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HEARING.Dr.Dexter Buted, president of the Pangasinan State University(PSU), speaks during the adhoc committee hearing last June 2 of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan(SP) in Lingayen regarding some issues in the said university.CESAR RAMIREZ7


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Fishermen grapple with three invasive species

By Yolanda Sotelo
DAGUPAN CITY – Fishery stakeholders in Pangasinan are grappling with and are at a loss on how to deal with the threat of three invasive species that are taking over their farms and a river – blue mussels, black chin tilapia and janitor fish.
In Binmaley,  Freddie Quinto, 43, has to sail daily to oyster beds he and his wife Lune operate in Gayaman River. He painstakingly removes, manually, the tiny blue mussels that envelope each oyster clinging on the ropes.
“We have to remove the mussels when they are tiny because they grow fast and suffocate the oysters to death,” Quinto says. Those “saved” don’t grow big and look shrivelled because they can’t get enough nutrients.
The oyster farmers have no idea on how the blue mussels got into the rivers of Binmaley  and Dagupan City. They mussels have rapidly proliferated and have overpowered the areas known for delectable oysters.
Many oyster farmers stopped production because of what they call the blue mussel menace.
Quinto’s wife Lune said when they started farming oysters years ago, the river was clear of blue mussels and the harvest was good. But when the new kind of mussels was “introduced,” the harvest was cut in half.
Maggie Arenas, 38, also an oyster farmer, said a dasig (20-foot long bamboo) that used to  produce 10-12 sacks of oysters, produces only five sacks now.
“Worse, oyster farming has become labor intensive because we have to remove the blue mussels that cling on the oysters before we can sell them,” she said.
Lune said they allow other persons to harvest the unwanted seashells in their oyster beds for free.
The harvesters sell the blue mussels at almost giveaway price of P10 per kilo, she said.
Oyster farmer and vendor Lydia Solano, 63, has a bunch of blue mussels, which she removed from her oysters,  in a corner along the highway of Lucao district where she vends.
“Nobody wants them. They are a menace to us,” she said, although she said she tried cooking the blue musssels for her family and “it tasted okay.”
But if its a consolation, the low oyster production has pushed the oyster prices up – from P250 to P500 per sack.
In Bolinao, there must be somebody who introduced the blue mussel in the aquaculture areas in 2014 and dislodged the green mussels that abundantly grow there.
But the blue mussel did not thrive and after some months, they were gone, Jesem Gabatin, Bolinao’ fishery and agriculture management council head.
He said it could be because the species could not thrive in high salinity water. When they were gone, the green mussels returned.
Black chin tilapia
Another invasive species that lodged in the fishpond areas of Dagupan and Binmaley is the black chin tilapia (Sarotherodon melanotheron), locally known as mulmol.
The species that earlier wreaked havoc in Bataan, Pampanga and Bulacan, was first observed in Pangasinan aquaculture areas in 2014, but multiplied fast in 2015.
The tilapia species was named  gloria in Pampanga because of a “mole” in the chin, and mulmol in Pangasinan also because of the mole. Former President Gloria Arroyo has a mole in the chin.
“The species fight for food, dissolved oxygen and space with the bangus in the ponds. They grow and multiply fast and they are voracious eaters. They compete with the bangus for feeds and they eat the fingerlings,” Paul Fabia, whose family operates fishponds, said.
Fabia said last year, he stocked a two-hectare nursery pond with 500,000 fingerlings. After four months, the stock was down to 200,000.
“The pond was ‘infested’ with mulmol which devoured the fingerlings. They also have big appetite for prawns and vannamei, ” Fabia rued.
Bangus grower Phil Perez said a banyera (tub that carries 25 kilos) of mulmol is sold at P150, “and no one wants to buy.”
The amount could hardly cover the additional cost for feeds, Milan de Guzman said. In 2015, he has to add 50 bags of commercial feeds for his 2.5 hectare bangus pond because the mulmol are “insatiable.”
“But at P15-P25 per kilo, the sale of mulmol can’t cover the expenses for additional feeds,” he said.
The fishfarmers tried drying their ponds and using teaseeds to get rid of the unwanted tilapia. But once the water enters and even when they put nets at the water’s entrance, the mulmol are back.
Fabia theorized that birds could be instrumental in bringing the tilapia into the ponds, as they could drop the fish while flying above the ponds.
Janitor fish
In Rosales town, the bank of Lagasit River in Rizal village is eroding because of janitor fish that burrow into the riverside.
Residents claimed that many trees along the river tumbled down because the banks weakened and eroded because of the janitor fish that were once sold as aquarium pets.
“There are no more carps that used to flourish in the river, and when their gill nets yield aquarium fish, there are no carps,” the residents said. The biggest janitor fish caught in the river was two feet long.
One resident broiled the undesirable fish, but found it unpalatable and bony.
Economic potentials
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ilocos Regional Director Nestor Domenden said there are no records at all on who brought the unwanted species into the country.
“We will continue digging further on who introduced them and find a way to punish them because of the negative impacts of the species not only to the aquaculture industry but to the environment,” he said.
“But while all deliberate or undeliberate introduction of any species in the country negatively impacted on the aquaculture, there could be potentials of the new species for economic value,” he said.
“Nandiyan na eh (they are there), so we just have to find their economic value,” he added.
For instance, the blue mussels may not be acceptable to the consumers right now, but they are edible and some consumers even find them better tasting than the green mussels.
“The blue mussels could also be processed like into bagoong,” he said.
The black chin tilapia on the other hand, is also safe for human consumption, although it has less flesh, tastes bland as compared to other tilapia species, and is bony.
They could be used as feeds of high-value species like seabass and talakitok, or processed into food for animals like dogs and cats, Domenden said.
The janitor fish’ flesh meantime, could also be used as ingredient for animal feeds, while its hide could be processed into wallets or bags.
“Maybe we could design a tanning machine for the janitor fish’ hide which has nice design,” he added.


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Pangasinan students undergo training on integrity development

ROSALES– Twenty six students from ten various secondary schools in Pangasinan underwent a five-day leadership training on integrity development conducted by the Office of the Ombudsman on May 23 to 27 in this town.
Luzon Deputy Ombudsman Gerard Mosquera said the training dubbed as “Young Leaders Integrity Development Camp” aims to develop the integrity of the chosen 8th and 9th public school students and promote among them the values of honesty in the government.
“Napakalaki ng halaga kapag ang gobyerno natin ay pinatatakbo ng mga honest at tapat sa kanilang tungkulin kaya importante na maumpisahan itong paglinang ng mga values na ito at earliest age as possible,” said Mosquera.
The 26 students were chosen from the 300 applicants who obtained an overall general average grade of 89 percent and grades per subject not lower than 85 percent during the preceding year.


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MAGANES: Media and politics

Media is often regarded as the fourth estate serving as a watchdog of the excesses of the government. Under our government system, there are three branches: executive under the President, legislative in which we have the House of Representatives and Senate House and the judiciary under the Supreme Court.
Each branch acts independently, the executive executes laws and provide services to the people, the legislative enacts laws and the judiciary interprets laws if within the ambit of the Constitution. Media, on the other hand, informs the people on what these branches of government are doing, being the purveyors of truth and information.
In his press conference last May 31, incoming President Rodrigo ” Digong” Duterte drew flak from the media practitioners when he said that many members of the media were murdered or silenced for life because they themselves were corrupt and have not been true to their calling. It was an unacceptable statement from a president-elect to the group of media men who were present in that press conference. Many reacted negatively saying that said statement is inviting impunity among the government officials who have been the subject of commentaries of media men.
Personally, I don’t take Duterte’s statement as a threat to our journalistic work. There’s truth in it particularly that there are colleagues in the media who are needed to be disciplined because their commentaries are below the belt. How many media men are being paid and under payrol of local officials? How many media men are subservient to the powers that be because they are receiving favors from them? These practices elicit corruption and deter journalistic independence.
Because of Duterte’s seemingly cold attitude towards media men, some media groups are asking him to issue apology, something he refused to do.  Instead, Duterte said he doesn’t need them even to the extent of telling them not to cover his activities and not to go to Davao City where he still holds office as mayor. Could this be a sign of war between Duterte and the media? I don’t think so as long as we are doing our work in the interest of the public.


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 DENR determines legality of fish pens – Fernandez

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY –Dozens of fish pens here are disputably titled properties that only a national government body can determine whether they can be demolished or not.

carbo, judicial, alex mayor 091

OCULAR INSPECTION. Dagupan City Mayor Belen Fernandez (5th from left), city government staff, Japanese and Filipino reporters, and lawyer Gilbert T. Andres (3rd from left) of the  Roque & Butuyan Law Offices pose during an ocular inspection and interview with the beleaguered fishermen in Sta. Cruz and Masinloc, Zambales and Brgy. Cato, Infanta in Pangasinan. These  folks have been incessantly
harassed by the Chinese Coast Guard in Scarborough Shoal, Zambales.
Mayor Fernandez leads the group because she would be going in the middle of June to the United Nations in New York City as resource speaker on environment of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA
This is the recent position of City Mayor Belen Fernandez and Legal Officer George Mejia who is a former judge.
Both said in a recent meeting here that the Department of Environment & Natural Resource has the say if those lands are legal or illegal.
According to City Agriculturist Officer Emma Molina,  there are more or less 80 fish pens that were built on the Calmay River.
Molina said these owners emphatically argued that their fish pens have been built on the lands that were submerged by the river.
Mayor Fernandez cited that the personnel of Bantay Ilog could not just demolish these structures since there are legal procedures that should be followed.
She cited that upon assumption of office in 2013, there were 351 fish structures that sprouted in the previous Lim Administration that her administration demolished as they were not only nuisance but hampered the navigation.


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 EDITORIAL : Pagbabago!

Pagbabago. Ito ang pinaka-popular na salita sa pagpasok ng bagong pamahalaan ng naihalal na Pangulong Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte. Ang salitang ito rin naka-sentro ng kanyang kampanya- “Change is Coming” ( Darating na ang Pagbabago) na pumukaw sa kaisipan ng mga Filipino. Hindi inalintana ng ating mga kababayan ang kanyang pagmumura, bagkus pinagtatawanan at parang ang kanyang istilo ay katanggap-tanggap ng ating lipunan.001 (1)
Bakit nga ba ang lakas ng dating ni Duterte sa masa? Bakit nga ba parang nahiptomismo ang kamalayan ng mga Filipino? Ito ba ay senyales na ang mga Filipino ay sawa na sa mga nangyayari sa ating bansa?
Talamak ang droga. Talamak ang kurapsyon. Talamak ang katiwalian ng mga humahawak sa ating pamahalaan mula nasyonal hanggang sa mga barangay. Ang mga ito marahil ang dahilan kung bakit itong si Duterte ay naging usap-usapan noong halalan. Nanaig siya sa kanyang mga pagmumura, na walang sinuman kahit na ang Simbahang Katoliko ang pumigil sa kanya upang makuha niya ang pagka-Pangulo.
Mula sa kanyang pahayag na sa loob ng tatlo hanggang sa anim na buwan ay masusugpo na ang krimen sa bansa lalo na sa pagsugpo ng droga, kumuha pa si Duterte ng mga makakaliwa upang maging kasapi ng kanyang gabinete. Ang pinagtuonan niya ng pansin ay ang pagsasagawa ng pagtitiwala o “confidence building” upang ang mga makakaliwa ay sumanib na sa pamahalaan. Bigyan din natin ng pansin ang iba pang miyembro sa kanyang gabinete. Karamihan sa mga ito ay kanyang mga kaklase, kaibigan at tumulong sa kanyang kampanya. Wala naman tayong karapatan na salungatin ang pagpili niya ng kanyang gabinete. Ito ay nakaatang sa kanya bilang halal na pangulo.


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Pangasinan Dairy Farm in Laoac, Cojuangcos’ Legacy in 5th District

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
LAOAC- As her term ends on June 30, 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco is optimistic that future leaders of Pangasinan will continue to operate the Pangasinan Dairy Farm in Maraboc village.
This is for the farmers to have additional source of income that would contribute in uplifting their living condition, and to have a source of fresh milk for the residents, especially the children.
This was said by Cojuangco after the rotary milking parlor was installed by Milka-Ware, an Australian contractor, at the farm. The equipment is the first of its kind state-of-the-art milking parlor in the Philippines and would make the 5th district a major producer of quality milk in the country.
Sprawled on a four-hectare lot owned by the municipality government here, the dairy farm was conceptualized by former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco and started its establishment in 2008.
It was funded out of the congressional priority development assistance fund (PDAF), senators’ PDAF and the National Dairy Authority (NDA). It also got a funding from the district’s share of the tobacco excise tax.
The dairy farm started its operations in 2010 with 300 dairy cows and 200 male cows. It was planned that by the end of 2011, the dairy farm operation will expand in Alcala with 300 dairy cows, 300 more in Villasis and additional 300 dairy cows in this town bringing a total of 1,000 dairy cows in the 5th District. Initial production of milk was distributed to school children in the fifth district.


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Cayetano qualified to be senate president – JDV

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
QUEZON CITY- A veteran national politician said that Senator Alan Peter Cayetano  is suited for the Senate Presidency.
 “Puwede, puwede (He is qualified),” said recently by former five-time Speaker Jose de Venecia, the power behind the vaunted Rainbow Coalition of congressmen in the former Ramos Administration.
Known as JDV, he said in a social function here that Cayetano, who was the vice presidential tandem of President – Elect Rodrigo Duterte, can wiggle to the senate presidency through his ability and the influences of Duterte to the members of the 24-man August Chamber.
It depends upon your ability to mobilize strategic intra-party quantities,” he stressed.
The former Speaker agreed that Duterte’s support will have a say for the senator’s choice of their top whip when the Senate convenes on July this year.
“He has a definite say”.
The president-elect in his recent media interviews disclosed that he was hands off on the selection for the senate’s top man.
Cayetano, a member of the Nationalista Party, recently said that 15 members of the Senate already signified their commitment to support him.


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Mangaldan mayor to fasttract projects

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – The reelected mayor here is all geared up to pass major projects in the council after some opposition members lost in the May 9 election.Mayor Bona

PEP-TALK. Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno gives encouragement to
the scholars funded by her administration. Parayno just won her reelection in
the May 9 poll. MORTZ. C. ORTIGOZA
Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno said those projects were the first order of the day in the meeting she called a week after the May 9 election.
“Oh yes of course, and we will spearhead lahat ng mga project and activities na kailangan alam ko nakakapagpaganda sa mga Mangaldeneans. Actually that was our first meeting ngayon. That is what we are going to do in 2016-2017. Napag-usapan na namin ng mga department heads,” she stressed.
Parayno defeated in the mayoralty race Vice Mayor Manny Casupang by a margin of 1,336 votes where the former got 19,093 votes versus the latter 17,757.
Another mayoralty rival Councilor Joel Meneses settled for 9, 852 votes.
Both Casupang and Meneses opposed vehemently many of the proposed projects of Parayno in most of her three years of her first term that started in 2013.
With Casupang defeated and the vice mayoralty post here chalked up by Parayno’s party mate come backing Vice Mayor Pedro Surdilla and other four allied councilors, many of these projects like the snagged P40 million proposed loan at a bank would now have a chance to be approved.
As recalled, Mayor Parayno have been shuttling back and forth since last year from here to the Capitol in Lingayen, Pangasinan to emphatically lobby for the approval of her P40 million Land Bank loan that this town will use for the construction of the Phase 2 of the public market.
The approval of the review by the provincial board hit a setback after Vice Mayor Casupang questioned the ordinance in the absence of a qualified majority or complete members  of the nine-members Council that should have voted for the loan.
“Two of the council members were absent when the SB (Council) passed the loan ordinance. The vice mayor questioned it at the provincial board,” Surdilla said.
But the incoming vice mayor disclosed that the Board approved  the review of the loan after two of those absent  voted for the loan on the second session here.
We can start the construction of the public market on August,” the incoming vice mayor cited last Wednesday.
Parayno said the lessons she learned in the concluded mayoralty race was there were colleagues in the local government here that covertly supported her rival.
But she thanked that her department heads vigorously supported her.
“At least sa akin masaya kasi most of our department heads ay nagsuporta, sila ang mga prayer warriors ko”.


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Techie meets Trad: Back to school with SM accessories

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
ROSALES- It’s school time once again and going back to school has gone a long way and never be the same again as technology advances.
 With phones, tablets, and computers as part of their school stuff, kids now need a balance of gadgets and traditional classroom must-haves in their back- to- school list.
Going back to school is cool with SM Accessories, where both techie and traditional items meet that are inspired by well-loved characters.
There are flash drives designed with from Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, the galactic characters of Star Wars, or Marvel’s all time super heroes. This makes sharing class notes and other files with classmates fun and easy.
 Hip Power Banks, on the other hand, will save kids from running out of batteries. Match this with smartphones to make them extensions of the kids’ personal styles.
 More traditional are colorful pencil cases to help keep pencils and crayons from floating around the desk or in the backpack.
Mealtime is also a fun time with lunch boxes designed with kiddie favorites – Peppa Pig, the adventurous Pororo, and the forgetful and charming Dory.


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