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 Some of the candidates of this year’s search for Miss Limgas na Pangasinan wear their respective One Town, One Product (OTOP)-inspired costumes during the pre-pageant and Talent competition at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen last April 21. The pageant and coronation night will be held on April 30. The beauty contest is part of the annual Pista’y Dayat(sea festival) celebration.CESAR RAMIREZ

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 BFAR, Maritime Police sign letter-directive vs illegal fishing


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EDITORIAL: Sampung taon na po kami!

Nagsimula ang pahayagang pangkomunidad na Northern Watch noong 2007. Sa loob ng mga taong iyon, maraming suliranin ang kanyang hinarap. May mga pagkakataon na para bang hindi na dapat ipagpatuloy pa ang paglimbag nito dahil sa kakapusan ng pera, kakulangan kung minsan ng mga balita na inaakala namin ay dapat maisulat para sa mga tao at mga pagkakataon na matagal bago matapos sa limbagan ng mga pahayagan.
 Image result for northern watch dagupan
Sa likod ng mga suliraning yaon at dahil na rin sa hangaring magkaroon ng alternatibong pahayagan para sa mga Pangasinense, kami ay nagpatuloy. Minsan may mga banta sa mga pulitiko na hindi dapat ito tangkilikin, subalit sa loob ng sampung taon, ang Northern Watch ay namayagpag sa pagbigay ng mga makabuluhang balita, mga artikulo at mga istorya. Hindi ito natakot sa mga banta at nagpursigi ang patnugutan na ilabas ang mga balitang tunay na nagyayari sa loob ng lalawigang Pangasinan.


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MAGANES: Honoris causa?

vir maganes
The plan of the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines (UP) to confer an Honoris Causa Doctor of Laws to President Rodrigo Duterte was botched due to the noises of students and the academe of the country’s premier university. A student member of the Board of Regents said that Duterte has not done something exceptional for the country. He said there’s proliferation of extra-judicial killings (EJKs) and the wanton disregard of human rights.
It’s the tradition of UP to confer honoris causa titles to its commencement speakers much more if they are presidents, senators, justices, etc. The process is for the Board of Regents to nominate the person or persons for the conferment of the honors and it’s up to the recipients to accept or decline. The Board of Regents has not yet deliberated fully on the planned conferment but it caught the ire of some members of the UP community. Duterte on his part has declined the offer during an event in Tagbilaran City, Bohol saying that he’s not prone to accepting any honor and award since he was still the mayor of Davao City. He said further that he’s doing his work as president for the welfare of the Filipinos, with or without awards.
But what is this honoris causa?
Wikipedia defines it as an ” honorary degree, in Latin a degree honoris causa (“for the sake of the honor”) or ad honorem (“to the honor”)- an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, a dissertation and the passing of comprehensive examinations. The degree is typically a doctorate or, less commonly, a master’s degree, and may be awarded to someone who has no prior connection with the academic institution or no previous postsecondary education.
The degree is often conferred as a way of honoring a distinguished visitor’s contributions to a specific field or to society in general.
It is sometimes recommended that such degrees be listed in one’s CV as an award, and not in the education section. With regard to the use of this honorific, the policies of institutions of higher education generally ask that recipients “refrain from adopting the misleading title” and that a recipient of an honorary doctorate should restrict the use of the title “Dr” before their name to any engagement with the institution of higher education in question and not within the broader community.”
With that meaning, the “honoris causa” award is by no means important in one’s life. It’s just a “decorative title”, which has no bearing on the educational attainment of the person and that it could not be even claimed as an spectacular achievement. President Duterte, whether or not to be conferred with such “honorific title”,  is already a President, the highest political position that a person aspires for. He doesn’t need the award. His awards will come from the Filipino people if and when he’s able to make the “real reforms and change” for our country. I could not comprehend why the so called “Iskolar ng Bayan” of UP made a fuss out of it.


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Alaminos opens Pilgrimage Island to public

by Virgilio Sar. Maganes
ALAMINOS CITY- A new tourist destination within the Hundred Islands here has been opened to the public during the observance of Holy Week, which was led by Mayor Arthur F. Celeste.
A 56-foot statue of Christ the Savior was constructed atop the Martha Island, now called the Pilgrimage Island.
The pilgrim route has an eco-trail covering 263-concrete steps to reach the statue.
Mayor Celeste said the city government will also build a chapel, retreat house and a garden beside the statue.
” Once the other main features are completed, the pilgrimage island will lure hundreds of thousands of tourists particularly the pilgrims or devotees not only during the Lenten season but all year round.The place will be perfect meditations, for recollections and other religious activities,” he said.
The pilgrimage site offers a majestic and breathtaking view overlooking the 1,884-hectare Hundred Islands National Park.
Christ the Savior statue faces the St. Joseph Cathedral Parish and the city proper. It’s  the second statue built after the St. Joseph and the Child atop Governor’s Island.


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CORTEZ: P57 billion for rice importation from Vietnam

Tanong ng SINAG: Bakit daw pumirma ang NFA Council ng 2-year contract na mag-iimport ng 3 million metric tons ng bigas?
Ang bigas sa international market ay may current price na $380 per metric ton.
Ibig sabihin ay $380 times 3 million metric tons equals about P57 billion!, iyan ang kuwenta ni Boss Rosendo na chairman ng SINAG.
Gusto niyo po ba na maglabas ang Pilipinas ng P57 billion para bumili ng bigas?
Sabi ng SINAG na dapat ay ipambili na lang ng NFA ang P57 billion sa palay ng mga magsasaka dito sa Pilipinas.


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