MAGANES: Where’s the PNP cleansing?

May 1, 2017 at 1:43 pm 2 comments

 vir maganes
Last January this year, President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the leadership of Philippine National Police (PNP) to start the massive cleansing of the police officers in the organization. He ordered Police Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa to look into the scalawags  and rogue cops of PNP to clean its ranks. This was done after ranking PNP officials were involved in the ” tokhang for ransom” of a Korean national Jee Ich Joo.
Said order was carried out by Dela Rosa. More than 400 policemen with shadowy records were presented to President Duterte in Malacañang Palace. He directed that the policemen be deployed in a war-torn area in Basilan (Mindanao). Out of the 200 policemen that were to be deployed in the said area, only 54 showed up for deployment. Others claimed to have filed their retirement while others did not heed the call, albeit went on a sabbatical leave or on “absence without official leave” (AWOL). That was the last report I have read in the national dailies on the “PNP cleansing process”.
What happened to the perpetrators of the “tokhang for ransom”? They are now detained at Camp Crame and stripped of their ranks following investigations that there’s probable cause of the case or cases filed against then in Courts. The cleansing was a laudable action of the PNP after the institution was criticized on the presence of police scalawags who are either involved in criminal activities such as extortion, illegal gambling, peddling of illegal drugs, gun-for-hire, bribery, etc. These police officers who took their oaths to serve and protect are the ones who are sowing fears among the Filipinos.
It’s a pity that the cleansing has not been carried out in a massive fashion. There are those who are doing their criminal activities under the very noses of their superiors. Yet, nothing has been done to stop them. I always believe that not all policemen are rotten. There are “rotten eggs” inside the PNP like in all other government offices, and these “rotten eggs” should be removed for the other “good eggs” to shine and save the institution.

President Duterte is dead serious in his bid to clean the ranks of the PNP and eradicate all forms of criminalities in it. While his war on illegal drugs has escalated and he repeatedly said that he will protect the policemen who perform their duties in pursuing drug personalities, that wasn’t a license for police officers to do so outside the ambit of our laws. Legal processes have to be followed. The rules of law should prevail.
While General Dela Rosa is pursuing the cleansing of the PNP, several police officers are not doing their share in the cleansing process. Lately, the PNP was again in hot water after the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) discovered a “secret detention cell” inside a police station in Tondo, Manila while doing inspections. The cell measuring one meter by five meters, was packed with 11 persons without proper ventilation, toilets, bathing area, etc. Detained persons said it was like a pig sty- odorous and obnoxious not fit for humans. The worst, the cell was clandestinely constructed with book shelf as a camouflage to conceal it. With this discovery, the PNP leadership was again in limbo. Who were behind this secret cell? Was the detention of drug suspects been going on for years?
The way I look at it, the secret cell was already there before the Duterte Administration. It was a facility designed to fleece money from the detainees as claimed by those in prison. CHR also found out that the names of those detained were not written at the blotter records of the police station,another violation of the police. This is disheartening to note since President Duterte and his cabinet secretaries keep on denying the existence of extra judicial killings (EJKs) and yet police stations like that in Tondo was maintaining a ” secret cell”. PNP leadership should go after the heads of those involved. Let heads roll just to save the PNP whose image has been eroding for years. General Bato should initiate the inspection of detention cells all over the country and find out if similar cells are existing.
What’s happening with our PNP? Another news came out lately that a police officer in Catanduanes resigned out of frustration. PO1 Vincent Tacorda was disgruntled with the operational systems of PNP in Catanduanes province. According to him, he could no longer carry the burden of pressures coming from his superiors. He said he was even ordered to kill a drug suspect as an accomplishment of the police station where he was assigned. He even claimed that his superiors ordered him not to declare all the confiscated drugs and money taken from those nabbed during operations.
How frustrating!Here’s a police officer who is still new in the PNP service. Instead of being inspired to do his work, he’s frustrated. How many Tacordas are there in the PNP? Maybe a lot more but they could not come out in the open for fear of reprisal from their superiors. Of course his superiors will lie about his allegations. What they could just say is for Tacorda to substantiate his allegations and not to air his frustrations and grievances to the media.
Oh my goodness! Where will Tacorda go if not to the media? Do you think he can air his grievances to his superiors where “seniority” in PNP prevails? Tacorda being new in PNP has revealed disappointing operations inside the PNP in Catanduanes. Tacorda’s allegations should not be taken lightly by General Dela Rosa. He should pursue an in-depth investigation to flesh out the realities of his allegations.
The cleansing inside the PNP must continue. It should not be only in Metro Manila but in all regions of the country. Police officers should be reshuffled in their areas of assignment. By the time that PNP is totally cleansed, we will have a strong PNP that will be looked up to by the Filipinos as real servants and protectors of peace and order.
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    Mali si General Bato protecting that illegal detention cell na nabisto ng CHR at foreign and local media. Masisira ang Drug War ni President Duterte sa statement ni Bato. Bato dapat mag confer muna sa police lawyer bago bumanat sa nakita ng CHR at media. Nandito mga violations ng police sa arbitrary detention at mala baboy na detention cell na kinuha ko sa Constitution at Revised Penal Code. Wala pa dito ang Misconduct and others sa Administrative Law.


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