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Urdaneta closes landfill on other LGUs

By Yolanda Sotelo
URDANETA CITY – This city will no longer allow other local government units and private companies to bring their solid wastes to the city’s engineered sanitary landfill after their contracts have ended.img_1924CLOSED. The engineered sanitary landfill of Urdaneta City would be used exclusively by the city starting next year when the contracts with other local government units would have expired. (Contributed photos)

This is because the facility is fast getting filled up and may not reach its planned life span of 10-12 years,  Mayor Amadeo  Perez IV said.

Urdaneta alone generates  from 50-70 tons of solid wastes daily, while 16 local governments, 15 of which are in Pangasinan and one in Nueva Ecija, dump a total of from 20-30 tons daily into the facility, Perez said.
Only Urdaneta has an engineered sanitary landfill in Pangasinan, and only second to have the facility in the entire Region I. It was opened in April 2011 by then President Benigno Aquino. The other one is San Fernando City in La Union.
The facility covers a total area of six hectares with the total volume capacity sufficient to accommodate Urdaneta’s solid waste for the next 10-12 years.  It sits on an 18-hectare city property in sitio Calegu in barangay Catablan.
Perez said the city collects P900 tipping fee for each ton of solid wastes from the other LGUs, but the city plans to triple the fee to P3,000 each ton for LGUs who still want to use the facility. He said P3,000 was the original tipping fee but lowered it “in consideration” of other LGU’s ability to pay.
The high tipping fee is meant to discourage LGUs to bring their wastes to the sanitary landfill, and encourage them to establish their own facility, he said.
Perez pointed out that Republic Act 9003 called for each LGU to provide for an ecological solid waste management program in their localities.
Perez said the city government do not intend to renew the contracts with the LGUs on the use of the facility which would be for the exclusive use of the city.
“The sanitary landfill was established for exclusive use of Urdaneta, but we accepted other towns who asked us to accomodate them. But now we have to stop and maybe by January next year, there will no no other LGUs that can use the facility,” Perez said.
The other reason why Urdaneta accepted the solid wastes from other LGUs was to enable the landfill to generate enough wastes for production of extraction of methane.
But several investors, including foreigners, have come to get data on the solid wastes, but none of them returned, he said.
Marjorie dela Cruz, in-charge of the landfill operations, said  the city government has no available technology to extract methane.
She said the feasibility study for the landfill showed that it can accomodate only 40 tons of wastes daily, for it to last from 10-12 years.
Its not built to accomodate wastes from other towns, she said, adding that jeeps and tricycles full of wastes try to dump their wastes, not knowing that that they have to pay a certain amount.
She identified the Pangasinan LGUS with which Urdaneta City has memorandum of agreement for the use of facility as Alcala, Bautista Pozorrubio, Villasis, Binalonan, Mangatarem, Sual, Binmaley, Lingayen, Calasiao, Mapandan, Mangaldan, San Nicolas, San Manuel and Sta. Barbara. Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija likewise dump wastes at the facility.
For a while, Baguio City brought its garbage at the facility, but has since returned to the landfill in Capas, Tarlac.
The Urdaneta City engineered sanitary landfill was established under  former Mayor Amadeo R. Perez Jr. (the present mayor’s father) to solve the the garbage problem in the city owing to its rapidly growing population and the mushrooming of businesses and schools.
 Urdaneta is a major commerce and trade center in the North, hosting one of the biggest fruits and vegetable wholesale markets and one of the biggest livestock trading posts in the country. Likewise, it is fast emerging as an education center with the establishment of many tertiary educational institutions in the city.
 Funded through a P200 million loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines, the project included the construction of the sanitary landfill and support infrastructure, the acquisition of additional lots, and the concreting of access road to the site.
 Project components consist of an impermeable HDPE liner over compacted clay, two layers of geosynthetic membrane, gravel filter layer, HDPE leachate collection and transfer piping system, pumping station, leachate treatment pond, weighbridge with support truck scale house, wheel wash facility, storm pond to control silt migration, groundwater monitoring wells, and an administrative building with appropriate parking area.


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LMP-Pangasinan officers take oath

    LINGAYEN – Newly-elected officers of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines-Pangasinan chapter took their oath on Friday promising  better leadership and service for Pangasineneses.
Mayor Ramon Guico III, chapter president of LMP said that in Pangasinan, mayors care for each other because they see the bigger picture of the advocacies for local governance, shunning away self- gratification.
“The key to the progress of our country lies in the local government. If  all  mayors do their part with the support of the national government,  we can really do something for our municipalities,” Guico said during the Induction Ceremony.
Guico said one of the first projects of the league is the construction of a building for the chapter within the capitol compound. He sought help from the provincial government to donate a lot for the purpose.
The chapter president  said the building will be a decent place where the league can hold its events and trainings and install small offices that will align with the vision of the province, to show that they are united  for the betterment of  Pangasinan.

Gov. Amado Espino III, the event’s guest speaker and inducting officer, readily agreed to donate a lot for the league provided that the building to be established will also house the Vice-Mayors League, the Councillor’s League and the Lliga ng mga Barangay-Pangasinan chapters.
“Being a mayor for nine years and now a governor for 76 days, I  know that with all your help, marami tayong magagawa para sa ating probinsiya,” Espino said in his speech.


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MAGANES: Kudos to the Civil Service awardees of Pangasinan!

“Public office is a public trust.” This statement is enshrined in our Philippine Constitution to encourage government workers to do their utmost efficiency in delivering services to the people and to effectively perform their duties and responsibilities, whether they are appointed or elected into their positions.
The Civil Service Commission (CSC) recognizes the role of civil servants in nation building. In recognizing the participation of civil servants in nation building, the CSC selects elected and appointed government workers who have shown exemplary performance and dedication to their duties and responsibilities. This is part of the Commission’s conferment of awards based on its ” Honor Awards Program.” The conferment of honor awards, according to CSC,is to motivate or inspire government employees to improve the quality of their performance and instill deeper involvement in public service.
There are three categories under the ” Honor Awards Program”: 1)Presidential Lingkod Bayan (PLB) Award is conferred to an individual or group of individuals for exceptional or extraordinary contributions resulting from an idea or performance that had nationwide impact on public interest, security and patrimony.  The contribution may be a suggestion, innovation, invention or superior accomplishment; 2) Civil Service Commission  Pagasa (Pagasa) Award is conferred to an individual or group of individuals for outstanding contribution/s resulting from an idea or performance that directly benefit more than one department of the government; and 3) Award for Exemplary Conduct and Ethical Behavior Outstanding Public Officials and Employees Award or the Dangal ng Bayan (DnB) is conferred to an individual for performance of an extraordinary act or public service and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior on the basis of his/her observance of the eight norms of behavior provided under Republic Act No. 6713, otherwise known as the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees”, to wit: Commitment to Public Interest,Professionalism, Justness and Sincerity, Political Neutrality, Responsiveness to the Public, Nationalism and Patriotism, Commitment to Democracy and Simple Living.


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More hospitals for war veterans to rise in the country

LINGAYEN – As the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) continues to expand its services for war veterans, expect more hospitals to rise in the country specifically for this sector.
Dr. Pilar Ibarra, medical officer of  PVAO said a bill is now filed in Congress seeking for the construction of  veterans’ hospitals outside the National Capital Region.
“Our budget has increased from P10 million to P50-million for the whole year and we hope to extend the services not just to Manila-based veterans  but also to veterans in the provinces,
with new programs and new hospitals in other parts of the  country like Visayas and  Mindanao,” Ibarra said during the outreach program held in Pangasinan on Thursday.
The Veterans  Memorial Medical Center, the lone hospital which caters to the needs of  veterans, is situated in the NCR.
Ibarra said PVAO also  expanded the coverage of the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program (VHMCP) by  providing subsidy for hospitalization of veterans like giving P1,500 per day of confinement, per patient per year for 45 days of confinement.
Additional benefits include subsidies to special medical procedures like cataract extraction, hemodialysis, cardiac procedures, cardiac by-pass  and angiogram, among others, she added.
Reimbursement of out-patient medicines is also now made available at the Veterans Hospital. (VHS/PIA-Pangasinan) 

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Medical doctor leaves behind drug addiction

By Yolanda Sotelo
ALAMINOS CITY – Even a medical doctor who knew the ill-effects of illegal drugs to health and life, can succumb to the lures of drugs, “leaning” on the prohibited substances for temporary reliefs  from griefs.
“I knew about the damage that illegal drugs can cause, but I had serious personal problems and I turned to drugs for comfort,” Epifanio Bugayong Billon, 57, a general medical practitioner, said.
Billion’s addiction to the illegal drugs spanned “perhaps 35 years,” and stopped only sometime in August this year. He still tested positive for shabu residues on August 5, but already tested negative two weeks later.
Billon said while he actually smoked marijuana right after graduation from a medical school in Dagupan City, it was when he was assigned as a  doctor at the former Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police when he started getting hooked on shabu.
 He was assigned then in Zamboanga when he had his first tastes of the chemical, he recalled.
One time, he went back to the city for a vacation, he noticed that when he was having drinking binges with his friends, he was always the first who got drunk, while the others stayed sober much longer.
It was during a  much longer vacation leave when he “discovered  piso-piso” when his “friends” had shabu party.
The “piso-piso” meant that a group of friends would contribute P100 to buy packets of shabu and those who contributed money are allowed to join the “session.”
His intense  addiction to the illegal substance intensified sometime in the early 2000s when he went through serious health and personal and family problems.
He had a stroke, his parents died months apart – his mother in May 2001, and his  father in August that year. Worse, his wife separated from him and left for abroad. They had no children.
The heartbroken Billon wanted to be re-assigned in Luzon but his superior refused, so he retired early and went back to Alaminos.
He ran as councilman of barangay Palamis where he served for two terms until 2013, during which he still had sniffs of shabu.
After his terms as councilman, he returned to drug use.


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Cartoon: Asylum?


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FREE BREAKFAST. Residents of sitio Aling in barangay Pantal in Dagupan City line-up as they avail of free breakfast courtesy of the city police with some non-government organizations(NGOs) last September 20. The sitio according to residents is now a drug-free community which the police is now conducting a validation.CESAR RAMIREZ5


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