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Espino’s warrant of arrest served; posts bail

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
LINGAYEN-  The 6th Division of Sandiganbayan, an anti-graft court, thrashed the omnibus motion filed by Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. requesting for the determination of a probable cause of the two cases filed by the Office of the Obudsman for in connection with illegal black sand mining in this town.
The cases were on  violations of  Section 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 or the Anti Graft and Corruption Practices Act.
In denying the said motion, the Sandiganbayan said, ” The issues raised are best addressed during the trial” and subsequently issued warrant of arrest against Espino and his accomplices including dismissed Provincial Administrator Rafael Baraan and Provincial Housing and Urban Development Chief Alvin Bigay on the illegal black sand activities.
 Espino posted P60,000 bail bond for the two cases on June 13.
 Rolando Rea, a septuagenarian of Estanza village here, who fought for the indictment of Espino and others said the “wheels of justice are turning” in favor of the people of Sabangan, Estanza, Capandanan and Malimpuec- the coastal villages where the black sand mining activities were undertaken. (more…)

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MAGANES: Comelec’s folly

“Dura lex, sed lex.” These are Latin words used in legal parlance that means ” no matter how hard the law is, it is a law”. Similarly, we are a country of laws not of men, therefore any law for that matter should be applicable to any Filipino regardless of life’s status.northernwatch 6-19-16
But what is this? The Commission on Election (Comelec) has lately drawn flak from netizens after reversing its previous ruling that the filing of Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) of those who ran for political office last election ended last June 8 and “not extendible.”
 The Liberal Party and its presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas II were not able to beat the deadline for the filing of SOCEs and requested the Comelec to extend it for 14 days. And the Comelec did it with fashion! Comelec’s commissioners en banc did not only extend it for 14 days but set a new deadline on June 30. The commission en banc voted 4-3.
Comelec’s Resolution No. 9991, which was approved by the Commissioners explicitly stated that the ” deadline for the submission of SOCEs is June 8 and non-extendible.” The Omnibus Election Code also stated that candidates who won in election could not assume their offices if the political party that nominated them fails to submit their SOCEs. With the reversal of its ruling, Comelec has proven itself as an institution that could not be relied upon, much less to be trusted. The policy shift has caught the ire of the netizens calling it a foul move that favored the Liberal Party.


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Ventenilla: Public school students in Dagupan to wear uniforms

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
DAGUPAN CITY- An official of the City Schools Division here said that the “No Uniform Policy” has long been implemented by the division in all public schools in the city.
This was the reaction of Dr. Linda Ventenilla, Chief Education Supervisor of the city schools division following the pronouncement of incoming President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte that he will impose a ” no school uniform” in all public schools in te country.
Ventenilla said the wearing of uniforms by students and pupils in the city was made after consultation with the parents, school administrators and all other stakeholders in the education sector.
“After several consultations, we have agreed that students and pupils have to wear their school uniforms for proper identification and for their safety,” Ventenilla said.
Ventenilla also said that with school uniforms, teachers and school administrators could monitor outsiders who enter the school premises.
” Besides, school uniforms are not expensive  and also make every student and pupil feel equal with their well-off classmates,” she said.

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RESIGNED. Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim resigned na. Tama,  ang nabasa niyo. Kung bakit siya nagrsign. Read along na lang.
Ang Liberal Party, United Nationalist Alliance, Nacionalista Party, Nationalist Peoples Coalition, Pwersa ng Masa, at Aksyon Demokratiko ay nakatangap ng sulat mula sa Comelec.
Part ng sulat na iyon ay nagsabi na, “This deadline SHALL NOT BE EXTENDED… Failure to file the said Statement within the period provided shall subject your party to the penalties provided for under Section 14 of Republic Act No. 7166. The same law prohibits the winning candidates that you have nominated from entering upon the duties of their elective office should you fail to file your party’s SOCE.”
Nagrequest ng extension ang LP para magsubmit ng SOCE  dahil masyado daw marami silang resibo at papeles mula sa probinsiya kaya they failed to submit.
Naglabas ang Campaign Finance Office na headed by Commissioner Christian Robert Lim denying LP’s request for an extension.
Pero, ito ay binaligtad ng Comelec en banc at pinayagan ang extension.
Kung sumunod ang comelec en banc sa recommendation ng CFO ay HINDI makaupo ang mga nanalong LP candidates tulad nina Vice-President Maria Leonor G. Robredo, five senators, 115 congressmen and 40 governors.
Dahil hindi rin naka-submit ng SOCE ang Pwersa ng Masa… ay hindi rin makaka-assume ng office si Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada at iba pang nanalong candidaters ng partido.
Dahil hindi rin naka-submit ng SOCE ang Aksyon Demokratiko… ay hindi rin makaka-assume ng office si Governor Amado I Espino II, Rep. Amado T. Espino Jr at iba pang candidates ng partido.
Ang sinasabi ng UNA at PDP Laban ay ginagamit ng Comelec ang “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” bilang isang  principle na above the law.

“It is sad that the Comelec has become a Commission of men, and not of laws. Even the Supreme Court has abandoned the Vox Populi, Vox Dei doctrine simply because it is bereft of any legal basis and no one can overturn an unequivocal statement in the Constitution. If the Comelec wants to be taken seriously, it should stop contradicting itself and start strictly enforcing the laws without fear or favor,” sabi ng UNA.

“What seems to be clear by now is the wholesale abandonment of the rule of law. The ‘final and non-extendible deadline’ rule stated in Comelec Resolution No. 9991 was a solid en banc decision only to be abandoned by the en banc itself. The sweeping disregard of pertinent laws and rules only shows the Comelec’s biases in favor of the Liberal Party,” sabi ng UNA.
SANA KASAMA ANG PANGASINAN. P180 BILLION set aside for Megaworld’s provincial townships in next 10 years. Wow ha! Ang laking pera. Sana mapili ng Megaworld  na mag-invest ng mga township dito sa Pangasinan.
Sabi ni Mr KIngson Sia na Executive Director ng Megaworld na, “Township, this is what we call the live-work-play communities that we are developing. This is, in our mind, the highest form or the most superior product that we can offer in the property sector by combining the live, work and play components into one development.”
Ohaaa! Sounds familiar ang definition ng Megaworld ng township! Governor Espino, Vice Governor Calimlim… ligawan po natin ang Megaworld na dalhin ang pera sa Pangasinan.
“So, kung nandun ‘yung market [if there’s a market] then there’s right size of property, the right size in the right location at the right price, we have the ability to acquire it because we have the resources to do it,” dagdag ni Sia.
Nagsimula ang Megaword na magbukas ng commercial at retail areas sa seven provincial township projects sa the Iloilo Business Park sa Mandurriao, Iloilo City; The Mactan Newtown sa Lapu-Lapu City; Davao Park District sa Lanang, Davao City; Twin Lakes sa Alfonso, Batangas; Southwoods City sa boundaries ng Cavite at Laguna; Suntrust Ecotown sa Tanza, Cavite; Sta. Barbara Heights sa Iloilo; at Boracay Newcoast sa Boracay Island.


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Alaminos stregthens  disaster response and preparedness

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
ALAMINOS CITY-  City Mayor Arthur Celeste stressed the importance of  a well prepared City’s Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO)  to handle possible calamity or disaster that may hit the city.
Because of that commitment, Mayor Celeste ordered last month the personnel of CDRRMO to undergo benchmarking in Subic, Zambales, one of the country’s best local government units in terms disaster response and risk reduction.
City Administrator Emielou Gellado  and  Mylene Manalastas, head of the CDRRMO and led other city employees and staff to Subic, Zambales to learn more on the latter’s best practices on disaster preparedness and emergency response.
In Subic, their counterparts briefed them on disaster operations and protocol, camp management and evacuation activities and a review of Typhoon Lando operations.
LDRRMO of Subic is a perennial Gawad Kalasag awardee of the National Disater and Coordinating office of the Office of Civil Defense.
Mayor Celeste said since the rainy and typhoon season is already here, everyone in the city must be prepared, vigilant and taking extra precautions.
“Every place is vulnerable to natural and man-made calamities. This makes it more important for us to be prepared at all times. Emergency preparedness should begin at home,” he said.


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Dagupan creates Task Force Discipline


DAGUPAN CITY – In response to President-elect Rodrigo R. Duterte’s call on curbing criminal activities in the country, Mayor Belen T. Fernandez created Task Force Discipline with her as chairperson to undertake massive information drive and campaign on instilling discipline in the city through the enforcement of the city’s standing ordinances especially on curfew hours.
Mayor Fernandez clarified that while she remains loyal to her political party, the Liberal Party, she along with 4th District Congressman-elect Christopher de Venecia is bent on supporting the programs of the Duterte administration.
In a meeting with Punong Barangays in the city, Mayor Fernandez and City Councilor Jose Netu Tamayo called on everyone to watch out and prepare for the full implementation of city ordinances especially City Ordinance No. 1771which enjoined parents, guardians, overseers of students and minors under their ward to require these minors to stay home from 10:00 o’clock in the evening till 4:00 o’clock in the morning with prescribed penalties for violators. 
The ordinance mandates that the city, as a prime educational center of Northern Luzon, seeks to underscore the necessity to support the natural hope, dream and aspirations of every parent to see their children obtain quality education free from any peril, in keeping with the policy of the State to protect the family as a basic social institution.
Tamayo, author of the ordinance, said that a one-time, big time operation will be implemented in the city once a massive information campaign is over.
He said that while other cities in Metro Manila started re-implementing their ordinances on curfew hours after President-elect Duterte expressed his willingness to impose curfew hours in the entire country once he takes over as new President of the Philippines, it is but timely that the city re-visits this city ordinance and have it implemented.
On the other hand, City Administrator Farah Marie G. Decano, a lawyer and former president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) chapter has been tasked by the task force to review the provisions of the existing ordinance and prepare the necessary amendments to include or exclude whatever it is that needs to be included or excluded in the ordinance in tune with the needs of the times.
Mayor Fernandez believes the implementation of the curfew hours will protect the children from the perils of illegal drugs.
She pointed out, though, that as much as possible the Task Force will refrain from arresting or detaining violators and will just focus on reminding people on the existing ordinance.
“The task force’s mandate is to instill discipline in our people by persuading them as much as possible to observe the provisions of the ordinance. But when the need arises, as in the case of people who have constantly defied the law or those who have adamantly observed the law, then we have no choice but to enforce the true intent of the law,” said Fernandez.
Under the ordinance, the Punong Barangay, Barangay Kagawads and the appointed Barangay Tanods are charged with keeping the minors away from the streets during the curfew hours. Minors caught loitering during the curfew hours will be accompanied by the tanods to their homes and to the safe company of their parents. 
But if the minor was caught committing a felony, the tanods will bring the minor to the nearest police station to be held, under the law, for investigation by the Philippine National Police.
Personal data of minors violating the ordinance shall be recorded in a Confidential Barangay Record, including the circumstances of the person in charge of the minor.
However, the City Mayor may, through administrative issuances, suspend the implementation of the ordinance in any particular barangay, or other combination of barangays, for such number of days, whenever public interest so requires.
The Punong Barangay, may, during barangay fiestas or other public functions within his area of responsibility, issue an executive order suspending the implementation of the ordinance, for a period not exceeding seven days.
The ordinance also requires that a copy of the same be posted in all barangay halls and in three conspicuous places in the barangays.
The City Information Office is tasked in the ordinance to prepare a brief multi-media presentation for showing in the community channels of all cable networks operating in the city and in all cinemas.
The City Social Welfare and Development Office shall be the primary agency in monitoring the implementation of the ordinance with the assistance of the Liga ng mga Barangay.
In line with this, the office of the City Administrator will sound-off the siren one hour before the curfew hour to warn the minors and the parents.
In lieu of criminal prosecution, parents who do not require their minor children to observe the ordinance will either be submitted to administrative fines or community service.
Administrative fines would mean a warning for the first offense. For the second offense, the parent will pay P300.00 and P500.00 for the third offense. The penalties will be paid to the barangay treasurer.
The parent under the supervision of the Punong Barangay will undergo community service for eight hours per day, for such number of days will be submitted to the following penalties: warning for first offense, community service for three days for the second offense, and community service for five days for the third offense. The parent may escape serving the penalties on the second and third offense if he executes an affidavit that he has required his sibling to observe the curfew hours, in which case, the subject minor shall be required to suffer the penalties under the ordinance.
Lodging houses or dormitories are required to post a notice of this ordinance in their premises in order to be exempt from the penalties and transients or boarders found in violation of the ordinance shall suffer the penalties imposed.
Person in charge of the minor who neglects or fails to comply with the mandate of the ordinance, incorrigibly for the third time, shall be meted with imprisonment for seven (7) days and a fine in the amount of P5,000.
On the other hand, Dagupan City Police Station chief Police Superintendent Christopher N. Abrahano said that the police will also keep watch on people drinking in the streets after 10:00 o’clock in the evening and those not wearing any shirts.  
Initially, the task force will be composed of the Philippine National Police, the City Administrator’s Office, City Social Welfare and Development Office, Councilor Tamayo, and the Liga ng mga Barangay with Mayor Belen as chairperson. (Joseph Bacani/CIO)


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