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vir maganes
I am back in media circulation again. Thankful that I am beginning to accept my fate of being a victim of a shooting incident by motorcycle riding in tandem on November 8, 2016. That incident left me with a life-long traumatic experience. Thank you to my friends, family and relatives who are my support groups. But most of all thank you to the officers of Philippine National Police (PNP) -Regional Office, Pangasinan Provincial Office, Pangasinan Public Safety Company in Tayug and Villasis Police Station who are continuously monitoring my situation and providing me police security and also to the Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) headed by Undersecretary Jose Joel M. Sy Egco.
Speaking of police officers, I have not lost my trust in them amid the controversy hounding the PNP. I am grateful for the way they treated me especially, by my two police escorts who did not expect anything from me, financially and otherwise. They keep providing me  security despite my humble life devoid of material things to live comfortably. I am forever grateful to them and hopefully I can repay their goodness in the future. As of now, they are still providing me security and I don’t know until when. PTFoMS advised me that the security of policemen will continue until the case is resolved. However, the warrant of arrest is still to be served to the suspects as the resolution of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office is not yet submitted to the Court. The process time is taking too long.

Last Tuesday I paid a courtesy visit to Villasis OIC-Chief of Police P/Chief Inspector Brendon C. Palisoc. He replaced P/Chief Inspector Norman Florentino who was assigned to the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office last month. The meeting was cordial. Palisoc, who was previously assigned in Rosales town, was very unassuming and humble despite rumors that he was a tough officer in his previous areas of assignment. He intimated to me his experiences in Rosales town including his operations against the drug users and pushers thereat. In Villasis, he is visible in villages and keeps on monitoring the activities of policemen under him with the assistance of equally humble P/Senior Inspector Rodrigo G. Lubiano, the Deputy Chief of Police.
Aside from his police operations, Palisoc also shared his insights about media men visiting his office. I had a laugh when he told me that media men as far as Metro Manila, Bulacan and Pampanga wearing big IDs regularly visited him only to ask money for their gasoline. I told him not to entertain those guys as they’re masquerading as media men. He nodded several times when I warned him that there are media men in Pangasinan also who do the same modus operandi. They will go to police stations and ask money from Chiefs of Police but never write any news article.
Villasis town is lucky to be assigned with good Chiefs of Police. I have good dealings with P/Chief Inspector Mariano Anod, P/Chief Inspector Jesus Manalo Jr., P/Chief Inspector Florentino and now P/Chief Inspector Palisoc. They are every inch gentlemen and officers- to be trusted and respected. All of them have earned the respect of the townspeople of Villasis except for a few villagers, politicians and village officials who have not enjoyed police support because of their shadowy activities.
Another police officer that I admire is P/Superintendent Jackie C. Candelario who is at present the Deputy Police Director for Operations at the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office. This equally unassuming police officer was one of the guests during the KBP Forum of Pangasinan Chapter held at Sonshine Radio in Dagupan City last February 2. I’ve met him several times in the past especially when I figured in a shooting incident. He was with Regional Director Gregorio Pimentel, PTFoMS Undersecretary Egco, OIC-Provincial Director Ronald Oliver Lee and several other police officers who visited me when I was confined at Marcelino Chan Memorial Hospital in Carmen West Rosales. At present,Candelario was also assigned as OIC-Chief of Police of Urdaneta City after the police officers there were relieved due to missing 41 firearms, which is now the subject of investigation.
At the KBP Forum, Candelario said  it was about time to have the cleansing of PNP officers and admitted that there are really “bad eggs” in the PNP organization. The suspension of the “Tokhang,” according to him, did not demoralize the ranks of PNP because they have done their job. The war on illegal drugs he said will be reverted back to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) but still to be supported by PNP in localities where illegal drugs proliferate.
I have many friends in the PNP that I could not name all of them in this article. I am writing this just to show that not all policemen are bad. Most of them are good and dedicated public servants. Although the PNP has been rocked lately with controversies like the “Tokhang for Ransom”, that incident I supposed does not reflect the totality of our police force. Like any organization, there are scalawags who are not after their service but to enrich themselves instantly.
Now that PNP is undergoing “cleansing and purging” of its ranks, it is best for us to pray for them especially the good ones who will be left to regain the respect and trust of the people. We should condemn those who figured out in many illegal activities but also praise those policemen who are doing their work efficiently and are even risking their lives for the sake of the Filipino people. Let’s rally behind Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and all other police officers that they will continue to “serve and protect” us from bad elements.
Keep the trust in our policemen burning!
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EDITORIAL : Pagsuspendi ng ‘Tokhang,’ tumigil ang patayan Candelario: We will continue to serve and protect the people

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