MAGANES: My wishes for the year 2017

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To us Filipinos and all other nationalities in the world, December 31 is always worth looking forward to. At 11:50 in the evening of the last day of the year, people start the countdown, watching the seconds tick in their time pieces and at 12:00 midnight the revelry of welcoming the new year is full of life and fun. The sounds of firecrackers reverberate in the air coupled with fireworks displays that look like kaleidoscope in the atmosphere.
In welcoming 2017, almost all activities are akin to those in previous years. There’s the “media noche” where families got together and partook of the sumptuous food prepared. There were lots of exchanging stories, good and bad. Bonding among family members was a common scene. Noises were all over in the neighborhood- sounds from “torotot”, clattering of utensils, empty cans dragged by motorcycle-riding teenagers, banging of doors, etc. All we heard  were sounds to drive away evil spirits and welcome good vibes for the incoming year.
The year 2016 has just ended. It was a year full of events. There were events that are pleasant to recall that we want them to linger for long. There were events too that we wanted to be part of our memories. And, others we want to throw to oblivion. Like in many new years’ celebrations, as 2017 ushers in, we think of better tomorrow. We always expect new horizon in our lives. We always hope that at the onset of each New Year, the best in our lives, families and communities will come. The arrival of the new year is also a chance to do better, to revisit and address the failures of the previous year. We write resolutions and wishes.
Here are my wishes for the year 2017:
First, I wish for the swift resolution of my case by the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor. I figured in a “shooting incident” last November 8 perpetrated by “motorcycle riding in tandem” where I almost lost my life. The “suspects” are still roaming freely and there’s the fear that they will still be used to silence me by those people who premeditated my assassination. That shooting incident has given me nightmares and sleepless nights that until now I have the eerie feeling that it might happen again. Hopefully, the case will soon be forwarded to the Court for proper hearing.

Second, I wish that the mastermind of my assassination attempt will be identified soon to give full justice to what happened to me. There are many leads and links that will pinpoint to the real culprit and may justice be served in a proper time.
Third, politics should take a backseat for now in Pangasinan. Politicians should concentrate on delivering their promised development in their towns and in the province. They should look for ways and means to improve the lives of their constituents and not resort to issuing “praise releases” to perpetuate themselves in power. They should also reach out to other politicians who lost last elections. These leaders have a lot to offer to improve the lives of the people. Our elected officials should act as leaders first and not politicians. Too much politics have been dragging the province to its desired development and progress.
Fourth, media organizations in Pangasinan should be strengthened and not used as political arm of the greedy politicians. These organizations must have to look for leaders who could articulate the needs of the local media industry. Let legitimate media practitioners run the affair of media organizations in the like of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas-Pangasinan Chapter. Media practitioners must do their acts together.
Fifth, harassment and any attempt to silence media practitioners should end. Media practitioners have a role to play in a sane society. Like any work, the media practitioners are just making a living out of their profession or vocation. Killing them or thwarting what has to be informed to the people is a devious act. Let media do its mandated job as long as they do it with objectivity and for the public interests.
 Sixth, in our province Pangasinan, I hope that people’s lives will be better with the passing of each day of the year. I pray for a better Pangasinan -its economy, development of its dormant potentials, stable peace and order and political stability.
Seventh, I wish good health for my friends in the media industry in Pangasinan. May they remain strong and brave as they do their work. There few of them who commiserate with what happened to me. These friends know when to lend their helping hands. Let me name some of them: Yolly Sotelo, my publisher cum editor of this paper and correspondent of Philippine Daily Inquirer; Eva Visperas, a reporter of Philippine Star; Macky Delgado of DWPR; Jerry Cambay of DWPR; Rhee Fer. Hortaleza of Aksyon Radyo; Framy Sabado of Bombo Radyo; Nora Dominguez of Net 25; Gabby Yana of Philippine Weekly: Susan Yadao of DWIZ and the management and staff of my DWPR family.
Eight, I wish more prosperity and good health as well to Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So, former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco, former 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco, Abono Partylist President Leny Flores, Cojuangcos’ Friday girl Dhang Manaois, Abono Partylist Rep. Conrad M. Estrella III, Villasis Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, Urdaneta City Mayor Amadeo Gregorio “Bobom” Perez IV and Asingan Mayor Heidee Ganigan-Chua.
There are other persons whom I have to thank for the best times I had in 2016. They are all formidable to be with that space is not enough to write their names here. Thanks for the good times and may it continue in 2017. Thank you for being there and be parts of my life.
Let’s all welcome 2017 with a big “BANG”!
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