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Bataoil wants retired police, military included in peace talks


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CORTEZ: How a thin global rice trade negatively impacts on Filipinos


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San Carlos City opens reformatory center for drug users


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CORE SHELTER HOUSES. Social welfare assistant secretary Hope Hervilla(2rd from left) and Rosales town Mayor Susan Casareno(2nd from right) led the unveiling of the marker during the inauguration of 150 units of Core Shelter Assistance Project(CSAP) in barangay San Pedro West last August 2. The CSAP in the town is a joint undertaking of the DSWD, the National Housing Authority(NHA) and the local government unit(LGU) of Rosales.CESAR RAMIREZ4-2


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Sinag urges Customs to file charges against rice smugglers


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MAGANES: Traditions of All Saints’ Day

I was born and grew up in a rustic rural place in the town of Villasis – a village between Barangay San Blas and Poblacion Zone I. It is where the two cemeteries in the town are located. Our house is just about 50 meters near the cemetery. As I was growing up, I was able to witness the various traditions and superstitious beliefs related to the celebration of All Saints’ Day, the Ilocano way.
The place before was not the same as it is now. Years back, trees and shrubs abound that  surrounded the Catholic and municipal cemeteries. The Catholic cemetery was then enclosed with about one and a half meter of brick wall. Together with my young “dabarkads” in those days, we used to climb the brick wall and walked above it, leaping on top of some concrete tombs. Concrete tombs were scarce at that time as most dead were buried six feet under the ground. That was maybe due to financial constraints as only the wealthy families had the means to construct the concrete ones.
Five days before November 1, my teenaged friends and I used to contract the services of cleaning and painting the tombs of some affluent families. Since I was adept in lettering, I was assigned to scribble the names, birth dates and dates of the deaths of the departed. It had to be simple then, as most of our clients do not like artsy letterings. We made money of of those contracts and we  did it annually until I went to Manila to pursue my college education.
On the day of the celebration, we were the first ones to be at the cemetery. On November 1, celebration started at 3:00 in the afternoon and early morning of November 2. My friends and I collected candle droppings and formed them into balls. We competed on who can make the biggest candle balls. We collected just  candle droppings. Getting lighted candles left by the families was a big no-no. The soul of the departed might get angry and you will be afflicted with sickness. We respected the things placed atop the tombs that we don’t even touched them.
There were no music inside the cemeteries except the band playing that hopped from one tomb to another, and get paid.  They played dirges which captivated the emotions of the relatives of the departed. Thus, we could hear crying and sobbing. Sometimes, those who were at the height of their emotions fainted.


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Political Cartoon


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