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Dagupan faces massive garbage problem

By Yolanda Sotelo
DAGUPAN CITY – It is almost every year that this city’s dumpsite in Bonuan Boquig experiences fire, a worker at the dumpsite said.
“It was only in 2016 that the 50-year old dumpsite did not get burned down. There was even a year when the entire dumpsite was flattened by a fire,” Antonio Esteves said.
Garbage as high as 6-10 meters lines a road along the Tondaligan Park. The dumpsite occupies 3-4 hectares and emits a stench enough to make passersby puke and may cause health problems to the nearby residents.
Last week, a fire gutted at least half of the garbage, Esteves said.
Right after the fire, the Environment Management Bureau Ilocos regional office issued a cease and desist order to the Dagupan City government from using the dump site, but still, some dump trucks are seen coming in and out, dumping garbage collected from the city’s 30 villages.
“Where will we bring the garbage?” a confused waste management truck driver, said, as workers haul black bags into the truck near a government building.
The fire may have been contained, but smoke still emanates from different areas. A worker is seen on top of a heap, hosing down the smoke with water from a firetruck below.
In a corner, a family of scavengers was hauling their possessions from a makeshift house. The family is one of the 30 families living in the dumpsite which were transferred to the core shelters provided by the city government through the Bottoms Up Budgeting project of the national government.
While happy with the prospect of living in a cleaner surrounding, Jessie Doctolero, 27, said the core shelter is far from the dump site, his family’s “workplace.”  The core shelters are located about three kilometers away.
Relocating the scavengers was one of the steps the city government undertook in efforts to solve the garbage problem of Dagupan. In a statement, Mayor Belen Fernandez said the waste-to-worth project with a private company that would use the garbage as fuel source, is now under evaluation. A memorandum of agreement for the project was signed in 2014.
Meantime, the city’s garbage kept on piling at the dump site located near the beach in an area declared as Tondaligan Park.
The city government maintains a facility  that processes biodegradable wastes into organic fertilizer.
But this is just a very small portion of the wastes, said Sammy Flores, in charge of the composting machine.
He could not, however, say the volume of fertilizer that the facility churns out daily or monthly.
Very few barangays segregate their garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable, Esteves said.
A big part of the garbage is plastics. Because they are not biodegradable, they stick out, still vibrant in color, from the sides of the garbage heaps that are already decomposing.
None of those working at the dumpsite knew what to do next after the EMB issued the cease and desist order to the city government.
 “We are waiting for the waste-to-worth (or energy) that would be implemented by the city government,” Clores said.
City officials are scrambling to look for sanitary landfills that would accommodate the city’s garbage. On the instruction of Fernandez, Nicanor Melecio, a consultant of the city government, asked Urdaneta City to accommodate the garbage.
Urdaneta obliged, but only for 1.5 tons daily. Dagupan produces some 20 tons of garbage daily.
Melecio said they would try to talk with officials of San Fernando City which operates a sanitary landfill.
When asked where the truckload of wastes from the Astrodome would be brought,  the driver said, “Bonuan dumpsite.”
He knew the dumpsite has been closed, but he said he would still try.
“Where else would we go?” he said.


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ORTIGOZA: Are we winning the drug war?

Skeptics on President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs compared Thailand’s war on narcotics where almost 3,000 died in the First Drug War in February to April 2003 and countless died in the Second Drug War in 2005.
Despite the thousands of persons  killed in Thailand and those 6000 individuals who died in legitimate police operation and those on Death Under Investigation (D.U.I),  in the Philippines war on dangerous drugs, these skeptics say Duterte’s war on narcotics is destined to fail.
But as a radio commentator and journalist who visit regularly city and town mayors and chiefs of police in the 48 cities and towns’ Pangasinan, I could say that the dangerous drugs war launched by the Duterte Administration is picking up and resulted in significant drop not only of drug pushing and using but of index crimes like theft, robbery, and other petty crimes.
In Alaminos City, Police Chief Superintendent Benjamin Ariola cited recently that only two of the 39 villages in this Western Pangasinan city are still not illegal drug free. Dagupan City’s Chief of Police Superintendent Neil Miro declared in January 12 the city as 90.2 percent after narcotics prevalent Barangay Pantal and Pogo Chico of the 31 villages’ city were publicly announced as drug free.
In mammoth Pangasinan which is one of the top five most populated provinces in the country, 940 barangays out of the 1,364 villages are drug free and the police projected it to be narcotics-free in February this year, according to Police Superintendent Jackie Candelario, Deputy Provincial Director for Operation.
The criteria in declaring a village as drug free are mind numbing, according to Mangaldan Chief of Police’s Supt. Jeff Fanged.
“The process for their declaration was tedious. We followed the procedures at the BADAC (Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council), MADAC (Municipal  Anti-Drug Abuse Council ),and  PADAC (Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council),” he stressed.


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Calasiao security blanket a model for other fiestas

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
CALASIAO – The successful security preparations spread out by the police for the four-day festival here could be a model for other towns or cities.
calasiao-policeCOPS. Policemen of Calasiao, Pangasinan pose with town Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon (4th from left, front row) and their chief of police Superintendent Charles Umayam (5th from left, front law). The Calasiao Police Station has 80 policemen lead by Umayam and his two deputy chiefs of police and four Non-Uniformed Personnel (NUP). It has a Police to Population Ration of 1:1,380.

Police Superintendent Charles Umayam said the security challenge brought by the Calasiao Puto Festival in December 8-11 last year was daunting than those posed by the fiesta celebration of San Carlos City.
Although his present post is in a town, the chief of police explained that the thousands of people that attended the fiesta here could eclipse those that attended the fiesta in a big city like San Carlos.
Umayam said the huge crowd during the fiesta was due to urbanization of this burgeoning town and its proximity to Dagupan City.


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 Abrenica to kapitans: End illegal drugs

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
VILLASIS- Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica challenged village officials to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs in their villages in support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drugs.
Abrenica issued the challenge  during the Barangay Night of the town fiesta last January 17.
 Abrenica, who came from a meeting in Malacañang Palace with all mayors nationwide last January 15 said President Duterte urged them to stop illegal drugs in their villages otherwise he will “kill them”.
” President Duterte said we could indulge in personal vices but moderately except the use of illegal drugs. He was sincere in telling us that illegal drugs should stop in the country and municipal mayors have the big roles to play,” Abrenica said.
 He said illegal drugs should stop in the town and village officials should have active roles in combatting the menace.
 ” We have to support President Duterte. I will coordinate with you through a program ‘Diskarte ni Kapitan, Droga sa Barangay Labanan’, which I will be launching soon,” he said.


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CORTEZ: Mang Donald, ang bagong POTUS

AMERICA 1st! Iyan ang laman ng unang speech ng 45th na President Of The United States (POTUS) na si Donald Trump.
“We are transferring power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to the people.
From this day forward, it’s only going to be America First.
America will start winning again. Winning like never before.
We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American.
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
 We will no longer accept politicians that are all talk and no action.
 Together, we will make America great again. “
Ang sinasabi ni Mang Donald Trump ay nawalan ng kapangyarihan ang American people sa mga nakaraang administrasyon.
Gusto ni Mang Donald na maging First ang America kasi napag-iwanan na ito.
Talo as in palaging natatalo ang America sa kanyang mga giyera, talo ang America sa economy, talo ang America sa sports.
Buy American sila pero made in China, hahaha!
Hire American, pero African-American, Irish-American, Korean-American, Chinese-America, German-American, Mexican-American, Indian-American, Japanese-American, East Asian-American, Filipino-American ang workers nila.
Dahil mixed race ang population ng America… nationalism daw ang kailangan.
Kung Fil-Am ka… Filipino ka ba muna bago ka American?
Kung Irish-American ka… Irish ka ba muna bago ka American?
Kung Japanese-American ka… Japanese ka ba muna bago American?
Relative ang greatness ng America. Great siya sa pagpapalaganap ng giyera sa bawat panig ng mundo.
Paano magiging great again ang America kung ang gross national debt nito as of January 2017 ay $19,961,467,137,973.64 or $20 Trillion?!
Great ang America sa isang panahon ng kasaysayan, pero wala siyang pera ngayon.
China ang may pera ngayon. China ang may surplus na pera para pondiohan ang development projects ng iba’t ibang bansa.
21st CENTURY MARITIME SILK ROAD. Dahil maraming excess na pera ang China nagpopondo ito ng mga railway  na tumatagos sa iba’t ibang bansa.
‘A freight train service linking Xi’an, capital of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province with Moscow, capital of Russia, began operations,’ sabi ng balita.
O di ba? China to Russia and vice versa.
‘The train of 41 containers mainly carrying consumer durables, left Xi’an at 10:50 a.m. and will pass through Kazakhstan before reaching Moscow, sources with the Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park said.
Ang Kasakhstan po ay isang republika na separate sa Russia.
‘The trip will take 11 days, compared to the traditional land/sea route, which takes over 45 days.’
Mas mabilis, tama po ba?
‘It is the third China-Europe freight train from Xi’an following those to Warsaw and Hamburg.’
Pasok na sa Europe via train ang mga products ng China.
‘Xi’an, known in ancient times as Chang’an, was a terminus of the Silk Road — an ancient land trade route that ran through northwest China’s Shaanxi, Gansu and Xinjiang, and Central and Western Asia, before reaching the Mediterranean.’
Binubuhay ng China ang kanyang pagiging great noong unang itinayo ang Silk Road at itong mga intercontinental railways ay proof ng China is great again.
Hindi ko alam kung paano magiging great again ang America na sinabi ni Mang Donald.
RESIGN FIRST! Iyan ang hamon ni House Speaker Bebot Alvarez kayPNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa sa isyu ng pagpataya sa retired Korean national sa loob ng camp Crame.
Naunahan ang oposisyon na hingin ang resignation ni PNP Chief Bato. Mismong si House Speaker ang humingi ng resignation.
Hahaha! Habang nagse-celabrate ng anniversary ang LP ay naunahan sila sa resignation call.
Biruin niyo nga naman. May kidnapping na nagyari at ang kidnap victim ay dinala sa Camp Crame.
Ang Camp Crame ay kampo ng mga police.
Ang kidnapper ay mga police.
Nakakuha daw ng limang milyong piso bilang ransom pero pinatay pa rin ang kidnap victim!
Pinatay sa loob ng kampo ng mga police.
“Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa should immediately resign as chief of the Philippine National Police to save President Rodrigo Duterte from further embarrassment and restore respect to the Office of the PNP Chief,” sabi ni Speaker Bebot Alvarez.
“The commission of a heinous crime right in his very nose is not only an insult but a clear indication that he has lost the respect of his people,” dagdag ni Speaker Bebot.
“Dela Rosa should buckle down to work or better yet give the job to someone else who is dead serious in leading the PNP in its multi-pronged war against drugs, criminals and the scalawags within its ranks,” sabi ni Speaker Bebot.
HIYANG HIYA! Iyan naman ang feeling ni PNP  Chief Bato Dela Rosa.
“Very angry. Very offended. Kung pwede matunaw na ako sa kinalalagyan ko sa hiya,” sabi ni PNP Chief dela Rosa.
Iligal dawn a patayin ni PNP Chief iyung mga police na kidnappers.
“If I have my way, I would kill the policemen who are kidnappers. But I cannot do it because it’s illegal,”
Hindi enjoy sa work si PNP Chief Bato.
“Akala ba nila nag-e-enjoy ako sa trabaho ko. Gusto nila ako mag-resign, sabihin nila sa Presidente na paalisin ako,” sabi ni PNP Chief Bato.
Bato: Hindi magre-resign hanggang hindi drug-free ang Pilipnas.
“Habang meron pa kaming mission na gagawin tapusin muna namin itong war on drugs. Siguro kapag tapos na, ma-declare na natin na drug-free ang buong Pilipinas pwede na ako mag-resign,” sabi ni PNP Chief Bato.
How cruel of you! No rest! No Sleep! Na nga si PNP Chief Bato.
“Grabe naman sila. How cruel of them to say that na pagresign ako. Wala na nga akong pahinga. Wala na nga akong tulog but anyway we cannot satisfy everyone,” sabi ni PNP chief Bato.

“Inaamin ko naman talaga ‘yung nangyari na dito pa pinatay. Kapalpakan namin ‘yan. Pulis ‘yan e. Kagaguhan, kasindikatauhan na ginawa. Sagot ko ‘yan dahil ako ang chief PNP. It’s our misdoing. Cops were involved. They committed a wrongdoing. I take full responsiblity for the crime because I’m the chief PNP,” sabi ni PNP chief Bato.


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Pangasinan intensifies anti-rabies awareness campaign

DAGUPAN CITY – The  provincial-government has intensified its campaign against rabies in its bid to reduce the number of rabies cases in Pangasinan.
Dr. Eric Perez, provincial veterinarian,  said vaccination of pets is scheduled all year-round and responsible pet ownership is encouraged.
Perez said Republic Act 9482 or the Anti-Rabies Act provides that all pet owners should have their dogs vaccinated and maintain a record of all the vaccination conducted on their dogs. 
In the Health Summit conducted in Lingayen town in October 2016, Pangasinan ranked first nationwide in the most number of human death caused by rabies numbering 16. This was again reported in a health summit held in Clark in January this year. 
Perez said the towns and cities  with the most number of rabies cases in Pangasinan include San Carlos City in District 3, San Fabian in District 4 and Urdaneta City in District 5.
Nurse Ruby Doria of the Provincial Health Office’s infectious diseases team said in 2016, most of the 16 people in Pangasinan who died of rabies  did not submit themselves to vaccination after they were bitten by dogs.
Doria lamented that even with the passage of RA 9842, the law has not been implemented strictly nor followed in the villages.
“Ipabakuna ang mga alagang aso, panatilihin sa bakuran at huwag hayaang gagala sa daan. Dapat din na iparehistro sila sa kinuukulan at bigyan ng malinis na pagkain. Ito ang dapat tuparin ng mga pet owners. “ Doria told the Philippine Information Agency.
This 2017, Doria said the Regional Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (RADL) located in Brgy. Tebag in Sta. Barbara town has made the examination for dogs suspected of disease, free. RADL used to charge P300 for examination.
Doria said PHO has intensified its information and education campaign  and has also requested the help of barangay health workers to have a master list of dogs in every household whenever they conduct house-to-house visits. 
 In September  2016, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Pangasinan passed a resolution calling for the full and strict implementation of the Anti-Rabies Act. (VHS/PIA-1, Pangasinan) 


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