Quiambao: Fraud claims are ‘fabrications’ 

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By Yolanda Sotelo

BAYAMBANG- Mayor-elect Cesar Quiambao brushed off as fabrications the allegations of his rival that he manipulated the election results by distributing chips that was susbstituted for the chips during the transmission of the votes.13254730_1134552769898125_8522224929241193845_o

Bayambang Mayor-elect Cesar Quiambao


 Quaimbao was accused of the electoral fraud by inserting the chips inside donuts which were given to the election canvassers in the different precints of the 400-year old agricultural town.
But Quaimbao, a well-known businessman, said, “if I can do that, Senator Bongbong Marcos would have been vice president, or the other candidates that I wanted to win, would have won.”
Quiambao won by more than 12,000 votes over Zenaida Camacho, wife of incumbent Mayor Ricardo Camacho who ran but lost as vice mayor to Quaimbao’s teammate Nato Sababangan.
It was the Camachos who filed the case against him in the Regional Trial Court in San Carlos City.
The Camachos claimed that Quiambaos altered the result of the election using a “chip” which was placed inside the vote counting machine. The “chip” was inserted in the reader of the vote counting machine.
Quaimbao’s supporter, who asked not to be named, however said it was actually the Camachos who brought the boxes of donuts inside the voting precints.
In a radio interview, Ricardo said he filed for a protest based on irregularities as reported by his watchers, “to erase once and for all any doubts about the results.”
“For us, the election is over, but we want to erase all doubts about the results as statistics showed that there were three missing precints. So we asked the court to reopen and recount the votes,” he said.
Quiambao said however, that the case was just a “nuisance case which should have been brought to the Commission on Elections, not the court. But we trust the judiciary system and we hope that there will be just and fair evaluation of the case,” he said.
The Camachos also wanted to stop the oath taking of Quiambao to block his sitting as mayor, although he said he did not know who will be appointed as mayor if the court stops the oathtaking.
Quiambao, a well-known businessman, supported the candidacy of Mark Cojuangco for governor and Mark Roy Macanlalay for vice governor who both won in the town but lost to Amado Espino III and Ferdie Calimlim.
Aside from manipulation of results, Camacho  also  accussed Quiambao of harassment, intimidation, vote buying and other violations of election laws.
But Quiambao countered that it was his opponents who actually harassed his supporters and went on a massive vote buying during the last three days of campaign.
“They are angry at the kapitans because they gave much money but it turned out that they lost,”he said, referring to those backing the candidacy of the Camachos.
Quaimbao also said he would file perjury cases against the kapitans who are asked to sign an affidavit against him, “if it turned out that the affidavit contains false information.”
He gave monitoring reports to reporters which showed the violations of the kapitans during the election, and which he would use in the case he would file against the kapitans.
Of the 77 village heads of the town, 68 supported the Camachos.
He said he had five teams of election lawyers to ensure that he would not be cheated during the election, and that his team conducted a manual counting of votes.
“If I could change the results through the machines, I would not have hired lawyers nor did a manual count,” he said.

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