MAGANES: Post election blues, Part 2

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It’s 20 days after the national and local election and yet there are still some politicians including their supporters who could not move on. Threats against the supporters of their political opponents are imminent. Concoctions of lies and deceits are still prevalent especially among the local politicians.
I am one of those victims of threats.  Two weeks ago, I was informed by a tanod (peacekeeping officer) in our village that men riding in tandem asked for my whereabouts. The tanod, who obviously was alarmed and cowed, told them that he did not know me, saying he was new in the village. According to him, the motorcycle was without plate number and the men donned helmets that they did not remove when asking him.
When I was informed of such incident, it came to my mind that it has something to do with the past election. I handled block time radio programs for then gubernatorial candidate Mark O. Cojuangco, where sharp commentaries against his political opponents were aired. It was a work that I have to do considering that I believe on the political cause and leadership of Cojuangco.
As early as July 2015, Cojuangco’s political opponent had already aired veiled threats against the media men who were critical to him. Aired over the radio, he threatened to cut the tongues of the radio commentators who are on the side of Cojuangco and claimed himself not to be blamed if something happened against any member of their family. Those threats kept on reverberating on my mind as the tanod told me about the said incident.
While I do not have full grasp of the incident that was relayed to me, I can’t help but ask? Who has the gall to make such threat? Why do they have to pursue the media men who were not on their side? They too have media men who were critical of the Cojuangcos even to the extent of maligning their good names. But they haven’t heard of any retaliation from the Cojuangcos’ camp. Instead, those tirades, black propagandas and mudslinging thrown against them were just taken in stride.
Then, why me as their center of consternation? In my radio commentary programs, I only dwelt on issues that are taking place in Pangasinan. These were legitimate issues that the public or every Pangasinense must be aware of. I did not talk things about any personal life of Cojuangcos’ opponents unlike what the media men of their political opponents have done. I know for sure who’s behind of this sort of intimidation. What more they could do? They have already won their political battles. Is this not the time for them to reach out to their critics? What are still their motives?

Aside from that incident, rumors are still circulating in many towns in Pangasinan that after the election, Cojuangco has allegedly approached his allied mayoral candidates asking them to return the political contributions given to them. Cojuangco was also said to have slapped some village leaders for turning their back against him.
These rumors were all the concoctions of sick minds to discredit the Cojuangcos. We are all aware that after the election, Cojuangco has conceded defeat and even aired over DWPR his recorded message to the Pangasinenses. He and his wife Kimi have accepted the fact that they were lost in the election. They have shown humility and sincerity amid their defeat and are now living peacefully away from politics for the meantime. The Cojuangcos have good family backgrounds and were raised with breeding. Mark was low profile even during the campaign period. He has shown greatness as what was expected from a political candidate.
Why not stop all these bickering? We have to move on as one Pangasinense. There maybe wounds wrought by the political exercise, yet in the process these wounds will heal in time.
As of this writing, the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) has already completed canvassing the votes of the presidential and vice presidential candidates.  As expected, presidential candidate Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte  led the pack with more or six million votes ahead of Mar Roxas, the second leading candidate. Well, it was good enough that Roxas, Sen. Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay have conceded early to make the win of Duterte acceptable to the Filipinos.
On the vice presidential race, there was tension on the canvassing between the camp of Leni Robredo and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Robredo won by 263,000 votes, a very slim gap according to political observers. Marcos camp while accepted the canvassing process is said to be preparing for an electoral protest, which I think will be a useless move as it will entail money and time. The best thing to do is to accept the defeat and start healing the divisiveness brought about by the election.
We have RO-RO at the helm of the country on June 30. RODY-ROBREDO, no longer Roxas-Robredo as what the yellow group flaunted during the campaign. Personally, I noticed that the choice for president and vice president during this election is far from the results of previous elections. This time, we have new names emerging in politics.
While Duterte has been a long time mayor of Davao City, his name was not that popular until he decided to run for the presidency. On Robredo’s case, she might have banked on her husband’s name- late Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, she was not that popular also among the Filipinos. In fact, at the start of the campaign, she did not fare well on surveys.
Duterte’s and Robredo’s rise to political fame deserves a closer look or maybe a deeper study among political and social analysts. Is this a sign for an overhaul of our political system that the leaders we have in the past all belong to famous political clans in the country?
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