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3 (1)HARVEST. These fishermen pull the rope attach to a net as they catch fish at the Lingayen Beach early morning last July 18.CESAR RAMIREZ

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DOUBLE THE BDACs RECORDS:  6,000 drug personalities surrender

Like a boss.

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CORTEZ: ‘Petty crime cases in Metro Manila decrease’… Is a lie

“Manila Police District Station 11, which covers Binondo and Divisoria, recorded zero cases of petty crimes such as theft and holdup robbery since the Duterte administration started its all-out offensive against illegal drugs on July 1,” sabi ng report ng isang television station.
Parang ano ba ‘yan? Lokohan ba ito?
Ang mga snatcher, holdaper, mandurukot sa Metro Manila ay may mga pamilya na pinapakain.
Ang mga snatcher, holdaper, mandurukot sa Metro Manila ay may mga pamilya na binubuhay.
Ano nga ba ang nangyari? Bakit zero ba talaga?
Ibig ba nilang sabihin ay hindi na nagnakaw ang mga magnanakaw sa Manila?
Ibig ba nilang sabihin ay hindi na nang-isnatch ang mga snatcher sa Manila?
Ibig ba nilang sabihin ay hindi na nang-hold up ang mga holdaper sa Manila?
Paano binubuhay ng mga magnanakaw, snatcher at holdaper ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay?
Bigla bang nagkaroon ng malinis na trabaho ang mga magnanakaw, snatcher at holdaper? Hahaha!
KUWENTO NI MAYOR DUTERTE. Sinabi ni PDuterte na tsamba ang panalo niya.Narito po ang kuwento ayon sa kanya.
Well, naka-tsamba tayo. Kung baga sa bisaya, ‘yung naka— sa sabong, naka-(inaudible). Well, actually, I’d like to tell you the odyssey of my presidency, sabi ni PDuterte.
Si Presidente Ramos pala ang nagsabi sa kanya na tumakbo na Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas.
Si Paul Dominguez at Jess Dureza pala ang kasama ni Presidente Ramos na kumausap kay Mayor Duterte.


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    Asian markets need more fish – expert


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Ylang-ylang plantation cools,perfumes the Earth

By Yolanda Sotelo
DAGUPAN CITY – A reforestation project in western Pangasinan towns would not only protect the earth from global warming, but would also perfume the air around the plantation.13817032_1785490191685937_1301646424_n

PERFUME FLOWERS. These ylang-ylang saplings will soon grow tall, spread their foliage, bloom, cool and perfume the air.
Some 120 hectares have been planted to ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata) in two villages in Bugallon town, almost 300 hectares in Aguilar are already planted, while sites for more plantation are being eyed in Mangatarem town, said Pangasinan second district Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil, who initiated the project.
The project is under the National Greening Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources which contracted people’s organizations to do the planting. The POs include the Hacienda Livelihood Association of Bugallon and the Sagip People’s Organization of Aguilar.
But the real purpose of the project is to harvest the yellow flowers to be turned into perfume, Bataoil said. “Our ylang-ylang species is the best in the world and we were once the number one producer of flowers. We hope to regain that industry.”
The project was hatched in January 2015 when Bataoil and his high school classmate Fred Reyes planned to come up with the project to grow the trees that produce the fragrant, yellow flowers from which the essential oil would be extracted and  sold to perfume factories in France.


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ORTIGOZA: Mga Drug Adik na Media Men, Mayors

One of the readers of my blog posted at Face Book about a poster titled: “Mga miyembro ng media na nasa drugs papangalanan na ni Duterte”.
I knew it was teaser but I have experienced the bravados of some members of the Fourth Estate crowing to me when my ears were still wet on the profession.
Ito tatagalugin ko na lang kasi pati pala sa funeraria binabasa na iyong blog ko ng mga imbalsamador I met on the crime scenes where policemen  and drug pushers encountered that caused the demise of the latter.
“Sabi sa akin ni Media Man X noong chief of police pa si General Y, may nahuli si hepe na isang sakong high end na marijuana from Baguio City called ‘Buntot Pusa’”.
When the pushers, who were Igorots, were being processed for filling of cases by the chief of police, Media Men X and Z were busy ransacking the contents of the sack and putting some of them in their knapsacks.
When the colonel appeared at the door he saw them stealing some marijuana leaves.
“Ano iyang ginagawa niyo?” the colonel barked.
“A wala ito idol, kumukuha lang kami ng mga Exibits A, B, C, and D para magamit namin,” X said.
“Bakit mga abugado ba kayo at kelangan ninyo ng Exibits?” the chief posed and laughed.
Those media men were “sui generis” or “unique”, they have immunity from arrest not only for stealing some narcotics but even using them while they interview politicians and police officials.
“Mga 80 percent ng kaso dito sala ko puro drugs (Roughly 80 percent of the cases in my watch is drug related),“ a judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) told me in Lingayen when I asked him about the influx of drug pushers being charged at his sala.
“Since drug selling of shabu is non-bailable, do you have any experiences about a suspect given bail because evidence was weak as what the Constitution provides as exemption to the no-bail provision?” I posed.
He told me the entire drug selling cases he litigates he did not give bail to the accused.
“Don’t tell anybody, I rooted for Duterte for the presidency in the last election because I wanted to see an end to the unabated proliferation of illegal drugs in the country,” he whispered to me.


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Celeste happy over decrease of crimes in Alaminos City

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
ALAMINOS CITY –“Let’s continue to work closely together and make the necessary coordination with all the sectors and stakeholders in our city. We have to ensure a more peaceful, orderly, vibrant and better Alaminos City for all of us.”
 This was the message conveyed by City Mayor Arthur F. Celeste before the village heads in this city during the regular meeting of Liga ng Mga Barangay headed by President Salvador Camba last July 18.
Celeste was elated by the report of Police Chief Arnold Razote on the city’s crime situation updates during the meeting when he presented the crime trend and the comparative index and non-index crimes during the first semester of 2015 and 2016.
Razote reported a 72.89% decrease in the index crime for the first semester of 2016 than the same period of 2015 while non-index crimes have also decreased by 54.91%.
 Index crimes refer to crimes against persons such as murder, homicide, physical injury and rape, and crimes against property such as robbery, theft, and carnapping/carjacking.
Non –index crimes refer to violations against special laws such as illegal gambling and illegal drug.
Celeste commended the entire city’s police force for a great job in maintaining the peace and order in the city as well as in its pursuit of cracking down illegal drugs.
Razote said the decrease in the total crime volume in the first semester of 2016 can be attributed to the police force”s effective adjustments and modifications on their anti-crime operational strategies.


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Drug personalities surrender in Urdaneta

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
URDANETA CITY- A total of 1,177 drug personalities in this city voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Region I in a ceremony held at Urdaneta City Cultural and Sports Complex last July 15.
The mass surrender was in response to the PNP’s “OPLAN Tokhang”, (katok at hangyo or knock and plead) and “Project Double Barrel” that are being implemented nationwide.
PDEA Director General Isidro S. Lapeña, the guest of honor and speaker, hailed the efforts of the city police force headed by Chief of Police Jeff Fanged and the city government led by Mayor Amadeo Gregorio “Bobom” Perez IV.
“Let us rally behind President (Rodrigo) Duterte’s efforts to put an end to the drug menace that has been for years destroying the future of the youth, families and the moral fiber of the communities,” Lapeña said before the city  government officials, members of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council, 34 village heads,  Civilian Volunteers Organizations (CVOs)
He also thanked the village officials who responded actively to the call of listing down the names of the drug personalities in their villages.


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 Dagupan now open for business

DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez has officially opened the doors of the city to business following the successful ICT-BPM conference with industry executives, vis-à-vis the launching of the ICT-BPM Roadmap, hosted by the city on July 22 at CSI Stadia.
The launching is expected to draw more digital opportunities and the creation of more jobs to be made available to everyone as soon as new businesses will start to operate in the city. This is aside from the outcome of the study conducted by the ICT-BPM that the city has a strong pool of talents in this field, ready to be tapped.
“From all indications, we are rolling out the red carpet to welcome you all to our humble city whose great people offer a great promise to all who may seek great opportunities to grow with us,” said Fernandez.
Fernandez also received from Jonathan De Luzuriaga, president of the Software Industry, the city’s ICT-BPM roadmap which could put Dagupan in the world map, for investors to consider as the next place for their investment.
With the recent approval of the city’s new Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Ordinance, “we are rewriting our next chapter of growth for our people,” said Fernandez.
Fernandez disclosed that the city will soon have a new city center which would make Dagupan to become even more as the nucleus of development in Pangasinan and Region 1.
“We are building not just one, or two, but 3 new growth centers, to add to our present but congested business district. These are the Bonuan growth center, the Manguin-Tebeng growth center, and the Lucao-Pantal growth center. Plans have now been laid to build new IT parks at the midway zone and as the new base for our ICT-BPM enterprises and industries. We are carefully planning the purposes for this development, all of which have been integrated in our new Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the year 2015 to 2025. This will make Dagupan as the prime destination of choice for trade, commerce and tourism,” said Fernandez.
Fernandez further disclosed that with the approval of the city’s zoning ordinance the city has also plotted the new direction for the growth and development of new enterprises, new centers for residential and socialized housing, the establishment of new institutions, parks and recreation, tourism, among others.
“We are set to build a new government center and various tourism facilities. We have set our new areas for mixed used offices for future development, institutional buildings, residential developments, a new fishport, a new transport terminal, among many of the exciting developments that is set to take place anytime now,” said Fernandez.
Fernandez said Dagupan will be wearing a new face of development. These new city development plans shall be more resilient, well planned, expansive, and responsive to all the city’s future needs according to Fernandez. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO)


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Leptospirosis cases down in Pangasinan

DAGUPAN CITY– Leptospirosis cases in Pangasinan have dropped but health officials here said the public should not let their guard down against the threat of the water-borne disease.
Dr. Anna Maria Teresa de Guzman, provincial health officer, said the office has, so far, recorded 19 cases of leptospirosis from January 1 to July 4 this year which is 17 percent lower than the 23 cases noted from same period last year.
However, the PHO has urged the public not to be complacent against leptospirosis especially since rainy season has started and more typhoons are expected to enter the country.
“Kami ay nangangamba na baka tumaas pa ang kaso ng leptospirosis kung kaya sa ating mga hospitals ay nagpapa-express lane para sa mga nilalagnat ng tatlo hanggang limang araw para ma-detect agad kung apektado ng leptospirosis ang pasyente,” De Guzman said.
The PHO also advised the public to avoid wading in floodwaters but if not possible, one has to wear a protective gear like boots to protect themselves from contaminated water.
Moreover, the PHO has coordinated with barangay health workers to conduct lectures in the communities to inform the residents on how to avoid leptospirosis.


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