflict with a member of Congress.
According to my source the DE cheated the solon on the division of the loot called S.O.P. that caused the trouble.
Was declaration of President Duterte to murder avaricious, er, greedy government honchos a hyperbole?
Can you still remember Bureau of Customs’ Deputy Commissioner Arturo Lachica and  BIR Region 8 Director Jonas Amora  who were waylaid to death by killers riding in tandem in November last year?
I am not saying these honchos were corrupt, but they worked in the two most corrupt public offices in the country.
“How can we report corrupt government officials?” I asked BIR Commissioner Caesar Dulay when I met him several months ago.
Isulat niyo iyan, iyan ang gagawin ninyo (Write it at your newspaper, that’s what you’re going to do) or call 888,” he said.

My problem now son of a gun, how can Dulay check any information of corrupt tax officials when he is presently locking horns with  Taxpayer Danilo Lihaylihay  and BIR  Deputy Commissioner Jesus Clint O. Aranas?
 Lihaylihay sued Dulay and 17 personnel with plunder – a non bailable crime – on  Del Monte paying only P65.4 million for taxable years 2011 to 2013 despite the assessment of P29.6 billion in supposed tax deficiency liabilities.

Aranas asked these personnel, that Dulay did not like it, to explain in a Show Cause Order the whereabouts of the billions of pesos taxes intended for the coffer.
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