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Crime rates decline in Lingayen thanks to CCTV

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
LINGAYEN – This capital town mayor said crime rates declined here because of the 44 closed-circuit television (CCTV) installed all over the Poblacion area.
 Mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda said aside from the reduced number of criminality, the CCTVs reduced the traffic congestion because traffic enforcers could easily be ordered to immediately approach the area where there is a traffic snarl.cctvSECURITY CAMERAS. The main monitor of the 44 security cameras located inside the office of Lingayen Mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda. She said the cameras that are installed in various places of the Poblacion reduced the number of criminalities committed in the capital town and reduced the traffic congestion in the main thoroughfares. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

“In my first term in 2013 I started with 14 CCTVs, now we have 44 cameras all over the different places of the Poblacion areas to monitor criminals,” she said.
The mayor said in case there was a hold-up, say at ten in the evening, the police can just go to the office of the mayor by studying the replay of the recorded robbery on that time and the place as captured by the camera.
“Sa barangay meron din sila. Maglagay din sila. Sarili na nila ang gastos,” she said by referring to the internal revenue allotment from the national government of the 32 villages here.
Castaneda said she needed a bigger monitor since her present monitor was too small for the 44 miniature monitors inside the mother monitor.
Aside from this capital town, other local government units in Pangasinan that invest to fight criminality and traffic congestion by having CCTVs are the cities of Dagupan and Urdaneta and Mangaldan town.
Meanwhile, Castaneda said for this year her constituents would be a beneficiary of a P7 million pesos farm-to-market road from the Bottoms-Up-Budgeting (BUB) of the Department of Agriculture.


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MAGANES: Trauma for life?

 As I am writing this article, the “shooting incident” that almost cost my life keeps on haunting me day and night. That incident on November 8 last year in spite of my efforts to forget it has not ceased to revisit me even when I am fully awake or in my deep sleep. That incident vividly flashback in my mind and rewinds after the passing of each day. How hard I try to pray to God that the rancor will pass, but still the hatred in my heart is still there. I keep on asking, “why me?” I just can’t get away from the trauma associated with that incident.
It’s 60 days has passed after the incident. The suspects are still roaming freely. I don’t know why the resolution of the case is that slow at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor. Or, am I just too impatient that the suspects have not yet been issued with warrants of arrest? I know that there are legal processes that have to be followed. However, isn’t it that “justice delayed is a justice denied”?
While I am wallowing in despair and anxiety, I am shrouded with the belief that persons whom I considered “friends” were also behind the incident. The usual gestures of camaraderie have changed. I could sense their coldness towards me. The usual warm association with them has turned into somewhat fleeting gestures of “not knowing each other”. They could not see me eye to eye, which puzzles me no end. What were their motives of inflicting harm against me?
I have been cordial with these so-called “friends” in the past to the extent of even helping them in my own little way. What made them to do that devil act to me? I might have done or spoken something that made them begrudge me, but that is my personality. I am an outspoken person and  sometimes brutally frank. Could those be the reasons why they hadthe temerity to silence me for life? Where are their conscience and fear of God, if they still have their sanity?
At present, I am suffering from trauma stress. People around me could not understand what I am going through. No amount of coffee or listening to my favorite songs and surfing the internet could alter my perception of life at the moment. I have disturbed sleep at night, irritable at most and have poor concentration. I could no longer  dissociate “reality” from “remembered” events. And how I wish my life could go back to normal the way it used to be sans detailed police officers to secure my life.


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EDITORIAL:   Pagpupugay sa mga beterano ng World War II

 Malaki ang naiambag ng mga beteranong sundalo at gerilya sa ating tinatamasang kalayaan. Sila ay nakipagsabayan sa mga sundalong Amerikano sa pakipaglaban sa mga Japanese Imperial Army noong nakaraang ikalawang digmaang pandaigdigan o World War II (WWII) na nagsimula noong Disyembre 1941 hanggang Agosto 1945.
Sa panahong iyon, ang Pilipinas ay nasa ilalim ng “Commonwealth” ng Estados Unidos kayat ang mga sundalo at gerilyang Filipino ay kasapi ng United States Armed Forces of the Far East (USAFFE). Ang kanillang kagitingan ay hindi mapasubalian dahil sa pagbigay nila ng kanilang buhay para sa bansa. Ang kabayanihang ito ng mga beterano binigyan pansin ng pamahalaan sa pagbibigay ng pensyon na nagkakahalaga ng P5,000.00 kada buwan, libreng pagpapagamot sa mga pampublikong ospital at iba pang mga tulong gaya ng “scholarship grant” sa kanilang mga anak.
Sa Pangasinan, kinikilala ng pamahalaang panlalawigan ang kagitingan ng mga beteranong sundalo at gerilya. Nagsimula ang pagbibigay pugay sa kanila noong Enero 1993 na kaalinsabay ng pagdiriwang ng “Lingayen Gulf Landings” noong panahon ni dating Gobernador Aguedo F. Agbayani. Sa taong iyon ay napasinayaan ang Veterans’ Memorial Park sa Lingayen Capitol Grounds. Ang pagbibigay pugay sa kanila ay ipinagpatuloy ng mga sumunod na pamahalaang panlalawigan sa ilalim nina dating Gobernador Oscar Orbos, Victor Agbayani, Amado Espino Jr. at ang kasalukuyang gobernador Amado “Pogi” Espino III.


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DAGUPAN CITY – The city’s five major road intersections are now equipped with traffic lights following the activation of the two remaining traffic lights on January 6 at Perez Boulevard corner Guilig Street; and Perez Boulevard corner Rizal Street and Rizal Extension.

Mayor Belen T. Fernandez personally witnessed the activation of the two remaining traffic lights so she can recommend the necessary readjustment on how many seconds or minutes that are needed to let a number of vehicles pass through.

The restoration of the traffic lights, which had been dormant for years, is Fernandez’ thrust in improving the city’s traffic management system since she became the city mayor. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA:Daunting defenses of Japan, Ph in case China attacks

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
In case war breaks in the South China Sea between the aggressor and island grabbing Mainland China versus Japan and the Philippines, the Chinese would be facing formidable defensive weaponries from the Japanese particularly.
As what U.S. Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) shouted to Navy Lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee,(Tom Cruise) at the flick’s A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth!”
Can the Sinos handle the naked military truth I’m going to enumerate below? Brace yourself if you cheer for the Chinese.
In my daily radio program at Sonshine Radio, I told recently Denmark Suede, a pilot from Australia, about Japan’s insurmountable defenses in case a shooting war erupts between her and the Chinks somewhere in the disputed Senkaku Islets.
“Japan’s defense is the best model how to deter China not to jut her air force and naval juggernauts somewhere near the disputed Senkaku Islands and some parts of the Japanese sea otherwise she would be humiliated” I stressed.
Citing the news article “Five Japanese Weapons of War China Should Fear”, I and Denmark summarized by quoting the salient parts of the article written by Kyle Mizokami.
“Soryu-class Diesel Electric Submarines: Japan’s Soryu-class submarines, where 9 are operational while 12 are being planned, are some of the most advanced non-nuclear attack submarines in the world. Four Stirling air independent propulsion systems allow the Soryu class to remain underwater far longer than most diesel electric submarines.
The Soryu class is armed with six bow-mounted torpedo tubes, with a total of 20 Type 89 high-speed homing torpedoes and American-made Sub-Harpoon missiles.
“Are Harpoons the same people who recruited Filipinas to be Japayukis (prostitutes, entertainers) in Japan?” jocularly asked by my tandem Harold Barcelona.
Denmark immediately told Harold that those recruiters were the Hapon. Harpoon he cited is an all-weather, over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile system, developed and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing Douglas).
 Japan’s submarines could also be the delivery vehicles for cruise missiles, should the concept of preemptive strikes, currently being debated in Japanese politics, become a reality”.
Mizokami, who wrote in The Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring, and The Daily Beast, cited  the Japan’s submarine fleet is particularly worrisome to China because of Beijing’s traditional weakness in anti-submarine warfare (ASW).
“Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ manufactured F-15Js: Are fighter jets that are armed with the AAM-5 infrared homing missile, similar to the American Sidewinder missile, which it replaced. Complementing it will be the AAM-4B, a medium-ranged radar-guided missile and one of the few missiles in the world with an active-array radar seeker. Active-array radar missiles, of which China has none, dramatically spike both the range and the lock-on capability of radar-guided missiles, giving the F-15J a distinct advantage over Chinese adversaries”.


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