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11 illegal drug users/runners surrender in Dagupan

DAGUPAN CITY – Eleven confessed illegal drug users/runners from Barangay Pantal surrendered to Mayor Belen T. Fernandez at the city museum on July 1.
That day, Fernandez signed Executive Order No. 20 establishing the Task Force “Disiplina” in line with the peace and order thrust of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
Accompanied by former Barangay Captain Felipe Maramba, the 11 drug users/runners were welcomed by Mayor Fernandez and Police Chief Christopher Abrahano at the city museum.
Abrahano said those who voluntarily surrender to the authorities have to sign an undertaking that they will forever stop using drugs and being runners of people pushing illegal drugs.
They must also submit themselves voluntarily for drug testing and rehabilitation if found positive and subject to periodic monitoring by the authorities, he said.
“If their intention is to voluntarily surrender to escape or delay prosecution and arrest, we will not give them that luxury and for those who have a pending warrant of arrest before the courts it would be best for them to surrender to avoid a violent arrest,” said Abrahano.
The suspects are reportedly runners of drug dealers and are only forced to do it  because of poverty.
They said they decided to surrender for fear of their lives because of the massive campaign of President Duterte against illegal drugs.
Mayor Fernandez promised to extend assistance by giving them alternative livelihood.
“I am here to meet them to personally assess their sincerity in turning  a new leaf. For those who will voluntarily subject themselves to rehabilitation, we will donate some amount for their expenses,” Fernandez said.
Fernandez said that with the enforcement of Executive Order No. 20 effective July 1, the city has started   giving warnings to those whose names are in the drug lists.
“I am happy that our counterparts in the barangays like Punong Barangay Rico Mejia of Bonuan Gueset are already working on giving warnings to all the drug users and pushers in their area. We appreciate their show of cooperation and for those who are still on the run it would be best that they surrender but if they surrender they have to promise not to do it again,” Fernandez said.
“What is good with what is happening today is that because of the firm order of the President against illegal drugs these people are now surrendering to us and this is helping us a lot in curving  the problem on illegal drugs,” added Fernandez.
PDEA Pangasinan also helped in the processing of the suspects’ voluntary surrender. (CIO)


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DAGUPAN. Sen.Cynthia Villar(left) administers the oath of office of reelected Dagupan City Vice Mayor Marc Brian Lim last June 28 at the Divine Word Academy of Dagupan(DWAD) gymnasium. Also in photo are Lim’s mother, Celia, and his sister, Irene.CESAR RAMIREZ3


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Abono to file no irrigation fees bill

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
ROSALES-Following the call of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol to free farmers from paying for irrigation, the Abono Partylist group is set to file a bill freeing farmers from paying irrigation fees.
The Abono, now on its fourth term, again won two seats in the House of Representatives last election.
 Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So said irrigation fees eat a big  bulk of expenses of farmers in their farm operations.
“This is now the time to look into the welfare of the farmers. Abono Partylist was successful in passing the law that makes smuggling of agricultural products as economic sabotage. Now we are set to free our farmers from paying irrigation fees. The national government through the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) should look for possible ways to subsidize irrigation fees,” So said.
 So also said that by scrapping irrigation fees, farmers will have more income to sustain their farming activities and family needs.
 So lauded the newly installed administration of President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte for having agriculture in its main development agenda and welcomed the appointment of Agriculture Secretary Piñol who he said articulates the needs of the farmers and fishermen in the country.
 In one of the interviews with Oftociano “Anong” Manalo, president of the Federation of Irrigators Association of Region I, he said (that) farmers pay an equivalent five cavans of palay for irrigation service fees per cropping during dry season and three cavans of palay per cropping during wet season or P3,150 (45 kilos at P17 per kilo) and P2,295, respectively.
 Manalo said the national government should continue its program in providing certified seeds to farmers and hoped that these will be given directly to farmers’ groups and not though local government units (LGUs).
 He also said that there are municipal mayors and municipal agricultural officers who select the beneficiaries  based on their political support and how close they are to them leaving other farmers who are deserving of the government’s subsidy.


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Fish need shade, too, from sun

By Yolanda Sotelo
LINGAYEN -Even the fish cultured in ponds need a shade from the punishing heat of the sun.
Some fishpond operators are growing kangkong (water spinach), a semi-aquatic plant which crawl above the water and which serve as “shade” for the fish when the sunlight is intense.
Jayson Zulueta, a project staff of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) on climate-resilient aquaculture operations, said it was the pond operators in Isabela and Pampanga who practice “shading” of ponds using kangkong.
Some operators used to remove the kangkong, an edible plant, from their ponds, saying these hinder efficient harvesting of fish.
“Now, they allow the kangkong to grow as they observed that the fish go under the plant when it is very hot. This is their adoptive strategy,” he said.
A bonus is that they would have some vegetables to go with their fish broth.
Zulueta said the BFAR central office conducted workhops on the  project which he presented during the fishery industry forum of BFAR Ilocos Region in Lingayen on Friday.
The workshops were on seaweeds, closed water and open water systems. It would also hold a workshop of lakes and water reservoir.
He said the objectives include the interaction of aquafarmers to know their observations on impact of weather systems like habagat, on their operations, and their practices to mitigate the effects on the climate on the specific water systems.
Aside from kangkong, bamboo and coconut leaves are also used by some operators, putting them over the ponds to create a sort of umbrella. Others grow water lilies.
But only a part of the pond should be covered, and water lilies should be enclosed so they won’t spread to the entire pond, Zulueta said.
The heat is likewise resulting in worsening water quality in the ponds with more frequent incidents of low dissolved oxygen and low pH levels in the water.
“While low DO and pH levels were experienced in the past, these have become more frequent, according to the fishery operators. The fishery operators are resorting to frequent changing of the water to mitigate the problems,” he said.
The water would also benefit from the cooling effect of the plants because the water’s capacity to absorb oxygen is minimized when it is very hot.
“The fish’ eggs won’t also be fertilized, they would rot it if is too hot,” Zulueta said.
Fishcage operators in the sea are likewise adapting to the changing climate by strengthening their cages, as they are affected during typhoons. They also harvest early, or before typhoons come, to minimize losses.


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CORTEZ: Wala ka bang kaibigan? Wala ka bang kalaban?

“I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm,” sabi ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte noong kanyang inaugural address nitong June 30,2016 sa Malacañan Palace.
Kung akala niyo na noon niya lang sinabi iyon ay nagkakamali kayo. Ang sinasabing norm of conduct ni PDuterte ay naging laman nang kanyang opening statement sa Senate hearing on Agricultural Smuggling noong February 3, 2014.
Whenever a request for my assistance is made by someone who I believe is motivated solely by the desire to advance the interests of the government and the people, never will I say no. For I consider it my duty and obligation as a government employee, to cooperate and work closely with the agencies of government within the limits of my capacity and authority and do what the situation calls for, conscious of the fact that at the end of the day, I and I alone, am responsible for the consequences of my deed.
Someone once said, “I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm.” That has always been my norm of conduct in my more than 20 years of public service and I intend to keep it that way.
Kanya kanyang interpretasyon ang bawat isa kung ano ang ibig sabihin ni PDuterte sa linyang I have no friends to serve, I have no enemies to harm.
FIRST ORDER. Ang Order Number One ni PDuterte naman ay summarized sa isang linya ng kanyang opening statement sa Senado rin.
The trouble with us in government is that we talk too much, act too slow, and do too little. 
Nagbitaw si PDuterte ng order sa lahat ng cabinet secretaries na pabilisin ang serbisyo sa tao. Ayaw niya ng pila.
Ang isang halimbawa ay bakit daw six months lang ang validity ng birth certificate mula sa NSO?
Hindi naman pabago-bago ang birthday ng isang tao.
Iyong drivers license ay mas mahaba na rin daw ang validity.
Pero itong si Senator Drilon, nag-file na ng divorce bill. Ibig sabihin may expiration na ang marriage contract. Hahaha.
TEN CANNOTS. Kung may Ten Commandments meron naman Ten Cannots.
Sinabi ni ni PDuterte na kumukuha siya ng inspirasyon sa sinabi ng American  President Abraham Lincoln na, “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the poor by discouraging the rich. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further brotherhood by inciting class hatred among men.” 
Ang nasabing quote mula kay Lincoln ay naunang isinulat ng isang an American Presbyterian minister na si William J.H. Boetcker noong 1916 na ang title ay ‘Ten Cannots.”
Actually may karugtong pa ang mga ‘cannot’ na binanggit ni Lincoln at PDuterte, narito po ang laman ng Ten Cannots.
1.      You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
2.      You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
3.      You cannot help little men by tearing down big men.
4.      You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
5.      You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
6.      You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.
7.      You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
8.      You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
9.      You cannot build character and courage by destroying men’s initiative and independence.


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Abrenica, Sison, town dads inducted

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
VILLASIS- The newly elected municipal officials of this agricultural town were sworn into their offices by Regional Trial Court Branch 50 Judge Junius F. Dalaten at Municipal Covered Auditorium last June 28, two days before they will assume their positions at noon of June 30.
Inducted into office were Municipal Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Jesus Franco A. Sison, Councilors Nicholi Jan Louie Q. Sison, Mario Cesar M. Racadio, Cheryll Z. Tan, Centenielo Ramon R. Costales Jr. Judith M. Morden, Richie V. cacapit and Felix Derdinand R. Sison.
Councilor Domingo R. Rafanan did not join the group during the oath taking ceremonies.
Outgoing Municipal Mayor Libradita Go-Abrenica, who served the town for six years, transferred the leadership to her husband who she said was her mentor during her administration.
 She thanked all those who supported her during her six years administration particularly the department heads who made her work easier.
 “When I entered politics, my working system changed. It was unlike when I was in the private work when I own my time. But when I became a mayor, things changed. I have to work eight hours,from  8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon or even 24/7 as there are many calls needing my attention,” she said.
She congratulated the newly elected officials and urged them to unite and work together for the welfare of the townspeople.
 The lady mayor has brought in many awards for the town during her stint. The town is the regional entry to the national award for ” Seal of Good Housekeeping” that is annually conferred by the Department of Interior and Local Government to local government units (LGUS) that have shown exemplary performance in all aspects  local governance.
The councilors were inducted into two batches while Mayor Abrenica and Vice Mayor Sison took their oaths separately.
The councilors conveyed their thanks to their supporters during the election campaign and promised to support the incoming administration of Mayor Abrenica.
On his part, Vice Mayor Sison, who ran for the position unopposed, thanked also his supporters and vowed for a smooth relationship with Mayor Abrenica for the betterment of the town.
 Mayor Abrenica, who has already served for nine years as mayor before his wife took the reins of administration, expressed his thanks to renewed the trust and confidence of the townspeople and promised a brighter future for the town.


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ORTIGOZA: How this cop kills the bad guys

I dropped by at the office of a top cop whose area is dreaded by drug pushers.  .
This officer, a down-to-earth person, has a propensity to order his men to execute countless drug pushers without even asking the media to take photos of the bodies that are sprawled in different areas of the  place since almost three years ago when he assumed office.
As a result, drug pushing there was an all-time low, as horrified pushers absconded, compared to the records of his predecessors and the neighboring towns who had to grapple with the proliferation of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride known in street lingo as shabu.
“When did you learn to kill the bad guys? Who were your idols in “salvaging (slang for extra-judicial killing”) drug pushers?” I posed to him.
He said he learned it when he was assigned at the anti-kidnapping group of the national police when they apprehended notorious kidnappers that his superiors and colleagues easily executed them.
“We kill them there without fanfare. The media did not know about it. We kill them ‘para sa bayan’ (It means, killing them to reduce their ranks not for media publication but for deterrence),” he told me.
“For example, we nabbed a member of the X Group. We interrogated and even tortured the member to squeal who his companions were. We asked him to call through the mobile phone one of them for a meeting in a particular place. When his colleague arrived, we arrested him. We did the same interrogation and torture so he would invite another companion and do the same to the second, third and up to the tenth member”.
 He said all of them were executed, mostly by strangulation, and then burned with used car tires without their families seeing their bodies.
“All of them disappeared from this cruel world without a trace”.
He told a media colleague that they no longer used the old way of putting in a drum the dead body, poured cement on it, and threw the cadaver in the sea.
“Matrabaho na iyon, mas madali ang sunugin na lang ng gulong.”
He said when he arrived in his post, he asked some subordinates in the anti-kidnapping to do the liquidation or execution for the drug pushers they arrested because he did not yet know the capacity of the men in his jurisdiction.
“When my young beat policemen learned the rope of how to “silence” the peddlers, they did not only do it but became addicted to it,” he narrated.
He said there were some policemen whom he suspected to be in cahoots with big time drug pushers.
“Did you ask somebody to kill these rogue policemen?” a media colleague, who cut his teeth on the nuances of secret police activities, posed to the top brass.
“No, I asked my superior to reassign them because they are the dregs of society,” the brass retorted.
The last time I publicly discussed Muhammad Ali was in June 5 when Bombo Radyo-Koronadal called me at my hotel room in Iloilo City.
Here was my post at Face Book on that conversation: “I was in my hotel at at dusk when an anchorman from Bombo called me to get my take on the death yesterday of “boxing’s greatest” Muhammad Ali. With some humor I explained how the wife of Joe Luis and Ali’s boxing rival Sonny Liston were bewildered about Ali’s sanity when he kept shouting and bragging as he faced knock out puncher, ex- convict, and world champion Liston.  I told Bombo about Ali’s “genius” fight like rope-a-dope against favorite pug George Foreman (he knocked out in two round most of his opponents) in the “Rumble of the Jungle” in Africa, his three fights with bitter rival Joe Frazier that was concluded in the death defying “Thrilla in Manila” by defeating the “Gorilla Frazier ” who was told by his trainer before the start of the 15 round that the fight was off since he could no longer see anymore, and others.


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How the City police secured the 3rd presidential debate

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY –  Unknown to others, the city police provided strict security during the third presidential debate amid assassination rumors against then presidential front runner Rodrigo Duterte, Superintendent Christopher Abrahano, the security commander, said
.Abrahano award

PLAUDITs. Police Supt. Chris Abrahano receives an award from PNP
 Director General Ricardo Marquez.
He said he prepared three layers of security with the more than 700 police and auxiliary forces at his disposal, to discourage any assassination attempt or untoward incidents that could befall presidential candidates Duterte, Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, Jejomar Binay, and Miriam Santiago.
He said any attempt to harm Duterte would be suicidal on the part of the assassins.
“Mahihirapan ka. Kasi ginawa namin three layers ang security. May inner circle, middle circle. Iyong inner naman andoon iyong ABS-CBN tapos iyong police personal body guards, iyong middle natin andoon na iyong two teams of counter snipers, iyong bomb squad, K-9 (It would be a tough barrier. We made three security layers. We have inner circle, middle circle. The inner circle was where the ABS-CBN’s security and the police bodyguards. The two teams of counter snipers, bomb squad, and K-9 were in the middle circle)” Abrahano, the incumbent chief of police here stressed.
The counter snipers and their spotters were at the roof tops of the venue’s University of Pangasinan, building that housed Cuatro Bar, Collegio de Dagupan, and Star Plaza Hotel.
Before the April 24 debate, news stories hugged news outlets about the plot of two assassins who were hired for ten million pesos by those who did not like the feisty Davao City’s Mayor Duterte.
APEC, PSG Stints
The chief of police said his training and assignment in 1996 to 1999 at the Presidential Security Group and his stint as security officer of Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien during the November 1996 Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference in the country, help buttress his resolve on how to protect the presidential candidates.
“I want you to tighten the security of the (presidential) debate  to approximate those at APEC,” Police Chief Supt. Marlou Chan, commander of the regional special operations task group on the May 9 election, ordered Abrahano and Police Provincial Director Senior Supt. Edgar Allan Okubo at the Pangasinan Provincial Office two weeks before the debate.
Abrahano said they emulated the zipper lane (ZL) and the exclusion zones (EZ) of the APEC in securing the arrivals of the presidential candidates. (more…)

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Dagupan gears for comprehensive clean up drive

DAGUPAN CITY – In a move to enforce more discipline in the streets, Mayor Belen T. Fernandez vowed to intensify the implementation of various city ordinances that regulates certain behaviors in the streets in line with the thrust of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
However, the city mayor wants a more humanized enforcement of the law.
Mayor Fernandez seeks to sign an Executive Order creating a task force with her as chair person,  along with Police Superintendent Christopher N. Abrahano, Chief of Police as Vice Chair Disiplina;  and City Population Office Head Leah Aquino as Vice Chair Kalinga.
Would be members are the barangay officials and their tanods; the different departments like the City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Action Service Team, Public Order and Safety Office, Anti Littering Task Force, Waste Management Division, One Stop Business Center, Bantay Ilog and market inspectors.
The task force’ mandate is to implement the city’s comprehensive solid waste management program; curfew hour; measures against flesh trade; dress code for drivers; acts and omissions inimical to cleanliness and sanitation; the conduct of caroling, serenading, combo playing, passion singing activities and prohibiting noise emanating from any singing activity; prohibition of minors drinking liquor or intoxicating beverages; admission of minors in all computer shops during school days; stray animals and other pertinent city ordinance like the Children’s Development Code of Dagupan City and other national and local laws all with corresponding penalty provisions.
Under the comprehensive solid waste management ordinance, dumping of solid waste in the highway, streets, alley or road, public parks, recreation areas, river, creek coastal waters or other waters of the city is prohibited and is punishable by a fine of P1,000 for the first offense, P2,000 for the second offense and P3,000 for the third offense or an imprisonment of 15 days to six months.
On acts and omissions inimical to cleanliness and sanitation, spitting and discharging mucus in public beyond the waste receptacles; urinating and defecating in places other than designated comfort rooms,including vandalism,  are penalized with fines and community services. 

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