MAGANES: The loss of my mother

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 vir maganes
My mother passed away last July 27 at 6:00 in the morning after almost six months of being bedridden due to pneumonia and a mild stroke she suffered last February. It was a day that I had no inkling that she will leave us. At 5:20 in the morning of said date, I entered her room as it has been my regular routine before leaving the house to go to my radio program at DWPR Radyo Asenso in Dagupan City.
She looked  serene self and wassleeping deeply. I never thought that after I left the house, she will succumb to death. My sister, my nephew and niece-in-law decided not to inform me of her death until my radio program, which was aired at 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, was finished. I just received that news that my mother was gone at 9:10 in the morning. I hurried home and indeed I found her lifeless on her bed. I accepted the fact that she was gone forever and that I could no longer see her smiles, hear her words and laughters. I consoled myself by thinking that my mother who have a strong faith on the Lord, has already joined Him, where there are no sorrows, no pains and hardships. She’s in the bosom of her Creator.
My mother- Francisca Fernandez Recil Sarmiento Maganes was born on December 3, 1923. She left us at age 93, having lived a full life full of hardships, happiness and frustrations as well. Nine decades on earth is spectacular. They said that with her age, she had years of life’s bonuses considering that regular life span of a Filipino woman is 69 years old, meaning my mother has 14 years of life extension. That idea is great particularly because t we are a close-knit family that we value the lives of our parents even to their old age.
 Many people said her passing was not that painful considering her age. Really, so I thought. But in my room during my solitary moments, I shed tears for my mother. I cried where no one heard me. I cried because of her memories- her caring ways, love and never ending affection not only for her family but also for our neighbors. Her kindness was contagious, perhaps a trait inherent to the Sarmientos especially from her mother- our Inang Baket (old mother) who showed compassion to distressed neighbors when she was still alive. 

My mother was my greatest fan. She always listened to my radio programs that at home she will admonished me if there were commentaries I tackled that to her perceptions were over board. She always thought of my safety. She was the first one who reacted when an official of the province threatened to cut the tongues of us commentators, maybe because of what he thought were acerbic commentaries. Oftentimes, she advised me to leave my radio programs as she feared for my life. However, I assured her that things will be all right after the issues of politics will subside.
 She was also the number one reader of my stories and articles in this newspaper, after folding the copies of the issues I brought home. In her old age, without any sign of senility, she had a sharp mind and memory. She’s my source of old stories about World War II and of our family tree that she could recall even her great great grandparents and their siblings. Because of those great memory, I was able to make our family tree- both on the Sarmiento and Maganes clans.
Inang Ansing, as we called her, had the great love for her grandchildren and great grand children. When they have their vacations or visitations, she always had something prepared for them, especially during Christmas season. She kept her money only to distribute it to her grandchildren equally as gifts. I often chided her for not preparing for herself. She said she wanted her grand children to be happy during the holidays.
 Now that she’s gone, all that are left are her memories that could linger forever. She was laid to rest last August 4. Our Inang had some imperfections too, but those were eclipsed by the good deeds , love and care she gave us. She’s well loved by our neighbors and relatives. She was a good mother to us, an excellent wife to our father, a loving sister to her brothers and an endearing aunt to her nieces and nephews. She’s gone but not forever. We knew that someday she will live again as her Creator has promised. She will always be alive in our hearts and minds. We love you Inang! 
Through this column, our family wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our relatives and friends who condoled with us during our bereavement. Your love and support has lightened our grieving hearts. Again, thank you to all of you.
(For comments and suggestions, email me at Visit my blog “The Roving Pen” at Listen to my radio program “VIRGIL MAGANES SA DWPR” aired over DWPR Radyo Asenso, 1296 KHZ AM Band at 8:00-9:00 AM, Mondays to Saturdays.)
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