MAGANES: ‘Mark and Mark’ is it!

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If the election will be conducted anytime within this week, the Cojuangco-Macanlalay Team that gained the moniker “M&M” will be the run-away winners for gubernatorial and vice gubernatorial posts in Pangasinan, respectively.
 This according to political observers in the province who are keeping track on the political activities of local candidates based on their pace of of campaign, reaching out to the electorates, articulating their platform of government  and advocacies and the strength of their political parties.
Political pundits in Pangasinan said gubernatorial candidate Mark O. Cojuangco and vice gubernatorial candidate Mark Roy Macanlalay have the biggest advantage in the forthcoming political exercise on May 9. There are many factors they said that are on the side of Cojuangco and Macanlalay that will catapult them to the two highest positions in Pangasinan.
The factors they said are the following:
The Cojuangco-Macanlalay Team has the backing of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) and Biskeg na Pangasinan- NPC being a second biggest party in the Philippines and Biskeg, the lone local party accredited by the Commission on Election (Comelec). These two parties have a formidable force with 37 incumbent municipal/city mayors out of te 47 municipal/city mayors in Pangasinan. Aside from this, there are strong candidates under the said parties running for congressmen as well as board members.
The second factor is the presence of candidates running in various political parties like Liberal Party and United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) as well as partylists like Abono and Bayan Muna who threw their support to Cojuangco and Macanlalay. Among those political figures under the Liberal Party are the De Venecias of the 4th District ( former Speaker of the House of Representatives Jose De Venecia Jr., 4th District Rep. Gina De Venecia and son Christopher “Toff” De Venecia who will run instead of his mother), 3rd District Rep. Rosemarie ” Baby” Arenas and daughter former Rep. Rachel “Baby” Arenas.

Another factor is the backing of about 95% of the village officials in the province from village chiefs, council members, health workers, civilian volunteers associations and peace keeping officers as well as local non government organizations (NGOs) like tricycle drivers and operators, women’s organizations, farmers and fishermen associations and senior citizens.
The presence of comprehensive platform are also making the Cojuangco- Macanlalay Team’s popularity surge.Their advocacies are simple and easily understood by the Pangasinenses, including providing full support to agriculture, health services, education, investment promotions, social services and infrastructure.
Aside from these, the team has a strong media workforce working on positive information campaign without resorting to mudslinging and coming out with propaganda materials. They simply discuss existing issues and problems besetting the provincial government.
These are the forces that the camp of the team’s rival Espino-Calimlim are lacking. They could no longer muster support from the majority of the municipal/city and village officials. Their directions are going to nowhere that could be attributed to the media strategies that could no longer acceptable to the Pangasinenses like black propagandas and weaving illusory stories just to pin down the popularities of Cojuangco and Macanlalay.
By May 9, are we expecting a change of leadership? With all the factors taking in place vigorously there can be no reasons that the victories at the polls will lean on the sides of Mark Cojuangco and Mark Roy Macanlalay.
However, the last 5 days of the campaign is something to look forward to. As what is being observed now, the Espino-Calimlim Team is having a “guerilla type” of campaign- penetrating the core groups of Cojuangco-Macanlalay Team particularly the grassroots whom they considered as their mass support base. How far they could penetrate these support group is still a questionable scenario.
The Cojuangco-Macanlalay Team must regularly conduct loyalty check among its allies, have strong monitoring activities at the grassroots level and consolidate its media forces to parry off  the emergence of “black propagandas” that may be thrown against them.
 According to the same political observers and pundits, the real winners at the polls are those who could sustain the support of the masses or the electorates notwithstanding the political backings of political parties or groups. The real strategy lies on who will work for the candidates until the votes are cast on the day of May 9.
Let’s exercise our rights of suffrage with wisdom and prudent.
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