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ORTIGOZA: He wants corrupt gov’t execs killed

As I was encoding my column, (yes Virginia sometimes I scribble my draft on paper), I overheard the interview of Iron Sheik – a cussing wrestler who speaks like Actor Sacha Baron – at the Howard Stern Radio Show why Muslim and Jews (Israelis for example) do not eat pork.
By the way, Sheik or Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, is an Iranian – is an American former professional wrestler, amateur wrestler, actor, one-time world champion, having won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship in 1983, and former body guard of Iranian Shah (King) Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
BLACK LADY CO-HOST ROBIN QUIVERS: It is a sin in your religion to drink (alcoholic beverage), take drugs..?
SHEIK: God bless you, good question Robin! Ah, ah, ah, as an Islamic man I am not supposed to eat pork, I am not supposed to drink alcohol, but since I am in your country America I will be sociable sometimes, I drink a couple of beer, a little bit glasses of whisky and a little bit sometimes, ah, eat, ah instant bacon which is pork. That is against our religion since like Jewish people that when we eat pork that’s the dirtiest animal in the earth because pork or pig eat dead animals.
Just like Jews, Muslim people we don’t eat pork only lamb, goats, and beef okay? Ah, because sheep and goat they eat grass that son of a bitch pork or pig (chuckle from the radio staff) eat, eat, eat dead animals and the dirtiest animal in the world. I respected Jew people they don’t eat pork!

Salamabit, I could remember some Muslim classmates and customers in the nearby wielding shop in our house in M’lang, North Cotabato (town of Aggie Secretary Manny Pinol and Health Secretary Rose Ubial) where they cool their heels at Mario Hernandez’s Tuba-an. Some of these classmates and customers sneaked from the prying eyes of their Muslim brothers especially their Imam or Mullah (priest) by eating too kinilaw na baboy (we called sisig in Luzon) as finger food to complement the bad smelling coconut wine we quaffed. 
The tuba was sold at P12 a gallon in the middle of 1980s. Its bahal (that taste between a tuba and vinegar) version could knock out the wits out of ones mind as if the drinker just drank two jumbo bottles of Red Horse Beer.
Tuba and kinilaw were not advisable however if the drinker after substantially consuming the stuffs would go to a woman’s house and court her. The guy would surely be “basted” or rejected because of the wine’s smell reeking from one’s breathe.  
 I remembered a real Sheik Faquir Afaq of Tehran, Iran who used to be my student at the Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan City in 1992.
Faquir, who speaks like a Maranao, excelled in soccer as I played with him versus the Palestinians, Sudanese, South Koreans, and Thailanders but failed in I.Q. tests on different subjects at LNU.
When I guested him few years ago on my morning radio program with my queries how the Islamic State of Iran under the Ayatollahs fared on the economic embargoes of the United States – the Great Satan before the eyes of the Persians – he instead ranted on my program on topic away from my poser.
FAQUIR: Whenever I was in airports in Europe and the United States, I got 24 hours watching the f*cking television that talks about Abala….was that Abala Mr. Mortz….?
ME: Ebola, that’s Ebola!
FAQUIR: I am sick and f*cking tired of Ebola. Ebola you terrorist you made people in airport sick. I will tell you Ebola f*ck you! If I can see you I’ll f*ck your ass with my ten inches and make you humble!


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DepEd Exec behind classy choir

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza


SAN CARLOS CITY – The world class singing video of the national anthem by officials of the Department of Education was a brainchild of the new city superintendent here.

DepED video

NATIONAL ANTHEM. Officials of the Department of Education in San Carlos City, Pangasinan sing the Lupang Hinirang.

Dr. Sheila Marie D. Primicias said the video presentation of the Lupang Hinirang at the facade of the Provincial Capitol and the ground of the Veterans Memorial Park in Lingayen, Pangasinan, was created at her behest so the youth can appreciate the love of country and enhance their patriotism and nationalism.


Para ipalabas sa mga bata na makita nila ang mga opisyales ng San Carlos City ay patriotic and nationalistic (So we can show to the students that the officials of the DepEd in San Carlos City are patriotic and nationalistic),” she said. (more…)

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Villasis Municipal Library receives award as performing Tech4Ed Center

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

 VILLASIS- The Municipal Library here was awarded as one of the top 14 performing Tech4ED Center of Luzon Cluster 2 by the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) during the FOO Luzon 2 Knowledge Exchange Conference held at Sison Auditorium in Lingayen  last July 26 to 27.

 The award was received by Librarian-Designate Merly Sepnio-Zambrano, also the Tech4ED Center Manager, with Private Secretary to the Mayor Catalino “Mario” Guarin, who represented Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, who was on official leave.

 According to Zambrano, the awardees were determined by the number of registered platform users of the Tech4ED Project of the DICT from the period of the Center’s establishment until July 3, 2017. (more…)

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CORTEZ: If I make it to Malacañang, I will do just what I did as mayor. –Duterte 2016


DISSOLVE CHR..“Ang CHR ay hindi pulis. Ayon sa Konstitusyon, mandato nito na bantayan ang gobyerno sa pagkakataon ng pang-aabuso sa mga karapatang pantao.” CHR Philippines‏ @chrgovph 
Hanggang investigation lang ang Commission on Human Rights.
Sinabi ng sa isang 1991 ruling na “the Commission did not possess the power of adjudication, and emphasized that its functions were primarily investigatory.”
Sa totoo lang, kahit walang human Rights Commission ay may mas mataas na baras tungkol sa human rights na nasa Constitution at ito ang Bill of Rights sa in   Article III.
Ang tanong lang naman ay ganito: magkakagulo ba sa Pilipinas kung ma-abolish ang CHR?
How many years na ba ang  CHR?
Nahinto na ba ang paglabag sa karapatang pantao? Hindi!
Dahil hindi nahinto ng CHR, Abolish na yan!
Sa patuloy na paglabag sa karapatang pantao.. sino na ang kinasuhan ng CHR para managot? Wala!
Dahil wala pang nagagawa ang CHR kung sino ang dapat managot sa pagpapatuloy ng paglabag sa karapataang panatao ay dapat na ma-abolish na yan.
“Naninindigan kami hindi para gipitin o pahiyain ang gobyerno, kundi upang may managot at ‘di magpatuloy ang paglabag sa karapatang pantao.”- CHR Philippines‏ @chrgovph 
Nabawasan na ba ang pang-aabuso ng gobyerno? Hindi
DAhil hindi nabawasan ang pang-aabuso ng gobyerno ay walang silbi ng CHR.
Dahil walang silbi ang CHR , dapat ng i-abolish.
Sino po ba ang naipakulong ng CHR na nag-abuso ng human rights?
Dahil wala naman naipakulong ang CHR, useless sila. Dahil useless, abolish na ang CHR.
Useless ang CHR, basahain niyo po ang sinasabi nila:
“Hindi saklaw ng mandato ng CHR ang pagpapatupad ng mga batas na susugpo sa mga krimen. Kami ay bantay laban sa mga pang-aabuso ng gobyerno.”– CHR Philippines‏ @chrgovph 
Minsan sinabi ni Mayor Rody na mas mabuti pang abolished na ang CHR.
“When the time comes, the CHR, its office, you are better abolished. I will not allow my men to go there to be investigated. Remember this. Human Rights Commission, you address your request through me because the Armed Forces is under me and the police is under me. That is why if you question them for investigation, you need to pass through me,” sabi ni Mayor Rdoy.
SONA 2017. Share ko lang po ang ilang linya ni Mayor Rody na nasa SONA.
Ang reading ni Mayor Rody Duterte sa lipunang Pilipino ay masyadong parochial.
Parochial as in parokya ni ano, parokya namin, parokya niyo!
Sadly, although we knew years ago that what was needed or ought to do, we did not do [them] because our idea of government was parochial and we could not rise above family, ethnic and clan loyalties as well as loyalty to friends and co-workers. No one wanted to be a snitch. That is why we are one in saying that genuine change is what this country truly needs.
Ayon kay mayor Rody, ang problema sa illegal drugs ay napakalaki at napakami ng mga nabibitima ng mga adik.
At may pagkakataon pa na mismomg taga-gobyerno ang protecktor ng mag nas illegal.
Worse yet, there were times in the past when the protectors of the people were themselves the perpetrators of the very crimes they were tasked to prevent or suppress. It is ironic as it is madness.
Gagawin ni Mayor Rody ang tapusin ang illegal drugs. Kahit sino ang masagasaan. Mas importante sa kanya ang kinabukasan ng kabataan at ng pamilyang Pilipino.
There is a jungle out there. There are beasts and vultures preying on the helpless, the innocent [and] the unsuspecting. I will not allow the ruin of the youth, the disintegration of families and the retrogression of communities, forced by criminals whose greed for money is as insatiable as it is devoid of moral purpose. Neither will I be immobilized into inaction by the fear that I will commit an act that will expose me to public condemnation or legal prosecution. You harm the children in whose hands the future of this Republic is entrusted, and I will hound you to the very gates of hell.
Naniniwala pa rin si Mayor Rody sa kapayapaan. Kaya patuloy ang peace process sa mga nasa NDFP at sa mga Islamic groups.
The red insurgency has been with us for decades; the Muslim issue, for centuries.
Unang pangangalagaan ang armadong puwersa ng gobyerno dahil Si Mayor Rody ang commnder in chief.
Walang ibang sisisihon kungdi si Mayor Rody kung anuman ang negative na mangyari sa pagpapatupad ng Martial Law sa Mindanao.
As president, I am reiterating my unwavering support and commitment to the soldiers of our Armed Forces and the members of our police force… To those who oppose and think that all these efforts are out of order, I hold myself — me and me alone should be responsible.
Sabi ni Mayor Rody na stop muna ang extractive industries tulad ng mining.
At this point in my administration, if possible, we shall put a stop to the extraction and exportation of our mineral resources to foreign nations for processing abroad and importing them back to the Philippines in the form of consumer goods at prices twice or thrice the value of the original raw materials foreign corporations pay for them.
Sabi ni Mayor Rody na priority ang proteksyon ng kalikasan…as in non-negotiable.
The protection of the environment must be made a priority ahead of mining and all other activities that adversely affect one way or another. And this policy is non-negotiable.
Ikinuwento ni Mayor Rody kung paano nagkakaroon ng negative na effect ang mining sa mga rivers at sa mga isda mna karaniwang pinagkukunan ng protina ng mga mahihirap.
Ganito ‗yan eh. Medyo alis muna ako diyan sa… Sasakit ang mata ko diyan sa y*** na ‗yan. [laughter] Alam mo, you have the mining. I have to grant you a mining because you have complied with all the requirements of the law. And I cannot… I‘d be subject to a mandamus if everything is perfect and you have every right to mine. But in doing so, you destroy the rivers, you destroy the streams, from which the poor people fish — halwan or mudfish — and that is protein for the day for them.
Sabi ni Mayor Rody na president na siya ngayon at ang Republic of the Philippines ang kanyang pinangangalagaan laban sa mga enemies of the state.
‗Pag sinabi mong, ―Gusto kong mamatay.‖ Anak ka ng… Dalawa tayo. This bully, you know I had dinner with them sa Bayan. Itong NDF because I used to be friends really with the NDF. I was crossing the ideological borders before. Ako ‗yung nakakapasok sa teritoryo and we were friends really. But times have changed because God placed me here and I take care of a Republic. Sabi nila doon ―bully‖ daw ako. T******* pala kayo, talagang bully ako. P***** i**. Talagang bully ako especially to the enemies of the state, talagang bully ako.
Sinabi ni Mayor Rody na enforcer siya ng batas laban sa mag minero at mayayaman at ganoon din sa mga nanggugulo.
Either you‘re… Either… Let us understand this beginning today, either we have laws in this country or we do not. We enforce the laws against the miners and the rich, but I will also enforce laws against anarchy, disturbance, and create trouble. Kayo rin, natatakot din eh.
Ikinuwento din ni Mayor Rody ang ginawa ng Amerika ng agawing parang diyerto ang Samar at ang pagnanakaw ng Amerika sa Balangiga Bells.
At this point, allow me to take a step back in time, in 1901. In 1901, there was known as Balangiga, and that is Eastern Samar. It was the time for Philippine-American War. A combined group of Filipino villagers and guerrillas, in an effort to defend Samar Island from the alien invaders, attacked and overwhelmed a U.S. — a United States infantry garrison. Forty eight American officers and men were slain in the attack. On the Filipino side, the casualty count was twenty-eight killed and twenty-two wounded. In retaliation, U.S. gunboats and patrols were sent to Balangiga, Samar with the order to ―…make a desert of Balangiga‖ and to reduce Samar Island into an island of ―howling wilderness,‖ where every male citizen from the age of ten and above, and capable of bearing arms, would be put to death. The Church bells of Balangiga were seized by the Americans as spoils of war.


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