ORTIGOZA: Duterte and the P211M Dirty Money

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After the 3rd Presidential Town Hall Debate held in my city Dagupan, I told a close Grace Poe’s supporter why not his presidential candidate declare pronto through television ads that she restores the death penalty by doubling the number of judges of the Regional Trial Court.
Death Penalty
This declaration, I explained, could eat a large chunk of voters that gravitate and support presidential front runner Rodrigo Duterte whose ruthless image in killing illegal drug pushers at a drop of the hat endeared him to the masses.
 “Yours is the legal way of killing the heinous crime offenders while Duterte can bask all he can on the illegal way” I emphatically told him.
 “Nag uusap na sila. Kahit sino na lang sa kanila huwag lang si Duterte dahil panganib siya sa demokrasya (The candidates have talked already. Anybody except Duterte because he is a threat to democracy),” in reference to the Davao City’s mayor warning to shut down Congress and the Supreme Court  incase these two pillars of democracy do not acquiesced for his desire to increase fourfold the monthly pay of a lowly policeman.
Nag-uusap na sila,” I surmised means to derail Duterte’s choo-choo train two weeks before the May 9 election. It means too, in my understanding, Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay withdraws in the presidential race and throws their support to Grace Poe.
The withdrawal of Roxas and Binay is not only political preservation but personal preservation because a Duterte’s presidency will see Roxas, Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya, Budget Secretary Butch Abad, and President Benigno Aquino III thrown in the detention cell on a non-bailable cases of hundreds of millions of funds they allegedly malverse if not put the government in the disadvantageous position in the construction  after Super Typhoon Yolanda’s devastated the Visayan Region, the anomalies on the procurement contracts in the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), and the Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAF), while Duterte did not only told Senator Sonny Trillanes in the past that he asked his victims to knell down by shooting them by his pistol  coup’d’grace on the head but declared that Jejomar Binay, wife, and son are thieves that he wants to knell too so they can repent on their sins.
 A veiled threat that probably give the Binays cold chill on their back.

Poe’s 34.22% is still short by 5.4 % versus Duterte’s 39.22%
Pulse Asia (P.A) April 16 to 20, 2016’s polled that 32 percent of voters of presidential candidates Duterte, Mar Roxas, Binay, and Merriam Santiago go to Poe as their second preference in case one or all of them withdraw if election was held on the days of the survey.
Granted that Roxas and Binay withdraw next week because they don’t have a China man’s chance to win, 32 percent or 5.78 percent of Roxas’ 17 points at PA and 5.44 percent of Binay’s 16 points at PA or a total of 11.22 percent goes to Poe’s 23 points at PA that translate to 34.22 percent.
But 34.22 points versus Duterte’s 39.62 points (35 points plus 4.62 percent of the 14 percent that preferred him if Roxas and Binay’s withdraw) would show Poe is still short by 5.4 percent to beat Duterte.
Exploit the P211M dirty monies, others that Trillanes will expose
So how can Poe, Roxas, and Binay, salamabit three aspirants now ganging for the “Punisher”, knocked Duterte out 12 days before the D-Day?
Exploit to the hilt now, as their lives and Philippine democracy depend on it like crazy, by exposing the P211 million “dirty monies” Duterte and daughter Sara Duterte Carpio (was she the daughter- in- law of Davao RTC Judge Emmanuel Carpio that was sued by anti-smuggling group SINAG on the release of the container vans of rice in Davao?) allegedly joint account deposited on 2011 at Bank of Philippines Islands (BPI) branch at Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City.
Gee whiz, Duterte’s actuation if found true would not only be in patent contradiction of his projected image as incorruptible as he lived a humble life style but will be damaging to his political stocks come election day.
In his 2011 Statement of Assets, Liabilities & Networth (SALN) he declared a net worth of P21,971,732.62—assets worth P22,971,732.62 and a liability of P1 million, a personal loan from a certain Samuel Uy according to Vice Presidential candidate Trillanes – the whistle blower.
Although court cases would drag for years (notwithstanding his criminal immunity if he sit as president) if the Davao mayor will be sued on the commission of these criminal acts under the Anti-Graft & Corrupt Practices Act and perjury under the Revised Penal Code, the effective demolition cum advertisement funded by Poe on TV and others would play a crucial role to snatch victory, 12 days to May 9, from the jaw of the demagogue of Mindanao.
Was this what they call my dear Procopio, Murphy’s Law on the part of Duterte? 
Read my interviewDuterte undaunted by assassination buzz from AFP, CIA
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