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EDITORIAL:   Kontra ‘smuggling’ ng produktong agrikultura, batas na

Pinirmahan na ni Pangulong Benigno S. Aquino III ang batas na nagbibigay ngipin kontra sa pag-smuggle ng mga produktong agrikultura. Noong Mayo 23, ang Republic Act No. 10845 o ” An Act Defining Large-Scale Agricultural Smuggling  as Economic Sabotage, Prescribing Penalties Therefor and for Other Purposes” ay ganap ng batas. Lubos itong ikinatuwa ng mga magsasaka at mga grupong naglalayon na ang ” smuggling” ay matigil na. Natuwa ang Abono Partylist at ang Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (Sinag) na pinamumunuan ni Engr. Rosendo O. So.001
Matagal na isinulong ang naturang batas. Sa Senado, ang bersyon ng batas ay isinulong ni Senador Cynthia Villar bilang chair ng Committee on Agriculture at tinulungan siya ni Senador JV Ejercito. Ang bersyon na ito rin ang isinulong ni Abono Partylist Rep. Conrado M. Estrella III at Rep. Francisco “Pacoy” Ortega III sa Kamara. Dahil sa iisa ang bersyon ng batas, hindi na dumaan sa “bicameral hearing” at “plenary session” at dumiretso na sa tanggapan ni Pangulong Aquino.
 Mabigat na parusa ang nakapaloob sa nasabing batas. Ang mga magsasagawa ng ‘smuggling” kasama ang kanilang kasabwat, pribado man o nasa gobyerno ay papatawan ng panghabang buhay na pagkakakulong at may multa na dalawang beses sa halaga ng naipasok na mga produktong “smuggled”.


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MAGANES: Post election blues, Part 2

It’s 20 days after the national and local election and yet there are still some politicians including their supporters who could not move on. Threats against the supporters of their political opponents are imminent. Concoctions of lies and deceits are still prevalent especially among the local politicians.
I am one of those victims of threats.  Two weeks ago, I was informed by a tanod (peacekeeping officer) in our village that men riding in tandem asked for my whereabouts. The tanod, who obviously was alarmed and cowed, told them that he did not know me, saying he was new in the village. According to him, the motorcycle was without plate number and the men donned helmets that they did not remove when asking him.
When I was informed of such incident, it came to my mind that it has something to do with the past election. I handled block time radio programs for then gubernatorial candidate Mark O. Cojuangco, where sharp commentaries against his political opponents were aired. It was a work that I have to do considering that I believe on the political cause and leadership of Cojuangco.
As early as July 2015, Cojuangco’s political opponent had already aired veiled threats against the media men who were critical to him. Aired over the radio, he threatened to cut the tongues of the radio commentators who are on the side of Cojuangco and claimed himself not to be blamed if something happened against any member of their family. Those threats kept on reverberating on my mind as the tanod told me about the said incident.
While I do not have full grasp of the incident that was relayed to me, I can’t help but ask? Who has the gall to make such threat? Why do they have to pursue the media men who were not on their side? They too have media men who were critical of the Cojuangcos even to the extent of maligning their good names. But they haven’t heard of any retaliation from the Cojuangcos’ camp. Instead, those tirades, black propagandas and mudslinging thrown against them were just taken in stride.
Then, why me as their center of consternation? In my radio commentary programs, I only dwelt on issues that are taking place in Pangasinan. These were legitimate issues that the public or every Pangasinense must be aware of. I did not talk things about any personal life of Cojuangcos’ opponents unlike what the media men of their political opponents have done. I know for sure who’s behind of this sort of intimidation. What more they could do? They have already won their political battles. Is this not the time for them to reach out to their critics? What are still their motives?


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Mass defections of LP to Duterte’s party normal – JDV

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
QUEZON CITY – The brain behind the Rainbow Coalition during the Ramos Administration said the mass defection of congressmen to the party of President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte was usual in Philippine politics

.Toff's victory party

FIVE–TIME SPEAKER. Former five-time House Speaker Jose de Venecia (second from left, standing) poses for posterity with family members and guests during the  joint congressional victory party last Saturday at the Sampaguita Gardens in Quezon City of incoming Rep. Toff de Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) and first cousin Representative-elect Eduardo Maceda (4th District, Manila). MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

“There will be ebbs, and flows, and shifts, and copulation of few allegiances. But that is normal in Philippines politics. It is abnormal in other countries (but) normal in the Philippines. But it should not be encouraged,” former five-time Speaker Jose de Venecia, known as JDV, told this paper.
He was  reacting on the mass defection of the present but fading ruling Liberal Party to the incoming PDP-Laban party.
The once powerful LP, presently chaired by outgoing President Benigno Aquino III, has 80 to 90 solons as of press time who turnedcoat to PDP.
Liberal Party used to have 116 congressmen in the 250 members in the 16th Congress who would end their term at  noon of June 30 this year.
The raiding of the political parties by Duterte’s operators led by Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez, the presumed new House Speaker, was reminiscent of the time when former President Fidel V. Ramos was elected president in a seven-cornered race in 1992.
 With 23.58 percent of the votes in May 11, 1992, Ramos and de Venecia had meager and insufficient members in their Lakas-Tao Party to rev up the passing of bills into laws.
But by sheer chutzpah, de Venecia maneuvered  to unite the National Union of Christian Democrats, a cluster of the Progressive Party of the Philippines and the Union of Muslim Democrats to Lakas Tao to make it a dominant party.


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Tarlac has a new bishop


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For the nth time, Anda hit by fishkill

DAGUPAN CITY –What started as forced harvest of bangus (milkfish) in Anda town has turned out to be a full-blown fish kill that affected parts of the island town’s two villages.
Municipal Agriculture Office Beth Tomas said  there was no estimate of the loses yet, but as of Monday afternoon, 89 fish cages were already affected in barangays Awag and Siapar.
“But not all the cultured fish in the 89 cages died and the operators were able to harvest some bangus that were still alive,” Tomas said through the phone.
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ilocos Regional Director Nestor Domenden said he received reports that some bangus started gasping for air on May 16.
The phenomenon is locally called “gataw” when the fish are affected by the neap tide, the lowest water level when the high tide and low tide meet.
The fishery people likewise noted a drop in dissolved oxygen level which causes the fish to gasp for air.
The situation was aggravated when it rained hard on Thursday night and the  water upturned, with the cool water below mixing with the warmer water above, resulting in lesser dissolved oxygen.
On Friday night, the dreaded “whitish water” arrived and struck the cages along its path, killing the cultured bangus there, Tomas said. No one has explained yet what the “whitish water” is and why it flows from the sea into the aquaculture area.
Tomas said while the fish kill has abated, some operators are still harvesting their stocks as they are afraid that the fishkill would occur again.
“It was nighttime when the fishkill occured so the operators lost plenty of their fish,” she said.
Domenden said as of Saturday mornng, ammonia was up to four time the laboratory lethal standard in the area, meaning the environment is very toxic to fish.
He said he was seeking a audience with the Philippine Milkfish Industry Group ‘for another attempt to stabilize the industry.”
“This time, it is to promote self-policing  among stakeholders. The local government unit-regulation clearly did not work, coupled wth the inaciton of the Department of Enviromnent and Natural Resources to support BFAR efforts in the Anda-Bolinao area,” Domenden said. (YOLANDA SOTELO)


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Legarda calls for more aggressive climate action on 10th Year of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’


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