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EDITORIAL: Nakakabahala ang pagtaas ng HIV cases sa Pangasinan

Kamakailan lang, naiulat na tumataas ang bilang ng mga may taglay na “human immuno virus” (HIV) sa Pangasinan na nagdulot ng pagkabahala ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) na pinamumunuan ni Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim Jr.
Ayon sa ulat ng Provincial Health Office (PHO), patuloy ang pagtaas ng may kasong HIV mula 26 noong 2013, 62 noong 2015 at umabot na sa 100 sa 2015. Sa buong Ilocos Region na may 696 na kasong HIV, ang Pangasinan ang nagtala ng pinakamaraming kaso na umaabot sa 380 sa loob ng anim na taon. Dahil dito naaalarma ang SP lalo na’t ang mga apektado ay tinatayang nasa edad na 15 hanggang 34.
Ano ang HIV? Ito ay isang “virus” na nakukuha sa pakikipagtalik sa may taglay nito na ang karaniwang tinatamaan nito ay mga Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay at Transgender (LBGT) at mga babae at lalake na tinataguriang “sex workers”. Ang “immune system” ng tao ang tinatamaan nito hanggang sa ito ay mawala at maging sakit na “acquired immune deficiency syndrome” (AIDS) na wala pang natutuklasang gamot nito. Ayon sa mga dalubhasa sa kalusugan ng tao, hindi ito napapansin ng mga may dalang “virus” hanggang sa sila ay manghina na at magkaroon ng komplikasyon sa kanilang mga tinataglay na sakit hanggang maging ganap na AIDS.
Hindi natukoy kung saang mga bayan at siyudad ang mga apektado. Subalit kung ating bigyan pansin, marahil ang mga ito ay sa mga siyudad na kung saan nakakarami ang mga “sex workers”. Bagamat may mga hakbang na isinasagawa ng mga kawani ng  mga ahensyang pangkalusugan, hindi pa ganap ang mga hakbanging ito lalo na sa simula ay hindi kayang matukoy kung alin sa mga ito ang nagtataglay ng “virus”.
Matagal na ang mga impormasyon na naibibigay ng pamahalaan tungkol sa HIV at AIDS, subalit hindi ito inaalintana ng mamamayan. Hindi nag-iingat sa mga pakikipagtalik sa hindi permanenteng partner hanggang magising na lang sila na nagtataglay na sila ng impeksyon na dulot ng HIV. Ilan sa mga naibigay ng impormasyon para hindi kapitan ng isang tao ng HIV ay ang magkaroon ng sapat na kaalaman tungkol dito (awareness), paggamit ng mga proteksyon sa pakikipagtalik gaya ng kondom, hindi paiba-iba ang mga nakakatalik at regular na pagkonsulta sa mga ahensyang pangkalusugan para malaman kung sila ay ligtas sa naturang “virus”.


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Mother and children of Pozorrubio town receive their early Christmas gift from SM Foundation thru a 24-hour maternity clinic and facilities for pre and post natal care services during the turn over of the newly refurbished and renovated Health Center last December 7.

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It’s Christmas time in Alaminos City

Like a boss.

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MAGANES:Illegal drugs and poverty related?

Despite the escalating deaths related to the government’s war against illegal drugs, there are no action on those recorded as ” death under investigation” supposedly perpetrated by the vigilantes. As of December 1, the reported deaths on illegal drugs campaign reached 5,800 with 1,800 claimed as under legitimate police operations. Drug surrenderers have reached the 800,000 mark and still increasing as of this date.
The government’s effort under the Duterte administration to eradicate the illegal drugs all over the country is highly commendable. The menace has to end so that every Filipino could move  towards the “planned reforms and changes” as espoused by President Duterte. However, fear seemed to have been instilled into the senses of the Filipinos.
The spate of killings that outnumbered the legitimate police operations is sending shivers down the spines of every Filipinos. The victims could not be ascertained whether they are or were into drug using or pushing, to the delights of the real drug lords in the country. It could be surmised that the “death under investigation” could be instigated by the drug lords themselves to sway the efforts of the government to pinpoint them as well as to mislead the authorities on the supposed “real targets” on the war against illegal drugs.
Lately, President Duterte repeated his call to go after the drug lords to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP). He said he will not stop until the last drug lord would have been annihilated. He placed the PNP command under his authority saying that many policemen are into the operations of the illegal drugs in the country. But then, how can the government pursue vigorously on this illegal drugs campaign when the politicians that are listed in his “thick list” could not be known? In my last article on this column, I suggested that the names on that list should be known publicly and that a parallel operation of OPlan Tokhang and Oplan High Value Target (HVT)shall be undertaken. Those killed are just the remnants of the bigger problems in our society. The real culprits here are the drug lords and the “narco-politicians” who are making these poor guys as their preys to amass wealth and be in power.
There is now a recommendation from Vice President Leni Robredo, who resigned lately as the Secretary of Urban Housing, that President Duterte should shift the war on illegal drugs to war against poverty. I don’t know if Vice President Robredo is aware that illegal drugs have something to do with poverty. Drug users are not poor. They lack direction. They indulged in illegal activities like robbery, drug trading, gun for hire, snatching, illegal gambling, etc. not because they want to feed their families. They are doing these activities to finance their vices, and in the end the proceeds of  will go to the politicians and drug lords.
Poverty in this country has become an excuse for those who are lazy to find  decent jobs. They are using their families as  reasons for their their illegal activities and if we really want to look into this, financing their vices is the bottomline. Ergo, to stop poverty, illegal drugs should also be stopped so that the government could focus its efforts to help those who are really in need.
It’s good enough that there is no research study yet on how the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) are using the cash given to them. If the government is keen on finding how these moneys are spent, I presume that most are spent on vices like gambling ( bets on jueteng), illegal drugs, tong-its, etc. and a little amount are really spent on their children’s school needs. Those are the realities this government must look into.
A friend asked me if I have already moved on after the incident on November 8, which is now a month as of this writing. I told him that hatred is still within me. I hated those who made fun on my life. I hated them because I know I have not done wrong against them. My onIy fault is my desire to have a clean society in this part of the world. It was all work for me anchored on truths. They could not swallow the realities they are into. I pity those people they used to silence me. I pity them because they were not aware that they were being used. Maybe, they did that for a modicum amount of money not knowing that a middleman who used them had amassed greater amount than them.
I am now looking back to the many events that led to that fateful day. I could not share with you some of the details as the case has yet to be decided by the Office of the Prosecutor whether there’s a probable cause against the suspects that I have identified. I am praying too that the hatred in my heart shall pass because I believe that God should be the sole provider of vengeance. Physical scars are embedded in my body but the emotional scars have yet to heal. Maybe, it will in due time.


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Natividad boosts its eco-tourism sites

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
NATIVIDAD- This 4th class municipality in the 6th District of Pangasinan located at the foot of the Caraballo mountains is fast becoming a tourist destination, both by local residents and foreigners.
Its tourism potentials have been harnessed by Mayor Rodrigo “Cocoy” Rafael, who sought the help of the town’s expatriates to fund various tourism sites notably the Sky Plaza, and by using local funds.
Mayor Rafael said the town is gaining popularity because of its natural picnic grounds as well as man-made resorts owned by private individuals in the town.
” Natividad has a lot of tourism areas that are accessible to those who wanted to visit the town. Viray Bridge connects Natividad to eight barangays (villages) and a gateway to San Quintin, Umingan and Nueva Ecija. It could be reached by any land transportation,” he said.
Among the resorts that are now operating in the town are the Summer Park Resort in Poblacion West, SM (Sirok Mangga) Resort in Bachelor East and Cramby’s Pool, also in Batchelor East.
These resorts have swimming pools, picnic grounds, cottages and rest houses where visitors can stay overnight. Function rooms are also available for weddings, baptismal parties and other sponsored events.
Aside from the private resorts, there are also natural pools like those in Batchelor East, San Macario Norte  and in Sitio San Jose, where picnic enthusiasts could while away their time free of charge.
The Turod (Hills) in Sitio Malasin, San Macario Sur has became the favorite destination of photo enthusiasts because of its panoramic view and natural beauty.
Equally breathtaking is the Maranum Falls located in Batchelor East, which is a two-kilometer walk about 30 minutes from Pila Water Resort.
Mayor Rafael said the Sky Plaza is still the major and premier tourist destination of the town showcasing its aerial view and neighboring towns.
The Sky Plaza has a function hall that could accommodate 200 guests for seminars and retreats, a Lourdes Grotto, Ayat ni Apo Hesus at the top of the mountain that could be reached by climbing 272 concrete steps.
There is also a 182- meter zipline for the adventurous visitors.
The town also boasts of its century old trees preserved for years in the Poblacion area.
Mayor Rafael said that the town is embarking on its “One Town, One Product” (OTOP), which is cassava that could be cooked and prepared in many ways.It is now a source of livelihood for the residents of the town.

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Safety of workers in establishments producing and selling firecrackers in Region I ensured

The DOLE-RO I launched its joint assessments following the issuance of a Work Stoppage Order by Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III for establishments engaged in the manufacture and sale of pyrotechnics and firecrackers on November 24.
Regional Director Henry John Jalbuena said the purpose of the assessments is to ensure that covered establishments comply with occupational safety and health standards (OSH), including General Labor Standards (GLS).
“We want to avoid accidents because the health and safety of our workers is non-negotiable,” Director Jalbuena said.
The regional director said that if the assessed establishments are found to be compliant with OSH and GLS, he shall recommend the lifting of the Order to the Labor Chief.
“On the other hand, workers who might be affected by the Order will be provided with appropriate DOLE services such as alternative livelihood or job referral,” he added.
The joint assessments are conducted in coordination with local government units, Philippine National Police and Bureau of Fire Protection. END/Arly Sta. Ana-Valdez

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ORTIGOZA: Shame on you, Senator Leila!

My radio tandem Harold asked me the difference between Senator Leila de Lima and West Point graduate Captain Elisabeth Campbell in the movie “General’s Daughter.”
ME: Campbell allowed herself to be screwed by Captains, Majors, Colonels while De Lima allowed herself to be bonked by security guards like Ronnie, Jomel, Warren, and whatchamacallit!
Senator Leila de Lima lamented recently the outcome of the probe of the House of Representatives: “As a woman, it breaks my heart that my private life and personal relationship has become subject of the public and Congress’ ridicule.”
What a nerve for her to say that.
She admitted early this month her “illicit” relationship with a married driver and body guard at Winnie Monsod’s TV talk show at GMA-7.
She blamed human frailties for that relationship.
Dayan told congressmen last November 24: “Totoo pong nagkaroon kami ng relasyon ni ma’am at nagsimula po ito noon ding 2007. Mga two to three months pa lang ako sa law office niya.”
“Bago pumasok yung 2015, nagkalabuan na kami ni ma’am. Kesyo hindi na daw kami masaya sa pagsasama namin. Lagi kasing bangayan at laging nag-aaway kami”.
“Parang nasampal ko siya ng bahagya. Sabi ko, ‘Uubusin mo yata kaming mga security (details like Jomel, Warren) mo.”
De Lima should know that aside from committing a criminal case of concubinage, she is not  an ordinary woman, she is a legislature, for Christ sake, a senator of the Republic of the Philippines and not a high official of the Republic Cement based in Bulacan, whose public and personal life is subject to the microscopic scrutiny of the press and the public.
Can you still remember this law on your Constitution 101?
“Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must, AT ALL TIMES, BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives (Section 1, Article 11 of the Philippine Constitution)
Senator, if you couldn’t take the psychological pressure on the goods being hurled at you including your involvement with dangerous drugs peddling at the national penitentiary, you resign!
Immoral legislature like you should have no moral suasion from your perch at the August Chamber to moralize on us Filipinos.
Son of a gun, better look at yourself first.
Recently a passenger jeep with 24 passengers who attended a family reunion in a beach in San Fabian, Pangasinan, plunged into a canal in Barangay Amansabina, Mangaldan after it hit a concrete wall.
Thanks but no thanks to the driver Sandrom Correa who imbibed liquor and drove his public utility vehicle in a zigzag manner before it plunged and hurt the 24 passengers. Some of them whom I saw at a police photos were knocked out of consciousness.
To deter us from the likes of driver Correa, a harsher Republic Act No. 10586 or “An Act Penalizing Persons Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Dangerous Drugs, and Similar Substances, and for Other Purposes” and its corresponding penalty was crafted and implemented into law last 2013.


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Former narco haven faces mendicancy problems

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – After he cleansed an infamous “sitio” of  narcotic peddlers, the chief of police here faces a growing problem of mendicancy and prostitution among the people there.
“The guy who used to peddle shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride)  and earned two thousand pesos per day could be seen begging the chief of police for a bowl of rice to feed his family,” a police officer who asked anonymity told Northern Watch Newspaper.
Superintendent Neil Miro, this City’s chief of police (COP), said even the wives of the former peddlers succumbed to prostitution to meet economic ends.
“During the heyday of the illegal trade at Sitio Aling, you can even see bystanders there with toy dog breed’s Shih Tzu. Where did they get the monies in buying and feeding those pets?” the same police source posed.
Miro said  to mitigate the impact of unemployment, he already talked with friends in  the construction business in Manila and Pampanga to employ the jobless men in Sitio Aling.
“Actually, madami silang magta-trabaho. May kausap ako sa Manila lahat ng hinde magta-trabaho diyan, ipapadala ko sa Manila. Kausap ko contractor, iyong mga breadwinners para foreman, laborers. May pinadala akong initial apat sa Pampanga,” Miro, who was assigned as chief of police before in that province, stressed.
Last August, two cadavers were thrown by unknown assailants near the entrance of Sitio Aling known as “Little Tondo” of this city that scared the wits off of the residents there who immediately pledged their support to the police’s dangerous drugs war.
 Miro said hat a certain Cayabyab, a notorious narcotics dealer, and a lady dope dealer Onging were murdered in early August.
 Sitio Aling, a part of Barangay Pantal here was known not only as lair of narcotics peddlers, but of snatchers and killers.

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MAGANES: It’s time again for political  turncoatism

Lately, many politicians (without naming names here)  in the country are changing their political colors by aligning themselves with the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), a political party that was almost in oblivion before President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte ran during the last election under it. In short, panahon na naman ng “balimbingan” at paglipad ng mga “paru-parong bukid.”
With this massive turncoatism, I surmised that we do not have real political parties in the country that push through the idealism for development as well as in articulating the nationalism of every Filipino. How fast these politicians are in jumping off from their original political parties, albeit even without getting imprimatur from their leaders. Could there be changes in political spectra if we follow this kind of politics in the country? Where are the other political parties heading now that their members are leaving them to find graces from the powers that be? Maybe, they will also strengthen their political parties by recruiting new members and regroup themselves with the old ones who could not be accommodated by PDP-Laban.
This shifting of political party alliances is to the detriment of our development as a nation because the newly installed members of PDP-Laban are not really keen towards the ideals of the party but just for the sake of riding on with the popularity of President Duterte. These politicians are not really for reforms because they have been already in their positions for a long time and enjoying favors from their former political parties. Tell me if by joining PDP-Laban, all things will be different in their style of governance and in pushing development programs for their constituents. “Weather, weather lang yan” will be their expected mantra, as if changing political colors like the chameleon is the easiest thing to do. What guarantee that these politicians will stick to their new political party if the turn of events in this country will change next year or so? Will they shift again their political party to follow those in the powers that be?
In politics, political parties represent the aspirations of the people. Political parties have their platform of government as well as development agenda to steer the nation’s future. With what is happening now in our political system, political ideals are on the backseat in which political and personal interests are on the top of the agenda of many politicians. Well, this will augur well to the leaders of PDP-Laban especially if they’re planning this early for a presidential position after the term of President Duterte.
We must remember that there will be a mid-term election in 2019 in which senators, representatives, governors down to the Sangguniang Panlungsod/Bayan will be elected anew. But what guarantee that PDP-Laban will get the massive support of the electorates. As what we have experienced during the May 9, 2016 elections, people are not very particular on political parties but political personalities. Then why the sudden shifting of political loyalties? Will there be a similar move for the Liberal Party, Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition, Nacionalista Party, Partido ng Masang Pilipino, United Nationalist Alliance, etc.? When will these political parties take a similar action to at least muster their grassroots’ base?
At present, members both at the House of Representatives and Senate House have given their support to President Duterte. In both chambers, members belong to different political parties but they opted to forge alliance with those in powers that’s why Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez and Senator Aquilino “Coc” Pimentel III, both of PDP-Laban Party, were elected House Speaker and Senate President, respectively. Now that PDP-Laban is openly recruiting new members and inviting others from other political parties to join the party, will this not affect the alliances that are currently enjoyed by both Houses?
Well, I am not undermining those politicians who are jumping from political parties to another. They have their personal reasons why they are doing it. Whatever reasons they may have, I presume that their agenda are for the good of their constituents. Our political system has been that volatile after the passage of the 1987 Constitution where multi-party system was allowed following the 1973 Constitution. Perhaps, the Constitution framers of 1987 have neglected the fact that 1973 Constitution was parliamentary form of government in nature while the 1987 Constitution is presidential form. Presidential system of government is at its best having a two party system- like the USA government. (more…)

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Village head, 3 others ambushed


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