For the nth time, Anda hit by fishkill

June 1, 2016 at 10:15 pm Leave a comment

DAGUPAN CITY –What started as forced harvest of bangus (milkfish) in Anda town has turned out to be a full-blown fish kill that affected parts of the island town’s two villages.
Municipal Agriculture Office Beth Tomas said  there was no estimate of the loses yet, but as of Monday afternoon, 89 fish cages were already affected in barangays Awag and Siapar.
“But not all the cultured fish in the 89 cages died and the operators were able to harvest some bangus that were still alive,” Tomas said through the phone.
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ilocos Regional Director Nestor Domenden said he received reports that some bangus started gasping for air on May 16.
The phenomenon is locally called “gataw” when the fish are affected by the neap tide, the lowest water level when the high tide and low tide meet.
The fishery people likewise noted a drop in dissolved oxygen level which causes the fish to gasp for air.
The situation was aggravated when it rained hard on Thursday night and the  water upturned, with the cool water below mixing with the warmer water above, resulting in lesser dissolved oxygen.
On Friday night, the dreaded “whitish water” arrived and struck the cages along its path, killing the cultured bangus there, Tomas said. No one has explained yet what the “whitish water” is and why it flows from the sea into the aquaculture area.
Tomas said while the fish kill has abated, some operators are still harvesting their stocks as they are afraid that the fishkill would occur again.
“It was nighttime when the fishkill occured so the operators lost plenty of their fish,” she said.
Domenden said as of Saturday mornng, ammonia was up to four time the laboratory lethal standard in the area, meaning the environment is very toxic to fish.
He said he was seeking a audience with the Philippine Milkfish Industry Group ‘for another attempt to stabilize the industry.”
“This time, it is to promote self-policing  among stakeholders. The local government unit-regulation clearly did not work, coupled wth the inaciton of the Department of Enviromnent and Natural Resources to support BFAR efforts in the Anda-Bolinao area,” Domenden said. (YOLANDA SOTELO)


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