MAGANES: For God’s sake, respect the rights of women!

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The verbal tussle between Senator Leila De Lima and President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has gone out of hand.
The recent hearing undertaken by the Committee on Justice at the House of Representatives during which convicted criminals came into the open to testify against De Lima for her alleged participation on “illegal drug trade” at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) is somewhat detestable to the prying eyes of the public.
While I personally support the acts of the House on the investigation and hearing on illegal drugs trading at NBP to ferret out the truths, it is to my dismay that the objective is no longer in aid of legislation but to destroy the reputation of Senator De Lima, as a person and not as an elected official of the country. This, I said, because there is now a pending act to show publicly the alleged “sex video” of De Lima with her alleged driver-lover Ronnie Palisoc Dayan.
If this will be pushed through, our so-called representatives are then likened to the wolves that are voraciously waiting for their prey to be ripped and “killed.” Most of the representatives are now allies of President Duterte, but please oh please have a little bit of sanity.
De Lima is of course a critic of Duterte and his personal nemesis way back when she was still chair of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and justice secretary. If the intention is to establish that Dayan, who was said to be her link with the criminals inside the NBP, then make a thorough investigation and not resort to a nauseating action to show a sex video, the source of which could not be ascertained, inluding the persons involved in it.
De Lima’s work as a senator is outside of her personal life. If indeed she’s the one  in the alleged sex video, then why fuss about it? It’s her life. As she said, didn’t she deserve to have a “sex life”? Whether she has done intimate relationships with her partner, what is there to complain about? As long as De Lima is doing her work as an elected senator of the country, which she’s doing, then we have to zero in on her official acts and not on her personal life. This is also true to all government officials. If their personal lives have been affecting their official functions, it is incumbent to the government to look into these activities.

The pending move of the House Committee on Justice to show the alleged sex video of De Lima is distasteful and will create more sympathy for her. There are existing laws to honor the dignity of women, much so to protect them from harassment. I could not understand why there’s a need to harass De Lima, in the first place. She’s been ousted already as the Senate Chair of Committee on Justice and Human Rights. She may have lapses as justice secretary and chair of  CHR, but all these boiled down to what she thought were the best official actions in performing her assigned mandate. Leave her alone on her “sexcapades” if there were.
Don’t be hypocrites! Many solons at the HOR are leading immoral lives. They are maintaining mistresses and paramours and even indulge in corruption activities. Now tell me, why single out Senator De Lima on her alleged acts of immorality? Is it because you want to stoke the ego of President Duterte? The solons could be better off if they could make a way to reconcile the differences of Duterte and De Lima. Why not bring the two on one table and let them talk? This will be good for our country and the “changes” being espoused by Duterte.
As of now, President Duterte is enjoying the support of the majority of the Filipinos. This is the same situation when then President Joseph “Erap” Estrada was catapulted into power in 1998. Estrada, like Duterte, was the epitome of a good leader that could bring changes in this country. However, after two years in power, he was not able to sustain his popularity. He was ousted due to a “jueteng scandal” exposed by no less than his close friend then Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Charity” Singson. I don’t think we are ready to go into that scenario again?
I believe to the sincerity of President Duterte. Critics, like Senator Delima and more critics, should be welcomed to give a balance in policy making. We should not silence them, but instead encourage them to voice out their opinions. It’s only when dissenting opinions in what we are doing that good decisions will come out. But please, my call to the members of the Committee on Justice at HOR, leave De Lima alone on her “sex life.” Delving into her personal life won’t do good for our country. You might wake up someday and thy the sympathy of Filipinos have shifted to Senator De Lima.
If that happens, no one will be blamed except you- the supposed honorable men and women of the House of Representatives.
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