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vir maganes

I was glued on my seat last Thursday (January 26) watching the Senate investigation on “Tokhang for ransom”. It started at 10:00 in the morning and ended at 3:00 in the afternoon or five hours of a real drama where the protagonists and antagonists are mostly members  of the Philippine National Police (PNP). It was also a day when the honorable senators have shown their verbal prowess, perhaps taking advantage of  free media mileage.
The inquiry was properly handled by Senator Panfilo Lacson, Senate chair on the Committee of Public Order where the grilling of the suspects for the abduction and killing of a Korean businessman was untamed and bland. I was expecting a “bomb to explode” or rather truth ferreted out, but the suspects Police Superintendent Rafael Dumlao and Senior Pollice Officer 3 Ricky Sta. Isabel kept on denying and accusing each other  their participation in the crime.
The hearing was revealing as well as disgusting. It was revealing because the shenanigans at the PNP were out in the open. It’s disgusting as well because all these years, we’re not fully aware that the police officers who are supposed to serve and protect us are the ones behind criminal activities of all nature- kidnap for ransom, illegal drugs, gun running, etc.
I almost puked hearing the exchange of words of Dumlao and Sta. Isabel. Apparently, both of them were lying and trying to cover up the crime and perhaps even those other police officers as their accomplices. General Bato Dela Rosa was not at his best in that hearing. He was the center of ogling eyes and minds of the people. Where in the hell that a crime to be kept secret for months could be done inside the supposedly safe place Camp Crame? He’s upset about what happened but had not done drastic actions immediately against those culprits. If I were him, I should have dismissed Sta. Isabel and Dumlao pronto.

My heart was bleeding seeing Mrs. Jee, the wife of the Korean victim. She was helpless and her eyes were full of sad emotions. The lady wants justice for her slain husband who was already in the country for ten years doing business as an executive of Hanjin Corporation. He was abducted because he’s millionaire and not because he’s into illegal drug peddling. His name was not on the list of illegal drug personalities in Angeles City as revealed by General Bato.
Behind all crimes is the love of power and money. Politicians are prone to greed of money because they have to maintain an armed groups to protect them. Policemen like Dumlao and Sta. Isabel might have done the gruesome crime for love of money too. They’re not contented of their salaries given by the national government, thus they ventured into illegal activities.
Was Sta. Isabel the fall guy here? Personally, I found him to be the most guilty if the case will be lodged in Court. He amassed wealth of more than P17 million as revealed by his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) of 2015 and 2016. “How much is your monthly salary?” asked Senator Grace Poe to Sta. Isabel. He tried to parry off the question of Senator Poe by explaining that his wife was into business. However, Senator Poe was persistent on her questioning until Sta. Isabel answered he was receiving P8,000.00 because of many loans he was in. My golly! Here’s a Senior Police Officer 3 with that kind of asset! It’s quite unbelievable but that has to be investigated if those wealth came from legal means.
The Senate inquiry was trying to pin down Sta. Isabel. How about the SALN of Dumlao? Is it not worth digging into it? And, why not look into the SALNs of other police officers if General Bato is sincere in his cleansing the PNP? As Senator Lacson said, General Bato should show the needed leadership in the organization of PNP. He has to take the lead in suing the police scalawags and dismiss them in service if needed.
The Korean’s slay case may take time to be decided on by a competent Court. May the Senate inquiry could open up more cans of worms in order to come up with legislative actions to improve the PNP leadership. There are good men in the police forces and sincere in their work as law enforcers. However, the good deeds they are doing are overshadowed by the doings of rouge policemen who don’t deserve to be in the PNP. The reforms should start now as what President Duterte has promised to the Filipinos.
The results of the Senate inquiry could not stand alone in Court. The results of the investigations conducted by the PNP and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) could be the basis for the Department of Justice (DoJ) to file criminal cases against Dumlao and Sta. Isabel and their cohorts. And, for how long? It was decided during that inquiry for the NBI to conduct preliminary investigation on the case. Senator warned PNP and NBI:” Build a strong case against the suspects. Join your acts together.”
Next Thursday (February 2) will be the next hearing at the Senate. More resource persons are invited to include the wife of Sta. Isabel, the owner of the Gream Funeral Parlor that cremated the body of the Korean victim,a certain police officer named Allan Macapagal,etc. Do we expect concrete results out of the inquiry? The senators should not use kids’ gloves in getting facts from the resource persons. They should by all means get into the depth of the case and elicit more names in “tokhang for ransom” to come out.
This time, more Filipinos are watching.
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