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Dayan in safehouse in Pangasinan

LINGAYEN – Ronnie Dayan, the former driver, lover and alleged bagman of Senator Leila de Lima, was brought to the Pangasinan Provincial Police at on Thursday night, and was whisked away to an undisclosed safehouse at dawn of Friday.
He was brought to Pangasinan by the police security and protection group and sergeant at arms of Congress, which turned him over to the Pangasinan police.
Dayan underwent a medical checkup and interview with police’s legal officer, and rested for a few hours before the police escorted him out at 2 am the following day, Sr. Supt. Oliver Lee, provincial police director of Pangasinan.
Lee said he would protect Dayan at all cost while Dayan in under his custody.
“He has threats on his life. We cannot discount the fact that he has threats and he knows that, although does not know exactly where the are coming from. But of course, because of the situation he is in, the threat is high and many are interested to silence him,” he said.
 With Dayan was his legal wife Neneng, his children and other family members, who accompanied him to Pangasinan after the congressional hearing on Thursday.
Lee refused to divulge which of the 44 towns and four cities of  Pangasinan is the location of the safehouse, but said Dayan was brought to his hometown Urbiztondo.
He also confirmed that Dayan was no longer at the provincial police office.
“He is okay, he is no longer suffering from arthritis and he can already smile,” he said.
While not seated beside each other, he said Dayan and his wife talked casually and even teased each other during the trip to Pangasinan.
Lee  said Dayan told him that he still has a lot to divulge if he would be called to the Senate.
“He was surprised by the kinds of questions asked of him, and he said he still has plenty of information to reveal, but I di not press him on the issue,” Lee said.
Lee said Dayan himself requested that the police official would take him under his custody, and the provincial police would give him protection until Congress decides to free him.
“I asked him where he wanted to stay and he said ‘bahala na kayo (it’s up to you),” he said.
It is only Lee who could give permission to Dayan if he wants to go out of the safehouse and would be escorted by policemen. His family members and relatives however, could visit him anytime.
Dayan has a mobile phone so he can contact his family, which did not ask for police escort.
But Lee said he  advised the family members on what to do in case they would also receive threats.
Lee said the reward money of P100,000 from businessmen in Pangasinan, offered to persons who can give information that would lead to Dayan’s arrest, has not been given yet.
The Pangasinan provincial police is coordating with their counterparts in La Union because “we do not know the informant.”
Lee said the Pangasinan police are relieved of the pressure to hunt down Dayan, and could now concentrate on their other jobs such as the campaign against illegal drugs.
Lee said it was the La Union police that chased Dayan for three days and two nights in forested areas of San Juan, La Union.
“When he was very tired, he called his family members to tell them he was ready to surrender,” Lee said. YOLANDA SOTELO


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 Senior Supt. Ronald Lee, Pangasinan PNP officer-in-charge, talks with reporters regarding Ronnie Dayan last November 25 at the Pangasinan PNP provincial office in Lingayen. Lee said that Dayan is now in a safe house.CESAR RAMIREZ5-1


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Solon worries about Dayan’s safety

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – A Pangasinan congressman manifested to his colleagues his concern for the safety of the former driver and lover of Senator Leila de Lima.

bata-dayan-2DAYAN’S SAFETY. Pangasinan second district congressman Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District) appeals to national police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa to take custody of Senator Leila de Lima’s arrested former driver and bodyguard who  told a congressional hearing that he (Dayan) had personal knowledge about the eight  million pesos given by dangerous drug lord Kerwin Espinosa to de Lima. Photograb from tv: MORTZ C.ORTIGOZA


Ronnie Dayan, charged for contempt of Congress for failure to attend its hearing, was arrested last November 22 at Sitio Bato, Barangay Lacong at San Gabriel town in La Union.
“Being the father of the second district, I feel that I am responsible for his safety including that of his family. And it is important that he is kept alive so that his testimony for whatever purposes is seen necessary be put to good use,” Representative Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan) stressed.
Dayan told the members of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights how he received eight millions  pesos of narcotic monies from drug lord Kerwin Espinosa and how he slapped then Justice Secretary de Lima upon hearing she had promiscuous relationship with former Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) motorcycle traffic enforcer’s Warren Cristobal.


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 Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas(right) joins the participants in a prayer-rally We Do Not Forget!We Will Never Forget! at the St.John the Evangelist Cathedral in Dagupan City late afternoon last November 23.CESAR RAMIREZ3 (5).JPG


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MAGANES: Corruption, illegal drugs and ‘jueteng’


Illegal drugs, corruption, all forms of criminal activities and illegal gambling- these are what President Rodrigo Duterte promised to eradicate towards the “change and reforms” in our government system. It’s a gargantuan task, so to speak, that needs a total overhauling of the government’s institutions anchored on transparency and good governance.

Barely five months in office, President Duterte has gained much on his war against illegal drugs despite the questions posed by international media on alleged extra judicial killings (EJK) as well as the United Nations European Union and the United States of America (USA). Duterte is even questioned on human rights violations not considering that what he had laid down was a total war against illegal drugs.

In war it is expected that there will be casualties but not as a shield if there are violations committed on the rights of the people. Duterte was firm on his order to the leadership of the Philippine National Police (PNP)- kill if you must if your lives are at stake against the drug lords, pushers and users. Indeed, in the PNP operations many lives have been taken aside from those perpetrated by unscrupulous persons- vigilantes or drug lords.

The results of the war against illegal drugs are highly commendable. GMA News reported that data from police regional offices as of  November 24, revealed that a total of 4,041,333 houses have been visited under “Project Tokhang” where police officers go to houses of drug suspects to convince them to mend their ways.

 This activity resulted in the surrender of 804,589 drug suspects, of which 746,534 were users and 58,055 were pushers. The PNP also conducted 36,445 anti illegal drug operations which resulted in the deaths of 1,948 drug suspects and arrest of 37,230 others.

 The PNP is looking at having the estimated 1.8 million drug suspects in the country surrender to authorities in the first six months of the administration in compliance with the campaign promise of President Rodrigo Duterte.

 The war on drugs is not a simple thing that even President Duterte admitted that he was short on its magnitude. He said it has already reached the level that Philippines is already a country ruled by “narco-politicians” and being backed up by “narco-cops” and even village officials. He once revealed the names of politicians, police generals, policemen, judges, etc. who are involved in the illegal drugs but refused to publish the names of those listed in ” a thick pads of papers”, which he said will make the people cry. That names of those in the list should have been revealed in order for those involved to clear their names and if not they should have been the targets of “Operation HVTs.” As long as those names will not be revealed, they will enjoy the comfort of innocence and still continue with their drug operations to the detriment of the planned total war against illegal drugs. (more…)

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Village leaders undergo personal security seminar

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ALAMINOS- Village heads of this city underwent a whole day seminar on Personal Safety for Elected Government Officials last November 22 as a response to the brutal killing of the city’s Liga ng mga Barangay President Salvador “Badong” Camba.

The seminar, sponsored jointly by the Liga, Philippine National Police (PNP) and the city government, ensured that local officials of the city will not be taking their personal security lightly.

Liga President Raul Bacay, who succeeded Camba, said the seminar will make them worry-free from the attacks of criminals.

“It made us worry about our personal security. It became a serious concern especially that we are vulnerable to possible attacks while performing our duties and responsibilities as village officials,” Bacay said.

Bacay, the incumbent village head of Lucap, acknowledged that there’s always the possibility of someone may cause harm to the elected officials wherever they are out of anger, personal reasons and bad motives.

“We have to protect ourselves. We are very grateful to Mayor Arthur F. Celeste and P/Supt. Benjamin Ariola for helping us spearhead this very timely and worthy endeavor for all of us barangay officials,” Bacay said. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Ang kahinaan ni Senador De Lima bilang isang babae

Pulitika lang iyan! Iyan ang sambit ng mga naniniwala at pumapanig kay Senador Leila De Lima sa pagbatikos sa kanya ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte na siya diumano ang dahilan ng paglipana ng iligal na droga sa New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) at pagprotekta sa mga pinaghihinalaang “drug lords” sa bansa.

Ang iba ay nagsasabing ang nangyayari ngayon kay De Lima ay bunsod ng galit ni Pangulong Duterte sa kanya ng pinaimbistigahan ng una ang mga paglabag sa karapatang pantao noong siya ay Chairman ng Commission on Human Rights. Si Duterte naman ang mayor noon ng Davao City.

Naging masalimuot ang usaping ito sa iligal na droga na kung saan nasangkot si Senador De Lima lalo na ng nagsalita ang mga nakapiit na drug lords sa NBP sa pandining ng Committee on Justice sa Kamara. Nagsalita si Herbert Colanggo at Jayvee Sebastian na si De Lima ang itinuturo na nasa likuran ng pagprotekta sa mga drug lords dahil diumano ay tumatanggap siya ng perang galing sa kanila sa pamamagitan ng kanyang driver na si Ronnie Palisoc Dayan. Pinabulaanan naman ni De Lima ang akusasyon.

Nitong mga nakaraang mga araw, maraming pangyayari ang gumimbal sa sambayanang Filipino. Inamin ni Senadora De Lima ang relasyon nila ng kanyang driver na si Dayan. (more…)

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  4Ps beneficiaries receive food carts for livelihood enterprises

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ASINGAN- Twenty six beneficiaries of the Pamilyang Pilipino Pantawid Program (4Ps) received 13 food carts for their livelihood projects from ASHAS Enterprises in coordination with the municipal government of this town through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO).

The food carts will be used for the selling of gulaman, burgers, potato fries, goto and scrambled ice to augment the family income of the 4Ps beneficiaries from the various villages of the town.

Aside from supplying the food carts, the ASHAS Enterprise represented by manager Anicia Desacula provided free training on proper food preparation, personality development, sanitation, and pricing.

ASHAS Enterprise also provided materials and initial supplies to the beneficiaries to start their livelihood projects.

The turn over of the food carts was graced by Mayor Heidee Chua and Vice Mayor Carlos Lopez Jr. (more…)

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Villasis Town Fiesta: Legacy over tradition

By Madelyn Soriano

( The author is the coordinator for Mrs. Villasis 2017 in USA)

“Fiesta” is deeply etched in Philippine culture as an annual celebration of sorts – a time for fellowship and of camaraderie accentuated with lots of food and fun. Like other countries in the world that have sustained Spanish influence, a Filipino fiesta is celebrated during the town’s patron saint’s feast day.  And perhaps more ostentatious than other countries is the effort and intensity of preparations for Filipino fiestas, not to mention the attraction these draw from places far and wide, including town mates who have established roots in other countries.

 Filipino values, by and large, are centered on social harmony; our definition of happiness (and of ourselves) is being part of a large group, and enjoying special events in the company of others. The fiesta is very much a validation of this value and has become a tradition in Philippine society.

The Villasis Town Fiesta carries the distinction of being a legacy first, and tradition second. While it has all the traditional characteristics of a Filipino fiesta, its most profound impression is the several projects and infrastructure that the current administration has erected from fiesta fundraising campaigns throughout progressive terms.

 Pass through the town of Villasis when heading up north and you cannot ignore the well planned public market (Bagsakan) and the impressively maintained municipal building painted in yellow and green – a true representation of the agricultural base that Villasis is. Then there’s the legislative building, the expansive auditorium, and the gymnasium that is in the process of being modernized – just to name a few landmark results. But then…. it does not end there …

Mayor Nonato Sison Abrenica put Villasis on the map when he added the now iconic Talong Festival to the fiesta program during his second term in office which elevated interest in eggplant (aubergine) to new heights, including the  introduction of eggplant recipes (101 ways to cook talong available on line). It should be noted that Villasis is the vegetable bowl of the province.

Preparations for the 2017 Villasis Town Fiesta in January (Saint Anthony Abbott Feast Day) are underway.The 2017 fundraising campaign is for the landscaping of the gymnasium. A guest to this year’s remarkable event, I expect nothing less in next year’s program content and quality despite compressed preparation time for next year’s event. I am fully convinced of Mayor Nato’s creativity, high standards of execution and relentless passion for excellence.

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