MAGANES: Give Mocha Uson the chance

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 The appointment of Mocha Uson as a new assistant secretary of Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) has drawn criticisms from the netizens in the social media.  They said  Uson was not qualified for the said position, having been a former “sexy dancer” and a social blogger to boost. Many call her names as if the lady has no “brains” and not capable of her new appointment.
President Duterte appointed Uson as assistant secretary for social media. She has more than 5,000 followers on her Facebook account “Mocha Uson Blog”, a site she is using to convey information about the Duterte administration and also to lambast the critics of the President. Amid criticisms on her appointment, President Duterte came to her rescue. President Duterte said that Uson was appointed to the new position to repay her free services during the presidential campaign including her ” Mocha Girls” that provided entertainment. She was first appointed as a member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), a position she left.
Is Uson not really qualified to be an assistant secretary? Who is this lady?
Uson was born Margaux Justiniano Uson, a daughter of a prominent family in Asingan Pangasinan, her father was a former judge. She was a graduate of Medical Technology at University of Sto. Tomas (UST), the same school where she pursued medicine course. Uson dropped her idea to become a doctor after two years when her father Judge Oscar Uson was assassinated in Tayug town by motorcycle riding men in tandem in 2007. Until now, the assassination of her father remain unsolved.
Because of that incident and justice for her family became elusive, Uson joined the presidential campaign of then candidate Duterte in 2016. According to her, she believed Duterte would make a no-nonsense president who vowed to eradicate illegal drugs, corruption and criminalities in the country. During the campaign, her all-girls group “Mocha Girls” shed off the sexy image, for which they were known for.
While being a graduate of medical technology, Uson entered the entertainment industry. Her group sings and dances with sexy moxes. She became popular by being a cover of a magazine showing her sexy body to the consternation of “moralists” in our society.
But what’s wrong being in entertainment industry. Uson like many entertainers earned her fame through thick and thin. She earned her fame in a hard way without stepping on other people’s shoes. She was famous because she has the talent to sing and dance. There are many artists in the entertainment industry who are even worst of what Uson had been doing in the past, and yet these entertainers are looked up to and respected. Uson should not be different from them.
Uson became more famous when she started blogging about President Duterte. Her social account was followed by people who are supporting President Duterte. She has also her share of being derided and criticized by the critics of Duterte. So, Uson has all what it takes to be an assistant secretary for social media, a position that was created for her.

She might not be the kind of person as what others perceived her to be, Uson is undoubtedly intelligent and talented. She’s also into important women advocacies like breast cancer awareness and reproductive health.
To Uson’s critics, why don’t we give her the chance to prove her worth? She’s personally handpicked by President Duterte and who are we to question her abilities and capabilities? She might even be our link to the Duterte administration. This lady is not only about “sexiness”. She’s properly educated.
As of this writing, we are celebrating “mothers’ day”. Allow me to greet all mothers out there a very happy Mothers’ Day. You deserve to be loved and cared for without you, life will not be as easy for your children.
I missed my mother who passed away on July 27, 2016 at 93 years. She was caring and loving. I missed her smiles, hugs and laughters. I know she’s now in heaven singing with the angels of the Lord.
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