MAGANES: Two faces of justice

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Whether we like it or not, there are two faces of justice operating in this country. One face is for the powerful and mighty and the other face is for the poor and the oppressed. I have been a witness of these two faces of justice in my work as a journalist for the last 20 years or so. The powerful politicians or those in power have always the edge in getting immediate results from cases and complaints filed either at the Prosecutor’s Office or at the courts of justice.
It’s worth remembering that when a powerful politician filed libel cases against colleagues in the media, the resolutions of the complaints were acted on so swiftly. It did not take years to resolve them but only several months. The cases were immediately endorsed to the Courts for proper hearing. However, there’s another media man who has sued with libel  by a private person which was acted on after two years. Why does the Prosecutor’s Office act so slowly? What was the difference of the complaints filed? Well, the complaints acted on immediately was filed by a powerful person. There’s a dictum in the justice system, that a “justice delayed is a justice denied”. Is it not that the symbol of justice is a hoodwinked lady holding a balance scale? The blindfold signifies that justice is not selective and the balance scale signifies equality before the law.
As I’ve been saying in the past, I still believe in the country’s justice system. There might be reasons to the delay in resolving complaints and cases but at the end of the day, justice will still prevail.
Speaking of justice, I finally received the resolution of the Prosecutor’s Office of the frustrated murder complaint I filed last November 2016. I received the resolution last March 28 or about five months after I was shot by motorcycle- riding men in tandem on November 8, 2016. It was a great relief that the case will now move on. I will not dwell lengthily on the merit of the case as it was already forwarded to the Court. I just hope that the wheels of justice will move not only for me but also for the suspect/s who will have their days in Court. I am praying that the suspect/s will discern what they have done and will disclose their accomplices and masterminds.
The sleepless nights brought about by the said incident are slowly waning. The trauma is still there but gradually it’s disappearing. I hope I can go back to my usual media activities without fear and continue to gather news sans security officers behind my back. Living a normal life after that shooting incident is not easy. The threat is still there as I was warned by real friends and police officers that the culprits have just mellowed on their criminal activities. They might do it again. God forbid!
I have already submitted my fate to my God who is compassionate and kind. At present, I am drawing my strength from my family and selected friends who are continuously praying for my safety. If there’s a lesson I learned from the said incident it is about selecting friends whom to associate with. I can’t forget what a municipal official of Villasis told me that those behind the shooting incident were my so-called “friends.”
Those “friends” I presumed, were bought off by someone who had an ax to grind against me. There were feelers telling me who were those behind it. What saddening to know was that the “friends” were those I considered “brothers”. The reality was slowly unfolding before me when a “brother” has been asking where I stay now and telling me that a close person was responsible for abducting the alleged leader of the gunmen-for-hire that was killed and dumped in a town in central Pangasinan. In due time, I will know them. This time, let justice takes its course in the Court.
Well, enough of those “hugot” lines. Life is beautiful and has to move on.
Last April 5, Pangasinan marked its 437th Founding Anniversary. It was a day worth remembering for the Pangasinenses as many activities unfolded before them.
The anniversary was opened by a mass followed by the awarding ceremonies of Kurit Panlunggaring, a literary contest using the Pangasinan vernacular. The tourism and trade expo was also opened showcasing products of Pangasinan and nearby provinces. This is opened to the public until May 2, the closing of Pista’y Dayat 2017.
In the afternoon, Parada na Luyag was participated in by the street dancers contingent from the towns of Pangasinan. Street dancing followed next in which the winners were: Champion- Mapandan, 1st runner up- Villasis, 2nd runner up- Mabini, 3rd runner up Lingayen, 4th runner up-Balungao and 5th runner up- Bayambang.
Konsiyerto ed Kapitolyo was staged at the Capitol grounds in the evening, which featured Mitoy Yonting of Calasiao town, who was the first grand winner of The Voice.
Well, the celebration of Agew na Pangasinan was a success. Pangasinan is indeed a great place to live, work, invest and raise a family.
My congratulations to the committees who spearheaded the celebration led by Governor Amado “Pogi” Espino III.
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