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Lingayen execs rebuff critics on ghost worker raps

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 LINGAYEN – High officials of this Capital town rebutted critics who accused the mayor of violating the law when she created a position of  mechanic but without filling the position.


Mayor Iday vs Juday

CRITIC. Lingayen Mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda (Left)  and 
critic Councilor Judy “Juday” Vargas.

Mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda explained that position was included in this year’s annual appropriation budget but could not fill the position because the town has no motor poll yet.

 “Wala pang motorpool kaya iyong pang suweldo sa mechanic nilagay sa savings. Tapos iyong savings iyon inilagay sa supplemental (budget),” she stressed.

Human Resources Officer Dindo Ungson said despite the funding and creation of the position by the executive department and legislature, the post is not yet final. The appropriation for the post would become savings of the town, he said.

 Municipal Accountant Nelson Gumapos said Councilor Judy “Juday” Vargas may have brought the issue to the media was because she wanted to get back at the mayor. (more…)

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Duterte to announce decision on barangay polls– Bataoil

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

LINGAYEN –  Will there be a barangay election on October?

Pangasinan second district Representative Leopoldo Bataoil said Filipinos should wait for the pronouncement of President Rodrigo Duterte during the State of the Nation Address on July 24, on whether the elections will push through or not.

“Whatever is the stand of the chief executive, whether the elections will push through or will be postponed, will be the (cause of action),” Bataoil said.

When asked for a law to empower the President to postpone the election on October and if the Congress can expedite the passage of the bill to back up the extension, the solon said  Congress can fast tract it.

 But he said he was not aware if the Senate can do it. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Greedy, corrupt member of Congress


A Chief of Police (COP) of a second class town in Pangasinan could have two hundred thousand pesos a month from which he could also get the free three square meals a day of his men.

Some of these monies were being used as gas fund for the patrol car, allowances for the mobile phones of the cops, and operational expenses like arresting a guy with warrant of arrest in a far flung province.

With President Rodrigo Duterte war on illegal gambling ensuing months ago against jueteng and jai-teng, not only the mayors, vice mayors, and councilors but the chiefs of police were hit by the absence of the payola – the motivational factor for them where they are now perched at their present posts.

 Blame the government run’s Small Town Lottery (STL) that put a stop to this perennial practice. (more…)

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Mangaldan face lifts public market

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 MANGALDAN – The mayor here graced recently the groundbreaking ceremony on the renovation of the public market she dubbed as the market central of the three towns and a city that surrounded it.

“The objective of this project is to design the market like the modern architectural designs of the world. We should embrace change and we all knew Mangaldan market is the center market catering to the nearby towns which are San Fabian, Manaoag, Mapandan and even Dagupan City,” the mayor said.

 She cited because of this strategic location,  the town has a “market day” every day – a comparative advantage to other local government unit (LGU) that has one market day only in a week.

 “So in order to encourage our customers to come and buy in our market we need to renovate and rehabilate the public market that has not seen any changes for many many years,” Parayno told officials and media men who converged infront of the public market. (more…)

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